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MAY 2021

Israel Delivers Second Iron Dome Defense System To The United States

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Israel Delivers Second Iron Dome Defense System To The United States

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Over the first weekend of 2021, Israel delivered the second of two Iron Dome Defense System batteries to the U.S. Army.

It is likely a marvelous New Year’s Eve gift, or a Hanukkah gift, since obviously Israel don’t celebrate Christmas.

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), in the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), of the Israel Ministry of Defense carried out the delivery.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz commented on the delivery:

“The delivery of the Iron Dome to the U.S. Army once again demonstrates the close relations between the Israel Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Department of Defense, the effectiveness of the system against various threats, and the excellent technological capabilities of Israeli industries. I am confident that the system will assist the U.S. Army in protecting American troops from ballistic and airborne threats as well as from developing threats in the areas where U.S. troops are deployed on various missions.”

In August 2019 the United States and Israel signed an agreement for the procurement of two Iron Dome Defense System batteries (IDDS-A).

The first battery was delivered in September 2020 and is already undergoing a process of implementation in the U.S. The second battery was delivered in accordance with the agreement and project schedule.

These batteries will be employed in the defense of US troops against a variety of ballistic and aerial threats.

Gantz, back then, also commented on the first batch:

“The Iron Dome system, as a part of [Israel’s] multi-layered missile defense system, reflects the strength of the Israeli defense establishment. As a result of the effectiveness of this system, many deaths were prevented on the home front of southern Israel, and it has a significant impact on the battlefield. I am proud that this advanced system will also protect U.S. Army troops. This is an extraordinary achievement for both the Ministry of Defense and for Israel’s excellent defense industries”.

“Last week I visited the United States”, Gantz added, “and met with senior officials in the U.S. Department of Defense and the military. Among other things, we discussed procurement and information sharing in the field of technology. The completion of this agreement serves as further proof that the defense alliance [between the U.S. and Israel], is based on common values and interests, which are stronger than ever.”

Rafael Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Air and Missile Defense Division, Pini Yungman, also commented:

“The Iron Dome system which will serve the U.S. military is tailored according to U.S. requirements. This being said, its performance capabilities, as seen in Israel, will remain the same. We began the project with a series of tests and demonstrations in the ‘White Sands’ testing field in the US. To date, we have conducted three demonstrations and intercepted targets chosen by the U.S. Army for the Iron Dome system.”

The prime contractor for the development and production of the Iron Dome is Rafael Advanced Systems. The MMR radar is developed by ELTA, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and the command and control system (BMC), is developed by mPrest.

The technology will be filling the role of the U.S. Army’s interim indirect fires protection capability. Under pressure from Congress, the service was mandated in the fiscal year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to purchase the missile defense systems while the service searches for a more permanent solution for its cruise missile defense gap.

The Army received both its Iron Dome purchases.

“In the coming year, the Iron Dome system will complete 10 years of operational activity, with over 2,400 interceptions,” Daniel Gold, head of the Israeli Missile Defense Organization in the Directorate of Defense Research and Development in the Ministry of Defense, said in the announcement of the delivery. “The very fact that we are handing over the first battery, a year after the agreement was signed, is an achievement in itself.”

In November 2020, the Defense Department announced that two air defense artillery batteries at Fort Bliss, Texas, will be testing and evaluating Iron Dome. The units will be converted from a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery and be funded with resources from the Army Air Defense Artillery School, according to the statement. The Army plans on deploying the first system by late 2021.

“This interim stationing decision will support critical test, evaluation and integration activities, which are prerequisites to any future deployment or stationing decision,” the Defense Department said.

The U.S Army plans to decide on a location for Iron Dome once the product reaches operational deployment capability. Sen. John Boozman, in May 2020 suggested to then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper that the Army deploy the system to U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility in the Middle East.

If they are deployed in the Middle East, this means that they will likely be used to pressure Iran or do Saudi Arabia’s bidding, essentially.

They’ve got proven success in the Middle East, with projectiles from the Gaza Strip often being intercepted.


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  1. verner says:

    what a larf, the jews should gift the system to the almost skint friggin morons in the white house, given how much the under-educted and unwashed public in the fly over states are forced to pay the jews every year and which consequence is substandard schools and substandard infrastructure just because the bought and paid lawmakers on the hill are forced to keep paying the jews their tithe in the billions. moreover the iron dome will soon become the iron doooooom and spell the end of the jews in palestine (and elsewhere as well). hooray hooray!!

    1. tzatz says:

      Jealous again … lol

      That bone stuck in your throat … YOU’LL NEVER get it out … eh?

      You’ll be watching the Jews gaining in strength all the days of your life … eh?

      Ya f/kn anti-Judaism Hater … pmsl

      Frustrated? TFB

      1. John Brown says:

        Iron Dumb Dome is a lemon garbage, does not work it’s based on USA Patriot technology. It can’t even shoot down missiles fired by Hamas from the Gaza strip which people make in their basements. So,the
        hundreds of millions of dollars Iron Dome can’t shoot down a missile made for a couple of thousand dollars.

        Iron Dome is very successful at making its corporate Jewish owners rich just like most of the useless garbage weapons systems in the
        USSA now makes, like the F35, the new garbage aircraft carrier etc.

        Israel steals USSA tech and then makes some cosmetic changes
        and slaps a made in Israel sticker on it. Unfortunately for the racist supremacist global Jewish slave Zio empire dictatorship of which Israel is the capital, they have been strangling their Golden Goose slave America to the point of killing it, so there won’t be much more tech or money to steal once the Zio dollar collapse in a year or 2, which when it happens will the Israeli empire’s real existential crisis.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Israel isn’t the Capitol of the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal. The City of London is.

          1. John Brown says:

            Yes you are right it was London until the creation of Israel under the Hitler / Rothchild Zio Nazi Havara pact.

            There is more legal immunity from the stupid Goyim in Israel then there is in the city of London.

            It also helps to have a base immune from law enforcement when planning to overthrow governments etc., and gives agents more courage when they know they can run away to Israel for total immunity forever.


            The Good Life of Criminals Who Flee to Israel

            Amid cumbersome extradition procedures, Jewish suspects from France and the former Soviet Union find sanctuary via the Law of Return.

            it works for every country just look it up yourself.

