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Israel Conducted Successful Test Of Arrow 3 Anti-Ballistic Missile System (Photos)

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Israel Conducted Successful Test Of Arrow 3 Anti-Ballistic Missile System (Photos)

File image.

On January 18, the Israeli Defense Ministry announced that it had conducted a successful test of its Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system.

In a statement, the MoD said that the live-fire test was conducted over central Israel in the early hours of the morning, with two Arrow 3 interceptors being fired at the same target.

“The operational radar arrays of the Arrow system detected the target and sent the data to the fire management system, which analyzed the data and fully plotted the interception. Once the plans were completed, two Arrow 3 interceptors were fired at the target, and they completed their mission successfully,” the statement reads.

Moshe Patel, head of the Israeli MoD’s Missile Defense Organization, said that a number of “breakthrough” capabilities for the Arrow 3 systems were tested.

“We have made a breakthrough in every part of the system, in the detection arrays, in the launches, even in the interceptors themselves, so that they match the threats that are expected in the region. There were highly, highly significant technological breakthroughs here that were assessed and can be used by the air force in its operational systems immediately,” Patel told reporters, according to The Times of Israel.

From his side, Boaz Levy, the president and CEO of the Israel Aerospace Industries which manufactures the Arrow 3, said that the “breakthroughs” were in the system’s algorithms, detection and calculation capabilities.

Israel Conducted Successful Test Of Arrow 3 Anti-Ballistic Missile System (Photos)

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In April of 2021, the Arrow system failed to intercept a Soviet-made S-200 missile launched by Syria’s air defenses during a fire exchange. Back then, the system, which was developed with support from the US, was heavily criticized by military observers.

The new test of the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system appears to be more of a message to Iran, who demonstrated its advanced missile capabilities during recent drills.


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Congrats! Another system operational, on par with the performance of the Iron Dome. Will it catch a S200 (50 year old technology) next time?

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You know it won’t.


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As an ex military man that you claim to be, you should know better about our capabilities.

The Arrow3 has been operational for some years now, especially to defend our strategic assets. You also know damn well that if you ever meet an Israeli SOF unit during a combat mission, you will be dead despite all of your mumbo jumbo talk.

So say thanks you can write that BS from Australia, in reality we would blow your head off.

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Maybe you did want to go back home alive to meet your mom. As I have written, talking is cheap. Not so much when you meet a Sayeret in your face. Be wise never to do that, we dont take prisoners behind enemy lines.

P.S, the Arrow3 is not meant for cruise missiles, we have other AD systems for that.

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Let’s hope it can actually stop hamas missiles from hitting tel aviv, because may proved Israel technology is shit


I don’t know why I said let’s hope it can work, fuck Israel. I hope it’s shittier than that shit iron dome


Can’t be worse than Patriots.


So, they can’t tell why their “gReAt” “air defense” systems didn’t work against old S-200 missiles. Or their Plastic dome against Palestinian homemade rockets which cost 100-200 dollar…No.

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