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JUNE 2021

Israel Fires Iron Dome Air Defense Missiles Over False Alarm

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Israel Fires Iron Dome Air Defense Missiles Over False Alarm


On March 25 night, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system was mistakenly activated and interceptors were launched along the border with the Gaza Strip.

However, no rocket were fired in the area and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) was forced to admit that the system was activated by “by machine gun fire in Gaza.”

According to local sources, multiple launches of missile interceptors near Ashkelon took place as a result of the false alarm. Israeli sources speculate that the incident was caused by the March 25 live-fire drill conducted by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

An IDF spokesperson said the military would investigate the technical reason behind the situation in order to ensure that such an event does not repeat itself.

A day earlier, the  Israeli Air Force conducted a raid against a Hamas compound in Gaza responding to a border breach and an arson attack against an IDF engineering vehicle.

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This is an ideea on how to consume this sh…ield: false alarms, extremely cheap…

Gregory Casey

If the Iron Dome can be triggered by machine-gun fire, clearly, no-one is safe in the Middle East. Moreover, this Iron Dome technology is utilized by the US, UK and NATO Member States insofar as I am aware and this being the case, what is clear is that unless the ‘glitch’ identified by this incident is fixed and fixed immediately, there is no telling when, in the future a NATO Member-State and/or Israel might trigger widespread carnage throughout either/and the Middle East and Eastern Europe and European Russia.


Operators have to see a clear target before firing so it is unlikely it can fire by glitch from machine gun fire. The things guided by radar with IR close in sensors. Now can a radar actually get to lock on a machine gun projectiles ?
Expensive hardware like these would always have people crewing it so it is unlikely it misfiring on for example an autonomous A.I command.

Anyway the missile cost 40k dollars a piece.


Did you believe the operator fired off a salvo by mistake ? I’ll somewhat believe it if they sacked their operator there and find the missile developers responsible.

Tudor Miron

Hmm… when ground to air interseptors were fired it’s normal to expect that there were aerial targets. Something is very weird about this story. Did they just shoot at the clear skys?


The Saud have the same problem too. Maybe the idea they’re trying to hit a high flying fast stealthy aircraft isn’t too farfetched ?

John Whitehot

the saudi actually tried to intercept some missiles, at least it’s what they admitted. Of course in their case there were vids about the event.

but it’s been always been like that; militaries tend to never divulge real information about what they do. If there is some truth that they can’t deny in public, they would release a story around the data that has been published.


According to geolocation yesterday you were in kemerovo. What did you?


In all probability, there was a target, spy plane or what-not, and IDF did not want to admit a miss of ‘Iron (slag) Dome’.


American software?


Nonetheless the Iron Dome successfully intercepted its non-existent targets? The end-of-flight explosions would indicate that, as they have so many other ‘interceptions’ – or given proof of fired rockets.


They just missed…and dont want to admit they are that susceptible….#fakenews


Either their system has a very serious malfunction or the Israelis are lying. I find it very difficult to believe (as in BS) that the system was engaged because of weapons fire. As others have stated they are also manned, so what did they lock onto? These things do not fire until they have a target locked. Considering all the aforementioned, I would have to say the Israelis are lying…as per usual. The truth is always the first casualty when it comes to the Israelis. Their (supposedly) new best buds are having issues with their systems too… one of their missiles made a U-turn and attacked the ground yesterday when engaging Yemeni missiles. Of course, that wouldn’t have happened either, if there wasn’t video proof. I figure it was either a target they couldn’t hit (which will never be admitted) or some sort of EW test by ‘someone’. The US, KSA and Israel would be crapping in the pants if ‘someone’ had the ability to cause false contacts and launchings. What use would their AD be then? How wise would it be to engage an enemy without home air defense that are reliable? Yeah, all supposition, but I like to dream.

First Lastname

Jews? Lying? Nooooo…. Couldn’t be….


Imagine if this junk accidentally shoots down a civilian aircraft..

John Whitehot

strange news.
one would rather think that they had to justify the launch of some surface to air missile with the public, as these are events that cannot be kept hidden.


Could it be that Israeli missile defences are fallible??? Reminds me of the Spike nightmare. I think the Dutch gave up on it because it couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn

John Whitehot

there are no infallible missile defences, as there are no invincible tanks or invisible planes.

bottom line: technology isn’t God.


They also blame it on Hamas, well fancy that!


The Iron dong ejaculated prematurely?


What a fucking joke ! The much vaunted Iron Dome, produced by Zionists of Yankiland for the defence of their stand alone Ziono state in the Levant is supposedly targeting 7.62mm projectiles. Yeah Right. Who ever believes that, also, believes in the tooth fairy and Santa. This is the Russians sending the Israelis a clear message, we have the tech and ye have catapults, welcome to the Real World.

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