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Islamic Jihad Movement Attack Israeli Position North Of Gaza Strip. Israel Responds (Video)

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Islamic Jihad Movement Attack Israeli Position North Of Gaza Strip. Israel Responds (Video)

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On November 30, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement shelled a unit of the Israeli Army north of Gaza Strip with 12 mortar shells. The Israeli Army confirmed the attack and said in an official statement that its “infrastructure was only lightly damaged” during the shelling.

The shelling is believed to be a response to the Israeli attack on a tunnel of the Islamic Jihad Movement on October 31 when the Israeli attack killed 12 fighters and commanders of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas Movement.

The Israeli Army held Hamas Movement the responsibility for the attack, and announced that Israeli tanks and warplanes targeted six positions of Palestinian forces inside Gaza Strip as a response to the shelling.

Islamic Jihad Movement Attack Israeli Position North Of Gaza Strip. Israel Responds (Video)

Map by the Israeli Army

Palestinian sources reported that the Israeli warplanes destroyed two command posts of Hamas Movement and two others of the Islamic Jihad movement in the northern and southern parts of Gaza Strip. The sources said that three Palestinian civilians were slightly injured in the Israeli airstrikes.

Israeli Army Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus stressed that Israel is not looking to escalate the situation in Gaza Strip, according to the official statement of the Israeli Army.

“We’re not looking to escalate the situation, our mission is to defend Israel. This is yet another violation of Israeli sovereignty by terrorist organizations from Gaza,” said LTC. Conricus.

Several Palestinian sources reported that the situation in Gaza is now clam, and that the tension between the Israeli Army and the Palestinian forces is over.

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Promitheas Apollonious

never will get over the fact, when terrorist (jews) with a straight face, call their victims terrorists.


The extremist jew says “ouch” as his boot smacks into your face. One of the oldest saying in Europe.

Promitheas Apollonious

They are free to try anytime they feel lucky and want to make my day boy. For the time being they full of shit and farting stinking the place and looking for any one but them to do the dirty work for them as usualy the way of the bully and the coward. Unless of course they bomb women and children taht is their specialty.

jerry Hamilton

Until I see proof, I do not believe it was Palestinians who attacked. They would expect to come off a hundred times worse. Quote ““We’re not looking to escalate the situation, our mission is to defend Israel.” That is far from normal Israeli behaviour. Something is not right.


The jews have terrorist agents all across Palestine, and have these agents arrange attacks against Israeli terror positions to justify strikes on Palestinian civilian infrastructure. Gaza is flattened every time its infrastructure reaches a certain quality, for instance.

jerry Hamilton

The jews must be really pissed off by now. How do they flatten rubble? Then they put children in jail for throwing the damn stuff.


Remember, these jewish terrorists control the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties in the UK. No person can become a candidate for MP from any of the three without the direct permission of extremist jews with direct links to jewish war criminals in Israel.

This overt take-over of UK politics has happened in the last five years. Zionists had massive influence before, of course. But now the three main political parties in Britain are effectively Israeli entities.

Jens Holm

Try to control Yourself.


The jews of Israel (surveys show 99% of Israeli jews and 95% of British and American jews fully back every atrocity by the Israeli zionists) delight in the psychological terror their attacks bring to the ‘sub-Human’ children of the region. The extremist jews are about ruining the lives of those they call ‘sub-Human’ from the very moment of their birth. ISIS is but the palest copy of zionism.

Don Machiavelli

I just hope that things stay calm and reconciliation goes as planned this time.


Poor Israel, so endangered by its main concentration camp.


What is the difference between ISIS and Israel? Both are global terrorist groups but ISIS are defeated and Israel will be defeated.

Richard M

For once IDF doesn’t attack SAA! :D


Gaza is like the Warsaw Uprising in reverse. Sad.


My belief is that Israel is the KING of false flag attacks!

John Whitehot

guess who’s the queen ? : )


hmmmmm USA?

Russians have been busted domestically too! My own country (Australia) has made a false flag event for sure in order to take our guns away!

Who’s the queen?

John Whitehot

“hmmmmm USA?”

yep :D

“Russians have been busted domestically too!”

I’m afraid of what you could say if I asked to elaborate. Not literally, I mean. nvm :D

Jens Holm

The jews me here and there. If a billion muslims cant defeat some 10 mio. jews, its Your religion and culture, which should be replaced.

Jens Holm

So what did Ypou learn i school today = Nothing, its not allowed.

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