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Israel Accuses Iran Of “Eco-Terrorism” Over Mediterranean Oil Spill

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Israel Accuses Iran Of "Eco-Terrorism" Over Mediterranean Oil Spill

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On March 3rd, Israel accused Iran of “eco-terrorism” and said that Tehran had intentionally polluted the Mediterranean Sea.

This was stated by Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel.

“This pollution has people who are responsible for it and have to pay the price. Our nature is damaged, our animals are harmed, thanks to merciless environmental criminals,” Gamliel said.

Iran, according to the accusations, intentionally caused “the greatest environmental disaster in Israel’s history.”

Gamliel explained that, following a two-week investigation, the Environmental Protection Ministry found that the ship that leaked the crude oil, called the Emerald, was owned by a Libyan company and sailed from Iran to Syria.

It departed Iran, allegedly turning off its automatic identification system (AIS) – which transmits its location to other ships in the area.

It turned the AIS on as it went through the Suez Canal, and then off again as it approached Israel’s shores.

The ship remained within tens of kilometers of Israel’s shores, within Israel’s economic waters, for nearly a full day. It allegedly spent time spilling large amounts of oil on February 1st and 2nd, with its AIS off.

Then it continued on to Syria, where it turned on its transmitter, and it returned to Iran, turning off its AIS as it passed Israel.

It is currently in Iran.

The tar reached Israeli shores on February 17.

“Now we see Iran is not just terrorizing [Israel] with [attempts at attaining] nuclear weapons and entrenching itself in our region, but also by harming the environment,” Gamliel said. “They’re not just hurting Israel. Nature and animals don’t just belong to one nation. This is a battle that crosses borders.”

Gamliel said that Israel will demand compensation from the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund and the ship’s insurers.

“We will settle the score with the polluters in the name of all Israelis for the harm to our health, nature, animals and view,” she vowed. “We cannot abandon our sea. Our sea is our natural treasure that we must protect.”

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the European Maritime Safety Agency, as well as Israeli maritime research company Windward, helped the Environmental Protection Ministry investigate the oil spill.

Apparently, none of the agencies and nobody else, at all, knew of the oil spill before it reached Israel’s shores.

Samples of the tar, which the Environmental Protection Ministry examined, showed that it came from crude oil, which sharply reduced the number of suspected ships from 35 to 4.

Two were too far away, the third one was allegedly investigated by local authorities in Spain, and the 4th one is the Emerald that is allegedly responsible, by way of elimination, apparently.

On February 24th, the Health Ministry barred the sale of seafood from the Mediterranean Sea after a massive oil spill severely contaminated most of Israel’s coastline and killed wildlife.

The decision was made “in light of the environmental pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, which has been expressed, among other ways, in the amounts of tar found on the Mediterranean beaches in recent days,” the Health Ministry said.

Israel, of course, always simply accuses Iran following every and any incident inside or close to it.

Still, the worst oil spill in Israel’s history took place in 2014, and it was not of Iranian causing.


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Aaaahahahahaaaaa…….swim in the muck ya cvnts!….lol

Kenny Jones ™



its all made up there wasnt any pharao defeated by jews or jews in slavery in egypt its a made up story and the jews were created in the sinai desert for around 40 years by mixing people up and teaching them to be horrible and most importantly killing all elderly people and they poured on top of that disgusting mess a cursed bloodline


most of their stories are made up nonsense like today its all lies and deception

Kenny Jones ™

As if Iran would do such thing to Gaza as well as Lebanon, did zionists forgot they’re not the only one with a coastline to the Mediterranean?


they turn even truths around and turn them into lies its that absurd


They are NOT HEBREW but converts to Judaism !


what does hebrew mean and what is hebrew

Arch Bungle

Hebrews were supposedly one of the many ethnic groups inhabiting what is called “Shams” more than 2000 years ago.

Whether they existed, or existed in the form some imagine they existed has not been established.


we know them as the parasites basically


they werent even from the beginning ethnically one people and basically everybody looked different than the other and they describe this by being some weird tribes of jacob and other nonsense


so iam supposed to believe that a white guy who is so white that he doesnt have any eyebrows is the same as an african because that is what they always claimed that they are one people even thou they looked so different that it was a joke to suggest that they have anything in common ethnically

Arch Bungle

No. Fuck No.

The white guy you’re looking at has NOTHING to do with the Heebs we’re referring to here.

The Heebs are EXTINCT. My ancestors, the Romans, wiped them out for being assholes.

