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Israel Approves Ceasefire While Last Rockets Target Gaza – Reports

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Israel Approves Ceasefire While Last Rockets Target Gaza - Reports

Israeli Air Force Squadron 190 AH-64A Peten, 27 June 2013, Taken by Oren Rozen, Via Wikimedia.

A new series of strikes targeted the Gaza Strip amid reports of a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinian factions.

On May 20 afternoon, the Israeli military released footage of four new strikes which targeted a Shehab drone launcher, two rocket launchers and a post in the Gaza Strip. The strikes were all carried out with Spike NLOS missiles.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Air Force targeted an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) unit of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

In the morning, an ATGM unit targeted an Israeli military bus to the north of Gaza. At least one Israeli service member was injured.

The recent strikes came amid reports of a near ceasefire. In the afternoon, Israeli and Arab news sources reported that Tel Aviv has accepted terms of an Egyptian brokered ceasefire deal with Hamas.

Later, the Israeli media reported that the country’s security cabinet had approved an unilateral ceasefire. An official of Hamas told Reuters that a “mutual and simultaneous” truce with Israel would begin on May 21 at 2 a.m.

The battle in Gaza, which broke out on May 10, claimed the lives of more than 230 people. Palestinian forces launched over 4,000 rockets at Israel, killing 11 people.


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None of you

If they fire again against Israel we will unleash 10 times more powerful airstrike on this shit hole.
Remember we will use anything at our disposal.
Filthy jihadist

IDF War Criminals

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Last edited 7 months ago by IDF War Criminals
John Wallace

What’s that . He has just heard the air raid siren and is shitting himself or was he told Iron Zion was to be his body guard and again shitting himself at the thought.. Or letting him know what it will be like in his cell ..

Butt smasher

Jews fucked your ugly mother no wonder..ahahaahah…

None of Jews

Butt sucker, Jews fucked your ugly mother, your ugly father, your entire ugly family and they fuck and fuck your ugly aids infested mouth. That’s why you love them so much.
Now go suck Bibi’s butt like an obedient little shabbat goy bitch.

Neo Onh

Emasculated russian lol….bar keeps going lower and lower.

Tzatz Twatz

Butt sucker, you tranny sick freak from toronto, your monkey head can’t go any lower – it’s always below Bibi’s anus :D


Спалился , агент Кремля 🤣 Go back to sleep near параша.


writes feminized CIA amerikan
“only in amerika is the father vestigial: the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine”. Geoffrey Gorer

jens holm

Very sexy ass he has

Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

You forgot that the IDF didn’t destroy any Hamas tunnels. All that Israel accomplished was to get more international opinion against Israel.

jens holm

I dont see more against Israel at all. Its the same level. They have many minusses and also the right to have their cpountry as it was made.

Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

I saw a lot more, especially in the West.

John Wallace

Why are you a filthy Jihadist. Are you angry and upset ( filthy ) or have you been firing rockets for days and unable to have a wash or bath . Sorry I forgot Israel probably turned off the water tap like they do all the time so silly me I now understand why you sign yourself off Filthy jihadist.. Keep up the good work and fire some more rockets and get some of those bar steds that aren’t allowing you to have a wash.. Take pride in the fact that you are a Filthy jihadist because you have earned it.


Does that include GAS? i mean why not go full on Genocide.

John Wallace

Gas was reserved for Jews and not to be used on anyone else. Apparently it brings back special memories for Jews that others just can not understand.

jens holm

You just confirm why the Jews in Israel has every right to defend themself almost no matter what.

jens holm

Also the Jews in Danmark has every right to defend themselves. Danmark is their land and it will always be theirs.


Anyway the apartheid nazi state or israHELL will collapse
WE needs only Time:
France in Algérie for 132 years 1nd they go back Home
Idem in Vietnam
Great britain in china ans india idem
The europeans colonise all america.but Israël entity is the last colony,it will ne broken

jens holm

Weknow. ll Your fictive adventures starts with as “Once upon a time in the future, there will come…”

At the same time You are doing absolutly nothing to support any of it. Your best supprters are UN with UNICEF an dRed Cross fianced by Westerns.

