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MARCH 2021

Israel Informed Hezbollah That It Will No Longer Target Its Fighters In Syria – Report


Israel Informed Hezbollah That It Will No Longer Target Its Fighters In Syria – Report

A fighter waves an Hezbollah flag during a rally commemorating ‘Liberation Day’, the anniversary of the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Southern Lebanon in 2000, in Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, 24 May 2015. Photo AP

Israel has informed Hezbollah that it will no longer target its fighters in Syria, the Palestinian al-Hadath newspaper reported on August 1, citing Israeli media reports.

According to the newspaper, Hezbollah was informed of the Israeli decision in a message that was delivered by the UN.

“The occupation [Israeli] government sent a message to Lebanese Hezbollah, through the UN, saying it will refrain from targeting Hezbollah fighters in Syria once and for all,” the al-Hadath’s report reads.

Hezbollah lost one of its fighters in the July 20 Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus. Since then, Israel has been anticipating an attack by the Lebanese group, which is well-known for responding to such incidents.

Al-Hadath said the new Israeli message to Hezbollah also included a threat. Tell Aviv warned the group that it will strike “six sensitive targets” in response to any attack from Lebanon on its territory.

This was the second Israeli message to Hezbollah since July 20. In the first message, Israel told the group that it didn’t intend to kill its fighter in the recent airstrikes on Damascus. Tel Aviv also warned the group from responding.

Israel’s promise to stop its attacks on Hezbollah fighters in Syria may de-escalate tensions with the group. Nevertheless, Hezbollah has never backed down from a stand-off with Israel.




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