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Israel Has Been Weakened By The War On Syria: Only 5% Of The Iranian And Hezbollah Arsenal Has Been Destroyed In Syria

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Israel Has Been Weakened By The War On Syria: Only 5% Of The Iranian And Hezbollah Arsenal Has Been Destroyed In Syria

A Satellite image of T-4 airbase in Syria. Photo: DigitalGlobe/European Space Imaging

Written by Elijah J. Magnier@ejmalrai; Originally appeared at his blog

Intelligence sources said “Israel wants Syria to return to the era before 2011 when the leaders of the country were less powerful and experienced than they are today after seven years of warfare, the delivery of Russian advanced equipment mostly for air defence, the supply and manufacturer of sophisticated Iranian missiles in Syria and the formative presence of Iranian and Hezbollah advisors”. The sources reveal that “Israeli officials told their American counterparts that it would be inappropriate to withdraw forces from the northeast of Syria, leaving Iran and its allies behind. The withdrawal – which now seems partial – of US forces should be done, if not before, at least simultaneously with the departure of all foreign forces operating on Syrian soil to create a balance of power on the ground. Also, it is important to stipulate that President Bashar al-Assad must refrain from using his mid-range precision missiles against Israel any time in the future as part of any US withdrawal from Syria deal. Israel argued that the US is delivering the Levant to Russia and the ‘Axis of the Resistance’ without any concessions in return”, according to the source.

The US establishment seems unwilling to cater to Israeli’s exaggerated anxieties. US officials visiting Tel Aviv told local officials that “the Israeli army holds enough military power to defend itself and that since 1974 Israel has no longer been on the defensive in the region. On the contrary, Israel has been on the offensive, taking the initiative to attack targets in Syria during these seven years of war”. According to western officials, the US reminded Israel that thousands of American forces are based in the country, in the Mediterranean and in various military bases the Middle East. These can intervene in favour of Israel in a timely way whenever appropriate. Therefore, Israel should stop screaming for unneeded help, when it is the one inflicting damage on its adversaries”.

Israel has repeatedly bombed targets in Syria belonging to the Syrian army and the “Axis of the Resistance”. It pushed the red lines even further when it bombed Iranian officials at the T4 airbase in 2018, killing several Iranian officers. In 2019, Israel already bombed a warehouse at Damascus airport, hours after the off-loading of Iranian military cargo. Although most of the Israeli missiles were shot down, a few managed to reach their target. Nevertheless, these bombings have little meaning on the strategic level because, although Israel has shown the long reach of its missiles, it has dramatically failed in its goal of crippling the missile capability of Syria and of Hezbollah in the Lebanon and Syria. During his recent visit to Cairo US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Hezbollah today has “over 130,000 missiles”.

If, as Israeli Chief of Staff General Gadi Eisenkot says, Israel “has complete intelligence superiority in the area” of Lebanon and Syria, how can he explain the arrival and deployment of a hundred and thirty thousands missiles – according to Pompeo – in Hezbollah’s hands? Eisenkot misled the Israelis when he said “Hezbollah possesses no accurate missile capabilities, except for small and negligible ones”. Indeed, when the leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, warned Israel that he would “respond against any Israeli attack on Lebanon”, Israel heeded his warning and refrained from attacking any target in Lebanon. Throughout the war in Syria, Israeli jets violated the Lebanese airspace and flew over Lebanon to bomb Syria but didn’t dare to attack any Hezbollah objective in Lebanon, limiting themselves to attacking Hezbollah’s military trucks, Syrian and Iranian objectives in the Levant.

Israel Has Been Weakened By The War On Syria: Only 5% Of The Iranian And Hezbollah Arsenal Has Been Destroyed In Syria

Eisenkot visiting EUCOM commander General Curtis Scaparrotti with a Chocolate cake (US officials favourite sweet) in honour of the visiting officer’s birthday (Photo JP).

According to well-connected sources, Israeli jets fired warning missiles in front of targeted trucks – before destroying the target later on – to avoid human casualties for fear of Hezbollah retaliation. If Israeli intelligence about the supposedly limited military power of Hezbollah is accurate, it makes no sense for Eisenkot to boast about his allegedly almighty military power against a “negligible enemy,” as he describes the military capability of the Lebanese “party of God”.

