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Israel Asks For Air Corridor To Provide Assistance To Iraqi Kurdistan In Its Standoff Against Federal Government – Reports

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Israel Asks For Air Corridor To Provide Assistance To Iraqi Kurdistan In Its Standoff Against Federal Government - Reports

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On October 21, Maxim A. Suchkov‏ a journalist in the US-based Al-Monitor news website said on Twitter that according to “Moscow rumors”, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed Russia’s President Vladimir Putin that Israel is considering using the Syrian airpsace as a corridor to send planes to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Thus, Israel is allegedly going to provide aid to the Kurdistan Regional Government against the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

While it’s very unlikely that Tel Aviv is ready to provide some kind of military assistance to the KRG, there are no doubts that the Israeli leadership is considering options to provide “humanitarian assistance” to the KRG.

Suchkov added that Russia does not see an Israeli involvement in the Iraqi Arab-Kurdish crisis as a good idea. Such intervention might risk the Russian investments in the Iraqi oil sector, Suchkov argued. In other words, Russia rejected the Israeli request for the assistance in the issue.

On October 20, Reuters reported that an Israeli official confirmed to it that Netanyahu is lobbying world powers to prevent further setbacks of the KRG as they lose contested areas to the Iraqi Army. The official told Reuters that the Israeli prime minister discussed the the Iraqi Kurdish issues with the United States, Russia, Germany and France.

Another Israeli official told Reuters that the Iraqi Kurdistan Region is “a foothold” and a “strategic place” for Israel due to its proximity to Israel‘s enemies in Tehran and Damascus. The official also said that Israel wants to see Iraqi Kurds provided with the means to protect themselves.

“It would be best if someone gave them weaponry, and whatever else, which we cannot give, obviously,” the official said according to Reuters.

Back on September 13, Netanyahu announced an official Israeli support to creation of an independent Kurdish state in the Middle East. the Israeli prime minister’s office released a statement claiming that Israel “supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to attain a state of its own“.

However, on September 25 two Israeli officials told Reuters that Netanyahu barred the Israeli government comment on the Kurdistan Region independence referendum in Iraq. One of the officials told Reuters back than that the Iraqi Kurdistan Region subject is “too sensitive”.

In the near future, Israel will likely continue its media, diplomatic and other efforts to prevent the stabilization in Syria and Iraq after ISIS is defeated.

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Now that’s a good one! Please run that gauntlet – do it. Air corridor to help the Kurds who already fled the battle. What’s the matter, Bibi? Worried about a strong Iraqi army coming back again?

la Cariatide

if Vladimirovitch agrees to let zionist entity to attack Iraqis defending the country.. beyond disappointment for all of us, pro-Russia foreign policy.. makes you wonder what ties Vladimirovitch gets with zionist entity..


Fool. Why on earth would Putin allow Israel to enter the carefully arranged de-escalation airspace over Syria? They already cause enough trouble from Lebanon.

la Cariatide

se faire traiter d’imbécile par un abruti est un plaisir de fin gourmet.

literally = to be called stupid by an half-wit is a gourmet pleasure :)


…and to view who thinks the same as you is entertaining as well.

la Cariatide

that’s stupid. if obama tells the sun is yellow, why would i deny his claim? facts are facts whatever who saids it.

Brother Ma

He has plenty, as many of his friends are Jewish and there is evidence he was originally jewish himself,just like Poroscenko. At end if day as long as he is not a zionist, i am happy.


There’s nothing Jewish about zionism or zionists; the large number of Russians who migrated to occupied Palestine could as easily be a Russian 5th column ready to contest zionist hegemony in Palestine as be a millstone around Putin’s neck.


So your ‘Russophobia’ now includes ethnic Russian Khazar jews who migrated to Israel and often settled on stolen Palestinian land now Attrition ?

This is truly another churlish example of Anti Russian Hysteria.

Brother Ma

I know your thoughts Attrition. However,herzl and other jewish greats may disagree with you. They were were both considered and themselves believed they were jewish and zionists.

I know strict jews say zionists should not be allowed as jews should not return to jerusalem till the messiah comes . To me a zionist is a jew who works for the cause of pan- israelism. Just as dangerous as their former friend erdogan who is a panturkist. In fact, zionists are more dangerous as have much more power.


It isn’t brain surgery; if you don’t follow the religion, you aren’t in it. You can’t be a zionist, a secular, fascist antisemite, and follow the Jewish version of religion. QED simples. Herzl was a protofascist shitehouse so who cares about speculation about what he would have said?