          2. Jim Allen says:

            The City of London, like Washington DC is not England, or USA. Are not subject to law of their country.
            The City of London is one square mile, in the center of London UK. Unsuitable for residence, Israel is the go to place of the criminal pretend Jew in need of residence. Not a problem as most have dual citizenship to begin with. Also popular with Russian oligarchs avoiding meeting Putin face to face.
            The City of London remains the headquarters of the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal. Rothschild owns 60% of Israel. A gift from the King to Rothschild. Hitler had nothing to do with the Balfour Agreement.

          3. John Brown says:

            Yes but do they all live in the city all the time? What happens when they go to the airport etc. Not secure.

            I did not say they don’t do their banking in London, its a transaction center now thats all. Those who give the orders live in Israel for the most part now London is not as secure as Israel.

            Maybe they still do most of their financial transactions in London, but it could also be New York, with some in Paris, Frankfurt and Switzerland as well.

          4. John Brown says:

            Totally wrong. Without Hitler there would be no Israel today.

            Wow they banned all the videos I use I will have to get new links

            Hitler was funded and put in power by racist supremacist Jews
            rothchilds Rockafellars etc. (the USSA Federal reserve, the bank of England and
            the bank of France with hundreds of billions of dollars FACT! As was Lenin and
            Hitler was the father of Israel with the Nazi /Zionist HAAVARA, agreement.
            making the 20th century the Jewish century. Without their ally Hitler there
            would be no Jewish immigration to Israel and no Israel and no Jewish world
            domination today. Hitler hated Europeans. In the Havara agreement pact Hitler
            and his Zionist allies agreed to kill and the Jews who would not go to Israel.
            He was then ordered by his Jewish masters to attack Russia and Poland and
            exterminated over 30 million white Europeans for any morons who think Hitler
            liked white people, actions speak louder than words. Hitler was to finish what
            racist supremacist Jews under Yagoda started when they killed over 65 million
            innocent Soviet citizens. There is one comical attempt at a cover up here
            “‘The Haavara continued to function until World War II, in spite of
            vigorous attempts by the Nazi Party to stop or curtail its activities.” As
            if the Nazi dictatorship could not shut this agreement down if they wanted to
            Ha ha Ha!!! Hitler was the useful tool of Zionists, with the Haavara agreement
            / pact making Hitler the father of Israel and Hitler was used to savage
            innocent Russians whom racist supremacist Jews have hated for centuries as
            Russian and the Tzars held satanic Jews in check for centuries. is

            Hitler was no different than Obama, Bush etc. and other slaves
            of racist supremacist Jews and did the opposite of what he said etc. no 2 front
            war, unite all Europeans he did the opposite, like all politicians bought and
            paid for by racist supremacist Jews. Hitler was funded and put in power by
            racist supremacist Jews Rothschild’s Rockefellers etc. (the USSA Federal
            reserve, the bank of England and the bank of France (all owned by Jews) with
            hundreds of billions of dollars FACT! as was Lenin. Hitler was the father of
            Israel with the Nazi /Zionist HAAVARA, agreement. Making the 20th century the
            Jewish century. Without their ally Hitler there would be no Jewish immigration
            to Israel and no Israel and no Jewish world domination today. Hitler hated
            Europeans. In the Havara agreement pact Hitler and his Zionist allies agreed to
            kill any Jews who would not go to Israel. He was then ordered by his AshkeNAZI
            Jewish masters to attack Russia and Poland and exterminated over 30 million
            white Europeans Christians for any morons who think Hitler liked white people,
            actions speak louder than words. If Hitler had of come to the aid of brother
            European countries only overthrowing their racist supremacist Jewish
            governments and then putting Poles in charge of Poland and Russians in charge
            of Russia etc. as brother countries, European Christian allies Germany would
            have won the war. Instead Hitler followed orders to finish what racist
            supremacist Jews under Yagoda started when they killed over 65 million innocent
            Soviet citizens. There is one comical attempt at a cover up here “‘The
            Haavara continued to function until World War II, in spite of vigorous attempts
            by the Nazi Party to stop or curtail its activities.” As if the Nazi
            dictatorship could not shut this agreement down if they wanted to Ha ha Ha!!!
            Hitler was the useful tool of Zionists, with the Haavara agreement / pact
            making Hitler the father of Israel and Hitler was used to savage innocent
            Russians whom racist supremacist Jews have hated for centuries as Russian and
            the Tzars held satanic Jews in check for centuries.

            The Deleted Interview that George Soros Tried to Ban!
            George Soros MUST SEE ! “Helping the NAZI’s was the
            happiest time of my life


            George Soros: (Helping Nazis) “Was The Happiest Time of
            my Life”


            George Soros – Admits he is the “Puppet Master”


            George Soros’ Messianic Fantasies says he is a god.


            Who said the Naziz did not do terrible things, you? Hitler was funded and put in power by racist
            supremacist Jews rothchilds Rockafellars etc. (the USSA Federal reserve, the
            bank of England and the bank of France with hundreds of billions of dollars as
            was Lenin and Hitler was the father of Israel with the Nazi /Zionist HAAVARA,
            agreement. making the 20th century the Jewish century. Without their ally
            Hitler there would be no Israel and no Jewish world domination today. Hitler
            hated Europeans. In the Havara agreement pact Hitler and his Zionist allies
            agreed to kill and the Jews who would not go to Israel.