The whites you’re looking at are khazars and russians pretending to be Hebrews.

They have no business in the middle east except theft and murder.


lets say hebrew is a construct


is daesh=daesh?


converts to Judaism are only converts from Asia and Europe They are NOT “nation blessed by God” and have NO RIGHT ON PALESTINE !!!


its a project and it never was pure like you suggest


the root was rotten that much i can say and all what happened afterwards was rotten aswell


palestine is real judaism isnt


shut up you retard you can’t even read let alone understand !


i can read but you tell judaism in the western concept and i deny it completely we iranians know jews differently


It is not “western concept” !!! They base their right on existence of IsraHell on the Bible. The concept that IsrHell is “promised land” and they are “nation blessed by God”.

That can’t be true because they are NOT HEBREW !!

You are BLOCKED since I had enough of your rubbish!


its all rubbish the entire book

Cray Brand

We may not always agree, but I agree that Farbat is a spam artist and has no stop button on his mouth lol


jews were never an ethnicity and their language is a construct so is everything else about them


Jews are the descendants from Jacob’s 12 sons.




jews are soon going to be replaced by scientology so what jews are is dead people with delusions

Arch Bungle

False. Helen4Yemen can educate you on the matter.

Jews are followers of the Jewish religious confessional. They are not an ethnic group.


I have higher regard of the Bible than other sources.


I respect that, but notice that Bible is 2 parts. Kindly take a look at my reply to Arch a few comments above.

Most of the stories aren’t disputed, they are ancient stories (like Gilgamesh) but where they happened is the question. Jews got familiar with these stories around 5-6 centuries BC and made them their own, illiterate Greek translators did the rest.

The current mainstream history of ME and western Asia is bunch of lies, written in the 19th century.


Sources mentioning the First Temple[edit]

An ostracon (excavated prior to 1981), sometimes referred to as the House of Yahweh ostracon, was discovered at Tel Arad, dated to 6th century BCE which mentions a temple which is probably the Temple in Jerusalem.[71]

A thumb-sized ivory pomegranate (which came to light in 1979) measuring 44 millimetres (1.7 in) in height, and bearing an ancient Hebrew inscription “Sacred donation for the priests in the House of —h,]”, was believed to have adorned a sceptre used by the high priest in Solomon’s Temple. It was considered the most important item of biblical antiquities in the Israel Museum’s collection.[72] However, in 2004, the Israel Antiquities Authority reported the inscription to be a forgery, though the ivory pomegranate itself was dated to the 14th or 13th century BCE.[73] This was based on the report’s claim that three incised letters in the inscription stopped short of an ancient break, as they would have if carved after the ancient break was made. Since then, it has been proven that one of the letters was indeed carved prior to the ancient break, and the status of the other two letters are in question. Some paleographers and others have continued to insist that the inscription is ancient, some dispute this so the authenticity of this writing is still the object of discussion.[74]

Another artifact, the Jehoash Inscription, which first came to notice in 2003, contains a 15-line description of King Jehoash’s ninth-century BCE restoration of the Temple. Its authenticity was called into question by a report by the Israel Antiquities Authority, which said that the surface patina contained microfossils of foraminifera. As these fossils do not dissolve in water, they cannot occur in a calcium carbonate patina, leading initial investigators to conclude that the patina must be an artificial chemical mix applied to the stone by forgers. As of late 2012, the academic community is split on whether the tablet is authentic or not. Commenting on a 2012 report by geologists arguing for the authenticity of the inscription, in October 2012, Hershel Shanks (who believes the inscription is genuine) wrote the current situation was that most Hebrew language scholars believe that the inscription is a forgery and geologists that it is genuine, and thus “Because we rely on experts, and because there is an apparently irresolvable conflict of experts in this case, BAR has taken no position with respect to the authenticity of the Jehoash Inscription.”[75

Arch Bungle

I have no regard for the Bible when compared to honest scientific inquiry.

It is a backward book of no historical or scientific value.

It leads men far from the path of truth or reason while deceiving them into believing they are following the path of truth.

It’s only value is as a work of literature.


you suggest that the story with moses and the pharao is real?


Yes it is.

Arch Bungle

No it is not. Exodus never happened. 90% of the Bible is fiction. The other 10% was lifted from Zoroaster.


What do you base your statement on? Are you into revisionist history?


That is your personal opinion.


