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Israel And UAE Reached Historical Peace Agreement

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Israel And UAE Reached Historical Peace Agreement

A view of Jerusalem. FILE IMAGE: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters

Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have reached a historical peace agreement with support from the U.S.

President Donald Trump announced the “breakthrough” agreement on the afternoon of August 13, calling Israel and the UAE the “great friends” of the U.S.

The agreement was sealed in a phone call between Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

In a joint statement, Israel, the UAE and the U.S. said the agreement will advance peace in the Middle East. The statement praised the “bold diplomacy” and “vision” of the three country’s leaders.

“All three countries face many common challenges and will mutually benefit from today’s historic achievement,” the statement reads.

According to the statement, Delegations from Israel and the UAE will meet within a few weeks to sign bilateral agreements regarding investment, tourism, direct flights, security, telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, culture, the environment, the establishment of reciprocal embassies, and other areas of mutual benefit.

In the framework of the peace agreement, Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in Netanyahu’s “Vision for Peace” in the Western Bank. Tel Aviv will focus its efforts on “expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world.”

The agreement will also provide Muslims with greater access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem.

“Along with the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates share a similar outlook regarding the threats and opportunities in the region, as well as a shared commitment to promoting stability through diplomatic engagement, increased economic integration, and closer security coordination,” the three countries said in their statement.

Israel and the UAE will also expand and accelerate cooperation regarding the treatment and the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus under the agreement.

This is the first peace agreement between an Arab state and Israel in more than 25 years. Other Gulf states, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, may follow the UAE’s footsteps. This will lead to more pressure on the Palestinians, as well as Syria and Lebanon.


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Excellent for both countries, time to counter Iran. UAE will now get Israeli high tech weapons and technology, medicine knowledge and other areas. The Palestinians need to negotiate with us and don’t be small kids, we want to give them their damn state and get rid of them.

Fog of War

” UAE will now get Israeli high tech weapons and technology, medicine knowledge and other areas. ”

And what does Israhell get ?


free kidneys…


ha ha ha ha :) very nice!

alejandro casalegno

The Gulf is full of “High Tech Weapons”……..but they CAN¨T defeat the Houthis………….


Start Up capital for its burgeoning Hi-Tech startups … it’s above your pay grade


No you don’t,you want their state in full and have been eating that away methodically for decades. They want to get rid of your from those lands,it’s the other way around. And Qatar won’t get any Israeli weapons either,as there are strict American requirements as to who gets its hands on sensitive US-made core components present and crucial in EVERY single piece of Israeli hardware. 90% of Israeli foreign ventures have been preempted by Washington for that very reason over the past 10 years or so, namely in Eastern Europe.

Ditto its pharmaceutical industry :Western firms have been holding a de-facto monopoly there dor decades , and no one would need Israeli knowhow when they get all they need from very apt and proven European and the American firms there already.

This move is merely of symbolic relevence and won’t change anything on the ground . It just made obvious longstanding trade connections official. It was rather dumb to look the other way up until now and fake it like they don’t have normal relations. It was a long overdue move. At least now the Emiratis won’t look stupid when claiming they don’t do business with Israel anymore.


You know me long enough gryzor to know I support a two states solution. I would be happy to give them most of their demands and free us from their presence. Sadly, we have a corrupted peanut head as our leader that only sees his own benefits, and he will always postpone a peace deal which most of us want and need.


There, we are indeed in agreement. I guess your fiery wording towards Palestinians must have blurred my perception for a moment, I admit struggling with the idea of you being “freed” from them, as everything and the only thing they’ve been asking for decades since the Oslo accord is a viable state on just 22% of historical Palestine to get rid of your military presence and settlements they protect once and for all. You created and maintain that burden on yourself with your policies, it’s not Pals somehow willing to drag on with that shit.

As for the political picture in Israel , sadly while I do agree with your assessment of Bibi personally being an impediment both for peace and even Israeli democracy and Institutional integrity, this is not just the rule of one man, but a whole political spectrum in Israel pushing the most extreme and nihilistic kind of expansionist Zionism. Likud is a far-right supremacist party with religious extremist allies, it’s a very dangerous combination that in history often leads to outright fires of war and hatred.

I sure do hope though that things can radically change after he is either gone and forgotten or ideally put to jail where he belongs. Getting back to the terms of Oslo will forever appear as the ultimate solution in my mind. Palestinians accepting no more than 22% of their original ambition, and you guys finally accepting that East Jerusalem be their capital. That prospect seems hollow at best in our time… still, one can believe I guess !


