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Israel Destroys Syrian Army Post In Golan Heights

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Israel Destroys Syrian Army Post In Golan Heights

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On June 1st, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it had destroyed a Syrian regime observation post established on the Israeli side of the buffer zone in the occupied Golan Heights.

The army “destroyed a forward observation post of the Syrian army that was set up in an Israeli area west of the Alfa line in the Golan Heights,” spokesman Avichay Adraee wrote on Twitter.


The report said the IDF had deliberately used ground forces instead of targeting the site from the air in order to send a message to Syria and Hezbollah that Israel would not tolerate any violations of its sovereignty over occupied territories.

Channel 13 showed footage of the troops going in and planting the explosives. Officers told the channel the posts were allegedly also used by Hezbollah fighters and pro-Iranian militias.

“We vaporized it,” one officer told the TV.

Back in 1967, Israel had captured large swathes of Syria’s Golan Heights during the Six-Day War. The territory has been occupied since then.

Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria since the beginning of the conflict there in 2011, mostly targeting Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces as well as Syrian government troops, though it rarely acknowledges them.

Its military has said it had hit some 50 targets in 2020 alone.

Israel says it is trying to prevent Iran, which has been one of the Syrian government’s key allies in the decade-old civil war, from gaining a permanent military foothold on its doorstep.

In early May, Syrian state media and a war monitor said Israel had carried out air strikes in the southern Syrian province of Quneitra, near the border with Israel.

Syria’s state news agency SANA said there had been “an Israeli attack led by a helicopter in one of Quneitra’s zones” not far from the border with Israel.


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On June 1st, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it destroyed a Syrian regime observation post established on the Israeli side of the buffer zone in the occupied Golan Heights.

it’s the first time I see SF used “Syrian regime” usually you refer to it as SAA and Syrian Goverment

Peter Wallace

It is reporting what the IDF said and is not what they said. You even quoted it .

Peter Jennings

Blah, blah, blah, from the isreali apartheid regime.
Of course we westerners believe all the regime says and that the regime’s genocide against the Palestinians and the theft of their homes and land is just a self protection mechanism.

The isreali apartheid regime thinks we in the west are just like them, ie; stupid.

Christian J. Chuba

If it was actually on the ‘Israeli side’ maybe it was an Israeli shack that was never used by the SAA or any of their allies. Could this be headline theater?


Israel is not contented in stealing Palestinian Land they will Leach and crawl to Syrian land. they are like insects making infestation in middle east.

ISraHELL the NAZI state

ISRaHELL état raciste et fachiste sera détruit
Palestine will win against sionistan us gb,France, Europe and arabic kingdoom ans Emirates

subcomandante marcos

Reminds me of when Hezb raided Israhell positions in southern Lebanon and blew their bases to Jebus. There are still realaudio video format files of the operations floating around. Before gopro though with the same first person view of a front line fighter raiding idf positions during live fire fights and then after the idf dead were confirmed, demolitions of the base. We know who won those raids en-total.

Raptar Driver

Russia is guilty in the partition of Syria.

Lance Ripplinger

Typical Israel. They are illegally occupying the Syrian Golan Heights, but in terrorist fashion, claim they have sovereign rights to it.

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