Sources operating in Syria and Lebanon agree with Israeli statements that Israel has bombarded various objectives in Syria with thousands of bombs, as announced by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Nevertheless, they claim that only 5% of the total weapon supply was intercepted and destroyed.

“Israel’s bombing of targets in Syria has been neither strategic nor tactical. They were political attacks aimed at boosting Netanyahu’s image. These strikes did not weaken the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) nor Hezbollah. Israel contradicts itself all the time. For example, the Israelis say: Hezbollah is the fifth most powerful force in the world, but is very weak and has limited power… Hezbollah is digging four tunnels which represent a serious threat to Israel’s national security, etc.”, said the source.

In fact, Israel has not provoked or attacked Hezbollah since the 2006 war. The only serious attack was registered in 2015 by a drone in Quneitra that killed Jihad Mughnnieh and the Iranian General Mohammad Ali AllahDade. The attack was not planned but rather an opportunistic attack on an Iranian-Hezbollah convoy of 3 four-wheel drive vehicles who spent several hours playing in the snow in an area in sight of an Israeli observation point. Israel didn’t know who was the target and certainly was unaware of the presence of the IRGC General. In retaliation, Hezbollah attacked an Israeli patrol in the Shebaa Farms killing several soldiers and an officer. Israel turned a blind eye and the tit-for-tat was closed between the two sides.

President Assad and his allies believe that Israel is trying to provoke Syria to respond to its violations of Syrian sovereignty in order to postpone or avoid a US withdrawal from Syria. For this reason, they prefer to not respond directly to Israeli provocations, in the expectation of a US withdrawal. Nevertheless, President Trump’s recent comments about “a 20 mile buffer zone” on the borders is an indication that he now intends to keep some forces in Syria and carry out only a partial rather than a full withdrawal of US troops.

Syria and its allies will need to reassess their strategy in response to Israeli aggression and US occupying troops when the dust settles in the northeast of Syria. So far, it is impossible to ascertain what Trump will decide in view of his ongoing contradictory statements about the US occupation of Syria.

Notwithstanding Trump’s intentions towards Syria and his fickle withdrawal plans, Israel has failed in all of its objectives in Syria: the Syrian government is still in place, the army has been rebuilt and Hezbollah and Iran have trained local fighters who are determined to stand against Israel in due course. Today, in 2019, Hezbollah has received all the missiles and different weaponry needed – as Pompeo has admitted– and Iran is a source of great concern for Israel and the US, present on its Syria front where before it was present only on the borders with Lebanon. Therefore, Israel, despite its heated media declarations and the thousands of targets it has hit in Syria in recent years, feels much more vulnerable today than it did in 2011.

Also, the Iraqi front cannot be discounted: al-Hashd al-Shaabi, the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Force, was created in 2014 to stand against ISIS. Today it is made up of tens of thousands of men highly trained and equipped with a strong ideology comparable to that of Hezbollah and Iran. Iranian influence has expanded from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq. Israel has grounds for concern.

But that is not all: Iran is present in Yemen where Saudi Arabia’s destructive war against the Houthis has offered Iran a unique opportunity to support the oppressed against the oppressor. Iran has also managed to create a foothold in Afghanistan: the Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour was invited to Tehran along with a high-ranking Taliban delegation. Iran licked its wounds when Taliban killed ten Iranian diplomats in Mazar i-Sharif and eventually managed to overcome its differences with Taliban for the greater cause of standing up to US hegemony in Afghanistan.

Iran and Syria have shown patience in biding their time and building their strength. After its 1979 revolution Iran’s government had little international experience. It began support of Hezbollah in 1982. Thirty-five years later, Hezbollah has become an organised irregular army present on many Middle Eastern fronts. While Israel may enjoy provoking Syria with tactical attacks and thousands of bombardments against various targets, the new strategic reality is inescapable. Both Iran and Syria have survived continuous threats and wars but have managed to pull through stronger. At the same time Israel, a nuclear power with the strongest air force in the Middle East, is to-date refraining from attacking Lebanon, a small country hardly visible on the world map. Israel is deterred by three words from Sayyed Nasrallah to the powerful Tel Aviv leaders who enjoy the unlimited support of a superpower (USA): Don’t try us!

