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Israel Announces Railway Megaproject With UAE, As IDF And Hamas Exchange Fire

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Israel Announces Railway Megaproject With UAE, As IDF And Hamas Exchange Fire

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On March 22nd, Israel revealed a railway megaproject with the UAE.

Head of Israeli National Economic Council Avi Simhon has revealed that Israel and the UAE are planning to establish a railway project linking Abu Dhabi with Haifa.

According to the news site, Simhon told the Hebrew press that the two countries are studying several mega infrastructure projects, including this railway.

Simhon also said that this railway would travel through Jordan and Saudi Arabia, noting that there is a great opportunity for carrying out this project as most of the railway already exists except between 200 to 300 kilometres in Jordan.

Carrying out this project, Simhon said, will help Israel transport its goods to the UAE in one or two days instead of shipping through the Suez Canal which takes about 12 days.

This is a continuation of the August 13th, 2020 peace deal between Israel and the UAE, brokered by US President Donald Trump

Abu Dhabi said the deal was an effort to stave off Tel Aviv’s planned annexation of the occupied West Bank, however, opponents believe normalisation efforts have been in the offing for many years as Israeli officials have made official visits to the UAE and attended conferences in the country which had no diplomatic or other ties with the occupation state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu however denied the UAE’s claims saying annexation is not off the table but has simply been delayed.

Alongside the announcement of the project, Israel Defense Forces and Hamas exchanged fire on Gaza on the evening of March 23rd.

There is a video of the Israeli response.

There is also a video of the initial Hamas launch.

The strikes targeted sites near Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip and near Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian reports. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the strikes targeted a site for manufacturing rockets and a military position.

“The Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for what happens inside and outside of the Gaza Strip, and will bear the consequences of terrorist acts against Israeli citizens,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

After the rocket fire, Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz stopped his campaign efforts and conducted security consultations.

“Bibi [a nickname for Netanyahu] is weak in front of Hamas,” said former defense minister Naftali Bennett. “I wish Netanyahu had fought Hamas like he fought me. Hamas is laughing at Netanyahu’s weakness. They shot a Grad rocket near Beersheba while Bibi was visiting there.

“Bibi is submissive to Hamas,” he said. “Bibi is submissive to the Bedouin gangs in the Negev. Bibi is submissive to the justice system. A strong right is only Yamina with the letter Bet [the letter on Yamina’s ballot slip].”


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johnny rotten

The many enemies of isisrahell hope it’s true, it’s so much fun to derail a train at high speed and what a nice crash to watch, but nothing will happen, who would use it? and how many millions of pissing Jews it would take to guard the line, there isn’t enough.

Not a fan of Israel

Bombing it will be a walk in the park.


Retribution will bring ‘hexx on Earth’ to the perpetrator …

Not a fan of Israel

…and if Israel bombs it themselves and claims others did it a la False Flag BS?……..then Israel experiences Hexx on Earth, eh?

Not a fan of Israel

Take yer hand off it, Tzatz, it’s blown it’s bolt.

Free man

A Sunni Jewish crescent.

Not a fan of Israel

Precisely but it won’t happen…….too many vultures want to feed on the stinking carcass.


Were the Muslims the Ashkenazi raped and then shot dead not Sunni?

From Alfred Lilienthal’s ‘The Zionist Connection’.

“The initial resistance of the men of Deir Yassin to the
attack was soon overcome, and all of the town’s
inhabitants were ordered out into a square, where they were
lined up against the wall and shot
. According to the
recital in 0!Jerusalem by Larry Collins and Dominique
Lapierre, the daughter of one of the principal families of
Deir Yassin, declared that she saw “a man shoot a bullet in
the neck of my sister Salhiyeh, who was nine months
pregnant. Then he cut her stomach open with a butcher’s
knife. Another woman was killed when she tried to extricate
the unborn infant from the dead mother’s womb. A sixteen-
year-old survivor, Naaneh Khalil, claimed she saw a man
take “a kind of sword and slash my neighbor Jamil Hish
from head to toe and then do the same thing on the steps
to mv house to my cousin Fathi.”