I agree, but we are willing to give them much more. According to Trump’s plan which was shown to Israelis and most of us feel it’s a fair deal – the Palis will get no less than 70% of the West Bank (probably up to 85% eventually), the Gaza strip, Eastern Jerusalem, an airport and a seaport, a tunnel which would connect both areas so they can travel.

The water is another dispute, I think Jordan can be responsible for them in that issue. You see, even I with all my hate to their terrorists accepts their state, I know it is the right thing for us and them. BUT, first thing they need to show a good will and stop their incitement towards us on their media, calling to kill Jews. That is unacceptable.

Another issue is their refugees which they demand go back into Israel and we can not accept it no matter what so they need to back down. When a peace deal is made, all the walls can be removed for a better future


Yes, without the right to control their own so-called future “borders”, without an army of their own, and with the biggest West Bank settlements remaining in place, without East Jerusalem as its capital since it’s been unilaterally recognized as Israeli by the Trump administration.

And no, I’m sorry, 22% if actually *with* the West Bank, not with 30% of unilateral annexed in full. The seaport initiative has been dragging for decades and for now all there exists is a naval blockade in its place, as for the airport, it would be under full Israeli control and the idea is completely hypothetical anyways. The Trump/Kushner initiative doesn’t even provide territorial contiguity to any future Palestinian state, it makes strictly no sense and that’s why it was rejected plainly by ALL the Arab League, including US and Israeli-friendly GCC states.

And with all their hate for your ethnic cleansing and occupation in 48, the surprise military aggression and subsequent occupation in 67, massive illegal settler expansions, harassment and sometimes even terrorism, destructions of Palestinians homes and entire apartment blocks arbitrarily declared as illegal routinely ever since while the PLO accepted to disarm after the Oslo Accord and fully cooperate with Mossad and Shin Beit, Palestinians still accept to go on with only less than a quarter of their historic country, so I guess there are grounds for dialogue considering what you also say, there we agree.

On water : for now, Palestinians have to endure their water and electricity being regulated and controlled grossly in favor of settler activity, so I guess we aren’t remotely there to discuss Jordan’s involvement yet. The day the Golan is shared by Israel with Arabs and namely Syria to whom it belongs, then we can discuss Arab cooperation on water elsewhere.

About refugees : Why shouldn’t they be allowed to come back after being forcefully expelled ? you guys do it all the time and even produce arbitrary permits for Jews born in the US and Europe or the former soviet states to go and live directly in place they get evicted from, what’s the logic or fairness in that double-standard ? If they get their state, they can invite whomever of their own people they want. As you say, once all walls are finally down, none should decide for the other on anything.

Free man

“Excellent for both countries” – I agree. “time to counter Iran” – I read that there is a secret security element in the agreement. Everyone knows which country the security part of the agreement is aimed at. The UAE is the leader, that will be followed by other countries. The strategic alliance against the mullahs regime is becoming apparent.


Hopefully Saudi Arabia joins the pact too, Iran needs to be freed from the mullahs. Maybe one day we can have a peace deal with Iran too, but I pray it happens before a major war starts.


I read the tweet of MBZ.He was celebrating because he stopped Israel’s expansion.Beware it’s a trap.Dont trust muzlims especially Arabs!

Zionism = EVIL

HUSH stupid PUNK cunt!

johnny rotten

From the Moon of Albama: UAE’s ruler Mohamed Bin Zayed seems to disagree with a detail that Trump posted: محمد بن زايد @MohamedBinZayed – 15:00 UTC · Aug 13, 2020 During a call with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, an agreement was reached to stop further Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories. The UAE and Israel also agreed to cooperation and setting a roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship. “Setting a roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship” differs from the claim in Trump’s term sheet that the parties “agreed to full normalization”. Netanyahoo also seems to disagree with Trump’s declaration: avi scharf @avischarf – 15:36 UTC · Aug 13, 2020 This is hilarious. Senior Israeli source now says Israel still committed to annexation and that Trump only asked for a temporary freeze until peace deal with UAE is signed. Seems like Bibi is afraid of losing the settlers and his base in case we are heading for elections.


Another MoA reader.. Nice. Usually the best reporting instead of just reposting others work. All done by a single person, for decades in constant near daily quality. And all without scammy ads. One of the best blogs there is.

