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Israel To Build New Field Hospital To Treat Syrian Militants – Reports

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Israel To Build New Field Hospital To Treat Syrian Militants - Reports

FILE IMAGE: http://www.jpost.com

Israel is going to build a new fill hospital in the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights in Syria.

According to the Lieutenant Colonel Tomer Koler, the hopsital will be located on the Syrian side of the fence build by Israel in the Golan Heights and may become operational next month.

While Tel Aviv argues that the hospital will be set to treat some unknown “pacients”, Syrian sources are almost sure that Israel will use it to expand support to militants operating in the Syrian border area.

Israel has repeatedly been spotted providing treatement and aid to anti-government militants, including al-Qaeda linked factions, in Syria.

Furthermore, some of Israeli “retaliation” airstrikes on targets in Syria were clearly coordinated with advances against government forces conducted by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies.

Tel Aviv has repeatedly blamed Syria for shelling of the Israeli-held area of the Golan Heights and then de-facto provided air support to advancing militants.

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  1. Steve Dent says:

    (*Israel:*) “You can never do enough for Islamic Extremism!” (*… turns and gives Saudi Arabia a deep and lingering, passionate kiss …*)

  2. John Whitehot says:

    will they also bomb it after they build it, so maybe they can start something more serious after blaming Assad ?

  3. tigbear says:

    They need them so they can work with the US-backed SDF to grab Syrian land. Wherever these ISIS go, SDF follow and make the land theirs, and the US builds bases on it. Rinse and repeat. The ISIS supply will be never-ending at this rate. Replenished until the invasion of Syria is complete. See how they wily Israelis use Arab brawn and muscle to capture land? No need for the IDF to invade Syria themselves, they have ISIS militants, Kurdish useful puppets, USA muscle heads, and easily brainwashable Gentiles cheering SDF and booing the ISIS “villain” cartoon characters to do it for them. Mission will soon be accomplished. Another Gentile defeat and Israeli victory.

    1. G Dean VanGaya says:

      The land of Syria is for the Syrian people to govern, not the Ba’athists. But yes it would be nice if Israel would be pushed out and the Syrian people could regain the Golan Heights all together.

      1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

        Stop your naive talk you idiot you seem to have no knowledge of the Socialist Baath party go do some reading on them and understand their beginnings. They come to look more like Socialists than your Terrorist Kurds do. Israel is an issue that needs to have its all western funding ended like yesterday and see how they will survive on their own with no help from the west. Israel seems to be about action rather then reaction to anything and needs to be dealt with in the most severe way., make them a protectorate and end their status as a nation.

        1. G Dean VanGaya says:

          Oh, so you’ve read the recent stuff like Business Networks in Syria: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience by Bassam Haddad, or perhaps Networks of Privilege in the Middle East by Steven Heydemann? When you get into it, it’s clear this was crony elitism nothing more, to call it socialism is a crime.

          1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            Policy wonks are not my favorite list of people , he writes about things he hasn’t been around nor experienced for any time past a day. They provide no real insight to anything other than their stated opinion.

          2. G Dean VanGaya says:

            Bassan Haddad is Lebanese/Syrian. I seriously suggest reading his research and writing from pre conflict.

          3. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            His writing is off kilter but typical of Lebanese whom primarily live in the US , he must see how the Oslo accord never helped the people of Palestine (formerly Trans Jordan) and even his policies and opinions still leave much to be desired.

        2. Ace says:


      2. Ace says:

        Syrians want Assad. It’s been in all the papers.

        Tens of thousands of foreign jihadi scum want abu Jaba Jaba bin Sheik Shaytan not the Ba’athists, it’s true.

    2. Ace says:

      Good points but there’s nothing cartoonish about the ISIS filth.

  4. Kim Jong says:

    isnt it possible to flood the occupied territories with terrorists? or smuggle them directly to “israel”? with enough captagon inside they wouldnt even notice that they fight against their masters.

    1. Ace says:

      Barbara Lerner Specter needs to help Israel to not be too . . . too . . . too monolithic. That’s the word. More diversity and multiculturalism in Europe and Israel.

  5. EL ZORRO says:


  6. dutchnational says:

    The sourpisses are objecting again.

    This is positiv news, right? An extra hospital to provide aid and care to civilians and, maybe, militants who need care. Who could be against a hospital, Oh gosh, it is the Syrian government and its assadophyle sourpissers. Ever heard of the right to care? Sure as hell it is not Assad giving care. He is too busy bombing hospitals in opposition areas.

    1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      There is nobody but terrorists in the region you schmuck.

      1. G Dean VanGaya says:

        You see Terra Cotta, we have noticed that states can act as terrorists too. The Ba’athists are no angels. They tortured the Kurds plenty and ran Kurdish rich lands as internal colonies, from which %40 of the Syrian GDP came. The Ba’athists ran the economy into the ground, and in order to save themselves they cut all those ‘socialist’ subsidies to the bone, and the U.S. was able to capitalize on this by organizing the uprisings from the US embassy and other such underhanded CIA tactics as we all know too well. Participatory, council based socialism is the only thing that can combat the cronyism whether in the US or in Syrian Ba’athist regimes.