According to the accounts of survivors, the female members
of the two terrorist groups matched the savagery of their
male counterparts. “Bit by bit, Deir Yassin was submerged
in a he11 of screams, exploding grenades, the stench of
blood, gunpowder and smoke. Its assailants killed, they
looted, and finally they raped.” Another survivor,
Safiyeh Attiyah, saw one man open his pants and leap on
. “I screamed,” she said, “but around the other
women were being raped, too. Some of the men were so
anxious to get our earrings they ripped our ears to pull
them off faster.”


and a new smuggling route of afghan heroin – mules or camels and trucks through pakistan, boat to uae of the finished product and train to haifa and boat to europe – silly europeans giving clearance for stuff from the jews in palestine and if not, it’s anti-semitic (it’s so much money in heroin that the jews just have to be involved so it is a jewish operation, like it or not).

Not a fan of Israel

Yeah, also why Israel is pals with Myanmar. Golden Triangle stuff.

We are watching a country become a Criminal State – IN PUBLIC now.

Potato Man

See the whole “peace deal” between Zion and Wahhabi was just trade deal, BUT SA is still not in the deal (nor Jordan)…sure US can kick them in the balls and they running to Zion in a day…but they still not in Zion deal.
“Simhon also said that this railway would travel through Jordan and Saudi Arabia.”
Let see the true face of Wahhabi and Sunnis…would they let Zion ra-pe them or not :)))). It is clear as water that Zion know US is getting fuked and they moving with their plan to loot stupid morons such as Wahhabi, the poor poor Wahhabi morons thinking Zion would make fair deal…LMFAO they gonna ra-pe them and loot them, that’s what Zion have done to US and EU, yeah let Zion in good move….you letting Satanic people in but the same time Wahhabi are just as bad as them, they can fuk died for all I care. Zion have the upper-hand tho.

The China trade plan doesn’t give anything to Zion or Wahhabis – they are not part of main road. LOL Zion and the Wahhabi trying to make team – the loser team – doesn’t matter once US is out Iraq-Iran-Syria-Lebanon grow stupidly, those countries are not build by West unlike UAE-SA-Zion “State”.

Not a fan of Israel

As if Jordan would agree to The Fourth Reich’s railway project! It’s simply an Israeli wet dream.

Potato Man

I agree with you that the railway project (and other “projects”) are nothing but propaganda coming right out of Zion ass.
But I stand on my point that Zion bagging US to bully Wahhabi/Sunni countries to make deal with them, because once the China road and belt initiative take place. Zion baggers get fuk even harder, it will impower Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon and those countries would have upper-hand over Zion and Wahhabis in trade.
I have hope for Jordan but the same time, they are in between two side and they have to take one side in the end. Zion+Wahhabi+US block or Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon-China. Playing both side is never good choice.


‘it will in power Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon’ … lol

2 of the 4 are already failed states

The other 2 are teetering

Counting on China? lol

You’re a potato puff …

Not a fan of Israel

Being delusional is your forte, eh?

Five elections in two years ISN’T a Failed State. Kiss my a**, Tzatz.


What would you know about it?

You’re ilk enjoy dictatorships!

Proportional representation … give voice to many small parties / many disparate viewpoints …eh?

Italy has MANY elections for the same reason …. As does Holland

Every vote counts … it’s NOT first past the pole!

Ignorant slug …

Not a fan of Israel

I am aware of same. You have NO IDEA. Your pathetic assumptions are FALSE.



Not a fan of Israel

Yep, I agree.

Arch Bungle

Jordan is an Anglo-American satrapy, if I am not mistaken.
They may not agree willingly but they will agree … otherwise.

Not a fan of Israel

I’ll put bets on a “No”…..it’s just Bibi’s pre-election stunt, forgotten the day after the election.

Not a fan of Israel

I doubt it will ever get off the ground. Netanyahu just wants to win the election.


I like your ‘certainty’ … lol

Not a fan of Israel

Well Bib moves the goalposts all the time to suit an agenda that is as fluid as his brain stem.

chris chuba

Did the Gazans say why they fired a rocket into Israel, knowing what a futile effort it would be to bring about a retaliatory strike on a civilian area, because they hate Jews more than they love their own children?
Funny how the MSM never even quotes any spokesman on that side of the fence A Lack of International Action Against Israel Murder of Gaza Fishermen
Me, I’m against violence, not advocating their actions but I’m also against making their actions sound completely irrational.


Netanyahu was holding a rally in Beersheva … the rocket fired attempted to disrupt it … eh?

Hamas spokesman? They have them … Abu ShXt head or somebody … but what difference would that make?