Beacon of Hope

They always had covert relations… Long ago, “Israel Malls Ltd” is subsidary of Aldar properties which is UAE local owned company.

Zionism = EVIL

The FACT of the matter is that UAE is a puny Wahhabi puppet regime with the illiterate local Bedouin population of the less than a million, the rest are all their expat masters or South Asian slave labor. Recognizing a dying Zionist cancerous entity will only strengthen the Axis of Resistance as the main stream Palestinians will now look to Iran for leadership. UAE is not a country or even a city state, it is just a corrupt pimpdom and a military imperialist outpost of the Amicunts and NATO. So no big deal ZERO+ZERO still equals ZERO.

Beacon of Hope

Yeah, here’s the thing. These gulf countries are ruled by families which itself is a tribe so the locals relate themselves to these tribes to feel enlightened and privileged even though they are poorer than the expat that work there. So, they literally idolize them or you can say worship them as they will have phone covers made out of their pictures and stuff.

Now, why they need to please USA is because first they can’t defend their sovereign state and second they don’t trust their neighbors at all. Remember the blockage with Qatar?

Moreover, the Palestinians who have granted local nationalities have been naturalized that they barely care about their motherland. However, they use the motherland to gain sympathy and support.

So, all of this means that now Saudi Arabia is left to announce their peace with Israel which right now covert relation and not in mainstream media. And, once that is done well for good not only Palestinians but Muslims in general will stop trusting these reg mines and free the holy land for good.

Beacon of Hope



Intresting map. Can you elaborate a bit further on it? Why which country loses or win territory…

Beacon of Hope

You can read more on this link where i got this picture from. https://www.globalresearch.ca/plans-for-redrawing-the-middle-east-the-project-for-a-new-middle-east/38

The map is from 2006 and pretty much old. However, It is important to note that division is based on local majority groups which are minority when they are in current state.

As you can see Iraq is divided into three groups shia, sunni and rest is kurds. Kurd exists in Turkey, Syria and Iraq so thats why Turkey, Syria and Iraq lost their land to form Kurdistan.

I dont find any justification for Yemen gaining land maybe due to topography as its seems like natural border so to speak. Saudi loses to shia state due to local shite in that region population and loses to Islamic sacred state as it has 2 mosques, basically a neutral state. Iran loses to Azerbaijan and a bit to free Baluchistan.

Pakistan loses to Afghanistan and entire province Baluchistan. For Pakistan the federal administrated areas which are called agencies are home to people that are similar to Afghans like their language and more. However, they are entirely different which is really part of US miscalculation. This is same area where US and Pakistan supported talibans to drive out soviets from afghanistan.

Although, Baluchistan has lots of rich natural resources including oil and locals has sentiments that are exploited by foreign players that government will use revenue from that sources and spend on province like Punjab. So, there are local militias who abduct or kill officials when they try to develop that area. However, after long military campaign against terrorists, Finally gwadar is developing with the help of china which is part of Baluchistan but there are incidents of suicide attacks on buses that transport Chinese to that city and like abduction of Iranian border guards which happened in last year if im not mistaken so on.

In general, they want to divide the states based on local majority groups so it is easy to control and rule.

Potato Man

LMFAO October is coming you fuking apes better run, btw like we didn’t know UAE, KSA, US and Israel are sucking each out off :/ so what’s really news and yeah read this: “GCC call for Iran arms embargo extension not supported by all members, Doha enjoys good ties with Tehran: Qatari official” https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/08/12/631627/GCC-call-for-Iran-arms-embargo-extension-not-supported-by-all-members,-Doha-enjoys-good-ties-with-Tehran-Qatari-official

Potato Man

“Vision for Peace” think about it….they are not after peace, they just want you think they want peace. Israel is like US & EU. US = China is bad EU = Russia is bad Israel = ME countries are bad hmmm is it as if they follow the same shit :/

Potato Man

“Trump says ‘historic’ Israel-UAE deal on diplomatic ties will ‘suspend’ Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands” Okay right this shit not gonna see the daylight, as if Zion state can stop stealing…that is very anti-semitism, as stealing is part of any Zion.

S Melanson

Regarding confusion over normalization. “Agreed to full normalization” is not the same as “established full normalization”. What was signed are ‘accord’ which is based on the intent to establish full normalization of relations – read the joint statement of the involved parties.

