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JUNE 2021

Israel Condemns Russia-US Deal In Southern Syria, Says Ceasefire Helps Iran And Hezbollah

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Israel Condemns Russia-US Deal In Southern Syria, Says Ceasefire Helps Iran And Hezbollah

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister. (PHOTO: AP)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that he opposes the ceasefire deal in southern Syria brokered by the United States and Russia.

The reason is that the agreement does not serve so-called Israeli interests. According to Netanyahu, the agreement perpetuates Iranian plans to set up a long-term presence on Israel’s northern border.

At the same time, the Israeli media launched a large-scale campaign against the ceasefire in southern Syria.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz (SOURCE):

The U.S.-Russian deal included establishing de-escalation zones, otherwise known as safe zones, along Syria’s borders with both Jordan and Israel. Over the past month, Israel had held talks on this agreement with senior American officials, including Brett McGurk, America’s special envoy for the battle against ISIS, and Michael Ratney, the special envoy for Syria, both of whom visited Israel several times.

During these talks, Israel presented a list of demands and voiced several reservations about the emerging agreement. Inter alia, Israel said that the de-escalation zones must keep Iran, Hezbollah and other Shi’ite militias away from the Israeli and Jordanian borders and must not enable Iran to consolidate its presence in Syria. Israel also told the Americans it objected to having Russian troops policing the cease-fire in the safe zones near its border.

In the days before the United States and Russia announced the cease-fire deal for southern Syria, Netanyahu spoke by telephone with both Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin to reiterate Israel’s positions on the agreement. At the start of the cabinet meeting on July 9, Netanyahu said that both Putin and Tillerson had told him they understand Israel’s position and will take its requirements into account.

But senior Israeli officials told Haaretz that when Jerusalem obtained the text of the deal, it discovered that in defiance of its expectations, the Americans and Russians had ignored Israel’s positions almost completely.

“The agreement as it is now is very bad” one senior Israeli official said. “It doesn’t take almost any of Israel’s security interests and it creates a disturbing reality in southern Syria. The agreement doesn’t include a single explicit word about Iran, Hezbollah or the Shi’ite militias in Syria.”

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Trustin Judeau

How exactly ?

Miguel Redondo

I try to put myself into the brain of a zionazi..
Israel has had a mayor defeat against Hizbollah about 10 years ago , and previously in the Lebanese war, They know that in the ground war the IDF are no match to Hizbollah. (When the terrain is not plain desert)
So its goal is to expand the buffer zone around the Golan Heights. But this is not possible when the syrian government takes again control of that area. They know that the rebels normally after a time of ceasefire agree to a deal with the government and hand over the area. So , any ceasefire which not includes an absolute victory of the rebels in that area is not acceptable for a zionazi.
(Maybe the plan is , once the rebels are the owners of that area Israel attacks and occupies the area under pretext of a strolled mortar shell)


Israel has never shown any other long term foreign policy vision, other then ‘lets eradicate whatever enemy we currently have, damn the long term consequence!’. They invaded Lebanon trying to destroy the PLO, they ended up with Hezbollah, a far more dangerous enemy. They tried to get rid of Yasser Arafats Palestinian authority, they ended up with Hamas, a far more dangerous enemy. They tried to get rid of Saddam Hussayn, they ended up with Iran ascending to regional dominance, a far more dangerous enemy.

This is the constant theme of Israeli foreign policy. They really have no plans to deal with whatever happens once they do get rid of an enemy, and as a consequence have always gotten even worse enemies in return. They constantly support those against their current enemies who later turn into even worse enemies. They allowed Hamas and Iran to rise, now they complain about them. And now they allowed ISIS and Al Qaida to rise….. I guess you can see the writing on the wall.

The only time they had a leader who had any long term vision to break the cycle, Rabin, and he ends up getting shot. Hell, even Sharon seems to have had a change of heart. And he ends up in a coma. And yet Nitwityahoo keeps on going, like the proverbial energizer bunny of stupid.

Real Anti-Racist Action

They will never be happy till they have done to the Persians what they have done to the Germans and to the Syrians and to the Irish and to the Palestinians.
Rich Jews created the artificial great famine in Ireland that killed more then 5 million within two years time.

