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Israel Has Conducted Strikes On Syria Since Il-20 Incident: ‘Anonymous’ Israeli Official


Israel Has Conducted Strikes On Syria Since Il-20 Incident: 'Anonymous' Israeli Official

Illustrative photo of an Israeli F-15 Eagle fighter jet (Edi Israel/Flash90/File)

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have continued attacks on targets in Syria even since the downing of the Russian Il-20 military plane in the war-torn country on September 17, Reuters reported on October 29 citing “a senior Israeli official”.

“The IDF have attacked in Syria, including after the downing of the Russian plane. Military coordination with the Russians continues as before,” Reuters quoted “the senior official, who could not be named” as saying.

The “senior Israeli official” did not provide further details.

Reuters’ report already became widely popular among mainstream media outlets, including their Israeli segment. The report gained a special attention because in late September Russia supplied S-300 air defense systems to the Syrian Armed Forces and started contributing additional efforts to assist the Syrian military in establishing a united air defense network in the country.

So, in fact, Reuters’ “anonymous” source alleged that the Israeli Air Forces had bombed Syria despite the S-300 delivery. The problem of this version is that no evidence were provided to confirm this claim. Furthermore, Syrian military sources say that no Israeli strikes on targets in Syria have been observed since the IL-20 incident.

The Reuters report is most likely an attempt by the Israeli military to save its face in light of the cosntant criticism faced by the IDF after the Il-20 incident. Some sources even speculated that the IDF is “scared” to strike Syria after the S-300 delivery. While these claims are for sure untrue and the Israeli military is likely fiercely preparing to carry out a fresh series of attacks on Iranian targets in the war-torn country, every day of the delay of such actions is seen by pro-Israeli media and politicians as a major PR setback.



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  • AJ

    Only in their dreams

    • HardHawk

      not even there they can again.

  • HardHawk

    BULLSHIT …………………

  • Redadmiral

    Come on you IsraHelli vermin, Syrian Air Defence Forces waiting to launch S300s up your Jet-pipes

  • Concrete Mike

    Translation: yes we bombed those civillians east of euphrates.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      well wishing it is never a fact. They bomb nothing but wish they could. That is the correct translation.

  • HardHawk

    White Helmets Started Filming Fake Chemical Weapons Attack – Russian MoD

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    A military strike that went unnoticed is not really a military strike. Aiding terrorists is a crime. One more to add to Israel’s long list of crimes against humanity.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      do you believe everything you read and hear?


        Do you trust a Jew? Shabbos goy, you are as much an enemy of humanity as the Zionists are.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          are you on drugs boy?

    • beypuutyina

      there were noticed several attacks by non-identified planes

      • Django

        Flying saucers, I’m told. That’s not surprising, with all those new pizza restaurants and other Greektragedies that are currently opening their doors in Damascus again. They call it start-up problems with an economic recovery!

      • Carol Davidek-Waller

        Unidentified isn’t a code word for Israeli. The last time the Israelis caused problems in Syria the Russians provided a sophisticated defense system to Syria. If they continue to flaunt inyernational law, there will be consequences.

  • Django

    Hahaha !!! We all know how far we are when anonymous sources are mentioned in the current MSM media, and certainly when a ‘senior Israeli official’ is brought on the stage of the blood-red, Rothschilds press agency ‘Reuters’.

    You can vividly imagine that this crippled, seated veteran, with an eye patch and loudspeaker pressed against the throat, comes to tell his story, … Bullshit, of course, just like the last false flag in Pittsburgh. Certainly, it really happened, but whether the official story is true with reality is the question.

    I myself have heard that the Israeli are now flying with gliders in the form of F-35s, equipped with solar panels on the wings, flying over Syria and dropping flower bouquets, food parcels and red cross band boxes. Just out of remorse to discuss their earlier misdeeds and to be able to make peace talks with Ali Khamenei and Bashar al-Assad.

    Can dreams be allowed?

    • Tommy Jensen


  • so

    More Fake News from the US and Israelis. Who would believe statements from War Criminals and terrorists.

    • Lumi

      unfortunately there are still lots of sheeps out there who will belive this crap

  • seawolf

    The definition of fake news.

