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JUNE 2023

Israel Diversifies Its Aggression On Syria

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You can read this article in German. Link.

Israel is moving away from its typical conduct of simply carrying out airstrikes on various targets in Syria, and seems to be becoming more assertive.

On May 6th, Israeli combat helicopters attacked posts of the Syrian Arab Army in the northern countryside of al-Quneitra.

According to reports, several military posts located in the vicinity of the town of Jubata al-Khashab were hit.

The town is a very short distance from the Israeli posts at the separation line in occupied Golan Heights.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, three personnel who were manning the targeted posts were injured as a result of the Israeli strikes.

Following the strike, the Israeli military warned Syrian service members in al-Quneitra against collaborating with Lebanon’s Hezbollah in leaflets dropped on the morning of May 6th.

In the leaflets, the Israeli military accused Brig. Gen. Hussein Hammouch, commander of the 1st Corps’ 90th Brigade, of facilitating Hezbollah movements on the separation of forces line in coordination with a Lebanese commander named “Haj Hashim”.

The Israeli military dropped similar leaflets with threats to several units and commanders of the SAA’s 1st Corps over the last few months.

Separately, in central Syria, at least 15 fighters of the Palestinian pro-government al-Quds Brigade were killed or injured as a result of an attack by ISIS cells on May 5th.

ISIS cells have been very active around the area of al-Sukhnah, as they are running out of options.

A series of operations by the Syrian military and its allies forced the terrorists to leave other areas in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle and western Deir Ezzor.

Meanwhile, Syria and Iraq are moving further towards improving their relations.

On May 6th, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received a message from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, conveyed by Faleh al-Fayyad, Head of the Popular Mobilization Units.

According to the SANA news agency, the message touched on bilateral relations, issues of mutual concern, and recent developments on the political and security levels, especially the war on terrorism.

This is quite important, as a resurgence of ISIS in both Syria and Iraq appears to be in the works, and cooperation will be vital to limiting it.

Rumors of a large-scale operation in Syria’s central region against ISIS are circulating, and it could be that Iraq could partake in it, from the other side of the border.

Baghdad needs to deal with the spreading ISIS influence, both in Kurdistan and in other regions, especially in the provinces near Syria.

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Rhodium 10

Pro Syrian oposition sources and SOHR are not reliable!..if one SAA soldier is killed…they say 10…if israel attack one warehouse…they say that they have attacked 10….anyway nothing change that SAA is a useless army… bad equipped, poor training, imprudent and without motivation….

Rodney Loder

Got to kick the habbit, Jew maggots are cleaning up on the sickness, best thing to do is come to your senses, – primary sense is perception, what you conceive should be formulated form it, the other was around doesn’t work. Only I Jesus Christ can bring peace to Syria, Brother Baghdadi was ratted on and Israel took over ISIS and reconciled their differences with HTS which Brither Baghdadi smashed which is why they rebranded. Praise be only to Allah.


@ Rhodium 10, SAA is fighting a bloody civil war for 10 years, they are probably tired of everything… ISISrael is flogging a dead horse…

jens holm

Erodium is not reliable himself SOHR is one of the most reliable sources for Syria at all.

Its well descriebed by many many 1000s of whats going on and most of them can be cponfirmed by others. Furthermore it sometimes is well represented, where others brings absolutly no news from because of censurship from fx SANA.

SOHR mainly is sober and as neutral as any can be.

jens holm

Google transplate only eat 3900 letters pr translation.

A lot nothing is writtren by You. Focus might help others to read it in a shorter version.

jens holm

Jesus makes jokes too. Fx He made You :)

He must be pretty old now.


Syria and its other friendlies, such as IRAN, IRAQ AND LEBANON, NEED more GUERILLA WAR attacks on Israel, WEEKLY, but making certain that they have Plausible Deniability for each “incident”

Rodney Loder

My Salafist Brothers in Saudi Arabia are beginning to see the need to face the present as a development of the past, and not just forming up as an actor in jew maggot fantasy. We Salafists recognize Paradise as a biological component of the material Universe scholarly differences in our ranks can easily be reconciled in a way way that allows a favourable working relationship.


Mess with the bull, you get the horns.


Barry, I bet you “mess” with bulls, cows and sheeps a lot…


LSD lemming Jens believes slimy SOHR basement dweller paid by CIA in UK; he believes girlfriend faithful when she disappears for 3 days with Muslim boyfriends and returns with 50 kroner in purse


Amazing ISIS has NEVER attacked Israel.


Israel clearly needs more diversity!

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