Proofread by: Maurice Brasher and C.B.

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sounds good and trust israel’s enemies will finish the job so ardently started by israel without delay. it’s about time that the world will be free of the ever evil illegal settlement called israel, an illegal settlement that for some reason is allowed to operate a concentration camp a la hitler’s germany with a slow ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people as the primary feature. good riddance


Great and feel-good article except this error:

[Iran] began support of Hezbollah in 1982

Hezbollah formed in 1985. Why always 1982 is mentioned as a date for Hezbollah-related activities? Because spin-doctors need to connect it to the bombing in the US Marines and Frenchies’ barracks, 1982, Beirut.

S Melanson

another error is Iran in Yemen. there is no credible evidence of this and Houthis deny they are helped by Iran. The article is correct on many points and one of the better articles but not that much depth in analysis.

Promitheas Apollonious

You know what they say if you want to pass a big lie, as the truth, you mix it with 80% truth and fill the caps in between with the lie you want to pass, in full knowledge that the ones reading the articles you prepare, are ignorant of fact and will take as facts what ever they read or hear and then repeat the lie, as fact. Repeat a lie often enough and in the mind of the masses becomes their reality.

S Melanson

Yes I have noticed that tactic in disinformation, good point.

Lena Jones

I think the reference is not about Iran supplying weapons or troops to the Houthis, it refers to the Iranian ‘sphere of influence’, which is indeed very present in Yemen, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

S Melanson

That is one way to interpret but it says Iran is in Yemen which implies tangible support. The media repeatedly say lranian backed Houthis and the article to me is reinforcing this and leaves to the reader how involved – in other words, Iran is in Yemen in a meaningful capacity and the debate shifts to how much involvement

Lena Jones

Sure the mainstream media will conflate Iranian ‘sphere of influence’ with Iranian ‘presence’ – I don’t expect any less from the lying scumbags. But the facts speak for themselves: there are no Iranian weapons or soldiers on Yemeni soil. Full stop.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, Hezbollah was formed after AMAL which dates back to 1970’s and its founder Imam Musa Sadr who disappeared in Libya on the idiot Kaddafi’s order. The 1982 Zionist losers invasion of Lebanon consolidated all the Shia groups under Hezbollah umbrella with the Musawi brothers taking the lead. Iran dispatched 1200 IRGC to Balbeck in the Bekaa to train the Shia and Hezbollah’s first Secy General was Sheikh Tufaili.

There are no Iranian troops or advisors in Yemen.

Lena Jones

1983 is the birth of Hezbollah, a devout Amal splinter. They began to be noticed in 1985 after several years of 100% success rate of local ops against the israeli invaders’ road blocks, compounds and military posts on southern Lebanese lands. These ops were executed often with Hezbollah fledglings needing to fight ‘uphill’ against the jewish occupiers. These ops were performed by self-trained locals who refused the jewish boot on their necks.

It was only then, after this long string of successes, that Iran took a good look at the Lebanese Hezbollah and subsequently began its support for them in earnest in 1987.


Actually Hezbollah formed after “AMAL- Eslami”, formed by the forces who after the disappearance of Imam Sadr (no relations to Moqtada Sadr of Iraq) separated from AMAL because of their differences. Anyway the date is after the bombing.

That’s right, the presence of Iranian advisors, logistics or troops in Yemen is a myth, something that MSM always accuse Iran of but never been able to prove. Yemenis are resourceful enough to build their own missiles, something that they used to do well before Iran built it’s own.


Proof? On the MSM? That ship sailed so long ago it has reached the port on the other side and its crew is entertaining themselves with local hookers.

These days you only have to say something that sounds plausible. And repeat it ad nausea until it becomes true. Everybody keeps saying it, therefore it must be true.

Ricky Miller

It doesn’t even need to be that plausible. Like “Putin is Hitler.” Or ” Russia is trying to recreate the Russian Empire.” Or they leave highly ridiculous statements unchallenged, like “Wherever the United States withdraws there is chaos.” Current Western MSM media are stooges for the powers that be and ideological disciples of Imperial power, with few exceptions .


