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Israel Conducts Massive Strike On ‘Iranian Targets’ In Syria

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On January 20, the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) repelled an Israeli airstrike on positions south of the city of Damascus.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that 4 Israeli F-16 warplanes launched 7 missiles at the Damascus international airport from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. The SyAADF shot down the missiles with its Pantsir-S1 and Buk-M2E systems.

Following the incident, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that its Iron Dome anti-rocket system had intercepted a projectile over the occupied Golan Heights.

Later on the same day, the IDF carried out another strike on the outskirt of the Syrian capital of Damascus claiming that it is aimed at Iranian Quds Forces. The IDF claimed that it had targeted munition storage sites, a military site, an Iranian intelligence site and an Iranian military training camp. The Israeli strike destroyed a Syrian Pantsir-S1 air defense system.

According to Syrian sources, the IDF launched over 50 missiles. The Russian military said that Syrian forces had intercepted at least 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs.

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Damn…can’t anybody do anything to make the zion-land pay!?!!!


LOL maybe aliens


….now what?

Is this a game of tiring out Israel by shooting down their missiles, or lack of capability of Syria and Russia to properly assert themselves? Obviously that Pantsir-S1 wasn’t an Iranian target and is an expensive piece of hardware….


Fucking Zio, yes Assad you keep you S-300 very safe, yes keep them for Christmas.30 stooped and other 20 were making chaos. Take out the S-300 and shoot down every missile with accuracy of 90% don’t give them more reasons to strike you back. Damn wtf is with this Assad gov. And why in hell Syria always have to defend itself from the Zionists, strike them back missile for missile , eye for an eye. But I guess Assad is too weak.


let them murderers and thieves from tel aviv continue their spastic moves which really don’t cause a lot of damage and once the situation in syria is cleared, turkey, iran, iraq, syria and hezbollah can make short thrift of israel and kick the kikes far into the med.


What? are you drunk? Turkey fight against Israel??!!


its all is up to russia wether they want to shot down ysrael plane or not

stary ujo

Russians waiting for big deal….F-16 or F-35 above Syrian land !


You are wrong,

Taz T

Russia gets prior notices before the attacks. They are not trustworthy.


Russia have always kept good relations with Israhell


That’s why russia is unreliable as an ally.
Not worth be in a war to protect Russia

Dušan Mirić

You’re wrong


Assad is about the most tame and in a way confirmed chicken leader in ME.

His silence encouraged others to attack him

Charlie rad

THAT is exactly what the Zionists & NWO want. A 2+ front war in Syria.
Syrians are holding back until after they clean up ISIS & Al Qaeda & others. Then they will deal with Israel. Also these provocations are intended to create warfare so Trump stops the US troop withdrawal. It’s a very complicated game of chess. Why would Assad use his very expensive S-300 missiles on Israeli missiles. It’s all a test of the Russian defenses.
You did notice 1st 7 missiles , ALL shot down.
So Israel is embarrassed . So then fires over 50 missiles. This overwhelmed the Syrian defenses.
The S-300 crews are still training & the crews already trained will use the S-300 on any future F-35/ F-15 attacks (incursions).

stary ujo

What does impotent OSN ,how is possible that somebody bombing sovereign state Syria ? Where is fucking killer Guteries ? World is one underfucking !

Tom Nicholson

U say UN , not OSN.

Vince Dhimos

Everyone wondered whether Trump seriously wanted peace. Now we know.

Tommy Jensen

There were 500 US forces in Syria when Trump entered. Now there is 2000+ that he claim to withdraw, plus he closed the transparency from Pentagon to the public.


before this yr is up u pale faces in israhell will willingly leave that whole fckn area!!WATCH white man watch!!!


i would actually be surprised if u r not already in the process to get the fck out!!!and let the REAL ancient israelites to take back the holy land not the SINiGOG of satan!!you WILL leave white folk in the desert its going to be to fckn hot for u fcks anyway this yr!!due to your continued actions ye have cursed yourselves..as i always knew u would


i’ll give it to ya fake jews maybe u r brave God loves the brave but maybe your just good little slaves like the rest of ur rothschilds slaves around the world huh??gotta bomb gotta attack or our baby eating bankers will cut our funding..I”LL CUT YOUR FCKN FUNDING FAKE JEWS WHEN I DESTROY YOUR FAKE JEW BANKING SYSTEM!!then lets see how tough the slaves of the rothschild bankers r huh?


hey fake jews u know what the coming punishment for cannibles is going to be due to me making my case with God??decapitation hahaha wait till u see the judgement on ur pedo faggots castration haha!!tictoctictoc white man tictoc ur time is running out the end of the month is in a week and u attack haha??and i thought I WAS suicidal!!


Thank you Putin,

Tommy Jensen

My father Rabbi Moses Joseph Silverstein and my Aunt Sarah Goldstein from Goldstein Investment Ltd NYC also thank Putin for protection as equal partners.

Nigel Maund

Israel will never stop it’s flagrant aggression. Nothing has changed since 1948 and it never will, unless…………………..? Every dog has his day? Perhaps a few downed F16’s from S300’s may make the IAF think again?

Manuel Flores Escobar

No Air defense system have 100% accuracy vs massive attacks..even iron Dome was unable to shot down more than 60% in the last massive palestine rocket attack!…The question to stop israeli airstrike is to retaliate with massive ballistic missile, Bastion P, and long range rockets ( Smerch) vs israel!..but this implies the use of S-300..and I dont think that Russia trust in the capabilities and training of the SAA operators!…


Even if the SADF only shot down 50% of the IAF fighters, let alone 75% to 90% like they reportedly do other targets. It wouldn’t take long to decimate the IAF. How many of the cruise missiles were ground launched from IDF bases in Israel?


