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Israel Destroyed Chemical Weapons Production Facility In Recent Strikes On Syria – Report


Israel Destroyed Chemical Weapons Production Facility In Recent Strikes On Syria – Report

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The recent wave of Israeli airstrikes on Syria targeted a “chemical weapons production facility” in the central province of Homs, Y-Net reported on March 6.

The airstrikes, which took place early on March 5, were not limited to Homs. Several positions in the southern Syrian province of al-Quneitra were also targeted. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had claimed that the aerial attack was foiled.

“Only a few in the Assad regime know what was attacked in Syria yesterday and what they lost, so the Syrian media did not report the details,” Y-Net journalist, Yossi Yehoshua, said on Twitter. This information was reportedly provided by an Israeli defense official.

Meanwhile, Alon Ben-David, a reporter for Israel’s Channel 13, claimed that the targeted facility was located between private homes and civilian installations.

The Israeli sources provided no details on the location of the alleged chemical weapons facility making their claims impossible to verify. Syria officially destroyed all of its chemical arsenal under a deal brokered by Russia in 2013. In spite of this, Western countries, Turkey and Israel are still accusing the country of manufacturing, storing and even using chemical weapons.

Away from these Israeli claims, observers revealed that the recent Israeli airstrikes on Homs targeted several buildings inside the al-Dabaa Air Base. Lebanon’s Hezbollah is known to be very active in the airbase.

Al-Dabaa Air Base may have been the only target of the Israeli airstrikes on Homs. Israel attacks Hezbollah and Iranian positions in Syrian on a regular basis. Claims of destroying a chemical facility could be nothing but propaganda.

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