Gary Sellars

Rich Jews? It was the potato blight, a viral infection…. oh wait, ZioJews are a virus too, so maybe you are correct…

Real Anti-Racist Action

So here is where you have 1/2 of the story.
Between 40%-60% of the Potatoes where harmed by the blight.
But if you will kindly sir recall that metric tons of healthy potatoes were leaving the ports from Irish lands owned by rich Jews and Rich Royal family members.
Those were needed to avoid the mass genocide.
These were taken away from the indigenous tribal peoples and exported for profit around the world.
That is how millions died.
The blight did not destroy enough to kill millions, it was the rest of the potato that were taken away from the indigenous tribal peoples that created the deliberate genocide.

Miguel Redondo

Here you have an israeli who explains it quite clear….


—Israel may need to attack Iranian and Hezbollah bases in Syria: Former NSC chief—-


Those Murderous Zionist b$$$ards are never happy, after 400k dead any cease-fire that helps bring this horror show to an end.
Thoughts and prayers to the syrian arab army and its allies, in the coming months in the fight against the Zionist proxies



It can always be said of Israel and frequently Jews in general that ‘ Thou doth protest too much ‘.
The worlds eternal victims :)

Gary Sellars

I say we give those Zio bastards something to really protest about. Something small to start with, like driving them into the sea…. after that, we’ll get… creative.


We must consider the fish. It cannot be right to pollute the food chain of fish and other aquatic life with Zionists :) There has to be a better way. Perhaps using the nuclear bombs they say they do not have , to cleanse the problem with fire?

Real Anti-Racist Action

To messy with radiation. How about neutron bombs. Much more clean.


Perhaps this quotation might provide an answer ? :)

” Anytime a person goes into a delicatessen and orders a pastrami on white bread, somewhere a Jew dies. – Milton Berle ”

I am not that keen on such food but if its for the cause its worth it :)

Rakean Jaya

The deal must be good for everyone then.

Amon -Ra- DeArmond



This is rich, coming from the Israelis who are illegally occupying part of Syria that they obtained by nuclear black mail against the US. And have been violating Syrian air space and attacking Syria on a regular basis for decades. Syria, unlike Israel, doesn’t have 100 UN resolutions against it for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and chronic and perpetual violations of human and civil rights. Syria has every right to enter into defense pacts with Iran, Russia, Lebanon, Iraq and whoever else it sees fit to work with. And to station troops and equipment wherever they’re needed.


Iran is a virus that needs to be stopped and I reckon it’s worse then HIV. If this thing is not stopped then it will bring doom to the entire region not only Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Golf states in general are all in weird situation with Iran’s expansionism policy. All this is an aggression never seen before in the region

davey price

there is a simple solution to the presence of shia militants or iranian troops on israels border with syria. it can agree to give up the golan heights in return for the shia axis to withdraw from israeli border.
but this will not happen as Israel entered this war supporting the terrorists with the hope of securing more Syrian land.
BiBi has a short memory when it suits him, was it not RUSSIANtroops who freed the Jews in the workcamps?


This is clear aggression the houthis try to take over the Yeman and the same revolution in Syria and Iraq and Iranian influcened. Saudi arabia is already in war the south of it’s borders and this could flip over into their lands and the same with Israel and other states in the region like Bahrain and UAE.

If they are not stopped this could bring larger wars then now. They honestly believe they can win this hence why the uprising but these countries better act quickly or it will be to late. So Iran has to be stopped for the good of everyone


The best example of reverse speak I’ve ever seen. You and dutchnational are great for comedic moments. At least you guys have work.


You are not from that region so you have no idea what it feels like having a very aggressive expansionist right next to you who dislikes you and wants your lands because they are holy to him. What is going on in syria is beyond and above defending Assad. expansionism ideology is spreading through the region like a fire. This fire will spread everywhere until Iran has full controll over the regions and basically all of the middle east.

This is the return of the Persian empire. Just because you live comfort somewhere in the west and seeing some harmless rebels with Ak-47 as threat or what not like they can bring doom to the world is just a flawed train of thoughts and one that is rather not intelligent. These rebels don’t have any threatening infrastrature or anything to take serious for anyone in the region and they are just an annoyance for Assad but make no mistake Iran is completely different ball game. They are arming militias and trasnporting them in different regions of the middle east from Iraq, Syria, Yeman, Bahrain, Pakistan and even Saudi Arabia eastern region. They want to take controll and the same with Israel who will actully be the first to fall after the Syrian war. The war will spill into Israel and this time it will be on Israeli land

Tudor Miron

Another fart in the puddle… Do you even read what you type?


No, he just counts the keystrokes so that he can make sure he gets paid correctly.