Hamas are using all bguilding materials send to all for tunnels and missile building. Why should we finace that. At least USA is financing the Israelians.

Arch Bungle

Bla Bla Bla. Promises promises.

Fuck you

STFU dumb bitch.


none of you brain cells in Topeka LGBT ghetto only attacks civilians–humilited by Hizbollah….paid by CIA

Gentleman Jim

Actually, Zionist cowards have proven to be losers. They killed a lot of women and children in Gaza and could not even fight the Hamas freedom fighters on the ground like men. This Zionist defeat also exposed the total failure of the Iron Dud farce. Imagine what Hezbollah would do in the next war?

F0uck Israel!

Fuck Israel! The truth is Israel cannot withstand firepower from Hamas backed by Iran any longer. If they did not declare an unilateral ceasefire agreement the Jews would have no peace day in the future. So STFU, the faggot!

Mission accomplished

Bibi get votes, Hamas get money from donations, innocent people died on both sides. Repeat in 4-5 years all over again.

Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

You mean Palestine? International opinion shifted heavily against Israel. If Israel were to continue bombing, the whole world would eventually hate them.

John Wallace

95% of people don’t care and it is let them fight it out over there like they have been for decades. There has been a slight shift from pro Israel to a little more balance and even a tiny bit sympathetic to Palestinians but most people are busy trying to live their own lives in this covid interrupted world to care and happy to be miles away from the madness of the ME.

Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

What COVID? Everything is going on as normal. I was COVID positive, but had absolutely no symptoms. COVID is just a scamdemic to make a few extra more bucks selling vaccines.

The real pandemic is Zionism and Israel.

jens holm

You didnt have Covid at all. Maybee some painted beards on Your dolls:(

jens holm

I hatee when someone paint beards on my dolls. I like playing with dolls all the time:)

jens Holm

Do you like pulling their arms and legs off to see the pain in their faces before you rip their heads off. That is the best fun so you must be like me .

Arch Bungle

95% of the people don’t matter.

Of the 5 % that do, 50% now side with Palestine.

China now sees that it can screw the US by coming in on the Palestinian side.

The stakes have been raised for Israel.

jens holm

Well as written above most people dont care at all. Its just like a simple weatherrapport. Sometimes you take Your hat on. sometimes You dont.

Maybee China is preparing for some kind of Zoo if many raps and jews are alive. They do try to keep pandas alive, dont they.

Arch Bungle

Looks like the point flew over your low-iq head, moron.

jens holm

Thats highly incorrect here. We almost are immune to things from that area.. Me too.

I repeat myself: As long as you kill eaxch other, You dont come here. Not many here blame You for that.

If we could choose, we anytime would take care of jews. They all integrate starting wirth having any descent job. Muslims from there after 10 years only has 50% in jobs even we give them most things for free.They are many too.

Non integrated muslims is about 2 billion dollars every year. Corners of the also fill prisons and rescue centers up to 50% even muslims here only are 4%. Unfortunatly we cant see who is who among the muslims. 90% are fine people even only 50% fits in.

john wooh


Last edited 7 months ago by john wooh
John Wallace

Just before this all started wasn’t Bibi to be removed from trying to form a government and other parties given the chance to try. Had that been successful then Bibi would have been no longer PM and then allowed to put in jail. Bibi then went and stirred up trouble at the al Aksa Mosque and set off the chain of events till we get too today. Too me this all looks like Bibi did what he knows works to save his arse.

jens holm

Yes Hamas gave them that oppertunity and supported themself too.But do they support the ones actually living there? I dint think so.

jens holm

Yes. Tempting to see the ceasefire as if both has no more stored bombs and missiles and need a 4-5 year rebuild.

Christian J. Chuba

Does anyone know what rate of fire Hamas was able to maintain? They fired at least 4,000 rockets so this alone matches the total of 2014 which lasted 50 days. Perhaps Hamas was able to sustain a firing rate that exceeded IDF estimates and they figured that it was not a good idea to maintain a prolonged campaign. I detected absolutely no goodwill in that psychopath, Netanyahu.