            He was then ordered by his Jewish masters to attack Russia
            and Poland and exterminated over 30 million white Europeans for any morons who
            think Hitler liked white people actions speak louder than words. Hitler was to
            finish what Jews under Yagoda started when they killed over 65 million innocent
            Soviet citizens.

            part 2 The Deleted Interview that George Soros Tried
            to Ban! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUdosc33eSE George Soros MUST SEE !
            “Helping the NAZI’s was the happiest time of my life
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYbciTTT4yc George Soros: (Helping Nazis)
            “Was The Happiest Time of my Life” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1Qr7TnWG74
            George Soros – Admits he is the “Puppet Master”
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeIA8HBwO2M George Soros’ Messianic Fantasies
            says he is a god. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwEkjJVwsIc

            HAAVARA, agreement
            a company for the transfer of Jewish property from Nazi Germany to Palestine.
            The Trust and Transfer Office Haavara Ltd., was established in Tel Aviv,
            following an agreement with the German government in August 1933, to facilitate
            the emigration of Jews to Palestine by allowing the transfer of their capital
            in the form of German export goods. The Haavara Agreement is an instance where
            the question of Jewish rights, Zionist needs and individual rescue were in deep
            tension. Jewish organizations outside of Germany had declared a boycott against
            German goods and hoped to delegitimate the Nazi regime. The Zionists saw this
            agreement as a way of attracting Jews to Palestine and thus rescuing them from
            the Nazi universe even if that meant cooperation with Hitler. For a time the
            Nazi program of making Germany Judenrein and the Zionist policy of seeking olim
            coincided. The amounts to be transferred were paid by prospective emigrants
            into the account of a Jewish trust company (PALTREU – Palestina Treuhandstelle
            zur Beratung deutscher Juden) in Germany and used for the purchase of goods,
            which the Haavara then sold in Palestine. The proceeds, in Palestine currency,
            were paid to the emigrants living in Palestine. The rate of exchange was
            adjusted from time to time by the Haavara according to the disagio, necessitated
            by the subsidy which the Haavara granted the Palestinian importers, to make up
            for the steadily deteriorating value of the Reich mark, so the German goods
            could compete with other imports.


            Part 3

            The ensuing disagio, borne by the emigrants, accordingly
            increased from 6% in 1934 to 50% in 1938. The major part of the transfer
            proceeds provided the 1,000 Palestine Pounds (then $4,990) necessary for a
            “capitalist” immigration certificate of the Mandatory administration,
            but also for other categories of immigration, such as Youth Aliyah, students,
            and artisans as well as for the transfer of public funds. The transfer weakened
            the boycott of German goods declared by many Jewish organizations around the world,
            and thus met with considerable opposition. The controversy was settled at the
            Zionist Congress in Lucerne (1935) which decided by a vast majority in favor of
            the transfer and placed the Haavara under the supervision of the *Jewish Agency
            . The Zionists sought to attract immigrants to Palestine, most especially the
            affluent German Jewish immigrants and the Germans sought to get rid of their
            Jews, increase their exports and Here is the big joke it divided Jews Ha! It
            created Israel! a propaganda victory by dividing the Jews regarding the
            boycott. The Haavara continued to function until World War II, in spite of
            vigorous attempts by the Nazi Party to stop or curtail its activities. What a
            joke as if the Nazis who were a dictatorship could not cancel any agreement they made, who would stop them from cancelling. The
            total transfer amounted to LP 8,100,000 (Palestine Pounds; then $40,419,000)
            including LP 2,600,000 (then $13,774,000) provided by the German Reichsbank in
            coordination with Haavara. The Haavara transfer was a major factor in making
            possible the immigration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in
            the years 1933–1939, and together with the money invested by the immigrants
            themselves, in providing an incentive for the expansion of agricultural
            settlement and for general economic development. It also served as a model for
            a similar arrangement with the Czech government and the immigration of several
            thousand Jews on the eve of World War II.

          5. John Brown says:

            Israel a promised land for organized crime.

            Are French Jewish criminals using Israel as a get-out-of-jail card?

            Film on French fugitive living free in Ashdod highlights lack of justice cooperation — and stirs unease among aliyah professionals


            They have been able to do so for one reason: Ben-Yosef/Green and Fuchs fled the US for Israel some months after the terrorist bombing. In my view, they are being protected by the Israeli government.

            The FBI is being obstructed in its investigation by the Israelis. On the flip side, it seems clear that the US government is not exactly pulling out all the stops. No pressure is being put on Israel to bring Odeh’s killers to justice, to extradite them to stand trial in the US, or even
            to cooperate with the investigation in any way.



            Date: 2009 May 15, 14:14 (Friday)
            Canonical ID:

            CMGT – Consular Affairs–Consular Administration and Management | CVIS – Consular Affairs–Visas | IS – Israel | KCOR – Corruption and Anti-Corruption | KCRM – Criminal Activity | KFRD – Fraud Prevention Programs | KTIP – Trafficking in Persons | PINR – Political Affairs–Intelligence | SNAR – Social Affairs–Narcotics

            Israel Tel Aviv


            Department of Homeland Security | Israel Jerusalem | Italy Rome | RHMFIUU US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION | RUCNFB FBI INTD CTD CT WATCH | Secretary of State

            1. (SBU) Organized crime (OC) has longstanding roots in Israel, but in recent years there has been a sharp increase in the reach and impact of OC networks. In seeking a competitive advantage in such lucrative trades as narcotics and prostitution, Israeli crime groups have demonstrated their ability and willingness to engage in violent

            attacks on each other with little regard for innocent bystanders.

            The Israeli National Police (INP) and the courts have engaged in a vigorous campaign against organized crime leaders, including the creation of a new specialized anti-OC unit, but they remain unable to cope with the full scope of the problem. Organized crime in Israel now has global reach, with direct impact inside the United States. Post is currently utilizing all available tools to deny Israeli OC figures access to the United States in order to prevent them from furthering their criminal activities on U.S. soil. End

            Summary. Crime War Hits the Streets of Israel


            2. (SBU) In November 2008, Israeli crime boss Yaakov Alperon was assassinated in broad daylight in a gruesome attack on the streets of Tel Aviv, only about a mile away from the Embassy. According to several media accounts, a motor scooter pulled up alongside Alperon’s car and the rider attached a sophisticated explosive device with a remote detonator to the car door. The bomb killed Alperon and his driver, and injured two innocent pedestrians. The hit was the latest in a series of violent attacks and reprisals, and

            indicated a widening crime war in Israel.