Brother Ma

Do you have a figure like la cariatide.

la Cariatide

not yet. i can be patient about that. which one do you speak about?

Brother Ma

Sorry, i thought you were referring to the originals in the Parthenon. Anyway ,if you know about caryatids you are more than enough woman for any man.

la Cariatide

i didn’t learn the name and existence of the cariatides column in greek-latin classes but from a french historian, Henri Guillemin, who quotes Victor Hugo.

Que la cariatide, en sa lente révolte, Se refuse, enfin lasse, à porter l’archivolte Et dise : C’est assez !

C’est le réveil, le déchaînement et la vengeance des cariatides.

we the People are la Cariatide..

Brother Ma

Ok.i get it now .they were from town of caries and were famed for being most beautiful and brave of women in ancient greece. As tough as any man in battle,like Amazons or Bond Girls or real life female peshmerga kurds. So i get it , Cariatide , a battling representative of the People.

la Cariatide

nope! no pershrungo. female peshrungo fighers? mostly propaganda for west brainwashed.. enough of that PsyOp about the kurds: Syrian women are also part of the Syrian Arab Army and Syria is the only target of the US/england proxy war waged since 2011. period.

battling representative of the People? Rosa Luxembourg, Emma Goldman, Louise Michel, Vera Figner and many others.. but i stick with Robespierre :)

Brother Ma

Yes. I just added female kurds as examples.i did see them killed by isis . That does not mean i want kurds to separate from syria.

Tudor Miron

why do you use small “if” at the start of your post? After you start with capital letter (means that you know there are capital letters)… Why do you use Vladimirovich when writing about Putin? Do you know what Vladimirovich means? Or do you think that others don’t know?

la Cariatide

i don’t have to answer your silly question. who would use Vladimirovitch without to know the meaning of the use -ovitch. why do you care about the way i write? freedom not to use any capital letter.

do you actually *think* (big word for you, idiot) that Vladimirovitch cares if anyone of us write Vladimirovitch instead of Putin, Mr Putin or Vladimir Putin?

Tudor Miron

I will answer but not to you but those that may read: Every post here is a message. No matter if one is aware of it or not, it is still a message. I will explain how your initial (above) message looked: Ignoring capital letter at the start of the phrase when capital letter is used in next word makes this little “if” dissapear. Now it starts to look like Putin already gave zios their desired coridor. Than you use his Fathers name insteed of first or last name. Many don’t know that “ovich” is used for Fathers name in Russia i.e. Vladimir Vladimirovich means Vladimir, son of Vladimir. But many know that ovich when used in last name is a popular last name ending between Ashkenazi Jews. One may call me paranoic but Brother Ma’s reply above shows that he felt in that little trap. Considering that you instantly resorted to personal insults I can assume that I touched something sensitive to you… and also that doesn’t show you as a kind, light person. All in all… you sound like a “clever” zio troll disquising as pro Russia/pro Suria poster.

PS: But may be you’re just young and “rebelios” in your look at the outside world. We’ll have to see what your other posts are to understand which side you are on :)

la Cariatide

ok. no equivocal. monsieur-i-know-better-than-the-other. your assumption is funny. if you want to get ground to ground like freeza, explain to me what happened on september 11, 2001. i highly doubt a *zionist troll* (sic) would speak about mossad’ role in that false flag :) let me ask you how far you have been into september 11, 2001 false flag.

take that for data. http://www.911history.de/pdfs/911_History_en.pdf

you misunderstand what i mean, i’ve talked with Russians, used the word Vladimirovitch and they didn’t think i was bad mouthing Vladimir Putin. sorry, not sorry, i do know Vladimirovitch means son of Vladimir. why would i use a word without searching its meaning? absurd.

name-calling is appropriate for someone who judges without knowing what i mean. like i care what you believe what side i would be.. c’est juste pour te fermer ta grande gueule :)

i give you a 3/10 for being so stupid :) like i said, being an idiot in the eyes of a fool is a gourmet pleasure..