Trustin Judeau

Really ? What was the Iraq invasion or the attack on Libya or the support for the terrorists in Syria to overthrow Assad


What’s the weather like over there in Langley today?


You are right. Iran exist on a territory ethnically cleansed of indigenous population, fought 2 dozen wars with ALL it’s neighbors, has dozens UN resolutions condeming it’s behaviour, openly threatens the region with it’s illegal nuke stockpile and is BFF with host of Wahabi controlled Arab dictatorships…ooops my bad, but at least I got the “I” right – right?!


Iran and North Korea are the only two countries that are not part of the world bankruptcy. See annavonreitz.com


“If this thing is not stopped then it will bring doom to the entire
region not only Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Golf states in
general”…one can only hope so! Maybe then there will be an end to the slaughter of innocents they are perpetrating.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Bibles says that the Faults-Christ will come from the land of Jews, while saying that the Faults-Prophet will come from the sea of gentiles.
According to the Bible this is the fake Israel and the Bible even says it will fall and be overrun.
No human can stop bible prophecy.
After this Israel later Christ-Immanuel will return, and the real Israel will be built on top of the ruins of Zionism will be built to polar opposite of fake Israel.
And I know what it is called. It is called something very different in the bible.

Iran is friend of Daniel of the bible, and friend of non-Zionist-Jews.
Jews live freely and happy in Iran.
Thank you very much haha.


As you sow , so shall ye reap .
Six years of covert war against Syria , thousands of lives , billions of dollars wasted .
When will Israel learn “the safe zone” , is the border , not over it .


Better tell that fucking ISISraeli terrorist to shut up and leave the lands his terrorist entity is occupying. ISISrael’s help for Daesh and al-Qaeda is what should be being condemned.


I understand Bibi’s problem completely. Firstly ANY truce in Syria is in collision of long term Israeli policy of keeping Syrians fighting in perpetuity. Secondly, with Russians patroling the border, there will be no more IDFIAF attacks on SAA and airspace around borders with Israel and Jordan will be closely guarded with SU-35s and S-400s. Thirdly, ISIL pocket that “miraculously” exists on border with occupied Golan will be eliminated. Basically 10 years of Israeli military, diplomatic and spying efforts flushed down the shithole with one handshake between Trump and Putin. Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were #loserBibi…


Israel has stated from the onset it objects to Hezbolah and Iran stationing troops close to their military in the Golan. Russia has earlier promised to keep them away from there. That Israel wants them far from their borders is logical as both have stated to want to destroy Israel.

If the present text does not preclude Iran and Hezbollah to have troops there, Israel is being consistent and imo fully right.


Israel is being consistent, alright. Stating who can do what or go where…while they violate every law imaginable, commit war crimes, starve innocent people, flaunting their actions as though ordained by god…if Israeli blackmailers ever lost their hold over people, they would be gone in an instant. Just like the Saudi Royal family…if their police didn’t keep a clamp on their people, they’d all be dead by morning. Thank god for Iran and Hezbollah…there’s finally someone who does not fear Israel and would gladly die to take the corrupt scum with them and have the ability to do so. That is what scares the Israelis. They will reap what they’ve sown and what they’ve sown is death. I hope they have a bumper crop.

Julius Meinel

Not much of bible researcher here but just trying to give the whole picture a different spin. Is been said that prior to the end of days, all Jews would have come back to their ancestral land of Israel. There are about 6-7 Mil of Jews living outside of the borders of Israel. If even just 1/3 of the Jews living abroad were to move back to Israel ( about 2 Mil), the current state of Israel would be under a tremendous amount space shortage to accommodate all the new arrivals. It has become evident for while that the state of Israel would need to expand from its current borders in order to accommodating the growing population.The only weak link around its borders ( which incidental also has some water resources and fertile land) is in Syria, specifically in Quneitra province. It seems like the Israelis are hell bend on claiming Quneitra ( for now) for themselves ; they use the useful idiots (Arab mercenaries) to achieve this goal with direct military and logistical support. They know Syria will cease to existing in its previous border and in this context they are determined to carve a piece for themselves (Quneitra province as whole); I would like to be wrong but the signs are too obvious to ignore. UN, Russia and US do not matter form them because they are ” special” and above us all the ” basket of deplorables”

David Robertson

From a biblical perspective, insofar as the identity of “Israel” is concerned, what you say is pretty much in tune with what the present evangelical Christian churches teach and what most “Jews” also believe.

