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JULY 2022

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Receive 10 Upgraded Su-22 Jets, Plan To Arm Them With Cruise Missiles

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Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Receive 10 Upgraded Su-22 Jets, Plan To Arm Them With Cruise Missiles

The Aerospace Forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has received 10 overhauled and modernized Su-22 Sukhoi warplanes, according to the Iranian media.

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari the Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC and Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh the Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force attended an official ceremony of the warplanes delivery in Teheran on July 25.

The upgraded IRGC warplanes will be able to carry and employ precision-guided munitions, air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles and to transfer data from UAVs within a few kilometers distance.

General Hajizadeh also announced that in the near future, the IRGC plans to equip the Su-22 warplanes with air-launched cruise missiles that would have a range of 1,500 km.

The Iranian air power is suffering from a lack of modern warplanes because of sanctions imposed on the country. Tehran actively working to maintain and upgrade old-fashioned jets keeping their combat capabilities. However, despite these efforts, the air force is a weak part of the Iranian military.

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What will these obsolete vintage planes do in this age of flying by wire!!


munitions carriers.. that’s all.. they could threat shipping in the straits.

Jens Holm



That is all that is needed in an unequal air war with the US and Israel. In any battle, do what you can well and ignore what you cannot do.

You can call me Al

Well, they will be safe from all the electronic warfare, maybe Kamikaze ?.

Jens Holm

A good point. Some others try that too.

you can do that with browsers too and use the very small ones, they hardly are attacked.

New Israel is Muslim

not any kamikaze plane is getting close to to a task force or carrier group. You would need to flood the air with 500 planes and overwhelm their air defenses with so many targets. If a carrier is involved out at sea, then the planes will get off and eliminate the attack before it gets close to the ships.

John Whitehot

or use a single submarine and put a spread of torpedo in the carrier.

the news of Russian and Chinese nuclear subs surfacing in the middle of US carrier groups was almost on weekly basis some years ago.

Iranian Kilo class are even quieter since they’re diesel electrical boats.

You can call me Al

or 1 of this flying WWII planes + 1 sub.

Promitheas Apollonious

same task the obsolete A-10 does and last I check, they do very good.

Jens Holm

It depend in, what their jobs are.

They are fine for fortified buildings and soldiers with a light or none airdefence.

You see the same with the newer upgraded old F16. Fine against ISIS. And do russians have many airplanes, which is better. No, they have not – at least not yet.

So vintage is fine used, where its usefull.

New Israel is Muslim

It is actually smarter now to invest in missile and missile defense/tech. With 5th generation planes coming on the production lines worldwide now and in the coming years. Only a few 4th gen planes can go toe to toe with the 5th gen ones. SU-35Ss are one of them.


Thank you. The question asked is can Russian Jets compete against American jets. The real question is can American fighters stand up against Russian Fighters plus the s400 because that’s what the American plane will be up against. Battle will be fought over Russian territory American plane extended out of range of air defense.

New Israel is Muslim

I am saying Iran does not need advanced planes. Advanced air defenses and many air defenses is far more important than the newest and latest planes. When the cruise missiles come for the air bases, it does not matter how advanced the planes are but how well is the air defense. Air defense is crucial.

Second is ship harassment and destruction.

Third is paramilitary and guerrilla forces.


MiG-31 is also vintage, yet it is currently the only plane capable of launching the most advanced anti-ship missile in existance (i.e. Kinzhal).


Great strategy.. Not very threatening to the Turks, great trainers, flight time accumulators and good decoys that get the enemy radar going.. and lots of already trained mechanics. Numbers do count!

Igor Dano

cruise missile with a range of 1500km shuts down Hormuz and makes us aircraft carrier obsolete, because F18 has a radius of 1000km. means iran hits targets from a distance, which us “modern” aircraft will not cross.

Empire's Frontiers

It moves the planning out some phases to account for the difficult infiltration mission or long range strike to disable airways or destroy the planes.