            3. In July 2008, a 31-year-old Israeli woman was killed by a stray bullet on the beach in Bat Yam in front of her husband and two children during a failed assassination attempt on noted crime figure

            Rami Amira. In a feud between the Abutbul and Shirazi clans, crime boss Shalom “Charlie” Abutbul was shot by two gunmen in September 2008, an attack that also wounded three bystanders. In December 2008, Charlie Abutbul’s son-in-law, Nati Ohayon, was gunned down in his car in Netanya. Before the fatal bombing of his car, Alperon himself had survived at least three previous attempts on his life
            before his assassination, and was engaged in an ongoing feud with the rival Abergil clan (although there are numerous suspects in Alperon’s murder). The day after Alperon’s death, two members of the Abergil syndicate were sentenced for conspiring to kill Alperon’s brother, Nissim, in May 2008.

            4. (SBU) In response to rising concerns for public safety, former Prime Minister Olmert convened an emergency meeting of top law enforcement officials, cabinet members, and prosecutors in December 2008. He promised to add 1,000 officers to the INP and to allocate approximately NIS 340 million (USD 81 million) to improve the INP’s technical capabilities. In general, the rise in OC-related violence
            has led some public figures to call for emergency state powers to attack criminal organizations, and OC became a minor but important issue in the February 2009 Knesset elections. Former Labor Party MK Ephraim Sneh publicly decried criminal extortion in his campaign ads, only to have his car torched in apparent retaliation outside his home in Herzliya.


            5. (SBU) Organized criminal activity is not a new phenomenon in Israel, and major crime families are well known to the Israeli public (the Alperons even featured in a recent reality television program). Five or six crime families have traditionally dominated OC in Israel, although the names and makeup of these syndicates have fluctuated in recent years. The Abergil, Abutbul, Alperon, and
            Rosenstein organizations are among the most well known, but recent arrests and assassinations have created a power vacuum at the top.

            New names such as Mulner, Shirazi, Cohen and Domrani have moved quickly to fill the gap. Other up-and-coming groups include the Harari, Ohana, and Kdoshim families. There are also a number of rival families active in the underworld of Israel’s Arab sector.

            6. (SBU) Traditional OC activities in Israel include illegal
            neighborhood casinos, prostitution rings, extortion, and loan
            sharking, with each family controlling a different geographic
            region. The Alperon family, for instance, dominates the Sharon region, while the Abutbul operation is based in the coastal city of Netanya. The focus is largely on easy money guaranteed by the limited use of violence. Criminal involvement in the recycling business, for example, has been well covered in the press. OC families collect bottles illegally from municipal recycling bins and restaurants, return them at the collection centers claiming twice the actual numbers, and pocket the change for millions in profits.

            Not Your Grandfather’s Mob


            7. (SBU) Despite their notoriety, OC figures have generally been viewed as a nuisance to be handled by local police. Law enforcement resources were directed to more existential security threats from terrorists and enemy states. In recent years, however, the rules of the game have changed. According to Yaakov Lappin of the Jerusalem

            Post, the old school of Israel OC is giving way to a new, more
            violent, breed of crime. Lappin told conoffs that the new style of crime features knowledge of hi-tech explosives acquired from service in the Israeli Defense Forces, and a willingness to use indiscriminate violence, at least against rival gang leaders. New OC business also includes technology-related crimes, such as stock market and credit card fraud, and operates on a global scale.

            8. (SBU) As the reach of Israeli OC has grown, so have the stakes. Crime families are working further from home and exporting violence abroad. Older gambling schemes have grown to include sprawling casino franchises in Eastern Europe. The Abutbul family began its gambling business in Romania over a decade ago, and now owns the Europe-wide Casino Royale network. In 2002, Israeli OC turf wars

            spilled into Europe when Yaakov Abergil and Felix Abutbul were killed two months apart. Abutbul was gunned down in front of his casino in Prague in a show of force by the Abergils as they attempted to capture a portion of the European gambling market.

            9. (SBU) Israeli OC now plays a significant role in the global drug rade, providing both a local consumer market and an important transit point to Europe and the United States. In 2004, Zeev Rosenstein was arrested in Israel for possession of 700,000 ecstasy tablets in his New York apartment, destined for distribution in the U.S. market. He was ultimately extradited to the United States in 2006, where he is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence. Two other crime figures, Meir Abergil and Israel Ozifa, are also facing U.S. extradition charges on charges that include smuggling 100,000
            ecstasy tablets into the United States.

            10. (SBU) The prostitution business has also grown beyond the neighborhood brothel. In March 2009, the INP arrested twelve suspects in what is believed to be the largest Israeli-led human trafficking network unearthed to date. Ring leader Rami Saban and his associates were charged with smuggling thousands of women from the former Soviet Union and forcing them to work as prostitutes in Israel, Cyprus, Belgium, and Great Britain. Some women were flown
            to Egypt and smuggled across the Sinai border by Bedouins.

            Law Enforcement Steps up the Pressure

            11. (SBU) After years of perceived inaction, in 2008 the INP
            created a new unit called Lahav 433. The elite unit operates under the direct command of the police commissioner, and is charged specifically with infiltrating and eliminating Israel’s major crime syndicates. Lahav 433 also cooperates closely with district investigative units to combat smaller criminal organizations, many of which are aligned with the larger crime families.

            12. (SBU) Following Alperon’s assassination, the INP initiated a series of raids that led to the arrests of a number of leading crime figures. Among their targets were Aviv and Adam Abutbul, sons of crime-family head Charlie Abutbul, both charged with possession of illegal weapons. (A third brother, Francois, is already facing murder charges for a nightclub killing in 2004.) Police also arrested gangland figure Amir Mulner for weapons possession and
            conspiracy to commit a crime. Mulner is known to be an explosives expert by army training, and is a suspect in Yaakov Alperon’s murder. He is also believed to be managing affairs for Rosenstein while the latter serves his sentence in the United States.

            13. (SBU) Yaakov Alperon’s brother Nissim was arrested with 18 others in December 2008, in what was reported to be a “mafia meeting” in a Tel Aviv-area caf. According to the Jerusalem Post, the group may have been planning a revenge attack for his brother’s recent assassination. Alperon’s son Dror, recently dismissed from his army service for disorderly behavior, also faces several counts
            of assault and was convicted on extortion charges. Also in
            December, police in Netanya launched several raids on illegal gambling houses and the homes of suspected money launderers with ties to the crime families. In Ashdod, brothers Roni and David Harari were arrested on charges of extortion. Regional police stuck a blow against the Jerusalem Gang, and convicted its leader Itzik Bar Muha.
            Skepticism Hovers Over GOI Efforts


            14. (SBU) Journalist Yuval Goren of Ha’aretz told conoffs that
            “thousands of foot soldiers” remain active on the streets despite these aggressive anti-OC operations. He noted that approximately 2,000 people attended Alperon’s very public funeral. Goren expressed skepticism that recent arrests will bear fruit in the long term without a sustained commitment to enforcement. He noted that many of the crime leaders remain active while in prison and their operations are not hampered significantly even when they are convicted and jailed.

