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Israeli Forces Killed Over 240 Palestinians, Injured 20,000 Since Start Of Gaza Protests

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Over 240 Palestinians have been killed and 2,000 others injured by Israeli forces since the start of weekly protests in the Gaza Strip in March, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Protesters demand the right to return for those driven out of their homeland.  The ongoing round of protests started March 30 in response to the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and to provide a full support to Tel Aviv in its harsh policy towards the Palestinains.

Israeli Forces Killed Over 240 Palestinians, Injured 20,000 Since Start Of Gaza Protests

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Lena Jones

Synagogue of satan. Blood blood blood!


Cold blooded murder by the satanic cowardly zionists, and the UN doesn’t bat and eyelid,Unbelievable, or is it?


boycott divest and sanctions movement needs to be complemented with the de-recognition movement and prohibition of financial transfers to israel. it will take a while but basically the illegal settlement called israel has in every respect forfeited its right to be a sovereign country and thus all countries that at one stage recognized israel are now free to revoke the act that confirmed israel’s independence. and the reason is really that israel has failed to live up to its undertaking vis a vis the countries recognizing israel and that israel continuously has sabotaged the two-state solution leaving the indigenous population hanging high and dry. and lets not forget the running of the concentration camp Gaza, in the benevolent spirit of hitler’s nazis and the murders and the land thieving and so on and so forth – all in all sufficient reason to close down israel for good and send the thieves and murderers on their way to the next diaspora – what a friggin larf that will be.

in my estimate 75 to 80 pct of the world’s population would like to see israel discontinued and onto a new diaspora!

find out which countries are most prone to actually revoke the recognition once awarded israel.


I have boycotted Israeli goods for years now and wherever I practically can, I also boycott US goods.


and that’s a start and ask all your friends and neighbours to do so as well!


And still the Western Media is largely silent about the Israeli atrocities and the hundreds of murdered Palestinians and 20,000, and rising, deliberate wounding of Palestinians who are protesting within the Concentration Camp boundaries in less that 12 months.

The MSM today is genuflecting toward Israel as they say that ‘Holocaust’ survivors live longer than most , in spite of various illness’s.

I could list a few of their illness’s here :) and being ‘economic with the truth ‘ is just one of many.


Israeli terrorists are parasites. They are like computer viruses but in human shapes.


and remember to avoid using words like ‘jew’ or jews or jewish or zionist and so on – just stick to the simple israel and avoid anything that will bog you down in useless discussions. israel is the criminal country that needs to be closed down for a peaceful world, for a peaceful middle east and for an end to the endless misery israel has caused the world for the last 100 years or more.

and work for de-recognizing israel and to cease all business transactions with israel.

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