This doesn’t allow the Iranians to shut down Hormuz, it spreads out the resources of an American attack, or creates a new primary target that’s at a further reach than perhaps stationary facilities.

It only ups the cost, which, when dealing with an enemy who thinks by his ledger, can affect in a meaningful way his decision making and make more careful his approach.


Well, that will be a big deal!


Remote controlled sea mines/drones will do that for 1/10th of the cost and require far less tech. They can even just lay on the bottom with thin feelers for big ships like an inverted jellyfish to eliminate any kind of transmissions needed because the straight is so shallow (add a torpedo in the deeper parts).

Manuel Flores Escobar

Ormuz strait is very easy to close..not needed airforce…just balistic missile, rockets, drones, topedoes and antiship missile!…enough that no merchant and tanker ship want to pass through it!


While this is a nice innovation, it comes very late in the game for Iran. It doesn’t look like they’ll be getting the flankers in time.


Iran & Syria between them must have some of the oldest planes still in operation. Its like a 1970s reality show.


Since US Navy retired its F-14 Tomcat fleet in mid 2000’s, Iran is now the only current F-14 operator, being only other military to ever purchase and receive them.


They aren’t alone since bunch of countries still use MiG-21 and F-4.


They still work though and have been proved durable and effective against ground targets with Russian upgrades. They are easier to maintain in a combat scenario as well and are able to fly more sorties than advanced US/EU systems.


Syria was never a rich country, having nothing like the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia to buy endless new military toys. And after the fall of the USSR Syria could no longer depend on their old Soviet sugar daddy to provide them with new military toys on the cheap. They now had to pay full price. And after the licking the Syrians got in the 1982 Lebanon war the Assads, sr. and jr., had more or lesss given up on trying to maintain military parity with Israel. So that’s why the SAA’s military inventory was allowed to age.

As for Iran, US sanctions prevented them from buying new Western aircraft, and the relations with the Russians are complicated in that regard. Russia is happy to sell them new gear, just not for Iran to start copying it. While Iran is only interested in buying the tech so they can build it themselves. And then came the sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program which still prohibits Russia from selling them anything new for at least until 2020.

Prince Teutonic

Why doesn’t Russia sell them newer jets like Su-24, Su-30 or Su-34? Oh wait, it must be because of Israeli whining…

Brad Isherwood

Because that would upset the balance of Victim,…..err…..power in the region : )

Russia has lots of old Su 27 which Iran could copy… Just give them outright full copy lease. China cheated Russia on Su 27… By the time China got its copy version operational. …the airframe was limited Gen.

Iran could adapt the Su 27 like they do the T 90 tanks with their own military tech.

Israel are just shit coward if they freak out at Iran flying Su 27 while they have F 35.

Rothschilds need to make the game more even. ..

John Whitehot

bullshit and vulgarities.

Russia offered Su-30s, but Iran wanted Su-35s and an agreement was not reached.

New Israel is Muslim

Russia will sell weapons to Muslims that are capable of killing other Muslims. The jew is very happy there.

They will not sell weapons to Muslims that are a threat to Israhell.

SU-35S are a threat to Israhell. SU-27s are not.

Indonesia is being sold SU-35s because they are out of range of Israhell and not a threat to Israhell. The SU-35s would be a threat to China and the South China Seas, so the rabbis ok’d the sale to Indonesia. That should tell you of Putin’s friendship to Iran.

John Whitehot

Su-27SM3 are a threat to any Israeli intruding Iranian airspace as much as SU-30s or 35.

It’s the same old story about how technology really matters, and you are the same old story of jews trying desperately to say that Russia is on their side in front of muslims, after the zionist plan is falling into a sea of shit piece after piece.

And I stop here although you may well imagine what I ‘d add now.

New Israel is Muslim


John Whitehot


Your mom.

“here is a huge difference between 30 year old tech and SU-35s, which just came into production”

You don’t know an airplane from an helicopter, don’t get into arguing things which are even not publicly documented.

“Putin blocked Iran from getting SU-35Ss. Putin blocked Syria from getting S-300s.”