            15. (SBU) In December 2008, former Prime Minister Olmert himself admitted that efforts to combat OC have long been diluted among different agencies, and that INP technology lags far behind that allocated to security services for counterterrorism. Given the recent change in government and the current economic crisis, there is public skepticism as to whether GOI promises to remedy the situation will be fulfilled. In 2003, following a failed assassination attempt on Rosenstein, then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made similar promises to commit manpower and resources to combating the problem.

            16. (SBU) It is not entirely clear to what extent OC elements have penetrated the Israeli establishment and corrupted public officials.

            The INP insists that such instances are rare, despite the
            occasional revelation of crooked police officers in the press.
            Nevertheless, there have been several dramatic revelations in recent years that indicate a growing problem. In 2004, former government minister Gonen Segev was arrested for trying to smuggle thousands of ecstasy pills into Israel, a case that produced considerable circumstantial evidence of his involvement in OC. The election of Inbal Gavrieli to the Knesset in 2003 as a member of Likud raised concerns about OC influence in the party’s Central Committee.
            Gavrieli is the daughter of a suspected crime boss, and she
            attempted to use her parliamentary immunity to block investigations into her father’s business. (Gavrieli is no longer a member of the

            Knesset.) Just last month, Israeli politicos and OC figures came together for the funeral of Likud party activist Shlomi Oz, who served time in prison in the 1990s for extortion on behalf of the Alperon family. Among those in attendance was Omri Sharon, son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was himself convicted in 2006 on illegal fundraising charges unrelated to OC.

            Courts Testing New Powers


            17. (SBU) In 2003, the GOI passed anti-OC legislation that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment for heading a criminal organization and three years for working in such an organization. The law defines such a body as a group of people working in an “organized, methodical and ongoing pattern to commit offenses that are defined by the laws of Israel as crimes.” The law also allows for property forfeiture, both in the wake of conviction and in cases
            where it is proven to belong to a criminal organization.

            18. (SBU) Until recently, said Lappin, judges and lawyers have been slow to make use of this authority, and are hampered by a lack of resources, insufficient understanding of the tools at their disposal, and reticence to mete out tough sentences. A witness protection program for those who testify against OC is just now getting off the ground, and is not backed by any specific legislation. Nevertheless, on March 16th, a Tel Aviv district court took the important step of sentencing 14 convicted criminals belonging to two mob organizations in Ramle and Jaffa to up to 27 years in prison.

            19. (SBU) Increased efforts by Israeli authorities to combat OC have engendered retaliatory threats of violence. Recent press reports indicate that as many as 10 Israeli judges are currently receiving 24-hour protection by the police against the threat of violence from members of crime organizations. Israeli OC appears to be intent on intimidating judges personally, as a way of influencing the legal process. Judges in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa have been assigned police protection, underscoring the depth of the problem.

            Israeli Crime Reaches American Shores


            20. (SBU) Israel’s multi-ethnic population provides a deep well of opportunity for Israeli OC to expand into new territory. Most Israeli crime families trace their roots to North Africa or Eastern Europe, and many of their Israeli operatives hold foreign passports allowing them to move freely in European countries, most of which participate in the visa waiver program with the United States.
            Approximately one million Russians moved to Israel following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and Russian citizens no longer require visas to enter Israel. Many Russian oligarchs of Jewish rigin and Jewish members of OC groups have received Israeli citizenship, or at least maintain residences in the country. Little is known about the full extent of Russian criminal activity in Israel, but sources in the police estimate that Russian OC has laundered as much as USD 10 billion through Israeli holdings. While most Israeli OC families are native-born and the stereotype that Russian immigrants tend to be mobsters is greatly overblown, indigenous OC groups routinely employ “muscle” from the former Soviet Union.

            21. (SBU) The profit motive serves as a great unifier among
            Israel’s diverse demographic groups. According to Goren, some Amsterdam-based Hasidic groups allegedly are implicated in international drug smuggling through links to Israeli OC. Arab and Jewish Israeli criminals routinely cooperate and form alliances to expand control of lucrative drug, car theft and extortion rackets.
            Even hostile and closed borders pose few obstacles to OC groups. According to the INP, 43% of intercepted heroin in 2008 was smuggled from Lebanon, 37% from Jordan, and 12% from Egypt. Israeli OC Operating Freely in United States


            22. (SBU) Given the volume of travel and trade between the United States and Israel, it is not surprising that Israeli OC has also gained a foothold in America. Over the last decade, media reports have detailed a number of high-profile cases involving Israeli OC, ranging from large-scale drug deals to murder. The ongoing Central district of California grand jury investigation against the Abergil family, where a RICO conspiracy case was initiated in December 2007,
            best demonstrates the full extent of such criminal activity.
            Investigators have linked Yitzhak Abergil and his entire network to crimes of “embezzlement, extortion, kidnapping, and money laundering.” Yitzhak Abergil is currently under arrest in Israel and facing extradition for related charges linking him to the murder of Israeli drug dealer Samy Attias on U.S. soil.

            23. (SBU) As part of an ongoing effort to track Israeli OC through media reports and police sources, Post so far has identified 16 families and 78 related individuals who are at the center of Israeli organized criminal activity. The consular section has revoked several visas for those who have been convicted of crimes in Israel, but many OC figures have no prior criminal convictions and carry no visa ineligibilities. As a result, many hold valid nonimmigrant visas to the United States and have traveled freely or attempted to travel for a variety of purposes.

            24. (SBU) In March 2009, Post received information from law
            enforcement authorities that convicted criminal and member of the Abergil organization, Mordechai Yair Hasin, along with his pregnant wife and child, was intending to flee Israel for Los Angeles on alid tourist visas. Hasin’s visa was revoked based on his conviction, as were his family’s visas after they were determined to be intending immigrants.