I’m not talking about the Bible, the new testament but the Torah, the old testament is a mixture of stories from older civilizations from Mesopotamia (from Sumerians and Akkadians, Assyrians and even Babylonians) to the tribes which used to reside in southern Arabian peninsula. Plus a bunch of nonsense Rabbis added throughout history. From the story of Noah and the flood to Joseph and Jonah, all exist in older civilizations.

The real home of the Jews is southern Arabia, not Levant. Comparing the geography of Moses’ exodus with a good map proves they were in fact in Misrah in southern Arabia, not Misr (Egypt), hence the name “Mizrahi” Jews which Jews from western Asia (eastern Jews) are called. Plus, Egypt’s kings were called king or god-king or son of god, not Fer’oun (Paraoh) which is an Arabian local title equivalent to chieftain. This is an utter bull$#it which “historians” fed us with.

On top of all that, they must have been unbelievably imbeciles to get lost in the Sinai for 40 years. But it’s plausible for Empty Quarter.


Torah is made up of five books, it is not the entire Old Testament. I agree, in the some parts of the Book of Genesis has applications for other areas in the ME, however it narrows down to Abraham’s journey from Ur to Haran to Egypt then into land of Canaan. That is where he has Isaac, Isaac has Jacob and Jacob has his 12 sons and some daughters…..they eventually move to Egypt 70 people. They remained in Egypt for 4 centuries, multiplying and end up as slaves working on Pharaoh’s construction projects.

They did not get lost in Sinai, they did “settle” there and wait on God for the next move


The last part, their presence in Egypt and their exodus is pure fabrication. They never were in Egypt, Egyptians (like us) used to document everything. There is no evidence to support presence of Jews in Egypt (Misr is the name of country). If they were there for 400 years, something must point to this fact. The same goes for Palestine. There’s no Jewish artifacts, ruins, anything that supports presence of Hebrews in Palestine before Cyrus the Great moved them there. Zero, despite more than 70 years of archeological work and fabrication of history. There “first temple of Solomon” never was in Quds/Urshalim.

But there are a lot of archeological evidence of their presence in Misrah, south of Arabia.

Language is another evidence that supports their origin being south of Arabia. Hebrew and Arabic are very close but very different from the languages which used in Palestine, Levant or Egypt.

Please notice that I do not dispute the existence of Abraham, Jacob or any of the 99 patriarchs (or prophets) who are named in the holy book (out of 124,000!!). What I say is that the place of events is NOT in Egypt or “Canaan” in Palestine. The story of patriarchs in the holy book is the quarrel between small Hebrew tribes in the south of Arabia. Why do you think that historical sites in Yemen are being bombed?

Today we have sciences like genetics that easily can reveal some facts for us and remove fabrications, but changing the mainstream history is very difficult. Just take a look at the “Shoah” and consider that it was allegedly happened about 70 years ago. If propaganda can make something like that a reality, it’s much easier to feed the non-events of 30 centuries ago to people.

PS. Very few are aware that original Judaism wasn’t a monotheistic religion but a dualist. Just search for “Sakinah”, the mate of Jehovah.


“”” The last part, their presence in Egypt and their exodus is pure fabrication. They never were in Egypt, Egyptians (like us) used to document everything. There is no evidence to support presence of Jews in Egypt (Misr is the name of country). If they were there for 400 years, something must point to this fact.”””

When Ramses and Egypt was judged by God it left Egypt in a deplorable condition. A narcissist like Ramses would have removed information about such events.

“”” Please notice that I do not dispute the existence of Abraham, ””” Abraham was a father of many nations, however God promised him the land of Canaan for his offspring coming out of Sarah….which started with Isaac.

“”” There’s no Jewish artifacts, ruins, anything that supports presence of Hebrews in Palestine before Cyrus the Great moved them there. Zero, despite more than 70 years of archeological work and fabrication of history. There “first temple of Solomon” never was in Quds/Urshalim.”””

The Assyrians under Tiglat Pileser carried the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom into captivity relocating them to some other part of the Assyrian Empire during the 8th century, then Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylonian empire destroyed the remaining two tribes, destroyed the Temple and carried them into captivity during the 6th century. Cyrus the great allowed the Jews in captivity in Babylon and other part of the former Babylonian a empire to return and rebuild Jerusalem.


“”” Today we have sciences like genetics that easily can reveal some facts for us and remove fabrications, but changing the mainstream history is very difficult.”””