It would be ironic that while the U.S., Israel, and the EU complain about Hamas’ missiles that they ended up being an actual deterrent since they cannot accept the idea that the west is an aggressor needed to be deterred.

Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

~4000 rockets / ~14 days = ~300 rockets a day.

The rate is much higher than the IDF expected. I assume this is due to Turkish/Qatari/Iranian help. I’m assuming that the IDF expected the fire rate to be lower than in 2014, due to the blockade, but they were wrong. The higher fire rate means that many rockets casually passed the Iron Dome systems unintercepted.

A lot of IDF bombs failed to explode too. I remember seeing at least 3 unexploded IDF bombs in online posts. I’m assuming that these unexploded bombs will be recycled for future rockets. And if there’s any technology in these unexploded ordinance, such as glide bombs, that will be very helpful to Iran and Turkey.

This is very bad for Israel. Israel really needs to make real peace with Palestine, and withdraw from the Golan Heights and West Bank. Otherwise, their position will weaken even more.

john wooh

ur underestimating israeli power, if they wanted they could erase whole middle east in seconds.

Arch Bungle

And erase itself in the process.

jens holm

I dont think so. their tradtions are no jews are spendables.


And that is exactly why they cannot win a war. To win, you need boots on the ground and idf are pussies. They got bitch slapped in 2014 in shujaiyyah then committed war crimes. White settler colonial occupation of Palestine is over. Next big project is to relocate Israel to Denmark.

Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

Their casualties would be too high, and it would destroy the Israeli economy and a huge portion of their own industry.

Why do you think Israel left southern Lebanon? It was too expensive, and their casualties kept piling up.

Last edited 7 months ago by Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.
jens holm

So why did those Iranian morons dont take any territory?

jens holm

That goes for Assads as well.


Because they are not morons. They riule by proxy . Persian empire existed when Danes were still cave neanderthals fuking snow monkeys

jens holm

That goes for Danes as well. We neeed more territories for bananas and marijuana plantage. Both very popular in Danmark specially bananas

jens Holm

If they smoke the bananas what do they do with the marijuana , feed the monkeys. ?

john wooh

@Spokesman@ArchBungle and @Yuri
your all right, im talking about their Nukes.
from the muslim nations only Iran and Turkey/Pakistan could be a threat for them


Israel has a capable military but not enough they can “erase….ME..”

jens holm

Peace is both ways.

jens holm

I dont think things are like that. Israel right now are being nice. If they feel threats more then thise, they with no hesitation will make the hostile areas into stoneage with no tents.

They hold back.

And we in west are not as stupid as you assume. We know the hen and egg stories even we here only see too many gargling roosters.

Only hens should be left alive. At least they lay eggs.

jens holm

Only hens and jens lay eggs. Eggs are great with half-bananas and organic tomatos.


I believe you are correct. Gaza rockets inaccurate usually miss targets…many suggest that this conflict guarantees netanyahoo will not be replaced

Proud hindu
Last edited 7 months ago by Proud hindu
john wooh

if ur real hindu what i doubt, u wouldnt say such things. india, pakistan, sri lanka, bangladesch is for the rest of the world almost the same.

listen to mahad magandi and his words.

i got jewish israeli friends and libanese/palestinians/tunisian, syrian/egyptian friends.

the israelis when they fly over to visit us they listen to sidi mansour “allah ya baba” or amr diab.
jews/israelis love your food; music and passion.

but the arabs also adore the israelis for their clean good organised country for their knowledge and power.

behind the doors both like and respect each other, but politics and religions tries to sabotage normal peoples lifes, even Abraham/Ibrahim was the father of both.

i like/love normal jews and i like/love normal arabs.

but its ur choice i hope there will be someday in the future peace between all good people of the world and nobody will cry and feel unjustice and payne, like kids and women do in the middle east.

jens holm

Speak for Yourself and your won dark. We all as a minimum know Modi and beforee that Ghandi are very different from the rest.