That’s right, the presence of Iranian advisors, logistics or troops in Yemen is a myth, something that MSM always accuse Iran of but never been able to prove. Yemenis are resourceful enough to build their own missiles, something that they used to do well before Iran built it’s own.

The MSM also says Iran supplies the Houthis with weapons all while conveniently ignoring the fact that the Pentagon “lost” $500M worth of weapons.

Zionism = EVIL

There is no Iranian presence or any kind in Yemen. It is mere Americunt and Zionist lies to fan sectarianism and continue bombing the starving women and children of Yemen.


Wasn’t that bombing organised by Israel? Never missing a chance to blame others for its own crimes!

Chris Saunders

It was a Shia militant precursor to Hezbollah . .


Perhaps it was, Israel wanted to drag US into the war it waged on Lebanon and the bombing served as a pretext for that. What is known is that during a phone call from a public phone, someone claimed the responsibility for a group named “Islamic Jihad” or something, which was not heard of before or after, the claim was never verified. Hezbollah never said they or any of it’s members did it. Dragging the US was against the interests of the ones who fought Israeli invasion.

In 2003 a US court “decided” without actual proof that the bombing was done by Hezbollah, despite the group did not exist at the time. The same kind of judge that convicted Iran to pay $billions for reparation of the 9/11 victims, again without any proof for Iran’s involvement and against overwhelming proof against others, including US public servants.


According to former Mossad, Victor Ostrosky, the Israeli army had foreknowledge of the attack on the barracks.

Israel withheld detailed information from the United States about preparations for the bombing that killed 241 Marines in Lebanon in 1983 and only provided a ″vague″ general warning, according to a book about Israel’s fabled Mossad agency. https://www.apnews.com/60adfb53b499bad2bdd99f166b2b8f4e


As we know and see that US disintegration is underway due to their economy collapse and we also see that how much strength left with Israel now even Israeli terrorist state cannot fly their planes over Lebanon and Syria now.


Saso Mange

Well said, before ”barracks bombing” case only terrorist acts in the region were committed by Zionist terrorist groups. That info is buried deep.


Most definitely. Terrorism was brought in the Middle East by the Jewish terrorist militias trained by their British creators/masters under the degenerate Orde Windgate who taught them everything (terror tactics, night squads, territorial expansionism, etc). One of Israel’s most precious document was by Windergate himself – see below.

Otherwise, following the 1937 Peel Commission (which envisioned 20% of Palestine for the Jews), the Jewish terrorist militias went on the rampage of the land – blowing up markets full of people, buildings, infrastructures, booby trapping British soldiers, etc. It was so bad the British Army couldn’t contain them. Their terror campaign continued until it triggered a civil war. In the last months of the British mandate, the same Jewish terrorists attacked and captured upwards of 800 Palestinian towns and villages (80+ of them were Christian) prior to self-declaring independence. It eventually led to the intevebtion of the surrounding countries. One of the best reference on that period is Thomas Suarez’s archives-based State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel.


About Orde Windergate and Israel:

The ideologies, mythologies, and geopolitical strategies of the State of Israel, down to the minutest details, are the handiwork of a handful of Britons. In particular there was Orde Wingate, a representative of the Amery and Rothschild interests in the 1930s and a top British intelligence officer in Palestine.

Moshe Dayan recently said of Wingate: “I remember Orde Wingate. And I salute him. He taught me and many another Israeli soldier everything we knew.”

Wingate was himself a religious fanatic who was known to enjoy loud mystical revelations while sitting naked and cross-legged on the floor. As the British controller of the Haganah, the main Zionist armed force prior to the establishment of the Israeli state, he taught his Zionist puppets both military doctrine and how to use “biblical” myths to brainwash the population into obedience.

Wingate believed himself to be a modern Gideon, charged, according to the Bible, to “go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel,” and his zombified Zionist pupils saw in him the source of all their ideas. Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion reminisced that Wingate could give a “military interpretation’ of the Bible’s historic events “. . as if they had happened yesterday.”

According to Wingate biographer Leonard Mosley, political intelligence officer Wingate had a “magnetic hold” over the Haganah brigades: “There was not a Jew in Palestine who would not do anything he said . . . . Certainly all the high officials of the Jewish Agency and the Haganah were ready to his bidding.”

