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Israel Claims It Thwarted Syrian-backed Plot To Assassinate Netanyahu

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Israel Claims It Thwarted Syrian-backed Plot To Assassinate Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (right) hold a press conference at the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem, February 23, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

On June 5, Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency claimed that it had countered a Syrian-backed plot to assasinate Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat as well as other figures and international delegations.

According to the Shin Bet, the plot led by 30-year-old Muhammad Jamal Rashdah, from the Shuafat refugee camp in east Jerusalem, was thwarted earlier on April 24. Two more suspects were arrested in the following weeks.

Rashdah has an Israeli ID card and is a former security prisoner.

The Shin Bet claimed that he was also planning attacks against a delegation of Canadian representatives residing in Jerusalem who train Palestinian Authority forces in the West Bank as well as against buildings belonging to the American consulate.

Rashdah was allegedly carrying this activity on orders from members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC). According to the security service, Rashdeh was collecting intelligence about his targets when he was detained.

The PFLP-GC was taking part in the Syrian government’s operations against ISIS in the area of Yarmouk in southern Damascus. Israel describes  the PFLP-GC as a terrorist group.

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Dr. Ronald Cutburth

More lies from yahoo.


I call bullshit. Just another lie spread to attack Syria because the big zio-plan is failing.

You can call me Al

Yep, a total heap of bollocks.


Netanyahu is a hypersonic liar. When he is in good mood then he explodes such lies.

Hassadnah Abraham

The only killer that brave enough to make a plan and to kill Netanyahu is MOSAAD


They are many others, too, don’t worry. But they have other priorities


I love to here if somebody assassinate this child butcher. I don’t like prediction. I like real action.


Inspired by Babchencho ?:D


LOL! The cr@p run to ISRAEL. .. This tells us almost everything.

BTW, did you know that the Kiev-a##hole Poroshenko IS J€W and his son lives in Tel-Aviv?
The pYg’s father; A J€W FROM Odessa = Valtsman; just took the name of his WIFE (Poroshenka) in 1956

Val Shadowhawk

How could it be otherwise? Of course.


Why Netanyahu lips all the time erected why he has any gum disease or he has erected for lipstick?


gues botox


Babchencho works for Bibi, they flew him from Israel to Ukraine, to stage his fake murder.
It’s Bibi’s pathetic attempt to pressure Russia, which he will regret.


This obvious bullshits should never be reported by serious people who try to inform the world of fact and not fiction that only exist in the minds of the bullshitters. My personal opinion.


I think that such Israeli claims are indeed nonsense and a way for Israel to justify their direct threats to President Assad BUT I prefer to see what allegations the UK/US/Israel ,KSA are fabricating, with a caveat that such statements ( of fiction) are clearly labelled
as ‘unsubstantiated by any credible independent authorities’.

Bullshit and chaos are of course all that the US Coalition of Terror have left to offer the world.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

I don’t believe a syllable of this.


i hope israel will invade syria not just airstrike because of that

Lena Jones

It can’t even invade south Lebanon or even Gaza lol!


Well… this time don’t be so sure !..
THIS is also on Bibi’s list, don’t worry. But now is ASSAD and soon IRAN directly on its territory.

Lena Jones

It serves your enemy that you’re THIS deluded – so keep at it, knock yerself out – literally! LOL!


Don’t be forcefully optimistic, cause it looks like whistling in the forest at night to get courage.
That was ONCE, as the Israelis underestimated Hezbollah. Now be sure that they will do it like Ariel Sharon did with Yasser Arafat and threw out the whole PLO from Lebanon

Lena Jones

First, the klepto jews “underestimated” Hezbollah and now they are PETRIFIED of them. This is a FACT! Evidenced by terrorist israel’s reluctance to strike at Lebanon since their big loss to the Hezb in 2000, over a dozen years now: when it used to be that the genocidal Khazar invaders of the holy land would willy-nilly strike at the Leb. But you can go ahead and enjoy your harmless ‘fantasy’ of israel’s invincibility.


Sure, ..BIBI… What else on your wish-list?


Yeah I could do with a laugh.

Rakean Jaya

Another news Coming from Israel, the truth must be the opposite.


This is a charity if somebody assassinate the child butcher Netanyahu and rescue Palestinian hostages.


LOL! And gets free service in any Malaysian restaurants, a life-time!


“Nutty”, was that BEFORE or AFTER the Palestinians attacked the KHAZARS?


“Attacked the Khazars” ..
If THAT are attacks.. They have NOTHING PROPER to do it




What “???” Or do you mean that that so-called “rockets” mean an attack–in best case they are Silvester-fireworks


Your comment to me did not make sense which is why the question marks.

Is English NOT you first language?


It would have been super ironic though if Netannutjob would get assassinated. He only became prime minister because his predecessor Yitzhak Rabin, who wanted to make peace with the Palestinians, was assassinated. By a hardliner from the Israeli colonist movement.


Henry-4 King of France killed by that brain-damaged RAVAILLAC.
The problems are the pYgs BEHIND the killer, the psychological preparation..

Cheryl Brandon

Another Babchenko outfit;This time tit’s Syria did it?? hahaha

Lena Jones

Jewboy who cried wolf.

northerntruthseeker .

I also smell bullshit with this story… And considering that it comes from known liars, the Jews, I would doubt any of its credibility.

chris chuba

Netanyahu assassinated at least one Syrian General and has killed Syrians in Syria for years despite the fact that Syria under this Assad has never lifted a finger against him. Netanyahu is simply drunk on power because he is able to lie with impunity so now he is telling even bigger lies. The Israeli MSM is just as stupid and brainwashed as the U.S. MSM.


drunk on power cause they can simply ignore UN decisions and nobody can do anything about it. The World today is crazier than ever.


Yeah, sure.. :))
With the Skripal thing, NOVITCHOK, I presume :)))))))
If you want to take out Bibi, you don’t have to do it in Israel.
You can do it in BERLIN, Paris, London.
10 Russki-RPGs or the fresh delivered American “JAVELIN”-things (SIC!– you never know what they are good for, right? ..) shot simultaneously in a single target are enough even for an M1A2-Abrahms


Well, if this guy was ARRESTED (along with others) then there should eventually be a TRIAL, right?

Not holding my breath.

Rafik Chauhan

False flag to divert Netanyahoo corrution scandal. Israeli stae is based on liras and corrupt and thiefs. They want to say Assad and syria is invlove in this its joke of the day

John Whitehot

israel has become a joke.

Val Shadowhawk

Fake, fake and fake.

Elmarie Muller

This devilish sypchopat beast Satanyahu like to lie to create another excuse to attack Syria just like warthog Erdogan.

Joao Alfaiate

Why bother? Bibi is Israel’s greatest enemy.


Well I doubt they did bother, it would be a lie, most stories coming out of Israel are lies, their whole country is founded on lies.


Is this an attempt to lay the ground before trying to assassinate Assad?

j. jaxson

Netty looks like a pedophile jew pervert.
oops-he probably is.
my country america douche bagging with the scum of the earth.

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