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JULY 2020

Israel and U.S. Carried Out Arrow-3 Missile System Test Over Alaska


Israel and U.S. Carried Out Arrow-3 Missile System Test Over Alaska


Israel and the US completed a series of tests of the new Israeli-developed long-range Arrow-3 ballistic missile defense system in Alaska. The  test included the successful interception of an “enemy” target, according to the Israeli military.

The Israeli side stressed that the tests demonstrated the missile’s capability against exo-atmospheric targets. An American AN-TPY2 radar was involved in the stests. This demonstrated operational connectivity between the systems.

“Ten challenging years of development have culminated in this moment: the Arrow 3 weapon system completed a test campaign, during which an Arrow 3 interceptor completed full interception of the target,”Moshe Patel, the director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization, said. “In addition, the fact that the tests were conducted in Alaska, tens of thousands of kilometers away from Israel, is another significant achievement that demonstrates the operational capabilities of the Arrow 3 system to successfully face any threat,” he added.




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  • cristi cristikosk
  • klove and light

    compared to the last 5 russian Missiles Tests (anti ballistic Missiles and offensive ballistic Missiles), the U.S/Israeli Missile are far far far behind the russian Technology when it Comes to Speed…..on all previous russian defensive ballistic and offensive ballistic Missile Tests Videos it clearly Shows that russian Missiles go to hypersonic instantly after start…….. compared to this us/israeli test, the us/israeli seem to go in slow Motion when compared.

  • Decatur Guy

    Don’t think for one second Israel is above detonating a nuke on US soil for a false flag of epic proportion.
    Don’t. Doubt. It!

    • verner

      and they are most likely having one or two of their stelth subs sitting off iran in the gulf of Oman ready to ship one or two nukes on teheran or some other city/area of interest – they are waiting for the right excuse which for example might be when dunny the dunce cant withstand the pressure from the mic/deep state any longer and starts a retaliatory attack under which the squatters can sneak in their nukes and then deny any involvement.

      israel is of little value and since the geopolitical experiment called israel is a complete failure it’s to the world’s advantage to close it down and send the squatters on green cards to the dysfunctional states of A. I’m sure the american people, like the politicians in washington dc, will embrace the newcomers with open arms. well maybe not so much.

  • World_Eye

    Stupid zionists and neocons it’s very easy when you know the pattern of a ballistic missile, first you launch your TARGET and follow its path then you launch your interceptor and boom. What happens when a foreign country launch stealthy and un expected launch with some 25000 Km/h or some 6-7 km per second. Yeah go stop that I want to see your happy faces then. Do you even know how Russia tests their interceptors, they don’t tell their interceptor mission crew nothing and boom suddenly a missile in the sky, to really stress test their readiness. But what the zionists and the neocons are doing is literally for laughing.

    • occupybacon

      I think they should hire you

      • viktor ziv

        No need to, what corpus of 450 mil Americans and 10 mil Israelis can do, makes me sleep safely.

        • occupybacon

          another vodka talking zombie

          • viktor ziv

            Talking from your own experience again. Lol

          • occupybacon

            It’s good that you type ‘lol’ at the end of your comment, that will make you look cool, not cringe at all

          • viktor ziv

            Expected Freud “eros” focus in your reply but you surprised me with vodka and zombie, that made me lol.

          • occupybacon

            k mate :)

        • Xoli Xoli

          When Russians test every warmonger panic.But if USA and Israel test everyone goes to bars and relaxing laughs fake news propaganda.

      • World_Eye

        They should. But the Russian, no offer accepted from Nasty, Disgusting Zionism.

        • occupybacon

          They turned you down because you are a disgusting zionist? :))

          • World_Eye

            Haha I am zionists, oh man you are wishing that too much tho. I am an Christian Orthodox and I am way away from the evil jews and the nasty Zionists. I despise Jews, and Zionism, the Jews are the only nasty people without a state in this world, even the gypsies have a their own country, but Zionism stuck in Republic Of Palestine is a crave. But they get their daily dosages with Hamas rocketing/defending their land, and the Zionists are in constant sirens wiou wiou wiou wiou all go shelter all false state zionist either on ground prone or in their basements. Only that is enough to live in fear. To start employ 16 year olds in 2 years in military is disgusting. 8 million Jews in a 20000km2. Incapable of nothing. Literally, everything is been given to them on golden platter from the United Snakes Neocons.
            But sometimes you are down then you go up and clockwise again, you know that everything that has a beginning has an end. So Zionists will end soon or later then Muslims in Palestine will have a beginning.

          • occupybacon

            ..oh man I’m wishing too much for you to be a zionist so we can win together, you could win good money instead of writing the rest of your useless comment nobody reads

          • World_Eye

            You can put in your ass those bloody money. Fuck you respectively.

          • occupybacon

            C’mon man, my boss is hiring, dollars, euros, shekels, hryvnia, you name it! you work from your cozy home, get paid weekly on card, just need to fuck Russians on the Internet

    • wwinsti

      Don’t forget, an ever growing number of Russian missiles are endo-atmospheric, not exo-atmospheric kids, but you go on and have your fun😊

      • World_Eye

        Yes I have my fun and let me have it, because it is true fun.

  • Brother Ma

    Is this Moshe Patel a Bene Israel or a Black Jew from India?

    • FlorianGeyer

      I have no idea, but he seems to be getting to the bottom of the problem anyway :)

  • Criticalthinker101

    Yeah, on the day Iran plans to send satalite into space. Interesting timing.

    • wwinsti

      Iran, North Korea, and Russia all tested ballistic missiles of some sort within a 72 hour period. No one called it.

  • Brother Thomas

    It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.

    • Noland

      Actually it’s not…

  • Sukhoi

    America – now a colony of Irsael

  • Simon Bernstein

    Great news! Arrow 3 will be stationed in Israel and can intercept any ICBM or ballistic missile in its space-flight stage! Add to that David’s Sling and Patriot to intercept. Israel has a complete missile defense shield protecting them from everyone and anything that flies. 1. Arrow 3, THAAD 2. David’s Sling, Barak 3. Patriot PAC-3/4, and Iron Dome. No one can overpower these highly advanced sophisticated missiles. No one.

    • Jimmy Jim

      kosher hogwash kikey……

    • Bob

      Sounds like you are trying very hard to convince yourself of something. Good luck with that mental process – only beware, there may well be some cognitive dissonance in your future as a result.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    More propaganda. This will be as “successful” as the Zionist crappy iron dud or Americunt patriots.