Thus it was Wingate, not Ben-Gurion or Dayan, who began the Zionist military strategy of brutal “retaliation” against the Arabs. When Zionist militiamen balked at this strategy, fearing — correctly — that it could only worsen strained Jewish- Arab relations, it was Wingate who insisted that the Haganah’s special retaliatory Night Squads were proof that “the spirit of the Maccabees (Jewish nationalists of the second century B.C. — ed.) still lived” in Jewish youth — an argument that broke down dovish resistance to his schemes.

Mosley writes the following account of a Wingate-led retaliatory action against Arab villagers in which Dayan participated. The following excerpts begin after an incident in which Dayan and another Haganah soldier had killed five Arabs and captured four. Wingate came back, carrying a Turkish rifle over his shoulder. He looked calm and serene.

“Good work. You are fine boys and will make good soldiers,” he said.

He went up to the four Arab prisoners. He said in Arabic: “You have arms in this village. Where have you hidden them?”

The Arabs shook their heads, and protested ignorance. Wingate reached down and took sand and grit from the ground; he thrust it down (one Arab’s) throat until he choked and puked.

“Now,” he said, “where have you hidden the arms?” Still they shook their heads.

Wingate turned to one of the Jews and, pointing to the coughing and spluttering Arab, said, “Shoot this man.”

The Jew looked at him questioningly and hesitated. Wingate said, in a tense voice, “Did you hear? Shoot him.”

The Jew shot the Arab. The others stared for a moment, in stupefaction, at the dead body at their feet …. “Now speak,” said Wingate. They spoke.

Ben-Gurion later declared that “the Haganah’s best officers were trained in the special Night Squads” by Wingate. Trained terrorist Dayan added, “In some sense, every leader of the Israeli Army even today is a disciple of Wingate. He gave us our technique, he was the inspiration of our tactics, he was our dynamic.” And their ideological controller. Wingate would often begin special training courses for the Haganah elite by expounding, “We are establishing here the foundations for the army of Zion.”

His contribution extended to programming every minute detail of military strategy for the Haganah, thereby providing the entirety of Israeli military orientations from the 1948 declaration of statehood through to the present. According to Mosley, Wingate in 1938 authored “The Jewish State — Security and Defence, Transition Period,” which is to this day “one of the most treasured Israeli documents.”

Mosley labels it a “brilliant forecast” of the needs of the state, how much these needs would cost, which “strategy and tactics the Arab states would use to upset the new state,” how these could be defeated, and “what measures should be taken to mobilize and inspirit the civilian population and grid industry and agriculture to the task of keeping the international machine in motion.”

So successful was this strategy outline, Mosley reported, that Wingate’s advice has been followed, almost to the phrase, by the State of Israel. … It is still a practical paper which they con- stantly consult.”

The British Spook Who Built ‘The Army of Zion p. 8-9: http://wlym.com/archive/campaigner/7812.pdf


Good observation.

Promitheas Apollonious

I often wonder why SF will copy and paste this kind of articles and I want to believe that they copy and paste them, rather than write themselves the lies within them, and is not even an editors note pointing out the lies within and no cross referencing of the inaccuracies, so the people who actually come here to learn something and have no knowledge of what is what to be informed correctly.

Tommy Jensen

If USA refuses to defend Israel, Russia is prepared to do it. Russia allowed Israel to bomb Syria when and where they wanted it. Even Russian officers and pilots could Israel kill as they pleased if they were in the way…………………………………………….LOL. Why? Because Kremlin were and are crazy to take over US friendship with Israel. Either US stay in Syria or Israel will get Russia to do the job………LOL.

Joe Kerr

Yeah? Is that why Russia stopped Israel and its lackeys from destroying Syria and doing to Assad what they did to Gadhafi? “Assad will be gone in 6 months”- Shimon Peres, 2011.

Joe Kerr

After egging the IDF on to Syria and beyond during its 2006 war with Hezbollah, Israel’s U.S. cheer squad were dealt a severe reality blow on seeing photos of IDF troops crying like babes. The goal is Iran and the Rothschild gang are doing their best to push the U.S. to do it before its economy crumbles.

Zionism = EVIL


John Whitehot

tell us something new.

