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Israel Defense Forces Blew Up Undeground Tunnel Near Gaza Border


Israel Defense Forces Blew Up Undeground Tunnel Near Gaza Border

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Around 1PM on Monday, October 30, explosions were heard near the Gaza border, which were later confirmed by the authorities to be controlled explosions in order to blow up an undeground tunnel.

The tunnel entrance was 2 km away from Kissufim kibbutz (a collective community). According to the IDF’s report, the operation was conducted in the Gaza Strip.

According to newsru.co.il, an Israel journalist claimed, having cited Palestinian sources, that a number of Hamas fighters had been in the tunnel during the explosion. They were designated missing in action, although later Ma’an news agency confirmed that six people have died and ten have been injured as the result of IDF’s actions.

IDF deployed the Iron Dome missile defense systems in the areas bordering the Gaza Strip. They were reportedly deployed after the tunnel had been discovered, during the preparations to destroy it.

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has congratulated the IDF for destroying the tunnel, while the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called destroying the tunnel “securing the safety of Israel” and stressed that they view Hamas as responsible for “everything going on in the Gaza Strip and for all attempts of sabotage”.



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