        1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          What Kurdish rich lands are you talking about those are actually Assyrian Armenian and Yezidi lands , so where are you getting this claim from. The Kurds came as refugees and were not actual residents to the area, they are neither native to the region either with 7% of the population and most of the land owned by locals for centuries.

          The US didn’t operate anything from inside the country they used the Arab spring movement to smuggle in known members of Al Qaeda and didn’t really gain any popular support from the people. The US you are giving them too much since the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and other partners orchestrated externally to create internal resistance which failed miserably among the Syrian people.

          Most of the people you see are all foreigners from Chechen to Sauds,Indonesians, any that they could fool with their phoney Caliphate claims their leaders are mostly foreigners, Kassem Eid who was a leader in the Daraa uprising came from Germany where his family went after leaving Palestine. These foreigners shut off the water and the farmers who supported the government along with many others ended up being shot in what is now known as a infamous CIA Black OP, they used the same method in Maidan all protesters and police were shot from behind. There you have how it was done and the reason why is not about anything but Empire control.

          The Socialist Baathists never ran any economy into the ground when you have foreigners attacking your infrastructure and impeding trade you wonder why chaos happens. The US wanted Syria to act a heavy hand but he didn’t he sent unarmed police to an area with armed Al Qaeda fighters in the area which in turned shot protesters and police alike.

          When you look at something you get tunnel vision and with that comes only short term cause to the problem, but never really look at the long cause term effect which comes from going to high definition in terms and scope. When this occurs you see all the blemishes and imperfections, leaving yourself to make assessments and only offer comment, not opinion in how things should be done.

          You have some fantastical ideas and notions in that regard. Many things you have talked about has already failed and which led to the Famine of the 30’s in eastern Europe and the decline of economies, can you try to look at what works and what doesn’t as these concepts are nothing new.

          Syrians just like any other nation is responsible in how it governments operate and who are we to say a few should have more voice than the majority , which you have advocated for the few over the Majority .

          This leaves me to ask why you advocate for tyranny yet you say you are against it!?!

          1. G Dean VanGaya says:

            Well, the Wikileaks cables show pretty conclusively that the US embassy staff were organizing and meeting with Syrian opposition since at least 2006. So you’re just factually wrong, it wasn’t just the Israelis.
            Turkey is the one state that controls the flow of the rivers from the Turkish dams upstream on both the Euphrates and Tigris. So again, just factually wrong, you can’t deny the fact of multiple dams for crying out loud.
            Socialism was always envisiaged by the workers’ international organizations (1850s to 1910s) as a participatory, democratic socialism by the people. The ‘Soviet’ (the councils-aka soviets were actually all smashed and dismantled in the first few years) Union proves nothing except for elite bureaucrats and their cronies will always run an economy into the ground – same shit, different pile. Stalin claimed it was socialism because he wanted the moral boost of using that word, and teh US claimed it was socialism because they wanted people to think socialism equals totalitarianism. That is ridiculous.
            I know about the Maidan snipers paid by the US state department. There is a third narrative that isn’t the weak states vs the imperial states, but is about a people’s democratic politics and economics, where cooperatives of workers and councils of neighbourhoods and regions run things by and for themselves!!

          2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            You do realize the Syrian Opposition was outside the country and no longer Syrians but became foreigners after being exiled. The various groups have different backers and the Israelis played a major role in pushing for the Kurds to be backed and unlisted as a terrorist group.

            The problem with all ideas like this they become susceptible to corruption and authoritarianism not so much totalitarianism as all are a failure because they in the end go against the individual worker. Europe is a prime example of how it doesn’t work , why there is so much inflation and joblessness. Stagnation of the economy is the result of these Utopian ideals even those societies failed and those businesses are owned by capitalists today.

            Ideals of such are leading to the loss of society as a whole and we continue to see the erosion of the individual in these societies for the few which follow their own opinion which leads to fascism and totalitarianism.

        2. Ace says:

          Just what we need. More socialism. The economic and political model that is destroying Europe and destroyed the USSR. Good one.

      2. dutchnational says:

        Namecalling only shows a lack of arguments and intelligence.

        So, FO

        1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          Still a hasbara troll and the SDF do make a lot of false reports like the capture of Dalha and Al Auskirishia weeks ago. Why don’t you be a good troll and admit the US and its proxies can’t be factual in reporting.
          I won’t tell you FO or to go F yrslf , nah just not my way.

          Later Troll !

  7. Thegr8rambino says:

    this is probably the only hospital worth bombing right now, seeing as it is most likely gonna be used to help heal terrorists

    1. Ace says:

      I think there has to be an ammo dump or a military operations room inside the hospital before it can be bombed. The optics are bad but that’s the problem of the scumbags who hide behind the cover of hospitals (and civilians).

      When hospitals are bombed it’s always assumed the attackers are depraved, never mistaken and never operating on intelligence of enemy duplicity. Still, I get your point.

      Bottom line, Israel wants a buffer zone for its buffer zone and will lie about its desire to help the jihadi scum. Much like the US, though we’re apparently shifting all our support to the Kurds.now so they can set up Kurdistan. We know what is best for people and some kiddies from Bryn Mawr and Yale think Syria is better off partitioned.

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