            25. (SBU) As in the Hasin case, Post is using every available tool to limit OC travel to the United States, but such efforts are not always successful. In June 2008, Post issued Adam Abitbul a valid tourist visa. Abitbul had no prior criminal convictions, and carried no visa ineligibilities. Several months later, Post received information from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) that he had traveled to the United States to carry out a hit. Abitbul returned to Israel prematurely for his father’s funeral, at which time Post revoked his visa. (Post can only revoke the visas of
            Israeli citizens while in country.) In a similar case, in October
            2008 Post issued Moshe Bar Muha a tourist visa; he claimed to be raveling for medical treatment. Post subsequently received information from the LAPD that Bar Muha is in fact the brother of Itzik Bar Muha of the Jerusalem Gang (see above) and a convicted criminal.

            26. (SBU) As recently as March 2009, Zvika Ben Shabat, Yaacov Avitan, and Tzuri Rokah requested visas to attend a
            “security-related convention” in Las Vegas. According to local media reports, all three had involvement with OC. Post asked the applicants to provide police reports for any criminal records in Israel, but without such evidence there is no immediate ineligibility for links to OC. Luckily, all three have so far failed to return for continued adjudication of their applications.

            Nevertheless, it is fair to assume that many known OC figures hold valid tourist visas to the United States and travel freely.
            Comment: Israeli OC Slipping Through the Consular Cracks
            ——————————————— ———

            27. (SBU) Given the growing reach and lethal methods of Israeli OC, blocking the travel of known OC figures to the United States is a matter of great concern to Post. Through collaboration with Israeli and U.S. law enforcement authorities, Post has developed an extensive database and placed lookouts for OC figures and their foot soldiers. Nevertheless, the above visa cases demonstrate the
            challenges that have arisen since the termination of the Visas Shark

            in September 2008. Unlike OC groups from the former Soviet Union,

            Italy, China, and Central America, application of INA 212(a)(3)(A)(ii) against Israeli OC is not specifically authorized
            per Foreign Affairs Manual 40.31 N5.3. As such, Israelis who are known to work for or belong to OC families are not automatically ineligible for travel to the United States.

          6. tzatz says:

            Elvis Costello wrote:

            “London is full of Arabs” in his song Oliver’s Army in the ‘70’s … I was there … eh?

          7. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Those Arabs love their rent boys to have big noses.

          8. tzatz says:

            Arabs have big noses … small dicks

            Iranian women are hairy all over … they need aesthetician’s care from puberty … eh?

          9. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            At least their dicks aren’t mutilated, like you.

            I’ve never been with an Iranian women, though I’ve had quite a few Jewess’s.
            They told me 4skins good, 3skins bad.

          10. tzatz says:

            Arabs ‘circumcise’ their dicks at 13 … a painful process at that time … eh
            Ya f/kn goy

            You’re an ignorant goy … f/k off & die

            I could give a sh Xt …


          11. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            You showed him yours, then he showed you his.

            So gay Twat.

            Are you related to Gavin “go away Russia” Williamson, you soft twat.

          12. tzatz says:

            Olim is Goylim

          13. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Is that gibberish for yes?

            You soft twat.

          14. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Twats and Iron Zion, bump buddies.

          15. Icarus Tanović says:

            You’re full of shit. There’s a song too.

          16. John Brown says:

            Note use use pre prepared posts most of the time and as most often persons say the same untrue things all the time out of ignorance on on purpose. For you I think it is out of ignorance.

            City of London banking laws let them do things like re-hypothication a fancy term invented to disguise fraud . Most of the time they can’t do it that way except places like the City of London, Hong Kong, Paris etc. Its just a place to make criminal deal which they need access to the worlds financial system to do for the looting of the stupid Goyim.

            The city of London is no a real HQ for them

        2. tzatz says:

          Laughable … you’re out of your mind

          Iron Dome is the cure for Hamas’s rocket attacks … that and the IAF punishing Hamas for firing … eh?

          Jealous again?

          Your crew are cannon fodder …
          get used to your place

          1. John Brown says:

            My crew??

            According to israeli media Harettz, Times of Israel etc.the Israeli military, they say Hamas rockets land in Israel all the time.

            Are they anti Jewish?? Are you saying Jews are fake news and liars????

          2. tzatz says:

            Spare me …. dream a little dream

            The reality is Iron Dome is 100% effective … and the other tiers are are effective as well …

            Where are the casualties of the Hamas rockets? Are they hiding … in a country that’s open with a free press?

            Your lies are for yourselves … they don’t work on us … hello?

            Your ‘echo chamber’ works when you’re talking with each other … enjoy

            Israel will bury their enemies … full stop

          3. John Brown says:

            Two Rockets Fired from Gaza Land in Southern Israel: Military



            Israel bombed sites in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, Palestinian security sources said, after rocket fire from the Hamas-controlled territory into Israel the previous evening.


            Hamas rockets land deep in Israel as it bombards Gaza Strip

          4. tzatz says:

            So … Hamas rockets didn’t hit civilians … IAF hit inside Gaza where they wanted


          5. John Brown says:

            OK so you admit I am right the Iron dome is garbage and can’t intercept Hamas missiles.

            So what will they do against Hezbollah, Syrian and Iranian missiles? Answer nothing, Maybe shoot down 10 or 20 or even 50 out of 1000.

          6. tzatz says:

            YOU fail to understand the ID system … they ONLY intercept those rockets that will be hitting civilians/buildings … they’re THAT sophisticated … hello?

            Your small brain doesn’t get it? Hello?

          7. Icarus Tanović says:

            It is humus theyre effetcive against.

          8. tzatz says:

            I make my own or Sabra brand … eh?

          9. Icarus Tanović says:

            Can you put one coherent sentence together?

      2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

        We all know what’s stuck in your throat.
        And you swallow.

        1. tzatz says:

          We all know ?

          You’re the one talking about cream bun … lol

          I do like a ‘Tim’s Boston Cream
          Donut’ … but not during Covid … eh?

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Sure you do, we know.

            It’s not hard to when you’re as gay as you.