Iran can’t be sold military hardware more modern than certain dates as per international agreements.

Syria never asked S300.

Putin blocked nothing as there was nothing to block, you pathetic liar.


You are talking propaganda BOLLOCKS Jew!

SU-35 is much more expensive and Iran doesn’t offer enough money to buy SU-35! It is SU-27SM3 not An “SU-30sm3” you ignorant idiot!

SU-30SM is standard newer version of SU-27 family of jets and upgraded (unlike SU-27 that jet is NOT OLD model) It equals F-15 newest any time!

So shut the fuck up Jewish bitch!


How much does your Rabbi pay you? Too much I imagine.

New Israel is Muslim

“whoever tells the truth is chased out of nine villages”

The Putin bots are as dumb as the Trump bots. Even moreso, because only idiots support Trump, while World leaders waste time relying on Putin, ask Putin for weapons to buy or aid, but don’t ever rely on a zionist and a puppet of the rabbis – Putin is both. And don’t ever show your hand you know Putin is zionist slave of the jew, because Putin will inform the rabbis. Putin would then offer Mig-25s when that person asks to buy the SU-57s.

John Whitehot

“Too much I imagine”

For showing intellectual impotency, very likely so.

these fat fucks sit all day repeating the same thing all over again.

it’s the jewish way at bullshitting, “if you repeat a lie long enough it eventually becomes true”.

xcept that it works only on already obnubilated yank minds like in the Trump case.


Russia still uses the base flanker with upgrades.Its quite deadly when slung with modern missiles and radar.

Jeth Roderet

The Iranian air force already has MiG-29s and Su-24s. It needs Su-34/35s.

John Whitehot

The Iranians know perfectly what they need.

New Israel is Muslim

Russia is not selling to jew hating Iran, anything that is a threat to Washington or Hell Aviv.

Iran asked for an order of SU-35s, Russia countered with a sale of SU-27s. Putin does not work for Putin.


It’s called the UN, yes Russia was silly to trust the slimy Americans, but they have learned their lesson. Now some Jewish states just ignore the law, but Russia is not a criminal country, and will not lower itself to the level of Israeli thieves.


Shut up you filthy Jewish LIAR ! Russia would be more than happy to sell SU-35 You have any link to that false claim of yours? Of course NOT !

So FUCK OFF stinky Jew!

John Whitehot

justin ,goddamnit, behave.


I wasn’t talking to you so kindly back off ! Unless you are that Jew…

John Whitehot

Lmao, don’t get too mad, i’m kidin.

New Israel is Muslim


Southfront the source.

SU-35Ss are not described by the Iranians as too expensive. Indonesia did not even need to pay cash, but traded goods.

SU-30s are good to killing Muslims, like the Saudis, not good at all against F-22s and F-35s.

Better for Iran to have 10 SU-35Ss than 15 (30 year old tech) SU-30s. The first flight of the SU-30s is pre-Persian Gulf War. These are Soviet Union technology planes.


SU-35S are normally not sold for potatoes and similar goods. The reason why “Indonesia did not even need to pay cash” is because of U.S. sanctions against Russia and Russian firms. So it was impossible for Indonesia (if they wanted to avoid US sanctions) to pay it directly with bank transactions in dollars.

“SU-30s are good to killing Muslims” SU-30SM is good to kill anybody and anything the question is only the ratio. How many SU-30SM takes to kill F-22. But the same question can be asked for F-15 against SU-57.

“Better for Iran to have 10 SU-35Ss than 15 SU-30s ” It is SU-35S not “Ss” and SU-30SM not “s” The fact that you do those mistakes all the time shows me that you don’t know much about these jets.

