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Israel Insists On Unnecessary Provocations Against Iran

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Israel Insists On Unnecessary Provocations Against Iran

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Tel Aviv approves billionaire budget to prepare attack against Tehran, starting a new security crisis in the Middle East

Written by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Amid constant tensions in the Middle East, Tel Aviv seems to insist on an outdated war mentality that threatens the security of the entire region. Recently, the Israeli media announced the news that the government had approved a billion-dollar budget to prepare a military attack on Iran. The case has been interpreted as a real provocation, having generated controversy around the world. Experts fear this could be the starting point for a new security crisis in the Middle East.

According to the Israeli media agency “Channel 12”, Tel Aviv has approved a new defense budget, valued at around 5 billion shekels, which is equivalent to more than 1.5 billion dollars. Despite the high value, the most impressive thing about the case is the “justification”: the preparation for a possible attack against Iranian nuclear installations. In other words, the Israeli government appears to be officially preparing an aggression against the Iranian territory.

The money will be invested in the purchase and manufacture of heavy weapons to be used in the mega-operation that is being planned against Tehran. Among the equipment being acquired by the Israeli army, there are various types of military aircraft, intelligence drones and special ammunition, which reveals the seriousness of the situation.

Interestingly, the Israeli measure was revealed just a few days after the US Air Force announced it had operated a successful test of its new anti-bunker bomb, called “GBU-72 Advanced 5K Penetrator”. Considering that most of the Iranian nuclear installations are underground and could only be destroyed through an attack with strong anti-bunker artillery, it is possible that communication between the Israeli and American governments in order to create a joint strategy is taking place.

Last month, Israeli army chief of staff, Aviv Kochavi, had already reported that plans for military action against Iran’s nuclear program were progressing and accelerating. The statement had complemented Naftali Bennett’s speech at the UN, in which the Israeli prime minister promised that his country would not allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb. In fact, it appears that the idea of promoting open violence against Iran has become an official policy on the part of the the Israeli State, which violates all elementary norms of diplomacy, even for openly enemy nations.

The insistence on the obsolete discourse about the supposed Iranian project to produce nuclear weapons is one of the biggest problems in this type of situation. For years, Israel and the West have pointed to Tehran as having a plan to build weapons of mass destruction, even though there has never been consistent evidence for such allegations. Repeatedly, the Iranian government denies any intention to fabricate nuclear weapons, claiming that this would be sinful and illegal under Islamic law. Considering that Iran is governed by an Islamic theocracy, it is not reasonable to assume that the state will build such weapons.

In practice, what is happening is not a response to any “advance” in the Iranian nuclear program, but simply an unnecessary provocation to try to put pressure on Tehran. Like their Western counterparts, Israeli strategists seem to follow a bellicose attitude that assumes that the more intimidation there is in the international arena, the greater the chances of success in guaranteeing national interests. This view is increasingly rejected around the world, but Israel simply ignores global trends and continues to conserve its plans based on unsubstantiated speeches and narratives.

On the other hand, Iran may be close to starting a “symbolic response” with military drills. The Iranian Air Force is preparing to begin its 10th annual air exercise, called “Defenders of Velayat”. Although this event is annual, this year it looks like it will be bigger than usual, with more equipment being used and bolder maneuvers being conducted – demonstrating a clear attempt to display strength and power. ​Iranian exercises will be various, involving many modern equipment such as attack aircraft, interceptors, drones, and transport and reconnaissance planes. Since Monday, when the Israeli special budget was announced, a strong military propaganda has been launched in Iran encouraging people to support the Air Force festival. In addition to a show of force, the government wants the event to serve as a response to the Iranian population itself, which felt threatened by the news coming from Israel.

So, considering these facts, it is unacceptable for Israel to officially maintain plans to attack Iran as there is no justification for doing so. Iran’s nuclear program is clearly restricted to peaceful purposes, and so far none of the Western claims that weapons are being built have been proven – and even if there were indeed any weapons of mass destruction in Iran, it would not be up to Israel to take this type of attitude. The UN must take a position condemning Tel Aviv or a serious security crisis will begin soon.


