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Israel And Co. Begin Moving Rapidly In The Middle East

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Israel And Co. Begin Moving Rapidly In The Middle East
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An escalation is taking place in Syria with the sole aim of impeding the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) activities.

In the late hours of October 13th, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit the outskirts of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs. A Syrian soldier and three pro-Iranian fighters were reportedly killed.

According to reports, the raid was launched from the southeastern area of al-Tanf, which is occupied by the US-led coalition and its proxies.

This is the second Israeli airstrike in Syria within a week. Previously, on October 9th Syrian air defenses intercepted an Israeli missile attack above the Homs countryside. As a result, six Syrian soldiers were wounded and some material damage was caused.

The Allies of Syria Operations Room, which commands Iranian-backed forces in Syria, has vowed to respond “very harshly”. It revealed that the Israeli airstrikes had destroyed several barracks and a service center of Iranian-backed forces.

Not too far from where these strikes hit, an unknown warplane, or potentially a drone struck an area controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The airstrikes may have been carried out by the US-led coalition, whose warplanes have hit ISIS hideouts in northeastern Syria in the past, or by Turkey who increased its threats to the SDF.

Israel has suddenly been moving much more actively than before, carrying out two airstrikes within one week, one of them originating from a US-occupied area in Syria.

Separately, it is not a far-fetched speculation that Tel Aviv’s “hand” is likely behind the sniper attack in nearby Lebanon’s capital of Beirut that took place on October 14th.

Violent clashes broke out in the city after snipers opened fire at a group of Hezbollah and Amal Movement’s supporters who were protesting in the area of Tayouneh against the ongoing investigation into the 2020 Beirut port explosion.

A total of six people, all supporters of Hezbollah and Amal, were killed in the clashes. One of the victims was a civilian woman, a mother of five.

Hezbollah and Amal officially accused the far-right Lebanese Forces party of orchestrating the deadly attack on the protesters. Samir Geagea, Lebanese Forces leader, denied the accusations.

Still, security sources told the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar TV that an entire armed cell of the Lebanese Forces that took part in the initial attack were apprehended by the Lebanese Army.

Both the events in Syria and Lebanon are beneficial to Israel, as they become more assertive in targeting Iran’s interests and influence in the Middle East.

Israel, however, is only one part of a new axis that is being formed between itself, Azerbaijan, Turkey and the United States (and Great Britain to some extent). Each participant brings something to the table, and has its own reasons to exert effort towards curbing Iran’s influence.

Tehran is Tel Aviv’s arch-nemesis. Turkey and Azerbaijan dream of a “Turkic World”, which is directly impeded by Iran.

As a result, the events in Syria, Lebanon, and the mobilization of pro-Turkish forces in Idlib are simply a step in a grander strategy.

Israel’s aim is to inflict as much damage on the “Iranian regime” as it can before, ultimately, destroying it.

It’s short to medium-term goals are to secure the Golan Heights, ensure that it has complete control over the Palestinian territories and the consolidation of its grip.

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Chris Gr

The big picture is missing here. Israel is supposedly be on the path of the Oded Yinon plan. That plan, however, is not against Turkey and Iran but against Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.


The Yinon plan is 1980’s strategy for creating a ‘Greater Israel’ – to foster sectarian and ethnic conflict and divide regional neighbors into fractured state-lets and grab their outlaying territories – steal Lebanese rivers, Syrian plains etc (this is basically what Elliot Abrahms in US State Dept is trying to push US ME foreign policy into). But Israel has other tactical plans too. However, these are rarely very well thought for long term. As Israeli politicians like to be seen as aggressively pro-active for domestic and regional political reasons, and are generally focused on creating immediate disruptions within the region, usually with unforeseen consequences (results such as response formation of Hezbollah to resist IDF military occupation of southern Lebanon, ie, the ultimate own goal).

Last edited 1 month ago by TruthIsAWeapon
Chris Gr

Israel had alliances of the periphery like Turkey, Iran, Morocco and Ethiopia.


haifa and tel aviv will be leveled to the ground will turkey ethiopia or marocco fight for you and no the zionists never had any alliance with iran you lying filth

Chris Gr

1981 attack on Iraqis.