Tommy Jensen

Contrary. Israel has been strengthened.

Syria is today a smashed country with a traumatic population, divided along Euphrates exactly after the Yinon plan. Syria is balkanized into a US zone and a Russia zone both licking the boots on Israel. The Golan heights is secured, Israel got more $billions from US than before the war, Israel´s capitol Jerusalem became International recognized, US established a permanent F35 base in Israel.

As everybody can see, Israel bomb Syria as they please. Israel weak because only 5% hits? Bs.

Promitheas Apollonious

the truth hurts doesn’t it?

Chris Saunders

He doesn’t care about the truth…he’s in la la land . .

Jens Holm

And Ayatollah Assad is commander of the Russian army :)

Chris Saunders

I rest my case . .

Jens Holm

Ayatollah Assad is commander of the Russian army :)

Zionism = EVIL


Jim Bim

LoL….Reality is hard to swallow.


1. Syria is not ‘smashed’. Infact solidarity for the government and their armed forces rose during the war. The Kurdish question is not yet solved.

2. Russia is licking nobody’s boots. Israel is licking US’s boots for continued support and interference in Syria. Sadly for them, nothing is stopping Iran from moving armaments through Albukamal. They straight up lost the war as far as strategic purpose is concerned.

3. Golan Heights is no better than before the war. The situation is actually worse for the israelis. In case you havent noticed, the SAA reclaimed the border, and now Hezbollah and Iranian armaments are snuggly getting installed on the line.

4. Who cares about Jerusalem. That move was a a typical last resort bully tactics for losers. Its just low quality slander. Compare this to the billions they wasted on the insurgency in Syria, they are rightfully furious.

5. Israel cant damage smack in Syria now. Their ‘wonderweapon’ jets have to fly timidly along Jordanian space to lunch anything, and all their missiles get wasted on Syria SAMs.

Conclusion; Your jewish heroes lost. You lost. Its over. Syria is better than ever, and Hezbollah is right on your border.

Douglas Houck

The Israelis tried to convince the Druze in the Golan during the early part of the Syrian war that Assad et.al. were doomed and they should finally accept being part of Israel and get drivers licenses and passports (something none had done to that point). This peaked in 2015 at which point the Russians entered the war and the fortunes of President Assad turned around. The Druze recommited themselves to Syria and are protesting against the Israeli who as is their wont, are attempting to take away lands from the Druze for the building of wind turbines. The attempt by the Israelis to break the spirit of the Druze has failed.


Great story, thanks for the share, I didnt know about the land turbines.

Its disgusting. I lived to see something similar in my country, where our governement tried to remove and eradicate ancestral native american lands and graveyards by buying a nearby plot, and expanding the area with a golf course, destroying the indian culture in the process.

Needless to say, the natives took up arms. But thats just a long story. Cheers

Jens Holm

No uprise for reforms in Syria, when so many only has one leg and one shoe :)


You’re sick. Get some help.

Jens Holm

550.000 dead are the reform ?


Not bowing to your shit country is the reform

leon mc pilibin

The child killing pussies of the IDF have no chance against HEZBOLLAH,never mind Syria and IRAN.

Zionism = EVIL

The scum know it too and that is why they want the Americunt cowards to keep dying in Syria for them. The biggest problem the Zionist scum have created for themselves is a much bigger and stronger battle tested Hezbollah, now integrated with SAA and IRGC and able to conduct combined arms operations. Hezbollah now has over 100,000 full-time cadre and 30,000 have been rotated out of Syria and Iraq. It is perhaps the most battle tested military in the world.

Zionism = EVIL

The author has got that right, the Zionist criminals have not fired a shot towards Lebanon since 2006 and they know Hezbollah will retaliate within minutes and flatten Zionist hovels. The SAA also needs to rethink its polices and hut back now.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Israel launch a barrage of air to ground missile hoping that some of them hit the target( warehouses)… but to destroy underground weapons depot…Israel would need to fly over Syria airspace and launch heavy antibunker bombs…then the problem is that IAF jets can be shot down easily by SAD included F-35!…it means death and capture pilots.. Debris and pieces of the fighterjets with high tech in Russian-Irani hands…


“Syria and its allies will need to reassess their strategy in response to Israeli aggression and US occupying troops”

I said this almost immediately after the resumption of IAF airstrikes last month. The primary rational for Trump’s withdrawal decision. Was his desire to avoid a Vietnam style loss of aircraft and flight crews in the face of the SADF being upgraded to near peer capabilty with domestic Russian air defense capabilities. The Syrian air force should also be modernized to provide a credible deterrent to IAF and NATO threats.