Just sayin’


The white Jew who is so white that his DNA reads 100%
European and makes up 95% of world Jewry never lived
anywhere in the Middle East and totally unknown to the
Arabs. He lived by the millions very close to his original
homeland of Khazaria. It was not the Arabs who hated the
white Jews but you the white Christians, hate that spanned
many centuries and involved expulsions and pogroms. Do you
suffer from amnesia that you forgot who were those who
hated Jews?

Arch Bungle

If this railway is built at all, it will be built by the Chinese.
The ‘israelis’ are good for nothing other than bit-fiddling.


Same point – why would UAE sign up to Israel building a huge infrastructure project they have no experience with – ie, cross-continental railways – the Germans designed and oversaw building of the most modern new line in China in 2002 – the Shanghai Mag-Lev express – and now, Chinese have reverse engineered the German’s licensed technology, and are building their own copies.

Arch Bungle

This is China’s strategy for penetrating the Middle East market.
They have at this time completely bypassed the jews and americans in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and even ‘israel’.

‘israel’ has no capacity to satisfy the industrial, technological, infrastructure needs of the Arab world, which are exploding massively.

Neither does The USA.
Neither does Europe.
Neither does Britain.
Neither does India.

China alone is capable of that. Russia to a degree as well, as we have seen in the nuclear power industry.

So no matter what fancy deals they force on the Arab world, it is China that will win.

All across my travels in the middle east all I have seen are massive construction companies backed by either Chinese labour, capital, technology or governance.

I have not seen any israeli involvement in infrastructure development and little Anglo-American.


“I have not seen any israeli involvement in infrastructure … (in the Middle East)”


Wow … precious insight … you must be the bright chimp in your family … eh?


Israeli labour building a railroad? lol


When there are Arabs needing the work …


If you mean … the IDF could wipe out the vile Hamas slugs and kill 10’s of 1000’s of Palestinians while causing 100’s of 1000’s to flee … you’re right!

‘to keep the Jewish population under control’ is a mystery ?

WTF is that about?


‘dump to understand’?

I get it … I’m too ‘dump to understand’ … lol


Nice try ya illiterate goy …


Ah …”goy” is that the way you goyim spell goy?

Just asking … eh?


I’m missing something … must be your google translate


What was spelt incorrectly … goy?

Ya f/kn loser


comment image?1


The Europeans who went around raping Palestinian women looked
just as alien as this man does to the Arab region, alien invaders.


So the Arabs do not realize they will get badly bitten when they
invite the deadliest enemies of Arabs? Why do these silly Arab
regimes think Europeans desperately wanted to get rid of their
own white Jews?

Here are the expulsions of European Jews:

Austria …………… 1394 1510 1559 1571 1593 1669 1670 1843
Bavaria…………… 1276 1446 1551 1815 1919
England………….. 1290
France……………. 1882 1306 1322 1394 1453
Germany…………. 1182 1349 1394 1615
Hungary…………… 1349 1360 1582
Italy………………… 855 1485 1492
Lithuania………….. 1495 1656 1753
Mainz……………… 1012 1438 1462 1483
Naples……………. 1497 1541 1553
Netherlands……… 1442 1444 1582
Poland……………. 1648
Portugal…………… 1919
Prague……………. 1557 1561 1744
Prussia…………… 1510 1843
Russia……………. 1654 1727 1740 1772 1804 1808 1853 1891
Slovakia……..…… 1380 1744
Spain……………… 1492
Strasbourg………. 1388 1514
Switzerland………. 1348
Ukraine……………. 1616 1648
Warsaw……………. 1484 1775

Arch Bungle

There are three classes of Arabs:

1. The Arabs that have been given power to rule by the old British and French colonial regimes.
2. The Arab masses who seem content to be ruled.
3. The Arabs who never submit to colonial rule (aka “terrorists”)

The first class (rulers of the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon (non-Hezbollah), Jordan have been ordered by their white colonial masters to submit to ‘israel’ and have complied.

They have no incentive to disobey, since they profit by such actions.

The second class are being boiled alive like frogs, slowly enough to make them think they are not dying.

The third class …


Did YOU forget the first class (Your designation) all participated in the ‘early wars’ and certainly contributed 💰 / arms / troops / political capital … BEFORE ‘giving up’ to the Israelis?

Not a fan of Israel

I love that clip, being escorted out of the restaurant, and Bibi attempts to taunt the Hezbollah leader about running to a bunker! FMD. Bibi turned up at one of those elections to vote in an unmarked van! Pmsl.

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