  • Spike Munch

    the s300 for all of its fans is an unproven technology! i have read elsewhere of an 89% failure rate in tests! 89% (and when the missiles for this system cost about half a mill each that’s a lot of waste) again russia is using syria as a proving ground for weaponry. unfortunately on this occasion it doesn’t do what it says on the tin…

    residents of moscow who are protected by this layered a/d system should start to consider their options :-D

    • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

      Where EXACTLY did you read all this about S300, Spike? The Doggy Times? Whoof, whoof!!!

      • Spike Munch

        oh, that was so funny….actually my sides are splitting….are you a troll farm worker who can only post futile comments.

        can you tell me where the s300 has been used ‘live’ and how many successes it has had?

        • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

          I look forward to the match over Syrian skies. Western supremacists like you seem to believe that the Russian “untermensch” cannot possibly invent world class terrifying weapons. Western supremacists will get the same shock as their Aryan supremacists did when they invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.
          I know you can’t handle any disagreement without name-calling, so I would advise you now to sing:
          “troll, troll, troll, la, la, la”.
          There, there, you will feel much better, with that wee anti-Russian RACIST brain of yours.

    • HardHawk

      you mistake them with patriots dont you?

      • Spike Munch

        the patriot has pedigree. it is actually used effectively by nations, not talked about by those who manufacture and sell it like the s300

    • Kelli Hernandez

      You’re talking about the American patriot which has been proven not to work. In fact its so bad that the Saudis have decided not to purchase it pissing Lockheed off.
      Your American exceptionalism is nothing more than hubris. America is not capable of fighting a conventional war. 6.5 trillion missing from the DofD, due to theft waste abuse and fraud.

      The elite psychopaths are inciting GENOCIDE upon the American people, meanwhile the wealthy chicken shits will be hiding in their bunkers while you experience a nuclear winter.
      Wake up before it’s too late.

      • Spike Munch

        the same patriot which has brought down countless irbm aimed at saudi, scuds lauched at saudi and israel during desert storm…

        show me a bit of video footage of the s300 being used against a real enemy pilot and destroying his airframew

    • Sinbad2

      So why are the axis powers so scared of it?

      • Spike Munch

        even a stopped clock is right twice a day….and i don’t know if you are aware, but even if most of the missiles miss some by the laws of probability have to

    • slayern2

      Yeah I’m sure you did, some Mickey Mouse comic books…. btw your brain is 89% failure…. 99% actually… dead basically.

      • Spike Munch

        did it take you long to write that? because you haven’t included any indisputable facts!

        but then again from a gopnik glue sniffer who works at the troll farm i wouldn’t expect any less of you! :-D

    • 1691

      You sound like the article- unbelievable. You must be one of them psychos….

    • Tudor Miron

      “i have read elsewhere of an 89% failure rate in tests! 89%” (c) Spiky, you’re funny :)
      Just to up your educational level – we’re talking 89% (0.89) hit probability. Do not pretend that everyone is dumb (India, Turkey, China spending huge money on Russian AD systems) and you’re the only one informed with your 89% failure rate :)
      Spiky, you better start gambling on stock market. Would be a star to watch.

      • Spike Munch

        find me some actual video footage of this weapon being used ‘live’…not the manufacturers selling video. and then understand that the system is completely untested. granted, if it works it has the potential to be a gamechanger, but that the caveat; ‘if it works as its supposed to’

      • Spike Munch

        to add one more thing: so other countries are buying an as yet untested weapon. what does that tell you?

  • willyvandamme

    I guess Russia said no to any further Israeli agression. The S-300 is in fact stil not operational but Russia has even better defence on the Syrian coast it can use whenever it wants. So far they allowed it seems only symbolic actions causing no real damage.
    For Lockheed it is also important to proof the F35 can face the S-300 as it wants to sell them abroad as much as possible.

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      if a Israeli jet is shot down..how can israel prove that it has been a Syrian S-300 or Russia S-300/400?….it means that Russian S-300 can shot down that plane and Syria sources at the same time tell that it was as consecuence of Syrian S-300…..

      • willyvandamme

        Rest assured, the outside world will know straight away what had happened. Is Israël willing to take the risk? And remember how world war one started.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    “Military coordination with the Russians continues as before” so none from the Israeli side?
    Or was it 60 seconds or at weapons release?