Genetics might shed some light, however, personally I have less inclination to agree with the Khazar substitution of Jews that were taken prisoners and sold as slaves when Jerusalem and the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. And isolated pockets that survived the Roman destruction hiding in the mountains most likely dispersed.

Scriptures in the Book of Acts written by a follower of Jesus Christ named Luke, describes that during Pentecost around 33-34 AD there were Jews from many nations worshipping in Jerusalem…..Also from the Book of Revelation at the end times during Jacob’s trouble 12,000 Jews from each tribe will be sealed on their forehead and escape destruction.

Original Judaism centered on Yahweh the being of God and His spoken Word which constitutes the precepts of the Mosaic Law. In the New Testament the Word of God being made flesh, as Jesus Christ is the expressed image of God.


Acts 2: [5] And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven.

[6] Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language.

[7] And they were all amazed and marvelled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galilaeans? [8] And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born?

[9] Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, and in Judaea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus, and Asia,

[10] Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes,

11] Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.

Rev.7 [1] And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

[2] And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,

[3] Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

4] And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

[5] Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

[6] Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthalim were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasses were sealed twelve thousand.

[7] Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.

Arch Bungle

I would doubt all of that garbage, new or old testament. Torah or others.

I would put faith in real science-based archeological, geological and genetic research.

Be careful with statements like:

the real home of the Jews is southern Arabia,

The “Jews” are not a race, or ethnic group.

They are a religious denomination.

For example, we have Khazars showing up from Russia and calling themselves “Jews”.

Yids showing up from Germany, and calling themselves “Jews”.

There are even chinese calling themselves jews (Kaifeng Jews).

Not a drop of middle eastern blood among them.

You might be referring to “the Hebrews” … Whence they came I do not know, nor is it certain they actually existed as we imagine they existed.

My frank belief is that the Jews of the Roman Empire were actually Greeks – Helenes who moved into Palestine and formed a culture there. There are studies examining that possibility.

The Hebrews have vanished from the page of time, if they ever existed to begin with.

I have heard rumours of this Jewish Kingdom that once existed in Arabia … I would caution the Saudis to watch their land very carefully and hide their sheep ;-)


You’re right, I should’ve right Hebrews. Thank you.


you suggest that samson beat 1000 heavy armored palestinian soldiers to death with the donkeys jaw?


They were philistines, there were no palestianians at the time.


kind of the same name

Arch Bungle

They are one and the same.


Prove it.

Arch Bungle

The Philistine genetic legacy was absorbed into the local population in the region we call Palestine.

Since “Palestine” is a geographical designation, not an ethnic one, it is clear that if the Philistine genetic heritage was absorbed into the local one over a short period time, they are essentially “one and the same”:

What researchers find even more unusual is that this specific

“European blip” disappears quickly and is statistically insignificant in

the DNA from study samples recovered from the cemetery at Ashkelon only

a few centuries after the infant burials. The later Philistine burials

have genetic signatures very similar to local populations who lived in

the region before the Philistines showed up.

“We managed to catch this movement of people coming to Ashkelon from southern Europe,” says Michal Feldman,

an archaeogeneticist at the Max Planck Institute and study co-author.

“Then it disappears very quickly within 200 years, probably because [the

Philistines] intermarried and this kind of genetic signature was

diluted within the local population.”

Courtesy of these nice jooish scientists who can’t POSSIBLY be lying:



First of all, the word Palestine was coined be Herodotus during the 5th century BC. It was used intermittently by philosophers and historians, more so after 2nd century AD when the last vestiges of Jewish revolt was crushed by the romans. When king Nebuchadnezzar conquered the areas during the 6th century, Jewish, philistines political apparatus (kings/dynasty) were done away with, and the population was mixed.

Arch Bungle

The etymologies of the words “Palestine”, “Philistine”, “israelite”, Hebrew” when referring to that particular region are irrelevant.

They are mere labels.

What matters is the genetic mix of the population in that region and it’s changes over time. That is the core of the matter, not the labels used to describe them.


“”” The etymologies of the words “Palestine”, “Philistine”, “israelite”, Hebrew” when referring to that particular region are irrelevant. They are mere labels.”””

They are not irrelevant, these were kingdoms with kings ruling over people, worshipping unique gods, having their own tradition and culture…etc. you cannot do away with historical realities and insist on the genetic mix that changed over time. Cultures and civilizations flourish and fall, they are absorbed by other civilizations that go through the same steps. The Romans of old were fierce fighters, medieval Italian provinces and city states hired mercenary armies, WW1 and WW2 were disasters.