  2. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Presumably the BLM Afristinians are going to fire rockets at state govt buildings and police depts?

  3. HiaNd says:

    with 700 billion budget US doesn’t have leadership in global military tech competition any longer…
    best example are missile tech – hyper-sonic weapons (crucial for global naval dominance)…
    western alliance is falling apart due to imminent US bankruptcy…

    1. tzatz says:

      Orthodox Christian means Slavic Russian … hello?

      Western Alliance falling apart … imminent US bankruptcy?

      Just Russian f/kn bs … attempting to divide the West … WE WILL BURY YOU? Remember … ?

      1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

        Orthodox Greeks, Syrians, Egyptians.

        You couldn’t bury your schnozz in a cream bun.

        1. tzatz says:

          Orthodox Greeks aren’t ‘naturally’ pro-Slavic … with their dicks on the ‘hypersonic’ missile they clutch in their hands … as for the others you mention … nah

          I ear kosher …


          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            You eat dick.

            We know.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Tzatz’s schnozz spends all its spare time sniffing gayboy’s arses I am told by an unidentified source in the IDF. :)

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            His Mother hated him, that’s why she christened him Twats.

            She should have cut his tongue off, instead of letting him speak through his 3skin.

        3. cechas vodobenikov says:

          Serbs, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Ossetians, Armenian, etc

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            I know, but Twats couldn’t take all that in in one post.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        titz–the self uglified, self loathing amerikan—paid 1 Colombian peso by CIA for each crude obscene childish comment at SF–titz life alert system paid by LGBT Soros international Diaper Fund

        1. tzatz says:

          Ah … did I break up your ‘echo chamber’ ?


    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      We now have the situation where Israeli crap is now part of the US defences that have proven to be ineffective :)

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    Its a short range SAM system, who is the adversary?

    1. occupybacon says:

      It’s for training.

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        Training for what, exactly?

        1. daniel says:

          Training for Judgement day,

        2. occupybacon says:

          Apple pie eating contest.

    2. chris chuba says:

      SAM? More like Katyusha rockets or heavy mortars. Would be useful around U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
      1. How mobile is it?
      2. How much does it cost per interception?
      3. Is there a U.S. alternative system, the Patriot might be too high end.

      1. Jesus says:

        US has no SHORAD defenses, iron dome missile is expensive 70,000 dollars each, not mobile, interception rate is dubious at best since it can be overwhelmed easily.
        US fascination on air power left many holes in their ability to defend themselves against cruise missiles and drones

        1. Jim Allen says:

          It’s looking pretty mobile in the video.
          Not that it matters, as it’s not particularly effective, and advances in Russian, Iranian, and Chinese weapons technology have left “Iron Dome” virtually useless. Iran’s manufacturing capabilities in producing world class precision, and quality products in large quantity in recent years, eclipses everything the West is producing. Not only is Western military technology lagging decades behind, there is no meaningful domestic manufacturing capacity. Israel never had any, US
          de-industrialized the country, moving it’s manufacturing offshore, including war production. To countries not necessarily friendly to Western countries. US Government, being a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of London, and so controlled by Globalist’s, was subjected to an accelerated indoctrination program that substituted education in the public school system. US, and Western countries aren’t the only countries this is being done to.
          The military PsyOps, and propaganda, programs over three-four generations have proven effective in turning entire population’s into sheople. Human beings are extremely vulnerable to certain types of electromagnetic frequency radiation, and other means of attacks on the subconscious mind.
          Brainwashing is easy, and given it’s easier to fool people than it is to advise them they’ve been fooled, particularly the empty headed arrogant. (many examples appear here in the comments) The effects are permanent in about 30% of people, a small percentage are unaffected, the rest are affected to varying degrees, as best as I can tell having a front row seat to observe. The brainwash doesn’t stick to a small percentage of people, and falls off like a bad paint job. Certain types of stress disrupts the effects, frequently completely.
          Indoctrination has no effect on intelligence, only education, the rest is conditioned response. Those that tend to respond naturally to the desired responses being conditioned, will not be moved.
          I know some very intelligent, educated, successful people that are so hopelessly brainwashed into believing the PsyOps, no amount of proof has any effect. I know a bunch of idiots, incapable of learning, yet are unaffected, and can explain how the PsyOps works once it got in their head. Government “lockdowns,” or isolation, which goes directly against human nature, and will quickly drive people insane. We’re social, it’s who we are, Governments are attempting to turn us against our nature. As well as prevent people from coming together, and talking, exchanging information, and especially joining together as a united front against the Government, and resisting. It doesn’t want us talking where it can’t hear/record what we’re discussing.
          Government fears it’s people, our response to Governments tyrannical, totalitarian, treasonous, genocidal, crime’s against humanity it’s been committing worldwide with impunity.
          Globalist’s are well aware of the limit’s people can be forced to endure, before revolting. They’re aware they’ve pushed well beyond those limits, and that they don’t possess sufficient control to stop a revolution, and the people are still armed. With purchases of firearms by people that have never owned a gun in their lives. Large numbers of people. Actual “Democrats.”
          Government knows it’s 50/50 if law enforcement, and US military will comply with orders to attack their own countrymen, they’ve sworn an oath to protect the rights, liberties, and interests of. Their own family, when it comes down to opening fire. There’s some people that actually take their sworn oath seriously. Will refuse to break law they’ve committed to uphold. Government has civilian law enforcement, one million para-military trained officers. Even if all sold out their countrymen, it’s insufficient numbers against armed civilians. That are not completely talentless, familiar with their firearms, hunting, target shooting, and practicing. Hunting big game requires a skill set, one skill is long range shooting. Hunting game birds, hitting a small moving target moving fast, and unpredictably isn’t too easy. It’s not like armed civilians are going to go toe to toe with trained military forces, and people have an amazingly rapid learning curve when they need to.
          This “vaccine” isn’t medicine, it’s a weapon. DNA altering, tracking, programmable weapon. The effects are irreversible. This applies to all vaccines, execpt Russian, and the upcoming Iranian vaccines being tested now. Neither use mRNA nanotechnology. All Western vaccines do. This applies to to people worldwide, either we stop the Globalist’s”vaccines” programs, right here, right now, or be injected with permanent life changing shit designed to control, and kill 90% of the world population by 2030.
          Do, or Die. The numbers that won’t are staggering.