The IDF carried out that attack on Osirak all on their own. WTF did Iran have to do with it?…….Don’t make up middle eastern gypsy like stories.

Gregory Rasputin

Nothing to do with Iran. Iran was friendly with Israel during the Shah’s rule though but that disappeared with the Revolution even though the Israelis originally thought they’d be able to control the Mullahs when they favoured the return of the Ayatollah. As usual, the Israelis were wrong.


This is a BS analysis. Israel had Oded Yinon Plan which was blown out of the sky by Hezb 2006 war and the biggest defeats are Syria and Iraq (which is an Iranian colony). It is now facing its greatest existential threat in its history. Iran is consolidating its hold over the ME like no other non-western power ever did. Israel is on its final legs and seeing its last days. the strategic balance of power has shifted in favour of Iran and her allies and What you see now in Syria are more acts of desperation that causes Iran an irritation rather than a setback , than acts that have any strategic value at all


Even the best laid plans can go astray.



Arch Bungle

75% Astray, you mean.


Yes for the whole world to despise you hooked nosed parasites 100% completed.




The fake Israel Is doom!!


The shitraelians are dreaming with “kurdistan”, Iranian defeat etc.

These idiotic zionist inbred degenerates are paranoid fools used to US ponzi scheme dollars. What happens when the ameroclowns are finished? The zionist turd goes down the drain.


Come and try, let’s see who ends up in the sewer you rat.


You’re pretends to be me! Shame on you. You are not even jew. Be gone with you.


inbred_diaperhead always gets flushed even in squatter settler land of degenerates.


Erdo-Turkey dreams of Empire-like dominance across middle east and central Asia, this is a pipe-dream. By aligning themselves with Israel to try and achieve this (Azerbaijan has suddenly been supplied with Israeli weapons) they will only bring big future problems with Arabs and Persian they seek to dominate. Bad ideas and bad choices. But Erdo-Turks are gullible because they live in grandiose fantasies and thus easily swallow what US-NATO-Israel manipulators tell them, about Turkish chances to gain territories in Syria, Armenia and Iran through aggressive adventurism.

Rodney Loder.

As long as the anti-jew infestation is willing to support the homosexual Sid Loder’s creation of a fundamentally fictious world view reality, – don’t expect any immediate problum solving.

I could fix the situation with the help of Brother Erdogan, true he might be off target in Syrian (SAA) objectivity but with regard to Libya he’s spot on.

Only l Jesus Christ can fix the situation, actually last time i was on Earth l wasn’t Jesus at all, that’s just a story Paul and Josephus made up l was brother James as evidenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls, but Allah (swt) got His way anyhow, it’ll be the same again if I can’t be what l am.

God is great swt.


Could you just stay silent. Your useless speculations have zero weight.

Arch Bungle

Jesus Christ is a fiction created by the Roman Empire to pacify fools like you.

Judaism is another fiction created by the Roman Empire for the same purpose.

Peppe il Sicario

Interesting to hear this. This is a little known fact, known to just a small percentage of humanity. The people at the top of the Pyramid invented this creed to subdue humanity into accepting temporal power structures. Like “give to Caesar what is of Caesar…” and all that other mental manipulation. I lived in Rome for nearly 20 years and worked 50 metres from the Vatican walls, so I got to understand a thing during my sojourn there. It is the Vatican, in fact, the extension of the Roman Empire that never really collapsed, which continues its power projection throught the Western world and beyond. All you need to do is look at Washington DC and the occult and not too occult signs are everywhere.


All Israel wants is to live securely within its long existing borders which include Golan,West Bank and Gaza. Israel makes a very good neighbor to its allies. Egypt knows this. The Saudi’s and UAE know this. Turkey and Azerbaijan know this. The Kurds know this. The hate Israel syndrome is passé. Yesterday’s failed neurosis. The new ME will flourish when peaceful cooperation thrives amongst the nations. If Iran can’t get over it’s fanatical hatred of Israel it will grow more and more isolated. It will invite its ultimate demise. But Iran can and should quit this insane policy and seek peace, not export hostilities.


