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Israel Hacks Lebanese Communication Network To Send Threats, Spread Propaganda Against Hezbollah


Israel Hacks Lebanese Communication Network To Send Threats, Spread Propaganda Against Hezbollah

Illustrative. An IDF soldier from the C4I Corps types on a computer. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

At the late hours of December 6, the residents of the southern Lebanese town of Kfar Kela received on their mobile phones voice messages from Israel telling them to “stay away from Hezbollah,” according to the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA).

The Israeli message, which was sent in Arabic, also called on the civilians to stay away from “Hezbollah’s suspicious tunnels” and threatened to destroy the entire town.

In response to this cyber attack, Lebanon’s Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, instructed the country’s representative in the U.N., Amal Mudallali, to prepare a complaint on Israeli’s hacking of the Lebanese communication network and on its threats to the civilians in Kafr Kela.

“A new violation by Israel, which don’t care for the sanctity and privacy of the civilians and its direct threat to their lives, is added to its violations at sea, air and land,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in an official statement.

Two days ago, the Israeli military claimed that its engineer units had uncovered a tunnel of Hezbollah that starts in Kafr Kela and penetrates 40 meters into Israel near northern town of Metulla. The discovery was a part of the ongoing Operation Northern Shield, which was launched on December 3.

Israel’s threats to Kfar Kela’s residents come in line with an earlier statement of Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister told several foreign ambassadors that there is a “reasonable possibility” that the Israeli military may have to conduct operations inside Lebanon territory.

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  • Fred Summers

    A report just coming in that the Iranian Navy have trolled the US 5th
    fleet by sending them a recording of a Sopranos Episode – Bronx Tale Bar
    Fight Scene. The US clearly being the biker gang and the locked door
    clearly being the Strait of Hormuz.
    Very clever indeed, and follows the theme of TV series trolling, including the recent Game of Thrones Poster.
    I lMFAO when I heard about it.

  • Lazy Gamer

    There’s the leaflet and it is Christmas season again. I hope they make plans for immediate evacuation.

  • Sinbad2

    It seems that Israel is going to invade Lebanon, again.
    I hope Hezbollah have some SAM’s to protect their women and children from the Israeli air force.

    • BlueInGreen

      Don’t be so sure. Although it would seem Israel wants to get another conflict started they don’t hold the operational initiative.

      It will be a massive shitshow and the Israelis know it. Ant conflict with Hezbollah only strengthens Israel’s enemies since it would be the perfect opportunity to hit Israel from different fronts. Hamas can start launching missiles again, Palestinians in the West Bank could start mass riots and Hezbollah will destroy strategic Israeli assets one by one.

      The damage to Isreals economy would also be substantial. These recent PR ploys are nothing but that. Netanyahu has become an effective dictator in Israel and we will see this sort of one man show policy making play out.

      I doubt Israel truly wants a full blown war becuase the Israel of today is best at doing one off attacks and retreating. It’s the safest way they can hit someone then cry foul.

      Sincerely speaking, I’m not even worried in the slightest. Israel will bring defeat upon itself because it refuses to accept that Syria is still there with Bashar and the SAA strong and stable, Iran is gaining power and Hezbollah is at the best in terms of power and effectiveness than it has ever been.

      I wish for peace but the Israelis want total subjugation of neighboring states. Anything less is unacceptable. Odds are though that another Israeli Hezbollah war is really high due to the fact Israel cannot live with such a powerful force right under their nose that can knock them out or atleast severely hamper their ability to function.

      • Ricky Miller

        I don’t know. All things being equal you would be right. Bur how much of the 2006 stubbornness to go to and sustain the war was about Ehud Olmert’s criminality? And now, how much distraction does Netanyahu need to escape from his own criminal behavior cul de sac? And a deeper question. Why, in modern democracy does achieving and retaining power require so much criminal conspiracy?

        • BlueInGreen

          Personally I believe that men like Nentanyahu need conflict and external enemies to justify their own political position since their actual real world contribution to their nation is miniscual. Nations these days are not lead by one guy but a host of different people in different leadership position responsible for different institutions and functions in a given nation. If Netanyahu were to die right now, Israel will survive. But in all truthfulness, a lot of what we see is indeed kabuki theater to some extent. But even more on that later… this is a subject marred in controversy and conspiracy that I just don’t want to delve into as of now.

          But you are right. This is just my feeling after all, but Israel could go ahead and try and wage another war with Hezbollah.

          It is my belief that this time around given the on the ground performance of Hezbollah, that a conflict with Israel will not be some one-sided beatdown. Israel will feel the pain in all areas of life from social, economic, military, environmental etc…

          It really could be a case where Hezbollah military beats Israel on the field with Israel dead and wounded being more than that of Hezbollah. This would be a major upset to the Israeli public that sincerely believe they are one of the best militaries in the world lol.

          Idk though…. time will tell.

          • H Eccles

            you seem to carry a lot Israel’s anxieties on your own shoulders..

          • so

            Great insight Miles!

    • Harvey Swinestein

      They wouldn’t dare to invade without a false flag event. The Israeli public have a low pain threshold for missile strikes and many of them know their failed David’s Sling and Iron Dome systems can’t stop more than 3% of incoming missiles . .

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Zionist parasites simply don’t have the manpower to fight a asymmetrical war in the region and any attack on Lebanon will spread to Syria, Jordan and will bring in Iraq and Iraq as well as Shia diaspora. The Zionists are child beating bullies but not suicidal. Their hovels will be razed to the ground in a war that will last for years.

        • so

          ….and will become the Proxy war of all Proxy wars. Lets hope not. Tired of the pain and suffering of the innocents on whatever side they may be. None of us tell our governments what to do unless we want to end up dead or in prison. However France? Maybe there’s hope.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      ZERO chance of that. Zionists are all hot air and know the cost as their hovels from Metulla to Ashdod will burn to cinders.

  • Pave Way IV

    I would have to say that this is clearly within any civilized nation’s definition of terroristic threats directed against a civilian population. When do US sanctions begin?

    “You can’t sanction me for that, Donny. That would be anti-Semetic. Now give me some more of your taxpayer’s money right now bitch, or I swear we’ll kill ALL the Lebanese. I’m serious…”

    • PZIVJ

      In picture Donny is thinking it over. LOL

      • You can call me Al

        No, he switched off as soon as Nutty started talking and now he is pondering whether to have MacDonalds or KFC and worrying if he put his adult nappy on.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Zionist scum cowards are happy playing Diaper Dan hasbara video games as they don’t have the guts to take on Hezbollah.

  • Lena Jones

    Without needing to ‘advertise’, the hezb, on a daily basis is hacking israel’s MILITARY, not its civilians.

    This whole ‘Hezbollah tunnels’ thing is nothing more than a jew-on-jew psy op. We all know the cowardice of the jew who’s already had his balls hezb-kicked on the battlefield.

  • H Eccles

    “Israel Hacks Lebanese Communications And Sends Messages Warning From Hezbollah”

    The headline is confusing. It’s clear from the messages sent that they are coming from Israel. No where in the text does it mention which texts are suppose to be attributed to Hezbollah or even what Hezbollah was warning about.

  • Davki

    Desperation. And counterproductive. If anything, it will make people be more attuned to Hezbollah: Israel still invades, if not the country itself then your privacy.

  • so

    Let me get this straight.
    Israel bombs and uses snipers to murder people in the villages and towns of Lebanon.
    Hezbollah creates schools and provides medical care in addition to the defence of these villages and towns. Got it.