The Camp David Accords signed by Begin and Sadat was also not a peace treaty, the Accords represented intent and a road-map to a peace treaty which was realized on March 26, 1979, full normalization of relations between Egypt and Israel followed in 1982 despite the assassination of Sadat in 1981. https://www.history.com/topics/middle-east/camp-david-accords https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/israel-egyptian-peace-agreement-signed

A June article in South Front spoke of this: https://southfront.org/israel-informed-palestinian-authority-that-it-will-not-annex-jordan-valley-report/

Below is my reply to Iron Zion on why Israel will not proceed with annexation. The UAE deal is to provide a quid pro quo cover for a decision already made. If there is something good to say of Netanyahu, he is a good lightning rod to shake things up – the middle east ‘status quo’ is not to anyones’ liking and a dangerous flash-point for global war. I also point out the the UAE-Israeli accord will have limited implications for the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis of resistance – what will have greater implications is what just happened in Beirut.

On the incident in Beirut, I have this to say; An extreme action taken in an environment perceived to be one of extreme circumstances, has generally two outcomes (1) the desired outcome: capitulation of the enemy, and (2) the more likely outcome based on the historical record: Hardening of resistance and willingness to employ extreme measures that before would not have been considered.

June 26, 2020 reply to Iron Zion ——————————–

What was driving annexation was suspect with inadequate debate on the very considerable downside risk to Israeli security. A long hard look was needed beyond the pretty window dressing. Many others sent similar warnings.

So they took a hard look at the reality of annexation stripped of personal conflicts of interest to focus on real implications for Israeli security interests- as it should be. Clearly they did not side with Netanyahu/Gantz as they understood the long term damage to Israel’s security interests and security has primacy in foreign policy setting and actions – it is not a popularity contest.

I discuss below briefly what I mean by long term damage that was missing from debate and so under appreciated due in part to Netanyahu’s near total focus on achieving security objectives by military means.

Israeli policy is not to improve security by military means only – but acting as if it does, you undermine the existing peace treaties which plays into the hands of Israel’s enemies and each provocative act will weaken resolve to uphold peace with Israel til one day it will all break like Humpty Dumpty. Suddenly, diplomatic Channels and non-military options for resolving outstanding Israeli security issues will be drastically attenuated.

Closing off any options to achieve security goals undermines Israel’s long term security. And as a nuclear power, it undermines mutual security, as reliance on military Means to resolve disputes heightens risk of use of nuclear weapons which can spiral out of control – it only has to happen once and no one wins, everyone loses. That Israel stepped back has increased my respect for your nation and its people.


S. Melanson, very well spoken, but Israel’s long term security is only achievable if it comes to accept a Palestinian State. That would be the State of Gaza, with or without the West Bank. The off shore oil and gas that the UAE and Israel are eager to divide between themselves belongs to Gaza, and its people. With out regard to its rightful owners, this ‘new deal’ of far from the road to Peace.


There is no state of Gaza, Palis is a one package deal that includes Gaza, 70-85% of the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem. They can have all of it if they accept Israel as a Jewish state and disarm their terror groups, but they will never do it.


“A one package deal” could become a ‘three package deal’. Three States, Gaza, Israel and the West Bank. They will disarm when Israel does.

It is in your own long term interest to seek Peace, it gives Life.

cechas vodobenikov

irrelevant–Israel will never accept 3 packages, nor will the PA/Hamas…disarm? PA/Hamas are impotent, except their intelligence agencies funded by CIA, aimed at oppressing their own people–see the marxist historian Perry Miller in New left Review

cechas vodobenikov

here you r mainly correct; Hamas/PA disunity has prevented meaningful negotiation–netanyahu has not helped either… both PA/Hamas encourage the killing of jews by providing lifetime pensions to families of “martyrs” –this increases mistrust….never is a long time

Антон С

“accept Israel as a Jewish state”

What about 1/4 of arabs living here on their own land? Or “ein reich, ein folk”?


Israeli Arabs are a minority and they know Israel is a Jewish state but we give them their rights as Israeli citizens without discrimination. Regarding the Palestinian territories, they can have what I wrote in a peace agreement, that is what we have offered them many time and they refused because they want 100% which won’t happen.

Антон С

What about rights of people in Bethlehem, which is surrounded by wall? Does it look like Aushwitz?



They will stay surrounded by a wall till they no longer execute anymore terror attacks from the West Bank into israel. It’s up to them to change their reality, sign a peace deal with us and we won’t need walls.

Антон С

Good answer of real terrorist. Applause!


Just my honest truth.