I’m not sure whether you’re on drugs or just mentally unbalanced….Israel makes a very good neighbour, try telling that to Syria, Iran, Lebanon etc etc, try telling that to the Palestinian children murdered daily to satisfy Israel’s satanic bloodlust. Israel has no right to any Palestinian land, Syrian land etc, it’s a parasite, a detestable leech and as such will be squashed underfoot when it’s backer, the psychopathic US bully finally completes its metamorphosis into the third-world cesspit that it was always destined to become.

Chris Gr

Iran is not a neighbour to Israel.


Of course not, it is 2000km away. And this is of course why Israel cannot strike Iran, despite their silly public claims they will at some vague point. If they could they would have already done it. Basic distance reality is Israeli jets simply cant reach there and back. It’s not exactly likely Iraq is going to suddenly allow IAF jets to refuel inside Iraq anytime soon. This is why Israel has desperately sought to drag US into doing the dirty work of striking Iran for them over last three decades.

Chris Gr

However, Israel stroke Iraq in 1981 WITH the help of Iran.

Icarus Tanović

Israel threats. That’s enough to response. It doesn’t matter is it or it isn’t neighbour.


But Israel has been threatening to strike Iran for 20 years – which is not their habit – it simply means they CANT do it ‘cos they know their pissy state will be crushed


You a middle eastern christian no? Do you realize most of your comments are speculation?


you arent part of west asia but lets assume you would be we still would be your neighbor we have a province north of you and south of you mess with our provinces around you and we will mess you up kerak will be back soon too masses will flood from kerak into palestine and liberate their homes from the usurpers our enemy knowing this can only cause this to happen even sooner

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Chris Gr

I am Greek not Israeli

Icarus Tanović

You’re just anatolian biological waste. Greek, not a million miles away.

Last edited 1 month ago by Icarus Tanović

no you a semitic middle easterner. Don’t lie.

Icarus Tanović

But Israel is tryin hard to be one. And that’s not gonna happen.
And I hear your moma was a drug lider,
And your father was a dick rider.
So close the door and turn off the lights, because you are gonna be sucking my dick all night.


It is a neighbour Now Fool. After Israel helped destroy Saddam’s Iraq by inventing 911, Iran owned Iraq and was able to move its forces and weapons factories to Syria – right on Israel’s border – Checkmate zioscum


It’s got to be drugs. No one could be that stupid and be sober.


I understand Israel likes to be vague about where its borders are. The West Bank becomes more and more the sacred homeland of the settler extremists. It’s the same with Israel itself.

A hundred years ago the Arabs of Palestine had no idea that they were living in the ancestral homeland of the Ashkenazis. Maybe they were living in the ancestral homeland of the Mexicans. I’m not sure. Anyway, that concept of the ancestral homeland of the Ashkenazis seems to be a rubbery concept, as is this amazing thing called the rules-based international order that we hear so much about. Too, the Israeli concept of self defense is extremely flexible. An Iranian helping Syria fight the jihadi filth — supported by Israel and its BFF America — is easily defined as an “imminent” threat to Israel itself and voila it’s time for today’s neighborly Israeli air strike.

I dunno. The neocons love to call Iranians the chief sponsors of terror in the world but it’s Israel, the US, the Turks, the Euro toads, and the salafist oil giants who have killed over 500,000 civilians in Syria alone. No one can pin that kind of slaughter on the Iranians but, hey, they’re the CSOTITW so that’s all that needs to be said. Israeli assassination teams heads up!

And if Israel’s such a good neighbor why is it running espionage rings on every street corner of its US? And we never did find out what those dancing Israelis we’re so happy about on 9/11. Right. Our faithful allies.

Chris Gr

Iranians support jihadists in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq though, so what?


“Jihadists” in Palestine LMFAO


Exactly Jon. Let the haters bark.

Icarus Tanović

Teach us how to. Chris started you continue.


all the zionists will get is annihilation and that very soon

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Just wondering what frequency of zionist attacks it would take before Syria & allies legitimately defend themselves … perhaps more than one a day?


No need for frequency of attacks to increase – only for all “pawns” to be in place – ie Iranian missile factories and arms depots in Lebanon and Syria so as to make Syrian battlefield against Israel self sufficient for around 6 months – thats all it will take


Hear me out you Iranian and Hezbollah Shia mother F terrorists, when the war starts you will feel our iron fist on your heads. Over 100,000 IDF combat troops are ready to enter a war at any given moment, this time those Shias bastards in the south will feel us good when we wipe them out and any F village that is shooting rockets. Your time is coming.