Tudor Miron

Your answer is still here on Disqus. I’m sorry for misinterpreting your words and for assigning you with zio troll – it seems that I was way too quick. I will ignor your continual personal insults. :) It does seem that you’re young.

la Cariatide

way too quick.. quicky?

it means you *attacked* me, insinuating i was a zionist chill. you made my day. do you know in my country, france, you are prosecuted if you claim in the media that what happened in german concentration camps was actually not what the media have made us to believe? outrageous. fuck them. will we be prosecuted in 10 years if we claim that september 11, 2001 was a false flag with mossad linked to the attacks? don’t worry, we don’t forget Langley lads.. (anyway, zionists are not the ones who actually possess the power: i prefer to believe in the Jesuits hypothesis and old black nobility stuff. real conspirationnist stuff :)


Don’t concern yourself with Cariatide…they jumped down my throat when I replied to them also. I don’t think it even understood my remark. Nothing in my comment was derogatory, but only meant it was amusing to see who agreed with them. No matter…water off a ducks back for me. Their original comment wondering about Putin’s zionist ties, if he allowed Israelis to trespass…as if that would happen anyway, was ridiculous. I doubt that your first impulse in regard their position was wrong, as I have gotten the same impression.

la Cariatide

my reply has disappeared. all for the better: i do it quick. quicky! name-calling is legit when confronted with halfwit like you :)

who would use the word Vladimirovitch without knowing what it means, ie Vladimir son of Vladimir Putin? even is he were *jew*, what’s the matter? Einstein, Emma Goldman, Gilad Atzmon are *jew* yet..

let me know if you’ve already met a *zio troll* who speaks about september 11, 2001 false flag and the mossad’ role. Urban moving system?

how far have you been about september 11, 2001?

take that for data.




on va pas se laisser emmerder par les fils de pute dans les bistrots!


Or is it just the thought of paying a fair price for Iraqi oil?


DEBKAfiles published an article in this regard, on Oct, 20th. Apparently Bibi’s mad because stolen oil from Kirkuk was their main oil supply.


The proper response is for Russia to inform Israel of the range of the S-400s and Pantsir systems.

Borkil Borkilovitch

The proper action is for Israel to get out of a country where no one invited them…


yes and even get out of Palestine which they are colonising since 1917.

Tommy Jensen

Yes and get out of Israel too where no one invited them.


Make it 1880 and you would be more correct.

Forgotten fact is that the jews of the time bought their lands from local landowners, which included the (family of) the grand mufti of Jerusalem, a relative of Yasser Arafat.

Elisabeth Jenders

The proper response would be “Yes, of course – if we may support Palestine and defend them against the Jewish State”.


Well put!


“Another Israeli official told Reuters that the Iraqi Kurdistan Region is “a foothold” and a “strategic place” for Israel.”

The primary reason for trouble in the world. A state created through terror and which has never ceased it’s primary goal of terrorizing the region. These are the end results of empires, long after the empire has faded.


Blow the fascist pigs out of the sky.


As a Greek I wouldn’t mind the creation of Kurdistan. That would mean the destruction of Turkey and the return of Constantinoupolis to Greece. All the coast line of Turkey is full Greek momuments. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b78792411de6670eaafbc333dd0a0122388800308d0c23d3d82ae8ccbf71752.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f7f7167af59d8003378294598197f70c9b56d11b8fb5868b721d57baf789767b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/714f6fcfbd4efbad74273f25722c60dda0173e8a1cc59e94c728e57ce634ea8b.jpg

Greetings from Larisa, Greece https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/746323e1d1ed31d47e039c61e2f6bd801b0c2def3395d4cafb9f8f35d058c1c1.jpg

Brother Ma

I have been through Larisa.lots of hot blonde women.


Did you? My city is not a touristic spot but hey, we have our attractions:)

Brother Ma

Wow Loki.greek with Norse screen name. Original!


The problem with your suggestion is that the current version of an independent Kurdistan being touted would be in Iraq and possibly later a slice of Syria – and not in Turkey. The immediate western side of the Bosporus, and the Christian Hagia Sophia church, are historically Greek territory – but the Kurdish issue won’t be a fulcrum to return it Greek heritage and custodianship.


You reckon? Both Israel and USA declared Turkey as enemy.


Just one word President Putin. NO!

andy l

Israel should mind its own business & stay out of Iraqi affairs

Tiresia Branding

lol… I like desperate zionist propaganda


That is soooo, effing hilarious! The Israelis begging Russia for an air corridor! HA! This maybe a good sign, perhaps the Kurdistan project is collapsing faster than we thought?

Leon De Elias

Motherfucking Zio-Fascist inhuman terrorist supporter-TERRORIST Regime of Israel..I would like to live the day this fascist aggressive dirty scum regime goes down as Hitlers did at the end of the WW2..


