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Israel Carries Out Massive Strikes On Hamas Targets, Deploys Battle Tanks Near Gaza Border (Videos)

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UPDATE: The escalation is developing in Gaza. Warplanes of the Israeli Air Force continues strikes on Hamas targets across the region. Palestnian armed groups continue their strikes.

According to the IDF, over 370 rockets have been launched so far.

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades released a video showing an anti-tank guided missile strike at a bus of the IDF. At least one IDF soldier was injured, according to the IDF.


Warplanes of the Israeli Air Forces have been conducting massive strikes on Hamas targets across the Gaza Strip since the start of a new round of the escalation in the area earlier on November 12. According to a spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), warplanes have already destroyed over 20 Hamas targets, including compounds, observation posts and at least on erocket launching squad.

The IDF is also deploying battle tanks near the border with the Gaza Strip, according to reports and videos appearing online. Over the past few weeks, the IDF has already concetrated a notable ground force near Gaza. With the recent reinforcements, it looks that repeated threats of top Israeli leadership to kick off a new invastion in Gaza may become reality soon.

Meanwhile, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups launched over 200 rockets at different targets in across Israel. The IDF claims that the rockets had hit only “civilian” targets.

However, according to Israeli sources, only 12 civilians were injured in this massive rocket attack. Most likely, this means that Hamas and the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades are not seeking to attack civilian targets only.

The escalation in the Gaza Strip started on November 11 when the IDF assasinated one of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades and several other Palestinians during a failed covert operation in the town of Khan Yunis.

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  1. Sencer says:

    Finally Hamas grew some balls. Till today they were a joke compared to agresiveness of Hizbullah.

    1. potcracker2588 says:

      hezbollah can produce their own weapons in factories or they are beiing sent from syria via iran…very modern, + they can buy various systems ie. ATGM hezbollah used USA TOW systems against israel in 2006 war.
      hezbollah relies on its tunnel system and homemade kitchen weapons.its that simple

      1. Sencer says:

        This time it may be different. Many people claim that this is Kornet-D

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Indeed, around 300 Kornets have made it into Gaza since 2014.

          1. Potato Potato says:

            Those are absolutely deadly against even Merkava 4s.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Yes, they were specifically designed to cut through the Abrams and Merkava armor and that is why Iran chose the twin tap tandem warhead for its version of the Kornet called Dehaleviah.

            Anti-tank attacks were responsible for “most Israeli casualties”
            during the 2006 war, according to the Jamestown report. And while
            today’s Hezbollah armory is far superior to the Koncurs, Metis, Malutka, Toofan (Iranian TOW),Fagots and Milan they used in 20016. Today Hezbollah has perfected the art of ATGM ambush in Syria and the use of the fourth-generation version of a Russian/Iranian-made anti-tank weapon called the Kornet, a system far more advanced than anything Hezbollah had in 2006.

            In 2006, Hezbollah demonstrated that the Israeli military couldn’t
            depend on its armor to give it a decisive advantage during future
            ground incursion into Lebanon. And today, Hezbollah has also have been showing off a recent, Iranian-produced variant of the Kornet.

            In 2012, Iran debuted the Dehlaviyeh missile. Press TV, produced a short
            video on the missile in July of 2012, boasting of its laser-guided
            systems and ability to strike at low-flying aerial targets with an improved range of 8 kms fire and forget with tandem HEAT and armor piercing heat designed to cut through reinforced armor of US and Zionist tanks.

          3. H Eccles says:

            would be awesome if they have..

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      The PFLP of the late great Dr. George Habash is the best unit among Palestinians, it was them that ambushed the Zionist assignation team a couple of days ago and killed a Colonel and wounded a captain. Hamas is also improving, but they are under a total embargo and have very limited resources, however a few hundred Kornets have made it into Gaza with anti-material rifles. Gaza’s urban terrain would be a death trap in sustained street to street fighting.

