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JUNE 2021

Israel Is Directly Arming Seven Militant Groups In Southern Syria – Media

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Israeli is now arming “at least” seven different militant groups in the Golan Heights, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on February 21.

According to the report, these “Sunni” militant groups receive arms, ammunition and money from Israel. The move comes after Washington has reduced its support to militants operating in southern Syria.

“In January, the Trump administration closed the operations centre the CIA ran in Amman, the Jordanian capital, which coordinated aid to rebel organisations in southern Syria. As a result, tens of thousands of rebels who received regular economic support from the US have been bereft of this support,” Haaretz wrote.

Tel Aviv used this to expand own influence there. The growing influence of Israeli-backed militant groups are a part of the wider plan of Tel Aviv aimed at building the so-called “Iran free zone” near the Golan Heights.

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“Iran free zone”, the new catch phrase for “Syrian free zone”, same plot, new director.


Interesting report without giving any news except for the number of 7.

The report would have had more content when there was any indication on the size of those groups and on the size/numbers of weapons, money etc donated to those groups. 7 groups sounds impressive but when they only number a dozen or so of fighters, one talks about just a hundred men.

In other words, this can as well be peanuts or be something significant.


Again you belittle the facts that do not suit your Zionist agenda Dutch.

Haaretz is generally an honest critic of Zionism and the fact that they say that Israel is directly supporting terrorists will have an impact ,even in the brain numbed corridors of the EU governments.

Joe Doe

This is not a secret, that Israel with the assistance of Americans arming terrorists in Syria. That’s why, Assad needs obtain modern Air Defense System, at least.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Thank you Joe Doe.


The Holocaust crimes committed by Zionist Israel. They will do these crimes again and again in the world. Israel are such criminals that have no religion. They just disgust Jewish religion. They adopt themselves according to the situation to make themselves clean from their own crimes.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFM1rRDNGkcomment imagecomment image

Israeli terrorists have kidnapped Ahed Tamimi and her parents at midnight by gunpoints. Nobody knows where Israel have kept them hostage. Each year Israel kidnap thousands of adults and small kids from the streets and hold them hostage. Many of them Israel kill in fake combats. The US, UK and France brutal regimes have imposed Israel on Palestinians. They support this Israeli brutality and terrorism in the Middle East. If Vietnam can be freed from American regime army then Palestine can also be freed from Israel. Israel should go back to their countries.


The majority of Muslim leaders have ignored Palestine and also the historic Mosque of Aqsa. Is this help to Palestine or to Zionist Israeli terrorists.

I haven’t heard that any Muslim leader have visited Palestine or they have asked about Palestinians that how their time passing under occupation. Either these Muslim leaders are scaring from Israel or they have taken blood money from US. Indeed the judgment day is so near on them that they all will answer to God. No leader will leave unpunished.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Have seen videos of Palestinians praising Bashar al Assad and yelling the same mantra as Syrians , is understandable they were all one people at one point in time. The highest concentration of Jewish DNA is found in these people.

leon mc pilibin

Syria and its Allies will be visiting that area under occupation very soon,,just a matter of time.


The US closed their terrorist center in Amman…right. They just transferred the logistics to Israel. The poor terrorists are deprived and Israel is stepping up. Just a world class shell game. Which terrorist rock is the ‘Jihadi’ paycheck under?


Gaza on the Brink: Norman Finkelstein on Israeli forces targeting Palestinian civilians

Israeli migrants have contaminated Gaza water by adding biochemical substance. By drinking that water the person dies with in one month. Now the Gaza citizens which are 70% refugees have no escape route have no access to sea water, no food, no medicines because Gaza have been blocked by Israel. Israel want to kill all Palestinians in Gaza to clean land from them. This is called Palestinians genocide which is war crime against humanity.

The US, UK and France brutal regimes are also united with Israel in this war crime. Hamas have struggled their best to break this Israeli siege three times but that could not work.

Rafik Chauhan

Bcuz Egypt sold Palestine for money. If they want Gaza will never suffer if Egypt keep the border open


We need to discuss all these issues but no body has time to free from football matches. How many Muslim leaders have visited Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt. Even they don’t have time to condemn the aggressions or terrorist attacks in each other countries in which daily dozens of civilians and service men are dying. Every thing will be alright when they wakeup.


I understand why israel wants to destroy Syria but I still don’t understand why these sunnis take weapons from israel to destroy their own country and kill their own people.

So, when I say that sunnis are the main problem for tyhemselfs and that they are stupid and they love only money and power, I’m right.

But, sunnis don’t understand that. They have a bad pride and are easily manipulated.


Because most, if not all, of these gangs comprise of people who steal,cheat,murder,sell drugs break into your house and generally cause chaos.

There are people like this in every nation of the world who take advantage of criminality whenever they can. The top criminals are even able to alter the laws to make their abuse of others ‘legal’.


Of course. USA is taking the worst people to do their dirty job. USA take liers, thieves, murderers, criminals, ….. My question is that sunnis always say that they are good and that their religionb forbid to do bad. So, why are they doing that ? Because, most sunnis are liers, cheaters and thieves. They use their religion to control people, make money and have power. So, their religion is playing now against them.

And notice that this is exactlmy the same from christians americans that always find a way to justify their dirty behaviours. Most christian americans are also murderers, liers and thieves. I pretty sure that most of the US army terrorists soldiers are abrahamic believers.

Of course, doing bad will return against them. In case of sunnis, it allows westeners to occupy them and they are kill in large scale. In case of american soldiers, when they return home, US soldiers suffer from psychic traumas and most of them became homeless.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Sunnis love’s US $dollars.From there you can deploy them everywhere.


They are either mercenaries concerned with money and power, or salafists concerned with killing ‘heretic’ non Sunni Muslims. The US, Saudi’s and Qatari’s recruited them and indoctrinated them for this role.

Langaniso Mhlobo

What does Israel administration wants after killing Goliath.More power more terrorist or what.


Israel wants other peoples money and land as their Zionist tribe have always done.


Time to arm Hezbollah and the Palestinians.


Sunnism can’t protect sunnis and allows them to be enslaved. So, sunnism is a bad religion that even can’t protect their own believers.


No religion is bad this is actually the followers that are bad because they use their religion as a prayer not as a principles or rules. I mean they don’t follow the teaching of their own religion.

Samantha Green

which of the 7 support ABORTION RIGHTS? like Israel and Turkey?

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