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Israel is a tiny spot on the map in comparison to Iran. They have to have “big balls” to be taken seriously. But they will clearly choke on Iran if they go too far with all that psychopathic clown show. They already hide behind civilians attacking Syria. They clearly fear the response but also show their true colors. One may even ask themselves, if anything they say what happened to them during WWII is true at all. It is always like this. Those who talk about piece do themselves the most killing and destroying.

Last edited 1 year ago by TopGum

Good comment. The “six million” line has been used by zionist trash for decades before WWII. The new york times has proof.

Early propaganda is hilariously pathetic, like the american space “program”. A complete joke, lies and deception.

Remember, political zionism is not even 150 years old, exported from britain, or more appropriately the english inbred elite.

Chris Gr

It is not the number of 6 million but the actions. Greeks, Poles and Russians suffered the most in the Holocaust but you say nothing. On the other hand, you and many people deny this fact in order to play the populist there in America but you can play the populist in other way not to deny a genocide like Erdogan does.


It is true, that the (western) world does not recognize Russian, German or even Chinese victims of WWII, even as they in some cases exceed the number 2 or 3 times. That is why some people are right about, that the West is rewriting the history. In the end, people are thought to believe what history books tell them. No one can verify this in any other way as we did not witnessed any of that what happened then. Now who would do something like that and why? Maybe because they all have something to hide or because it went down differently?

Chris Gr

Israel is small and Muslim states are big. And Muslim states do nothing to provide to Palestinians though and they blame Israel.


All a propaganda stunt by zionist inbred squatters. dimona is well within reach as are all major zionist military facilities.

Fear and paranoia are setting in for the zionist degenerates. Support their demise, follow the link.


Last edited 1 year ago by block
Steve Pardue

Iran knows that Israel is a nuclear power who has just allocated 150 billion dollars to attack Iran. What is Iran’s ONLY logical defense? Parity.


I think Iran was always aware of the fact that some powers will never stop to “take over” their nation. So they did prepare themselves in recent years. They have the abilities and the military capacity to defend themselves and even to inflict substantial pain on the enemy’s forces in ME, should an attack occur. Many times they defeated the US, like shooting down their drones or with their retaliation after the killing of Soleimani, who btw. had a diplomatic status and was clearly off limits to anyone. The so called hegemon was looking for trouble, but after they got it, they did nothing but talk and wuss out. So this can only be seen as nothing else but same trash talk and useless intimidation to pressure Iran into “doing” something not rational. It’s clearly not working. That is why the powers in ME for many years called for alliances and even dragged Europe into that. They fear Iran’s military response and in such case they would just try to play the victim’s card, so they need many nations convinced to support them. In the end, they always say that by attacking others they only make use of their right to “defend” themselves. One way or another, with Russia and China as more advanced (nuclear) superpowers the west has to watch what they do anyway. The war is on already, since the US started it by calling off “done” deals, sanctioning others and waging an economical war especially against China. They just didn’t bomb each others yet.


True words. I certainly hope Iran has a list of isrealhell, US facilities and diplomats, official to immediately take out of they are attacked by the children of lucifer. These children will not do anything if not oked by their attack dogs USA.

Steve Pardue

Sorry, not 150 billion, 1500 million dollars.


And you know who foots the billion dollar wastage by the children of lucifer??? Yes if you guessed correctly… The stupid stupid stupid sheeple of America.


Israel is NOT ready for a war against Iran. Israel needed 1.5 billion from America just for a small mission against Iran, that shows they don’t have the funding for such a war and how much they rely on their allies.


Quote.. ” it would not be up to Israel to take this type of attitude.”

mate.. they’ve been acting like a whiny bitch-face since the day they planted their asses on Palestinians’ lands.

L du Plessis

Israel will not be able to bear the wrath coming from an attack on iranian soil. period.

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