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JUNE 2021

Israel Assisted Free Syrian Army In Repelling ISIS Attack In Southern Syria

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Israel Assisted Free Syrian Army In Repelling ISIS Attack In Southern Syria

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On January 10, the ISIS-affiliated militant group, Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed, launched an attack on positions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the villages of Bakkar and Jubailiah in the western Daraa countryside, according to Syrian oppositions sources.

During the attack, five fighters of the FSA were reportedly killed and many others were captured by Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed. The ISIS-affiliated group was also able to capture most of Juabilah village before its attack was repelled by the FSA.

The Syrian opposition news outlet Enab Baladi confirmed that Israel had directly supported the FSA against Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed during the clashes. According to the media outlet, Israeli unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) targeted Jaysh Khalid fighters and forced them to withdraw.

Israel has strengthened its relationship with FSA groups in the western Daraa countryside over the last few months. According to a report released on December 2, 2017, Israel and the FSA are even planning a joint attack against Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed that occupies several positions right near the Israeli-held area.

Israel Assisted Free Syrian Army In Repelling ISIS Attack In Southern Syria

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The first evidence of Israel’s support to the FSA was observed on September 8, 2017 when the Syrian opposition news outlet SMART published a video of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) group shelling position of the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army with 107mm rockets supplied by Israel.

Syrian oppositions activists believe that the supposed joint attack of Israel and the FSA against Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed in the western Daraa countryside will be launched by the end of January.

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Brave Ysrael will support the Free People of Syria.




Complicit Israel will support the Sunni militants of Syria.
The same Sunni militants that have systematically wrecked and strip looted the county.
And surprise, surprise, that aligns with a long term Israeli geo-strategic goal, to cripple their neighboring, secular state, Syrian Arab adversary.


Brave Israeli soldiers murdered a Palestinian with no legs this month who had nothing more dangerous than a Palestinian flag in his hands.

Pave Way IV

Well, there ya go. There isn’t anybody more dangerous to Israel than a visibly defiant Palestinian opposing the Israeli theft and occupation of their land. It might give other Palestinians dangerous un-allowed terroristic ideas like that. Then Israel will have to drop more leg-shredding DIME munitions on those Palestinian civilians, creating more wheelchair-bound amputees – defiant ones at that may be hiding a Palestinian flag for illegal display. Best for the IDF to just gas all the Palestinian amputees ahead of time. It’s the only way Israel can guarantee its own security.


I am sure that there are those in current Israeli government who would actually murder all the Palestinians if they could get away with it.


Brave Israel? dude, they are the biggest pussies in history! How badly did they lose that war in 2006? They used tanks, advanced aircraft and missile ships! All of these were destroyed and /Israel sued for peace!
It seems to me that when Israel is losing, they sue for peace! How is this brave?
Dont be a fool! The Jews are weak scum! There is no brave jew, only brave money!


The world wants, nay needs, headchopping and people burning IS to be destroyed.

So well done Israel.


Fuck Israel

northerntruthseeker .

You back again, Hasbara rat?

You can call me Al

and you believe your Kurdish brothers are not part of the whole group of vermin that have sold their soul ?, including ISIS and all the other acronyms, our big noses, the sand jigs and the Yankers.

Syria insider

Now the jews are fighting isis and friends? What a weird world man.


“War by Deception” ???

Tudor Miron

Goyim killing goyim for interests of zion – eaxtly the way they like it. Sure they support it


I will believe all of this when ISIS bomb a Jewish street in Israel.

Tudor Miron

Spot on.


My sentiments exactly


From what I know, this isis pocket near the Golan heights is handy for the SAA! Because its terrorists killing Terrorists! Ive heard that Assad forces airdrop supplies here. Im not saying these are facts but ive read it! And when I look at the isis pocket in Hama, it kind of makes sense to me! So lets not deny this possibility! Sure Israel funds both lol! Its been proven with photos! ISIS has also made an apology to Israel for accidentally shooting over the border but lets admit that this isis pocket helps the SAA when they attack HTS and the FSA.
We will not be so biased to not at least give this theory credit!War is war and any help u can get is ok by me especially when its terrorists killing terrorists! U simply drop arms to one side so they can combat the other side with equal force therefore killing each other dead! This is logic!

I think this isis pocket is serving both Israel and syria’s needs! To be sure they are taking advantage of this!

Deo Cass

Its false. Israel is only fighting the Syrian government forces. This is just a stunt and an excercise in mass deception as is the so called fighting between the so called SDF and ISIS.


The Daesh group on the Israeli border has always been an Israeli asset, but they have become useless now as their reach into Syria is completely compromised. I think Israel has struck a new deal with FSA to gain better and deeper access to Syria. So they give them a helping hand.

John Brown

Its just for show, the offensive will be one of of giving ISIS fighters FSA uniforms like the SDF did. Israeli factories using South East Asian slave labor will be making new FSA uniforms for ISIS like mad this month.


And people have started to notice them there too. So they will ‘patch’ them over into FSA and can shout to the world they are defending ‘freedom’ when they actively support them. Defending ISIS is a bit of a hard sell to the people in Europe.

Cheryl Brandon

If the question is How many american soldiers died in WW1 1917? What is the answer ; 63,000 as sacrifices USA made to help JEWS steal Palesinians away from the Palesinians.

Woodrow Wilson told USA that, he was staying out of WW1 then, the
JEWISH pressure /Zionists groups got him or used him to go against the
USA peoples back then and act for them instead. When people tried to
revolt; he jailed the dissenters. What is new in the USA?. see
http;//www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/woodrowwilson Also check out
the book; Against our better judgement;The Hidden history of how the USA
was used to create Israel. Alison Weir 2014,
See book; Ain’t my
america:the long,noble History of Anti War Conservatism and Middle
American Imperialism New York Metropolitan 2008 Bill Kauffman


None evidence at all. This news is really UNBELIEVABLE. It much easier to believe in the Messiah that this fool things.

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