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Israel Attempted To Assasinate Gaza Security Force Chief – Hamas

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Israel Attempted To Assasinate Gaza Security Force Chief - Hamas

On October 27, the chief of the Palestinian Security Force in Gaza Strip, Tawfiq Abu Naim, survived an assassination attempt, according to Palestinian sources.

Abu Naim was moderately injured after an explosion hit his car in al-Nusairat camp in the center of Gaza city.

Hamas Movement Political Chief Ismail Haniyeh said that Israel was behind the assassination attempt. Moreover, during his visit to Abu Naim in in Shifa Hospital in Gaza city on October 28, Haniyeh promised to bring Israel to justice.

“The guilty ones behind will be reached by the Palestinian justice and we believe that the occupation and its supporters are to blame for this awful crime,” Haniyeh said during his visit to Abu Naim.

Furthermore, Haniyeh called on Fatah Movement to speed up the ongoing Palestinian reconciliation process in the highlight of Abu Naim assassination attempt. Hamas Movement leadership likely sees the assassination attempt as an Israeli attempt to sabotage the Palestinian reconciliation efforts. Israel had openly criticized the reconciliation efforts between Hamas and Fatah previously.

“I ask my brothers in Fatah movement, and I ask Mahmoud Abbas specifically to accelerate the steps towards the Palestinian reconciliation so we could prevent any party who tries to sabotage this reconciliation and so we could strengthen the internal front of our people against any similar attempts. The Major General is fine, his health is excellent and his self-esteem is very high,” Haniyeh said.

Abu Naim was jailed for 22 years by the Israeli authorities for his anti-Israel activates. However, in 2011 Abu Naim was released by the Israeli authorities as part of Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal.

Israeli sources said that Abu Naim conducted a strict security campaigning mainly against ISIS cells in the Gaza Strip lately. This suggests that Abu Naim might have been targeted by ISIS and, not Israel. However, ISIS has not claimed responsibility for it so far.

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Israel can’t take it anymore. Reconciliation jeopardizes years of their plannings and all the money their supporters spent on the justifying propaganda; and because of that, Israel is going to make some mistakes.

Did you notice that Israel implies that ISIS is behind the attack because “Abu Naim conducted a strict security campaigning mainly against ISIS cells in the Gaza Strip lately”?

Hamas (and Gaza strip) are blamed for ISIS appearance in Egypt in western MSM. The million dollar question is: If even Israel admits that Hamas is fighting ISIS, then how ISIS managed to suddenly appear in Sinai near Israeli border?


So many murders, so much theft… when Zion pays the bill for the last 100 years, it will be expensive. I am heartened to see Americans waking up to the sheer cost, moral and financial, of supporting the only racist colonial state left in the world.


Yes, it is a shame, and also for Europe which also supports this colonial state.


“..Americans waking..”

What did I miss?


Zionist filth.


U once called me bad names for speaking out against Israel and now here u are using the words “Zionist Filth”! WTF is going on with u?



With SFs indulgence, here’s a bloke that could do with a helping hand.

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