          1. Jesus says:

            The video shows the transports carrying the canisters and missiles. The canisters are installed on the ground and the radar, fire control and support vehicles are deployed nearby.

          2. Icarus Tanović says:

            And they lived happily ever after.

          3. Jesus says:

            I agree the western vaccines carry a lot of unwanted baggage, the psyops does not work on me…..it does not stick.

          4. Jesus says:

            I do not know for sure if the US armed forces will get involved in supporting globalists, most military leaders view civilian parasites as an abomination.
            It is contrary to the Constitution ( that does not mean much today) for armed forces to settle domestic disputes; theoretically they can stage a coup and clean up the parasite globalists and their networks of power to a considerable degree.

          5. Jim Allen says:

            Already are involved.

      2. John Brown says:

        1. How mobile is it? Not very long set up time.

        2. How much does it cost per interception? around 7 million plus

        3. Is there a U.S. alternative system, the Patriot might be too high end.

        All empire systems so far are garbage.

        To date only Russia has good reliable anti missile anti drone tech.

      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        ” Is there a U.S. alternative system, ”

        A shotgun perhaps ?

    3. tzatz says:

      Muslims in Arab countries to defend American troops in bases in hostile territory … think Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan … hello?

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Would you shut you dirty mouth.

        1. tzatz says:

          Mooslim pride on the line?

          Y’all will be crying for your dead soon enuf

          I could give a sh Xt …


          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            Rofl! Ahahahaha. We shall seee who is gonna cry. Merkavas are already shitting their pants, like they did in the valleys of the south.

          2. tzatz says:

            Merkavas are the World standard … with Trophy System …


          3. Icarus Tanović says:

            Shower that your ass, Regev Negev. That trophy is that camel trophy? What kind of trophy? Idi Amin get the trophy after he kicked your silly ass.
            Is that trophy atrophy?

            Regev negev blahblahblah.

          4. tzatz says:

            So more nothing … cover your ears the buzzing are drones … coming ta git ya

          5. Icarus Tanović says:

            What trophy, you atrophy?

          6. tzatz says:

            Look it up … dimwit

          7. Icarus Tanović says:

            What trophy, Regev Negev atrophy? What Idi Amin did to you and your brave commandos? Huh? You don’t know Regev? Either you don’t have a clue where Haifa highway is located, too? Hahahahahaha pussy.

          8. tzatz says:

            I lived in Haifa for a year … eh?

            On the beach in Kiryat Yam …


          9. Icarus Tanović says:

            So where is it, you clown? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

          10. tzatz says:

            Blah … blah … blah

            Damascus was attacked again? Disturbing the Assad Crime Family’s sleep … while blowing up MORE weapons stores / missiles et al … eh?

            Sheesh … this isn’t a fair fight … lol

            The Arab/Muslims must be tearing their hair out … lol

            YOU slugs will learn to make peace / normalize or continue to be attacked … eh?

            Iran / Syria / Iraq / Yemen / Lebanon / Hamas aren’t included … eh?

          11. Icarus Tanović says:

            So, as you are so brave, why don’t you show up here with the real name, like I do.
            No, you don’t because you’re coward.

          12. tzatz says:

            Name … you have a name? You’re a f/kn slug

          13. Icarus Tanović says:

            Yes, I have name. And I have big balls. And you don’t because they’re small.

          14. Icarus Tanović says:

            Eh blahblahblah
            Eh blahblahblah
            Tzipy lavni
            Regev negev

            This is how do you sound, tardov.

          15. tzatz says:

            So …. nothing

          16. Icarus Tanović says:

            Right between your eyes, Regev.

          17. tzatz says:

            Right back at ya …

          18. Icarus Tanović says:

            You don’t have balls.

          19. tzatz says:

            Apparently … the Jews/ Zionists/ Israelis attacked Damascus AGAIN tonight … eh?

            So … it’s right between YOUR eyes … lol

            The Big One is coming … eh?

            The Future is About to Land …

          20. Icarus Tanović says:

            Aha. On your stupid head.

          21. tzatz says:

            No … on f/kn Arab/Muslim head


    4. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

      As usual for the USIsraHell alliance, people short of weapons to defend themselves with.

    5. FlorianGeyer says:

      The MAGA army :)

  5. Arch Bungle says:

    More useless israeli junk.

    1. <> says:


      1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

        So you are, and your is ring is even more sore.

        Stay away from twats.

      2. Furkan Sahin says:

        Israel’s biggest war against Gaza will be here for years

      3. Furkan Sahin says:

        Israel against Gaza war soon will be much worse than 2014 lol

      4. Icarus Tanović says:


  6. <> says:

    Well done.

    1. John Brown says:

      Are the Israeli media government etc lying are they anti Jewish???

      You better go and arrest them for hate crimes against Jews.

      Remember nothing beats the voluntary confession / bragging and such confessions and bragging can undo a life time of Zio brainwashing in a few days or less.

      I only quote Jewish sources none of it is my words at all. No one cares what I think or say but they do care about voluntary confessions and bragging.

    2. LRcaptain says:

      Zion remember when we talked about Israel sending air defense systems to the Saudis

      the patriot was tested and proven system. “That failed intercept a few missile”
      so the US people want a different tried and true system.

      “this why i said that should label the systems sent as “undergoing testing” that way if some missile go through the public fallout not be nearly as bad.

  7. Fog of War says:

    I’m sure Israhell gave its ” greatest ally ” these systems for free. Really sure. So sure.

  8. Lamumba says:

    The zionist entity steals us tech. to manufacture the iron dome. In addition the zionist entity gets $30 Billion per annum from us tax payers and the zionist entity sells back to the us, its own system, at a premium. Wow. USA, you’re toast.

  9. cechas vodobenikov says:

    so incompetent and backward amerikans now must rely on their colonies’ to provide them trash that cannot intercept 1950’s Soviet rockets from Gaza
    the LGBT empire is near collapse. the desperate incoherencies of titz, jens, bacon…and their CIA aliases are one of many proofs

  10. Potato Man says:

    For what tho?

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