Антон С

Nice “truth”. Aushwitz was full of such “terrorists” according to your logic. And shitler did “right” thing attacking and murdering others, it was “defense” against “judeo-bolshevism”, aha. Thats why people see no difference between such zionists as you and nazis. Whole Bethlehem are terrorists! Need to punish all of them, collectively as in ancient times.


That’s how I view them, do you want me to lie to you? okay Anton, I love all the Palis and no one is a terrorist there.

Joao Alfaiate

“…we give them their rights as Israeli citizens without discrimination.”

Except for little items like most land in the Zionist enterprise is administered accord to JNF rules and other discriminatory regulations, Arab land can be confiscated for the benefit of the majority population and Arab municipalities are funded at a level approx 25% of that of the majority-if they are recognized as towns and cities and funded at all.

And, of course, there is an established state religion. I wonder how minorities in the USA would feel if Protestant Christianity became the state religion.

We are all looking forward to the day the Arab citizens of the zionist entity rise in solidarity with their friends and brothers in the rest of occupied Palestine.


Won’t happen, most of them are loyal citizens and we have good lives together.

Joao Alfaiate

Well, just in case, keep your foreign passport handy.

S Melanson

Yes, the Palestinian question I did not mention. It seems many Arab states are abandoning the Palestinians even openly. I am coming to the conclusion a two state solution is no longer realistic of even feasible. A one state federation as per the minority report (1947) of the UN committee on mandatory Palestine may be a starting basis – the majority report was partition and we can see how that turned out.


The “One State” as it is, and has been, is ruled by the Zionists, that certainly is not working out. An “official” state religion, like Saudi Arabia works ‘well’ if you happen to be Wahhabi Sunni, for ‘others’, not so much. The “Two State” concept will never happen because the Gazians are Sunni. What is left of the West Bank and its Palestinians are a mix of Shia / Sunni and tied into Jordan historically. Three States are the only possible solution.

Raptar Driver

This peace agreement will only lead to war. It should be called the future war agreement.

S Melanson

Yes, mostly agree. I would say it does not address what is leading to war. I paste part of a comment I posted on this article below and welcome feedback:

————————————— The UAE deal is to provide a quid pro quo cover for a decision already made. If there is something good to say of Netanyahu, he is a good lightning rod to shake things up – the middle east ‘status quo’ is not to anyones’ liking and a dangerous flash-point for global war. I also point out the the UAE-Israeli accord will have limited implications for the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis of resistance – what will have greater implications is what just happened in Beirut.

On the incident in Beirut, I have this to say; An extreme action taken in an environment perceived to be one of extreme circumstances, has generally two outcomes (1) the desired outcome: capitulation of the enemy, and (2) the more likely outcome based on the historical record: Hardening of resistance and willingness to employ extreme measures that before would not have been considered.

Raptar Driver

Is anybody certain about what happened in Beirut yet?

S Melanson

What actually happened will not be told in the main stream media but clues are out there to find. Be careful of photo-shopped or other doctored ‘evidence’. Because of the uncertainty and massive mis-information campaigns, I am still not certain enough to say but I strongly suspect it was a ‘message’ delivered. Read this article: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20200807-the-beirut-explosion-has-serious-implications-for-israel-and-hezbollah/

also, consider:

2,700 tons of Ammonium Nitrate – if this was widely known, why would it be allowed to be stored for 6 years, Why not use for agriculture, it is expensive and not easy to procure in such large amounts. The story of its transport and delivery and aftermath has lots of holes that could sink a fleet of ships.

Even if it was detonation of ammonium nitrate, it could be used as an opportunity to conduct an attack by intentionally blowing it up – but It is normally stable so an accidental detonation of the power witnessed requires a series of unlikely events. If not an accident – motive is important to consider – Israel, Hezbollah, USA etc… are culprits that have been trotted out but if any of those named have no credible motive to do such an act should be discounted – to frame another culprit is still a possibility

For example, Netanyahu pointed to Hezbollah missile sites in Beirut – it was alleged he pointed to the exact warehouse – he did not according to Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-netanyahu-missiles/fact-check-israeli-pm-did-not-pinpoint-location-of-beirut-blast-during-2018-u-n-speech-idUSKCN2522KO

True but think about it – Reuters confirms that 2 years ago, Netanyahu pointed to Beirut and the sites pointed to within its city limits were only a few miles from the site of the explosion. Would Hezbollah store munitions in the middle of the city in the first place, and if it did, would that remain true two years after Netanyahu called them out on it – however, I have read that the red color of the cloud can be a result of ballistic missile fuel.