  2. Redadmiral says:

    IsraHellis doing what they do best. Murdering defenceless civilians

    1. dez nuts says:

      I wouldnt say they are defensless. I hate Israel too but hamas has arms and hideouts used for military purposes, mainly defense purposes im assuming

      1. Cldntgiveash1t. says:

        So the 200 rockets launched all had faulty guidance systems , Hamas was “testing ” them and they just happened to fall over the wall.Yeah right , self defence my @$$.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Actually Hamas and especially the PFLP which ambushed the Zionists have improved their tactics and are far more capable today. If the Egyptian Jew Sisi lifted the embargo and let arms in, Hamas could cause far more damage. Even now a Zionist invasion of Gaza will be very costly as Hamas and other resistance groups have tunneled extensively and will fight for every inch imposing heavy casualties which the Zionist child killers are scared of. Hamas in the last war used some of these new tactics when they popped up behind a Zionist tank unit in Shujeiah and killed a dozen Zionist scum. The Zionist cowards in frustration indiscriminately bombed civilians.

    3. Rob says:

      If the world decent community wants to dismantle Israel and Daesh then wipeout their creators and supporters first from the surface of this world. The all problems will solve itself.

  3. Merijn says:

    200 Rockets for 12 injured Civilians…? Hamas… you definitely need better Rockets fast…..Mo’ Missiles… Missiles have proven to be very very effective this War….Crumble & Tear Down IsraHell… Bring it on its Knees…slowly but surely… these White Ashke Nazi Boys got no Business in the Middle East… they are Antisemites

    1. Sencer says:

      They killed an Israeli Lt. Colonel yesterday , top commander of the most Elite Israeli unit called Sayeret Maglan, aka Unit 212. This proves that things are not so easy for IDF anymore.

      1. Merijn says:

        The more Resistance the Better… the Waiting is for the U.S….once they let go IsraHell… that malignant Tumor in the Middle East will vanish….I still don’t get it why the Americans never took Revenge for the 911-Controlled-Demolition-Dancing-Israelis….

        1. potcracker2588 says:

          revenge for 911?? kidding right…..USS liberty attack by israel 8.6.1967 34 dead us servicemen it was a spy ship..and their eyes and ears were tooo big

          jfk. 22.11.1963 he was assasinated one word DIMONA

          jfkjr. 16.7.1999 his mistake was the article/interview with the mother of the RABIN assassin where she states that her son was just a patsy, and that he worked for mossad……jfk jr. tried to set the stage for his own truth of his dad by showing the world that them satanic jews would even assasinate one of their own if it helps their agenda.mistake

          1. Merijn says:

            I keep trying… it is like Psy-Ops… if you hear the same thing over & over again…there is a chance it settles in their brains eventually….the 911 inside job is a perfect tool for this…once the Truth is known there should be Great Vengeance & Furious Anger…..Ezekiel 25:17…or something like that…

          2. so says:

            Ezekiel 25/17. Samuel Jackson/ Pulp Fiction.

        2. Potato Potato says:

          Actually its kinda sad the Boers vanished from South Africa. Now South Africa is a sh1thole run by incompetent black supremacists.

          1. Merijn says:

            My Dutch Ancestors stole the Land from those South African Peoples…First they Killed everyone living in that Area burned their Villages and then Claimed the Land theirs…the Divine rights of the Lord…. That is not how things should work…

          2. Potato Potato says:

            Yeah but that happened 400 years ago… Modern Boers had nothing do with that.

          3. Merijn says:

            I know…. but it is a Consequence of the Way the Boers treated the Indigenous People for the Past 400 Years… If relations had been good….Boers could still have lived there…in peace

          4. matt says:

            Bullshit, it happened in the 19th century and it continued well into the 20th

          5. Potato Potato says:

            Dutch colonization began in 1652.

          6. matt says:

            yes, but it didn’t end there

          7. Potato Potato says:

            Yeah but you said it started in 19th century until 20th century.

          8. matt says:

            i meant apartheid, not the colonisation, and apart from that, for 250 years they stayed in the cape province on the coast, the big migratons and therefore the big land grabbing started in the 19th century

          9. Potato Potato says:

            You’re right.