Ya Shias bni zonot.


you cant do a single thing so let me tell you what will happen 2022 is the year you will go to far and in which we will come into the zionist usurper entity forget your tiny force we will come in with 10 million people who will storm palestine from all sides even egyptian border wont hold for you try to stop us we will fire 10 missiles for every single soldier you have on your soldiers your bases your airports your cities everything will be showered you wont even get a stone into the air so lets see how long in a ground battle 10 million will need to overtake 100k and yes you can try to detonate nukes in palestine its in your nature to seek ruin afterall but be sure it will only mean your entire annihilation

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Come and do that farbat, instead of hiding in Germany. You Iranian cockroach coward bastard.


i thought you are such great experts in hacking you cant hack my vpn and obviously i cant even watch youtube without vpn you idiot btw if i was in the miserable occupied germany you filthy jew than their nazi police would already have stormed whatever place i would be living in according to your delusions iam in germany but reality is you filthy kippah creature that german law is basically zionist law so you picked the worst example of me supposedly being in and any other place would be a smarter choice

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

you could have said that iam in canada like alot of these kids who troll here and the other alternative could be to accept that iam in sari as i tell you since i dont have any reason to lie since only cowards lie such as you and your worst problem is you still dont understand the smallest thing about iran or iranians you still blabber nonsense and insult shia islam iran and basically everything surrounding the resistance like an idiot thinking that would fix things

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

You had a chance for peace with us, but your regime openly chose to destroy us and working towards that goal. It will end with your total destruction and you don’t even realize it, never push Israel to the corner.

Icarus Tanović

You had a chance for peace with us, but your regime openly chose to destroy us and working towards that goal. It will end with your total destruction and you don’t even realize it, never push Palestine and Lebanon to the corner.


No peace with Thieves. We want palestine BACk – ALL of it, from the River to the sea and we want to see millions of dead Israelis – Thats all we ask for – no go F@ck yourself you delusional armchair wanker


in farsi saying that i love iran equals saying i sacrifice myself for iran it can be used both ways because one sacrifices himself for the things he loves as almost every iranian loves iran we are all like a global army ready to sacrifice ourselves for iran which might freak you out a little i know but you take us iranians inside iran a little bit to light and underestimate us which doesnt serve you and i told you zionists when you had the chance use baku and atleast bomb me here in sari why because you blabber being the ultimate assassinators killing all who speak up against your degenerate oppressive ruinous parasitic existence i tell you openly without tarof we will annihilate you isnt that enough reason so if you are so tough go through with it

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Then do your best farbat, I hope you know what it means. If you fail, then you will no longer exist and I mean literally. We will always stand up and fight for our country whenever needed.

So help you God, Goodluck.

Icarus Tanović

Just pick the ground, you ridiculous lying badger. Go now to your mom to whipe your slime.

Icarus Tanović

No, you got to fight me first. Im in Sur, so come on.

Chris Gr

Forces like the Americans, the Russians, the French, the Germans, the Indians and others will fight against you.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, against Turkay and zionist entity. You’re right there.


France, US are has been powers.

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, I heard you. Shave your ass. I wanna fück you in the ass.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha – 60 000 IDF were mobilised in 2006 only to get their asses handed to them by 2000 militiamen with no Navy, No airforce , no artillery. IDF Diaper troops were shitting bricks and pissing all the 5km into Lebanon – cos thats as far as that “invasion” could go – Dream on Euro trash. Them settlers will be slaughtered like pigs in a slaughterhouse by the first wave of shocktroops , then Tel Aviv will be burnt to the ground and the rest of Israelis will be slaughtered just for fun – perhaps 100 000 will reach Europe swimming LoL

Truth is freedom

@southfront I admire the work you do on global military confrontation but to say that is isn’t speculation that Israel has a hand in the Lebanese shoot out is fully speculation until you have some hard evidence that Israel was involved with the Lebanese military on this matter. We all know Israel does most of it’s dirty work covertly just please don’t lower yourself until evidence is found. We also know that there is two military powers in Lebanon both funded and armed by outside powers but “democratically” the “elected”government should be held accountable.

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