Here written proof that SU-30SM is considered to be as good as F-15 ! “….. U.S. Air Force’s F-15E Strike Eagle and the U.S. Navy’s F/A-18F Super Hornet, which are in many respects the Su-30SM’s direct analogues…………” https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/russias-su-30sm-vs-americas-f-22-stealth-fighter-syria-who-13895

So if Americans consider SU-30SM “direct analogues” to their F-15E Strike Eagle I don’t see how you can call persistently that jet (30 year old tech) ?!? Here from Wikipedia: “On 12 January 2018, the Su-30SM was officially accepted into service with the Russian Aerospace Forces” ! So the jet is NEW get it ?!! But the design on which the jet is based (SU-27) is OLD ! But than even your precious SU-35 is based on SU-27 design!!! All US 4th generation jets are also based on very old design ! F-15 and F-16 are also OLD design but newly upgraded versions of that old design! So stop making confusion !

And as for number of SU-30 or SU-35…. It doesn’t work that way. Depends on Iran’s needs and money they can afford. Iran is very big country and they MUST have certain number of squadrons to cover whole country for patrolling duty. So above all that is the most important parameter. To have enough jets to do their main duty to protect Iran’s sky 24/7. Again depends above all on their needs and on how much money they can spend.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia gave TorM2/ Pantsir S2 to SAA which was used by Iran to repel the last largest Israeli attack in which Israhell used 70 air to ground missile!….and made minimal damage!…only an unprofesional SAA crew parked the Pantsir while they were outside smoking cigarrets!


UN sanctions to which Russia agreed over Iran’s nuclear program. Until 2020 the US will still have a veto over any new arms sales Russia could make with Iran. And while Israel could whine a lot, and exert some influence in that area, if Iran were to commit to buying 200+ SU-30’s (coolest plane ever!) fro Russia directly, meaning money and jobs for Russia, that would offset a lot of Israeli whining.

In that regard Israeli whining is not that effective as it is with Syria. Because Syria is broke as fuck. So any S-300’s delivered to Syria would be basically paid for by Russia. Whereas Iran at least is a reasonably well off country. Bullshit may talk but money always walks!

New Israel is Muslim

all UN sanctions approved by Putin.


Didn’t I basically said so?

Promitheas Apollonious

not exactly right as russia in syria invest on the long term, and syria to russia is much more important strategically than iran is. Think about it.


Syria is still broke as fuck, and will most likely still have some low level ISIS and other fundie based terrorist attacks for several years to come. Syria will not be able to afford the latest in Russian weaponry, and the Russians seem to attach more importance in having good relations with Israel as well for them to arm Syria with toys for free that will give Israel nightmares. As usual, bullshit talks, money walks.

Iran still holds massive importance to Russia though. Iran is a market for Russian exports, it has massive oil reserves that can influence international oil prices, very important to Russia, it straddles important strategic real estate, and abandoning Iran would piss away a lot of the goodwill that Russia earned for sticking by Assad. You don’t just abandon your allies. Regime change in Iran would mean yet another piece in the chain of US vassal states that surround Russia. Personally I dare say keeping the Americans out of Iran is as important strategically as it was to keep them out of Syria. With the added benefit that as an ally Iran can play a far greater role to Russia’s benefit then Syria ever can.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes true and accurate what you saying but you missing one point and that is the strategic point and that in a global game not all have to do with money, actually the less important in this kind of game it is money.

Iran can not give Putin access to Mediterranean sea, or bases that will control it. Syria can and have given him that. Unless you think Putin went into Syria out of the goodness of his heart and because he love Syrians.

Another part you absolutely missing or are not aware of, is Iran has the full backing of China thought it is not advertised and China will go to war for Iran. It is China that given Iran the technology not only to build her own rockets to send satellites in space but also the military know how to send military satellites in space.

They have several join ventures with Iran, in their local industry all have to do with missiles and aviation. Beside the fact that Iran does not need Russia to defend it no matter what ignorant hollyshit educated people think. As long Iran is defending his own homeland and remain within their borders anything attack them will destroy it and everything within the range of their weapons hence the reason UK/Usrael may fart, a lot about Iran, but stay well clear of it.