Arch Bungle

If you want to play the label game:

During the 12th century BCE, the Philistines settled on the fertile coast of Palestine. They founded five city states (Ashdod, Ashkelon, Ekron, Gath and Gaza) which then formed a confederation. At first, these city states were still under the auspices of Egypt. When Egyptian power waned at the end of the 12th century, the Philistines assumed the hegemony in the region. Palestine is named after their inhabitants as “Land of the Philistines.”

The origin of the Philistines has not yet been fully clarified. The majority of researchers consider them to have been among the Sea Peoples, where they appear as “Peleset.” The Philistines could thus have come from the Aegean islands or the Greek mainland. Other researchers consider the Philistines to be a Sea People, too, but assume the west and south coasts of Asia Minor as their areas of origin.

Clearly, Palestine is merely a label for a geographical region while “Palestinians” is merely a label attached to whichever genetic mix of people happened to be living there at that time – whether those people be *labelled* Philistines, Peleset, Mycenean Greeks or other …

(reference: https://luwianstudies.org/the-philistines-in-canaan-and-palestine/)


Here is a secular rendition

The Philistines were an ancient people who lived on the south coast of Canaan from the 12th century BC until 604 BC, when their polity, after having already been subjugated for centuries by Assyria, was finally destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia.[1] After becoming part of his empire and its successor, the Persian Empire, they lost their distinct ethnic identity and disappeared from the historical and archaeological record by the late 5th century BC.[2] The Philistines are known for their biblical conflict with the Israelites. Though the primary source of information about the Philistines is the Hebrew Bible, they are first attested to in reliefs at the Temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu, in which they are called Peleset[a] (accepted as cognate with Hebrew Peleshet);[3] the parallel Assyrian term is Palastu,[b] Pilišti,[c] or Pilistu.[d][4].



Fool: they are still called “Falastini”

Mohammed Assaf – Dammi Falastini = My blood is Palestinian – with English subtitles


do i have to put forward to you the possibility that they are total fakes and that most of the history they tell is fake


judaism is a total mess and in my view most abrahamic religions are nuts and the minority which isnt is basically black sheeps

Icarus Tanović

What is up with you?


its that one parsi hendi with his 100 ID’s here……spamming non stop. He does this where ever he goes.


iam mazandarani in sari so iam not pars first of all and yes i bring forward concepts alot which break the norm and that without caring what you talk about


Sure….mr Jeghi of mumbai…..and I am the grand wizard of the ku klux klan……lol


mumbai XD


I know you went to Australia and it didn’t work out. Now you’re back in Mumbai for a while. It’s ok…….that’s life brah……now you got all the time in the world no?


the issue is that conceptual power is ordered in the world largely by globalists and i hate their guts most of all their 22 high priests the ones you know as eye on the pyramid they are the most disgusting creatures and there is nothing special about them other than their cursed existence being in constant fight against humanity


Sorry, the Parsi’s are hand in hand with those globalists and the freemasons. So we already know about your drama.


they dont get us its hard for them to understand us and no we arent hand in hand we hate their guts they are global arrogance the cursed enemy of mankind i will never forgive our losses until all of them suffered the consequences and iam not the alone our leader thinks the same way which is why iran doesnt kneel


constructs are constructs and they can name them whatever they want i deny all of their nonsense from the start


what they are in fact in their pure nature is a parasitical control mechanism

Freemon Sandlewould

Sheesh what conspiracy theories. Next they will accuse the Iranians of causing the milk in their refrigerators of going bad.


what is this your 101st ID here now?


there is one way to stop this jewish whining and that is to take them out, every last one of them, allow the survivors, if any, to seek refuge in the disunited states of insufferable fools, which already is about 100 pct owned by the jews anyway.


they would actually love to destroy and contaminate iran with all kind of things so i guess this is punishment


i know its not a tactic iran would have used btw but still if it was iranian owned ship and had a spill its nothing iran can do since zionists are the enemy so its their fault to come to a place where they are not wanted


if it was a spill in venezuela syria yemen or anywhere else for that matter iran would fix it but with the zionists they can eat dirt


even if this spill happened on european areas iran would fix it immediatly but again the zionists can be happy that iran doesnt burn them alive


now if or when they do just that, it’s alright since they’ve earned it.


iran will put large damage on the zionists and not repay them for damage like they are seeming to believe these days

Arch Bungle

The Europeans tried that for 2000 years but they never seem to finish the job.