Interesting nuance of language this “asks for corridor”. They have to ask the Russians, but they never ask the Americans, they just send demands. It must be humiliating for an exceptionalistan person to have to ask something again. (they might say no!)


Indeed, the Israeli just command the US regime. Was it Netanyahu or Sharon who once said on the radio: “we control America”?

Mickey Dee



I find it very difficult for the western world to supply the Kurds with weapons. Personally I’m against ela Kurdish state,I believe it will only cause more death and destruction and the Kurdish people will be the one to suffer more in this actions . The ideal of the Turkey and the Iraqis to let the western world use they sea port and airspace to fund they own destruction is in heard off.Its is in Turkey and Iraq best interest right now to ask the U.S to remove they minaret personnel of they lands. If they seek short interest over term then they deserve to feel a major set back againt the Kurds in the near future. As long U.S. cargo plane are flying in and out of Turkey and Iraq (including cargo ships)then you must already knows the Kurds are being supply or soon to be supply.

Ivan Kumar

israhell itself is a bad idea

Manuel Flores Escobar

USAF&Navy ( ISIS air force main attacks = Shayrat airbase, al Tanf, Raqqa, Deir ezzor..) IAF ( Kurdish air force main attacks = Damascus, Dara,Quneitra, Palmira, Hama,Latakia)…


Don’t believe the public statements. Both Israel & Russia have compelling reasons to stop KRG from being overrun by Iranian proxies. As US is trying to straddle the fence, Russia & Israel will no doubt provide whatever KRG needs to survive.


Iranian proxies as in Iraqis fighting in Iraq for Iraq?




Get lost kike, no one wants you on this website.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Allow them to com in and let SAd shoot them down.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Sooty SAA.


So Israel thinks it’s just fine to provide arms to a population that feels oppressed and engages in an armed uprising. Good to know. Wow! I thought my opinion of Israel had reached as low as it could get. I guess it can get lower.


Indeed, let us likewise arm, help and liberate the Palestinians whom foreign Jews have been colonizing since 1917…

Tudor Miron

Who the hell is this Suchkov guy anyway? Strongly suspect that he’s a part of our 5th column (according to his twitter posts) that would love to sell our country once again :) I have no dubt that Israel would like a “corridor” but I wouldn’t trust what this guy is writing. Strange choice of sources on SF lately… Bloomberg, “one man observatoria”. and now this one.

Solomon Krupacek

moldavians form 5th column????

Tony "Melinda" Stark


General Surena

israhell and kurds will be the biggest LOSERS …. Wait for it…


You forgot Turkey. They lost face in this mess. They disgraced themselves by backing the wrong player out of greed for cheap oil (Turkey had a great relationship with Syria at many levels, Erdogan and assad were friends and their wives too. They met regularly, they sold all that for cheap oil, an incredible lack of vision or maybe sleep). Israel at least has the backing of the USA. If the US strikes a deal with the arabs and the persians, they might give territory to the Kurds in Turkey instead of Syria and Irak. Turkey will have no one to side with it. The Arabs will be happy, the Israeli will be happy because they can still use the kurds for future endeavors against the Arabs. The russians will also be happy because Turkey will strengthen its trade with them. It’s a happy ending for all, except for the Turks. Every one war needs a loser and definitely the US and Israel cannot accept to be the ones and they need a Win in this mess, an independent Kurdistan is a good consolation prize. So Turkey will be the loser in this.


İf Kurd will take part of Syria, then Syria will lose whit Turkey because all kurds = Kurdistan Lovers


We will.


I said long time ago that Israel will have very good highway via Syria-Iraq through the Kurdish control places to get to the Iranian border and today we see exactly that, a perfect open way for them to get to the Iranian border, this has nothing to do with the Iraqis trust that they just want to have their own bases and air space to Iran. Period

Travis Kelso

Is it me or did Iran just make a mistake here? Their aggressive move here will give the US and Israel the excuse to defend them. Remember it wasn’t until Sinjar and the march into Kurdistan that the US got its airforce involved. Just wait the next war is about to start.


It’s just you.

Travis Kelso

We will see wont we?


Iraq tried to defend its territory. the Kurds should have stayed at the 2003 borders.

Raptar Driver

This action is strong circumstantial evidence that Israel is behind the creation of Kurdistan.


Circumstantial? Uhhh, you must have missed the part about Israel openly pushing for Kurdish independence…especially when no one else was.

Raptar Driver

You’re preaching to the choir but this action in isolation is circumstantial, I am not down playing just being accurate.

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