    This smells just as good as a dead deer after two weeks in high summer.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    One thing everyone can be certain about is that anything said & coming out of Israhell is LIES OR PROJECTION.
    Israhelli American made crap F-35 have been grounded, including in Israhell due to mechanical failure.
    Also, RT would have immediately reported it.
    Israhelli idiots.

    • Redadmiral

      Kelli, All those IsraHelli lies are for FUKUS and msm in Yanki Protectorates

  • ColinNZ

    Just when you thought they couldn’t embarrass themselves any more than they had already ….. priceless.

  • Rob

    Russian aerospace forces, SAA and IRGC thoroughly watching Israeli each airport.


  • Empire’s Frontiers

    To be fair, he’s probably slyly referring to the various ISUS attacks that’ve troubled the Syrian Allies these past two months.

    I don’t think it calls out airstrikes specifically, after all.

    • John Whitehot

      “he’s probably slyly referring to the various ISUS attacks that’ve troubled the Syrian Allies these past two months”

      did ISIS reach Damascus these months? I must have missed it.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        Just a joke about a smooth talking immigrant, John.

        • John Whitehot

          i know, my comment was a continuation of the jest.

    • slayern2

      Exactly, ISISraeli ground forces(=terrorists).

  • Tommy Jensen

    Why have you and mr. nobody seen these attacks? Because they are stealth invisible!
    I already told you classified that US uses space plasma nano oxytronic technology so all the Russians will see on the radar is a shadow when our planes arrives and a shadow when they leave. Thats why!

    • H Eccles

      dude.. a shadow on a radar is a lot of information.

    • Sinbad2

      You forgot about the photon torpedoes.

  • John Whitehot

    I think that in our time, the study of journalism produced by “anonymous sources” may yield interesting results.

  • RichardD

    First the baby rapers were going to destroy Syria’s air defense system if Syria dared to defend itself. An F-16 got shot down by an S-200 instead and the IDF started staying out of Syrian airspace. Then the IDF positions in the occupied Golan got hammered and the IDF told a massive lie about destroying half of Syria’s air defense system. But could only prove hitting 1 out of service unit out of 1,000 that Syria has.

    They claimed that they were going destroy the S-300s if they were deployed and have done a complete about face. Now they’re claiming that they’re hitting Syria with zero proof in a face saving effort that just adds to their credibility deficit.

  • John Mason

    Israelis having another one of their wet dreams.

  • Lena Jones

    Jews need their war porn.

  • gustavo

    The professional liars need to keep up the spirit of their people, and make them believe that they are the CHOSEN PEOPLE.

  • wwinsti

    Kudos to SF for seeing the truth in the recently reported “mystery strikes” from IDF officials. So Syrian and Russian sources are staying mum, okay. But what about the White Helmets? What about the Syrian observatory for human Rights? What about AMNnews? What are their motives for silence? If you’re going to lie, it’s best not to look so obvious.

  • S Melanson

    I totally believe the anonymous source. And Russia is helping. Like the Chinese building islands in the South Sea, Russia built a little Island in Syrian territorial waters that is 10 by 10 feet. On the island the Russians built a miniature castle called Assad’s make-believe castle. Russia has a new deconfliction agreement called Bomb the island but not Assad’s make believe castle and earn travel rewards.

    Israel can bomb the island, and thus are bombing ‘Syria’, and each direct hit earns points but a condition is you cannot hit the castle or even damage it – as a metaphor for Israel’s impotence trying to take down Assad – win enough points and Netanyahoo wins a fabulous vacation trip – a ocean cruise in Iranian territorial waters, where Netanyahoo Will have special quarters unlike any of the others on the ship, and looks a lot like a dungeon. This is when his favourite travel mate shows up, Nasrallah, and in his hand is Assad’s big paddle with the inscription ‘From Assad’s alliance partners, with love!’

    Won’t it be festive!

  • Drogba

    Zionist BULLSHIT

  • Odd that Syria didn’t notice those strikes…..

  • Turbofan

    Israel always strike in Syria….through ISIS

  • gustavo

    Finally I understood. This guy is talking about “mental (brain) attacks. “