The Romans though they had cleaned them up on Masada but apparently not.

Only a deep, thorough cleaning will cure that disease.


actually the project of eradication of the jews started longer ago and the replacement is like i often mention scientology


the globalists truely hope iran will do the job which is why swiss is constantly pushing around money for the liberals in iran to atleast not be complete failures which they still are anyway


2022 is when they want this to begin according to their plans but iran isnt interested from the beginning in the plans of the arrogant powers so its going to be on irans timeline and rules


believe me the jews gone will not fix it for anyone since the core problem is going to remain so iran will take the whole structure out by its own rules


what would be the point anyway to get rid of jews and have others take their place and be even worse than they were


They should mobilize their ISIS terrorists in Syria to go to IsraHell and do the cleaning of the beaches


I knew it!!

I even told our Zionist friend that their regime will accuse Iran of this spillage, he didn’t believe that the child-killer regime is that stupid!!

Assad must stay

Hahahahaha this is what they do, can you believe how childish it is?

johnny rotten

Yes, I know, one cannot live in the past, even less in a false past made up of scratch, but this is the serious pathology that condemns the false Jews who came from the East, they think they can go back to being the undisputed rulers from Mesopotamia to the Egypt and beyond, but they never were, and never will be.

Blue In Green

When you thought that these Zionist Douche-Nozzles couldn’t stoop any lower, then they bust out complete bullshit lmao.

I guess the bottom of the barrel hasn’t been scraped hard enough huh?…….what a fucking joke man…..


man did you notice all the hendi parsi pademchen ID’s I exposed here…….lol. He’s doing the same at PDF and Press TV. Over at PDF he started a thread on Pomegranate juice 2 days ago and call it holy juice, and here he says he hate fesanjoon under his Tzatz ID……lol. He has a 100 ID’s here…..lol. Same at PDF….that titanium 100 and Al-Arabi and 500 and Kal-El……koskesh is everywhere playing games and winding people up for fun……lol


Wow, if there’s one thing Israelis can do very well, it’s sound truly butt-hurt. Well, that and lie through their teeth…and steal…and kill…and…never mind, the list is too long.

Arch Bungle

Watch the hordes of hasbarats stream out of the sewers to defend even *this* absurd lie.

Note their names, they are the same liars who infest these forums 24x7x365 …


Fortunately, I don’t get to see them. I blocked the majority long ago. Someone here posted a list and it matched mine, minus a couple. I don’t give them any ‘air time’, it only encourages them.

Arch Bungle

Me too. Lucky there are only a handful. Block them and the forums begin to look reasonable.


Badge of honor dude…’Guest’ down clicked you.


they can only use their modus operandi which is ineffective on iranians so they must be quite desperate since they dont understand the messaging by their masters and they instead start to hang totally on delusions and false hopes


iam sure they all have new hope after the fake story of purim was remembered again and they surely love to parade every year the nonsense of how they supposedly massacred 7000 iranian soldiers in the past and doing this every year they wonder why we hate their guts when even the imagination of killing 7000 iranians brings so much joy to that scum XD


and I

accuse the jews in palestine of murders of innocent palestinians and

I also accuse the jews of palestine of thievery of land and property belonging to palestinians

and I accuse the jews in palestine to operate concentration camp Gaza which is fully comparable to treblinka and bergen belsen

and I further accuse the jews in palestine of ethnic cleansing of palestinians

and I finally accuse the jews in palestine of endangering the entire human race through the criminal acts perpetrated by the jews.

chris chuba

“Israel demands that the U.S. return Syrian oil fields to Syria so that Iran will no longer have to ship them oil. Israel also demands that the U.S. drop all sanctions relate to the Iranian maritime and oil sector so that they will be able to keep up with basic maintenance with full access to state of the art equipment and service contracts.”

I figured it was time for all of us to have a good laugh.


the only eco-pollutants are the jews themselves and they sure as a clucking bell need to disappear and stop polluting the world which mankind less the jews needs in the future.


https://i.imgur.com/YYlNh0l.png?w=300 The “i’ suffix is Arabic and all the nationality names that end in “i” are all Muslim nations except for the Zionist entity that created its nationality name in 1948 using the Arabic suffix. These people hate Arabs but have no problem stealing anything that is Arabic.


Well they saved the western ‘carbon dioxide’ hoaxers for last, and now they pulled that out after everyone got tired of hearing about them.

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