I will remind you the case of the marines taken prisoners by Iran and despite the loud farting of the americans in all cases against Iran in that case suddenly they was like the bully you confront in his bluff. And dont mention me obama-fart because as all presidents of US are controlled puppets same was him, be what really controls west and give the orders.

Yes Iran it is important to Russia,as is the back door into russia, but Iran, does not need Russia to face its enemies and I dont think Iranians put much trust in Putin, based on their performance with them, since their crisis have broke out and that is from the day they took iran from the puppet of the british and americans.


You claiming Russia doesn’t want to sell them?! Israel can’t block selling of the airplanes because Iran is not Syria. They do not share common border with IsraHELL Russia would be more than happy to sell them. Also Su-24 is not “new” SU-30SM(MK2) is upgraded. Su-34 is new. Iran above all needs multi role jet fighters like SU-30 not so much bombers. It seams that Iran wants licence production of SU-30 like India

John Whitehot

“Iran above all needs multi role jet fighters like SU-30 not so much bombers”

Another one that knows what others need.


“Another one that knows what others need.” They have very old airplanes and it doesn’t take genius to make deduction also that is OLD NEWS that they looking to buy new airplanes!

What seams to be your problem huh?!! This is your 2nd post (in 2 posts) with aggressive attitude! So I will not take any more of your bullshit ! This is the last warning.

It is OLD news and I have sent link “Teheran Times” http://www.tehrantimes.com/news/408598/Iran-to-buy-SU-30-fighter-jets-from-Russia “Iran to buy SU-30 fighter jets from Russia”

Even you have sent comment for SU27SM3 for SU-35 so why are you so full of it? Do you only have licence to make comments about Russian jet sales huh? Asshole!

Promitheas Apollonious

Iranians have Mig 29s, you know that dont you?


And do you know that some MIG-29 can be even as old as 30 years? You know that don’t you? Those in Iran have “only” 27 years (by Wikipedia-They are from 1991.) US F-14 jets come from times of Shah …1974

Promitheas Apollonious

mig 29 have been build to be able intercept, F15&16 and why all of you so conveniently forget how old what they supposed to face are? Beside the fat that a fighter plane is as good as its pilot.

When russia mediated for Iran to return the planes left from iraq and landed in iran, the russians renew the mig 29s as part of the deal, but i am sure you did not know this did you.


I didn’t

Promitheas Apollonious

well your response is what it suggested. By the way in a war game between the indian air force and the europeans, mig29 scored with them 12-0 did you know that?


Do you have link ? MIG-29 against what? Euro-fighter or some F-16?!! That would be impossible against Euro-fighter. Against F-16 yes, but still… I do not believe it. Do you have a link for that?


“why all of you so conveniently forget how old what they supposed to face are” I didn’t “forget” that “F15&16 ” are OLD DESIGN just like MIG-29… but they build newer upgraded versions out of them

John Whitehot

“This is the last warning”

wait, is this the moment where i should say like:

“you dunno who the f i am! imma call my friends and we finna fuck u up!”.

What a bad spectacle you’ve become. You disappointed all the hope your master put in you.

keep digging.

“Do you only have licence to make comments about Russian jet sales”

I thought the subject was “Iran needs this, Syria needs that”, which is THE subject zios spread around in addition to “Putin is a zionist”.


Listen SOB I had enough of your bullshit! I wasn’t even talking to you while you were targeting me with your provocations !

Now you want me to tolerate even more of your crap and even lecturing of what should I say and why?!?

FUCK YOU ! And now fuck off you filthy peace of shit ! That’s all I have to tell you!


Iran need some SU 30sm and SU 35…

New Israel is Muslim

Every piece of old soviet weaponry is useful to Iran. If it can shoot and destroy, then Iran could use it.

The more the better.

But Putin won’t hand over anything.

Tim Hadfield

Buy stuff from China – pay for it with oil. A possibility, maybe?


I see a whole bunch of these flew to Iran from Iraq in Iraq war and were never given back. Now they’ve been dusted off because they’ve seen how effectively the Syrians use them, even though they’re not supposed to be very good.

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