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Israel Arrested 32 Arabs Serving In Palestinian Authority’s Security Services In Jerusalem


On November 25th, Israeli police arrested 32 individuals suspected of serving in the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security services.

According to the police statement, the suspects were Israeli residents and some of them were receiving state social benefits, while also serving in the PA’s armed forces. The statement claimed that their activities were illegal under the 1994 Gaza-Jericho agreement, a follow-up treaty to the Oslo Accords.

The arrests came as a result of a covert investigation into the PA’s operation inside Israel, according to the police.

During searches of the suspects’ homes, police said officers uncovered tens of thousands of shekels in cash, weapons, ammunition, uniforms and various PA security forces documents.

Police said the suspects were engaged in activities that “directly affect the personal safety of Israeli Arabs.” They were taken in for a hearing and were expected to be brought before a judge for a remand hearing on November 26th.

“The police will take a hard and uncompromising hand against Israeli residents and civilians acting in the name of the Palestinian Authority and other terrorist organizations in violence of the law, while violating the sovereignty, governance and security of the citizens of the State of Israel,” Israel Police said in a statement.

The arrest came one day after police arrested the Palestinian Authority governor of Jerusalem for the second time in two months. He was reportedly arrested as a result of a PA investigation into an East Jerusalem land sale.

Adnan Ghaith was arrested in Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina neighborhood overnight on November 24th. Reports in Hebrew-language media said that Israeli authorities are investigating Ghaith after the PA arrested a man last month accused of selling property in East Jerusalem to a Jewish buyer.



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  • RichardD

    The Jews stole the land and demolished the towns and villages to cover up their war crimes:

    – The 418 Destroyed Villages of Palestine –


  • Smaug

    It would not be surprising to anyone if this was some insurgent organization, but the question is who are they affiliated with? Are these Abbas’ men? He is the head of the PLO. Or are these another group?

  • Lena Jones

    People with moral arrested development should NOT be arresting restless natives, they should be in prison themselves.


    The askhenazit Jews of Eastern Europe must continue to steal the land from the Palestinian natives, be part of their diabolical Zionist doctrine, or bulldozers or sham trials or by killing them in their homes, they must uproot all the Arabs from their land.