The Jews then destroyed that rational by proving that even if these systems work. Which has yet to be proven. The SADF and Russians won’t use them. Allowing the Jews to do this is a mistake. Because it is destroying Trump’s primary reason for getting out of Syria now. The last thing that the Syrian government coalition should do is back off on the SADF upgrade.

These attacking planes should be taken down and the bases that they’re flying out of and returning to destroyed on an as neened basis until the attacks stop. The US has never that I’m aware of, militarily intervened beyond resupply, on Israel’s behalf in one of Israel’s wars with it’s neighbors in Israel’s entire history. With the US trying to get out of Syria, it’s unlikely to change that.


The baby raper’s escalation options absent direct US military intervention on their behalf are pretty limited. I don’t see a repeat of the 2006 Lebanon war tank invasion disaster. Which leaves a 2006 Lebanon war mass air attack. The problem with that. Is that unlike Lebanon, which had no air defense. They’d be up against the planet’s most combat experienced air defense force equipped with the planet’s most advanced air defense systems. If these systems work as well as some of the other ones. The Israeli’s escalation options are very limited.

John Whitehot

you’re broken record and nobody even bothers to read.



John Whitehot

“Your hatred of truth, common sense, and rational thinking is plain for all to see.”

I hate nothing.

It’s just that someone who speaks about “baby rapers” all day should have noticed that the pics Israel releases about the strikes have been bad photoshops since a while.

since you fail at the above, insisting instead on the main Israeli propaganda theme (S300 and things can’t stop the IAF) the theorem that you actually are a zionist is proven beyond any doubt.

the fact you keep replying to me with blathering and get cakes in your (fake) face every time is a sign of utter frustration.


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve written, because you can’t, because it’s true. When the S-300s start deterring the baby raper’s airstrikes and taking down IAF planes let me know. Until that happens, your lies, nonsense and stupidity on the subject are plain for all to see. You’re the one making a fool out of yourself with your Orwellian idiocy, not me.

As far as who’s the Zionist shill. You’re the one who has a problem with truthers like myself calling for shooting down IAF planes and destroying their air bases. I’m all for it.

John Whitehot

“Obviously you shoot the shooter”

Obviously, you’re frustrated as fuck.


You’re a false accuser and a moron spewing stupidity.

John Whitehot

and you’re using a dead yank persona, something that will get you evil eye etcetera.


You’re wasting thread space posting lies and nonsense.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Good article, hardly any spin with verifiable facts and just the occasional opinion, you’re getting better SF, more of the same please, Elijah J. Magnier whoever he is makes good sense to me.

Robert McMaster

I got news for you. Until you can regularly shoot their shit down you ain’t cutting the mustard. So up your game or shut up.


Israel was playing a game of “all in” in the US/Israel war on Syria. In all in you have to win or you’re all out… We (US) are coming home from Syria, Israel is stuck at home. Retribution is going to be severe.


I did not read this, it’s straight up propaganda. Israel lost one plane, and Hezbollah and Iran are officially expelled from southern Syria. The assertion that Israel’s losses were heavier than their enemies is even more absurd than the allegation that the Russians used poison gas.


israel is allowed to carry out these attacks since they are rather harmless and the syrian air-defense is probably holding back so not to attract the wrath of the destitute states of morons of A. but once they’re out of their hair, and israel is on its own, they will find, turkey, iran, syria hezbollah iraq and jordan on the offensive and the israeli scum will try out say italy on their way to the land of the free and land of the brave – will be interesting to see if italy will allow the israeli refugees entry into italy!

but rest assured that the day of reckoning is about to arrive and that doesn’t bode well for the murderous and thieving and concentration camp operating (gaza) israelis. good riddance!


Halfway decent premise for a techno-thriller, but this is a serious discussion.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x