However It is my belief, based upon a different understanding of scripture, that the people who call themselves “Jews” and have named their Land “Israel”, are actually descended genealogically from three different peoples The most numerous are the Ashkenazi “Jews” who are descended from Togarmah, a son of Japheth, who formed the Turkic nation of Kazars and the Kaganate of Kazaria from 650-850 A.D.

The second group are the descendants of those religious “Jews”, called the priests and the Pharisees, who opposed the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Son of God and therefore the expected Messiah and the true Heir of the Kingdom. They engineered His Crucifixion seeking thereby to secure their own claims to the Kingdom. In doing this they were unwittingly fulfilling the prophecies that had been given to them for centuries but the meaning of which had been hidden from them. In order to validate His testimony as true, Jesus rose from the Dead into indestructible Life on the third day after His Crucifixion and appeared to his apostles and many hundreds of disciples over the following forty days, moving between the dimensions of Heaven and Earth to do so. He then ascended in their sight into the highest position of power over all the Heavens and the Earth to fill the Universe and to begin His rule over all things. This event sealed the covenant between God and His Creation to bring all things back into harmony and union with Himself, to forgive all the failures of the human race from the beginning and to impart His Life to all of us in due time.

The third, and most important, group are the descendants of Esau (Edom), the older brother of Jacob (Israel), who were integrated into the nation of Judah in 126 B.C. by the Jewish Maccabean ruler John Hyrcanus who conquered Edom and gave the people the choice of banishment or joining the covenant people of that time. Edomites have always coveted the Land of Israel believing that their ancestor Esau was the rightful heir and was cheated out of his inheritance by his younger brother Jacob (who was also his twin).

In fact it is true that Jacob did deceive his father Isaac into giving him the inheritance since it was revealed to the family that “the older will serve the younger” and Jacob was the heir chosen by Yahweh. However his mother Rebecca and he decided to acquire the promised Land, the Kingdom of God, by deception rather than waiting for God to arrange matters in His time. This then created the offence for which Esau had to be compensated. It is this judgement that has been carried out since 1947 when the land of Palestine was partitioned by the UN between the “Jews” and the Palestinians and the State of “Israel” was set up by force of arms in 1948.

This means that the Edomites have been given an opportunity to bring forth the Kingdom of God according to His righteousness. Inevitably, given the carnal nature of Esau, this has not happened. They have acted according to their natural lusts for power and wealth seeking to usurp the Kingdom for their own ends, believing it to be mere dominion over all the Earth. This then means that their time of grace will come to an end and their occupation of the Land, and their worldwide influence over the nations of the world, will be overthrown. We are now at that point in history.


Yup! Israel wants the destruction of Syria as syrian land like the palestinian land is part of the Greater Israel Vision fully supported by the House of Saud and USA, Inc

Nigel Maund

One would hardly expect the Israeli PM to agree with something that’s good for everyone but their own quest to Balkanize the Middle East and convert these residual States into puppet controlled Israeli vassels. Final (Israeli) objective is to take control of all the oil and gas reserves and control the pipeline to Europe. So, no wonder Netanyahu isn’t happy! Was ein Surprise!!………..Pardon me if I’m not upset!

Real Anti-Racist Action

I often also wonder how much time and effort Zionist-Jews spend demonizing and blocking clean energy and advanced batteries.
Cause once American has energy independence and Europe uses no more oil, Israels plan to controls the energy price for indigenous-Europeans will fall apart.
Europe going to electric cars is the best thing for them political and the worst thing for Israel.
ha ha

Peter Fastwolf

Benjamin Netanyahu was given open arms from the American government when he came to talk about how Israel and America have to keep on killing for the Zionist Jews, and those mad men at the white house stood and cheered him on for a hour , that is when i knew America is not America anymore it is a killing slave nation for the Zionist money holders , WW3 is going to happen the Zionist don’t care about life, only money and power,,

Real Anti-Racist Action

If you want to know the exact date that Zionist-Jews took over America, it was in 1914 with the Federal Reserve act, thus economically and politically and eventually this would lead to socially conquering America.
Then the turned Americans own police and military to be the occupying army of America.
And they knew they would be found out so they outlawed the State-Militia and unorganized Militias so not one could break free or declare independence from their Zionist-Imperial-grip.