          10. matt says:

            White farmers still own 80 percent of all the farmland…

    2. potcracker2588 says:

      they r not rockets and by no means missiles……
      all palestinian weapons that are fired at israeli targets are totally homemade…ie. they use the car exhausts, old gas cylinders etc… the maximum amount of explosive on TNT scale that palestinians be it hamas or islamic jihad are able to carry is 12- 18 kg TNT….

      anybody with military / explosive knowledge knows that compared to the various bombs and missiles that IDF uses, the palestinian only shoot with bigger firecrackers, which have mor of a psychological impact than anything else.Pleease dont forget that explosive is not explosive.The IDF uses military high grade explosives.
      this has nothing to do with a war or a battle…this is pure and simple genocide carried out with the most modern and medieval weapons.
      in close combat it looks different.The IDF , since its last gaza incursion, has a new policy in regards to its own idf soldiers and their possible capture by palestians….bomb the routes back…meaning when idf soldiers get captured, the israeli airforce has the task of bombing all humans on the route back, so that all idf captured soldiers get killed.
      It happened twice during the last incursion.
      meaning, nothing better could happen than the idf sending ground troops in gaza.only the resistance can win.this bs has carried on for too long…most of the time not even mentioned on MSM, the daily killing of young palestinians, the daily knee cap shootings…….keep the pressure up now, and make them come in large numbers …barbecue them jews

      1. Merijn says:

        The IDF needs Bigger Explosives… Kids playing Soccer are spread out & move over larger areas… to get them All in one Bang you need more potent stuff….JDAMS or Phosporous Bombs most of the time will do the job in Urban areas….no mo’ Soccer

    3. matt says:

      see what this guy has to say about the hamas “rockets”


      1. Merijn says:

        Yeah thanks…seen Norman Finkelstein before…:)

  4. Sinbad2 says:

    Now if ISIS would give some of those American TOW missiles to the Palestinians, the tanks might leave.

  5. so says:

    Like the US. Israel will do absolutely anything to perpetuate genocide

  6. Emanual Macron says:

    Go jews go. Make everybody in this forum choke on their own tears of hate

    1. Merijn says:

      Hey Mister Empereur de Jupitèr et tout le Monde Emmanuelle Macroni du Rothschild XVI…. How Lovely to see you in here… How’s your European Army doin’ Bro?

  7. Harvey Swinestein says:

    Israeli Apartheid makes the previous South African one seem like a boy scout jamboree. The “supposedly” once oppressed victims of Nazi hate, are now showing the world what real hatred and oppression is . .

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      They were very close, SA let Israel test its nukes, and Israel showed SA how to make nukes.

      1. Harvey Swinestein says:

        Agreed. I am of South African ancestry myself and it was a case of having to in bed with the devil to survive western (and Soviet) sanctions. There were a lot of Jews in SA also, but mostly converted (to Christianity). It was very safe place to live too, as was Rhodesia under Smith . .

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Sadly, Australia, US, UK, Canada and NZ are full of South African Afrikaner racists and Jew scum who fled post Apartheid. They are pushing the same racist agenda in these countries. Even the idiot Trump’s white house has hired some Apartheid advisors.

          1. Harvey Swinestein says:

            Australia’s foreign policy is almost completely subservient to ZioNazi pressure from within and without the country, similar to how Canada was under that demented maggot Stephen Harper . .

  8. Sinbad2 says:

    A distraction, to hide Bibi’s failure in Syria.

  9. J Roderet says:

    The West’s self-proclaimed “human rights experts” are strangely silent about this Zionist genocide of the Palestinians.

  10. Brother Thomas says:

    Israel will never defeat the Palestinians or crush their spirit, no matter how many they kill.

    Here is why:

    Great Dance of Return: Palestinians perform Dabke to the sound of bullets at Gaza border.

  11. jim crowland says:

    if we eliminitate Nazinayahu and hamas both jews and palestinians can live in peace

  12. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

    Are the rockets doing any damage?

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