Shut up you delusional retard lol. You’re confused and don’t know why


How so?

Tommy Jensen

What everybody should focus on in your discussions is the 30 missiles that were intercepted.


Russia is under attack by the Jews. And these airstrikes against Syria and the Russian equipment that the SADF is using is the tip of the spear. To that you can add the anti Russia campaign that US Jews are orchestrating, and the Ukraine mess. Jews and their collaborators are Russia’s number one enemy, both internally and externally.


This entire episode could easily be an Israeli false flag. Where the alleged Golan strike of a single projectile from Syria was a fabrication by the Jews that they used as an excuse to carry out their war crimes against Syria.


Not only have the Jews completely destroyed the deterrence value of the recent SADF upgrades, including the S-300/400 deployment. At least until these systems are combat proven and their deterrence value is reinstated. The scale of this attack clearly demonstrates that they can use Syria as a punching bag that they can pummel at will with impunity with no fear of reprisal. They are doing this to roll back the US withdrawal and continue the partition project to drag the war out for years as part of their Yinon plan. And unfortunately the Russians are cooperating with this to their detriment.


Not correct at all…the scale of the attack was very big, but the damage very light…so Israel did not accomplish anything…30 of the 50 Israeli missiles were shot down…but it came at the cost of a Pantsir mobile surface to air missile launcher…poor performance by the Syrian crews as I break down in more technical detail in other threads…


And if the attacking planes were shot down next to nothing would have got through. If you’re in a gun fight and only 20 out 50 bullets hit. That’s a lot worse than if you shoot the shooters and nobody gets hit.


There are more important considerations in the case of the Syria conflict…first, the Syrians aren’t in control of the s300s yet…the decision to shoot is up to Russia…and they decided not to shoot…second, the Americans are pulling out and it is best for Syria to not escalate with Israel at this point…the priority is to get the rest of the country pacified and under government control…that is happening and nothing is going to stop it…including Israel’s meaningless provocations…


My view is that the US withdrawal is being jeopardized by the lack of response to IAF airstrikes. And that one of the reasons that Trump decided to get out was the SADF upgrade and the risk that it posed to US aircraft and crews. And that he didn’t want to deal with a Vietnam type conflict with lost planes and crews. And that’s all being negated by the failure of these systems to be used.

Charlie rad

Russia is surrounded by NATO/NWO forces on Multiple fronts. These were minor attacks . The 1st was repelled (7 missiles). the 2nd (50+ missiles) got 20 through.
The Syrian crews are learning as are the Israelis by probing the defenses.
It’s mostly about keeping US/NATO troops in Syria, as well as what you said. They have an agreement , Russia will stay sidelined as long as NATO is sidelined.


Russia and NATO can stay sidelined and the SADF can shoot down 50% to 75% or more of the Jew planes and Israel won’t have an air force if they keep it up.


The Jew’s primary purpose for these attacks is to make Russia look like a weak and feckless ally by demonstrating that the Jews maintain escalation dominance over Syria and Russia.


Only because they have the US in their back pocket. Without the Americans these warmongers would be singing a far, far different tune.

Smith Ricky

God bless Syrian air defenses.

Taz T

The only way for Israel to stop its aggression is for Syria to fire missiles at Israeli airport in Tel- Aviv which will have a big economic impact on Israel. What will Syria lose, it has already been destroyed by terrorists backed by US, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey ……………Why doesn’t Israel attack Hezbollah because of retaliation.

Jim Prendergast

This is a classical Israeli air attack combining radiation missiles, guided bombs and cruise missiles. It was huge and it failed. A huge fail. Give-up already.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What has to happen is Iran and Israel have to sit down and work things out together, neither of them want a war, not even Iran, as much as the media wants us to believe they do, they both just want a deal/security pact that favours their own side over the others. All these tit for tat strikes are just dummy spits by the Israelis who for the first time aren’t getting their own way, they’ve been getting the raw end of the deal and are demanding a better one. Hopefully by the time Putin and Trump are finished slapping enough heads, shaking enough hands, and made enough promises to the Iranians and Israelis, that they know they’ll keep, it will all work out fine.
The Iranians will pull out of Syria and curb their influence in Lebanon, make a new non nuclear pact with the world [which they’ll WISELY cheat on], but in return have all sanctions removed and a resumption of trade and enterprise with all the nations they haven’t been able to since the US sanctions.
The Israelis will get a security pact with the Arab league Nations including Syria, Lebanon and Iran, which will be guaranteed by Russia and give them what they want, security in the region.
Everyone will finally be happy when it happens, well not quite everyone.
Because none of that can happen until that dickhead Erdogan is forced out of Syria and Turkish office. The Iranians need him at the moment because he’s about the only one buying their oil, but no one else needs him or likes him, with a new deal the Iranians won’t need him either.
Erdogan’s the spanner in the works now, the peace machine was working well and running smoothly before June last year, since he threw the spanner in the dam machine it’s been coughing and sputtering ever since, and until that spanner is removed, the peace machine can’t run smoothly.
I wonder if the Israelis are trying to assassinate him right now, or maybe Putin, Macron, even Trump possibly, no, more likely it will be a member of the Arab League. LOL

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