Brad Isherwood

In our day of Fake News and Intelligence outlets using media for misdirection,
I have pause with Netanyahu – protest to much ,…that it’s Jew psyop to hide Israel’s
Illegal gains and signature presence in the Syrian conflict.
Israel/US want** Hezbollah, IRGC,and PMU to have contact with IDF,US,SDF and FSA.
This opportunes military conflict from Lebanon to Iran….
MIC get to party on while US occupation in Iraq and Syria maneuver to tumble socio/political.


If Satanyahu is complaining then it’s a good deal


I was waiting for an Israeli reaction. I guess their game plans took a big hit.

Real Anti-Racist Action

To Goyims, Iran and Hezbollah are the good guys haha,
They are Monotheist just like my Christian self.

The Kabalist Jewish-master-race of Israel, I do not go along with them.
As they teach in the Talmud that all Goyim’s must be there slaves for ever.

Christians and Shia and Alawites and Zoroastrians and the 50% good Sunni unite!
Together as Monotheist we can defend ourselves and have great relations of trade and so forth.

Gary Sellars

Filthy Zionist apartheid murdering c_nt…. How I long to see that shitty c_nt of a “nation” destroyed by a firestorm of blood and iron…


“Ben Dahan told Maariv that homosexual Jews were superior than gentiles — gay or straight.

“A Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual,” he said.”

Deputy Defense Minister Jewish Home MK Eli Ben Dahan

This guy is a leading rabbi who served as the deputy religious affairs minister in the previous government. This is what the Jew pedophile cult children are being taught from an early age. After many of them are sexually assaulted at birth during ritual rape ceremonies. Some of whom contract venereal disease like herpes and syphilis and other diseases that have resulted in fatalities. These Jew pedophile cultists have been committing these types of crimes and violations of human and civil rights for thousands of years. Is it any wonder that with nut cases like this in power not just in Israel, but the US and elsewhere, that they create all of the problems and tragedies that they do?

“Statutory rape (which along with child sexual assault is a felony in most jurisdictions) is sexual activity in which one of the individuals is below the age required to legally consent to the behavior”


“Infants Contract Herpes From Oral Suction During Jewish Circumcision”

“Rabbis Will Defy Law on Circumcision Ritual”


In the mid 1800s before Zionism there where less than 10,000 indigenous Palestinian Jews in what is now Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. 95% of the Jewish population growth after that was from immigration by supremacist Jew pedophile cult fanatics who made it perfectly clear to the Palestinians that the game plan was to get rid of them and take their land to build a Jew pedophile cult state on it to the detriment of the indigenous population whose ancestors predate Judaism and who’ve lived there continuously since the dawn of recorded history.

In the process the Jew pedophile cultists have engaged in systemic ethnic cleansing for Israel’s entire existence and before, and repeatedly attacked every one of their neighbors and deliberately kept the region in a state of perpetual war and economic retardation. These are the same people who’ve deeply infiltrated the US, French and British governments. Where along with Israel and Canada over 95% of the world’s Jews live. Is it any wonder that with the US, France and the UK being 3 out of the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council that the council is so dysfunctional and the world is in the mess that it is with criminally insane Jew cabal cultist controlling much of the policy?

This cult needs to be outlawed and these cultists need to be cleaned out of government and prevented from returning.


Despite what the US or Israel agree upon at this stage, the axis of the US, Britain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia will most likely continue to destabilize nations in the ME. Any nation in the area which has not already been conquered by them is in their crosshairs and there is no utility in the remaining independent ME nations attempting to become more democratic, because the more freedom they allow the more this axis systematically exploits such freedom with the CIA, MI6, and Mossad type corruption, blackmail, agitation, intimidation, false flag terrorism, etc., etc. until there is another coup, proxy war or major conflict. For the promised spoils of occupancy and control of the Levant and its resources, most our debt-ridden Western nations in the pocket of the banksters are complicit in the evils being perpetrated, and there is no reason to blame Israel alone. A UN New World Order government as proposed by the Western banksters will not solve any of these problems, as then all nations will be sucking at the teats provided to them by the same oligarchs who will be running it. What is needed is not a one-world-bank or a one-world-government but an effective, fair, and truly independent world court with real power to try and severely penalize all the crooks and thugs running things as well as imperialist nations with no moral limits. Otherwise millions more will be slaughtered and displaced in their evil conquests.

solomon mlambo

Netanyahu is the least qualified to offer any credible criticism of the de-escalation zone south of Damascus. He must shut up and sit down. ‘Akajaidwa muJuda uyu.’ How can a single nation be against all nations? This is a cancerous monster reality the West created in 1948. Live with it or enucleate it!!

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