Proud Hindu

India had their highest death toll from covid today and I am proud of that. I get covid and give it free too all Indians. I am Proud hindu and the lowest form of scum on earth so I am proud of that I am proud I am just evil and should be on the pyres burning with the dead covid patients .I am proud of that.. You too can be scum like me be Proud hindu 2

Arch Bungle

Shouldn’t you be dumping your dead covid relatives into the Ganga River about now?

Or smearing yourself in cow shit as a cure?


3000 dead cow worshippers from covid . Yesterday in toiletstan called india


4500 dalit die each day from amerikan virus—no vaccine for insecure Dalit stupidity

Arch Bungle

What, no ground invasion?

Run out of ammo did we?

Didn’t expect Hamas to be able to hit Tel Aviv?

The next round there won’t be any bottle rockets.

jens holm

You dont care half a banana for the many killed arabs there. They are spendables for You, and its probatly fun for You making some new ones too.

jens holm

I love bananas so much they remind me of my uncle Magnus Holm. They are spendables but more tasty than tomatos. Perhaps if I use my organic fertilizer on bananas its fun even more very much too.

Arch Bungle

Actually I do.
I love the Arabs.
I lived among the Arabs for years.
Then I lived among Jews.
I found the Jews to be shitty people in general.
I found the Arabs to be a wonderful culture, regardless of their faults.
And every Iranian I met has been admirable.

I wouldn’t be wasting time every day on these forums if I didn’t care about the Arabs.

Last edited 7 months ago by Arch Bungle
Pro Terrorists -> Zion yankees Wahhabi Kurds

They run of money…it is a fact Zion fukers, you are fuking poor as shit.
RT: “Biden says US will help IDF ‘replenish Iron Dome,’”

Fog of War

This ” ceasefire ” is a scheduled event, Its in the numbers. The conflict lasted exactly 11 days . I’ll let the readers research the significance of the number ” 11 ” in all these events.


WW1 ended on 11.11. 1918. 11.00

Fog of War

Correct, at 11 am .

Fog of War

China will save us. Keep repeating China will save us, China will save us…………………….

Its all theater folks, wake up .

– Khazar Faces in Chinese Government –


Arch Bungle

Muslim faces in the Chinese Government:


Among many thousands of muslims at all levels of the CPC.

So, you must therefore admit that the CPC is a Muslim-infiltrated organisation, right?

The Mullahs are running China behind the the scenes, right?

Trap has turned Gay (and is proud)

Quit talking out of your ass.

Fog of War

Its all theater folks, wake up .

– White Man’s Chinese Father Inlaw Enightens Him On Khazar Superiority –


Arch Bungle

Did a Chinese outperform you in your workplace perhaps?
You seem to have suddenly developed a massive inferiority complex vis a vis Chinese.

China stands with Palestine:

“During the era of Mao Zedong, China’s foreign policy was in support of Third World national liberation movements. In the post-Mao era, China continued to support the Palestinian Liberation Organization in international forums. China recognized the State of Palestine in 1988. Since 1992, China also established formal diplomatic relations with Israel and has since maintained a cordial relationship with both entities.

Palestinian leaders Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas have both visited China in official capacities, and relations between the two countries has been considered as cordial. China does not consider Hamas ruling the Gaza Strip as a terrorist organization, and officially supports the creation of a “sovereign and independent Palestinian state” based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. “

Fog of War

The truth hurts doesn’t it ?


Ask a Christian if they believe in the new covenant? Of corse they do, they are Christian. Then ask them why they support the zionist state of Israel which is anti-Christ and rejects the new covenant?

Fog of War

Yes, Christian Zionists are filth . Do you want me to add something else ?

Rodney Loder

Heroes, defenders of Civilization congratulates Hamas for confronting those dirty little jew maggots, who by the way have leatned a good lesson, and also the desciples of the homosexual Sid Loder who gifted me to israel are taking time-out to think again. Praise be to Allah.


Bibi is safe and the families can now be evicted and forgotten. Mission accomplished. Thank you hamas for a job well done. Now everyone is happy there is a ceasefire and life can return to “normal”.

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