The deep red cloud is of interest – check out wikepedia which added the day after the explosion: ‘The red–orange colour in an explosion cloud is due to nitrogen dioxide, a secondary reaction product.’ Under revie history, this comment was made: brown color is due to nitrogen dioxide, is a doubtful proposition. any source for that? this addition seems to be for Beirut explosion. The claim now has a citation added and the citation is to an article published August 5 (after the explosion in Beirut): https://cen.acs.org/safety/industrial-safety/chemistry-behind-Beirut-explosion/98/web/2020/08

Why would Hezbollah store munitions in a densely populated urban center – and a port they depend on for shipments?


Good evening Stewart,

Could you elaborate a bit further on your stance on Netanyahoo, “good lightning rod to shake things up”, because i believe his is only realizing this accord, because he is in dire need of “good points”.

The implications for the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis of resistance; i’m assuming these will be nihil. The view of the main antagonists of the Axis (the Shia crescent) towards Israël will remain unchanged, since they are not involved in this.

This accord will change the situation on the ground (between Israël and UAE) simply from “De facto” to “De jure”, as there were already ties between the two countries.

My conclusion is that this accord is being blown out of proportions by people in desperate need of “showing something to their constituency”.

S Melanson

By lightning rod, I am referring to his ten years in office. But the past two years have been particularly provocative with recognition of the Golan Heights, Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and then the proposed annexation of the Jordan Valley. These are major lightning rod issues and normally political leaders try to diffuse the expected outrage, but not Netanyahu, he just grabs the gas hose.

As for the Abraham Accord, they reflect what has been in the background for some time, what is significant is that the UAE is not just acknowledging their growing relationship with Israel, but have formalized it. Although some of the more distasteful provisions were hidden, Some of the details are leaking out.

The delay in annexation was a face saving addition for Netanyahu as the decision was made in June to at the very least delay and this was forced on Netanyahu by elites that recognized the reckless path Netanyahu was walking – I suspect Netanyahu will be on a tight leash now and policies hopefully will be less provocative.

The Accord represents official declaration of allegiance with the Western powers and Israel in opposition to the axis of resistance. The UAE can contribute financially, geostrategic placement of military bases and assets close to Iran, plus there own military. Iran, Syria and Iran are also courting nations to their side – China is major prize although would not trust China one bit. Assume Pakistan comes with China as a package.

Alliances and allegiances are highly fluid right now as expected and will be so until entrenchment of the multi-polar world – this is also the most dangerous point in the transition

chris chuba

1. Joint declaration to deny all commercial, humanitarian, medical, including any potential Covid19 vaccine to Iran, Syria, and N.Yemen.

2. UAE to move embassy to Jerusalem and joint development Gaza’s natural gas fields in the Mediterranean w/Israel w/profits being split 49% UAE / 51% Israel.

3. Fund Sunni terrorist groups for the purpose of destabilizing Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

4. Deny Iranian merchant shipping in the Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, & Gulf of Aden and have joint naval drills and exchange military attaches.

What’s not to love? Pompeo proclaimed on his twitter feed, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ because he is obviously a man of peace.

In all seriousness, I have nothing against better relations between any two countries if I believed that it did not involve plotting against other countries in the region but because I know that Trumpeo believes that the world is a zero sum gain it is all about harming Iran, Syria, Yemen, and the Shia in general.

alejandro casalegno

Is a “Coming Out”……….the Gulf is sucking the Zionists cock for decades,,,,,,,,


My take is it means nothing in the long run. The Iran – China deal blew all of this stuff to pieces.

Zionism = EVIL

Meanwhile the cowardly Zionist cunts have just shelled a UN school in Gaza. That is the reality of Zionist crimes that will continue until the toxic cancer is removed from the region and the world.


The Zionists lost my sympathy a while ago.

Assad must stay

whats the point of this?


The Jordanian response doesn’t sound very supportive of the deal if it doesn’t lead to a sovereign Palestinian state based on the 67 lines. Which is highly unlikely to happen without a regional military coalition to implement it and clear the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied territories on an as needed basis.

cechas vodobenikov

the dim amerikans/israelis help Iran; UAE is populated w at least 500,000 Persians whose talent is responsible for the UAE economy—they own 8-10,000 businesses that trade with Iran, often w the acceptance of UAe officials

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x