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Iskander Spring In Armenia

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Three months after losing the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan still continues his quest to find the perfect excuse.

The most recent one backfired, heavily.

On February 24th, in an interview, Pashinyan claimed that the reason Armenia lost the war against Azerbaijan was Russia’s Iskander missile.

According to his estimations the missile only exploded 10% of the time upon impact. As such, the “40-year-old weapon” was ineffective, and led to Yerevan’s defeat.

He has gone through almost every possible reason for losing the war, except admitting poor leadership and gross mismanagement of the forces.

Deputy Chief of the Armenian Armed Forces General Staff Tiran Khachatryan immediately rebuked Pashinyan, saying that his claim was “frivolous”.

In response, the Armenian Prime Minister released the official from his position.

Following that, the head of the Armenian Armed Forces General Staff, Onik Gasparyan released a statement, signed by all his deputies and other military officials demanding that Nikol Pashinyan immediately resign from the country’s leadership.

Pashinyan, in response, did what he does best – said that he had released the Chief of the General Staff, because he would not be questioned.

He called his supporters to take to the streets because this constituted a “military coup” and began “actively” leading the country through Facebook livestreams.

There are protests in Yerevan, both in support and against Nikol Pashinyan. His leadership has all but failed, and he alone undermines the vestiges of Armenia’s statehood.

Following his statements, he was mocked by the Russian Defense Ministry, which denied that the Iskander had been used in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

He was also mocked by Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev, who called his statements “anecdotal”. He also entirely denied that the Iskander had been used at all during the conflict.

Even Turkey released a statement playing along with the “military coup” narrative, saying that it was against it. Understandable, for Ankara, Armenia under inadequate leadership is a perfect neighbor.

After months of excuses, various accusations against past leadership, current military leadership, its own citizens and Russia, Pashinyan went too far. He still refuses to hang onto power, but he is becoming increasingly isolated in his attempt to “leave power in the people’s hands,” as he calls refusing to resign.

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Kenny Jones ™



“St. Iskander” defender of faulty missiles… that prays for our sins to be forgiven by all mighty Joe Biden.


The military needs to overthrow this clown and bring back the competent military Russian leaning personnel he fired in 2018.


Putin ended up being blamed by his business partners the Western terrorist Ziocorporate globalists of plotting a coup in Armenia, and despite the Armenian military being strategically close to Russia, Pusshynian hasn’t been taken out yet after 3 years.

A bloody circus in the Caucasus, and Russia’s allowed Zioterrorist Turkey, EU, NATO, US and even the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine set up the tent for the show.


Yes, pretty looks like. Totally agreed.

Its not about Russian Iskander. Its all about Russian politics.

Steve Standley

lol @ poor performance of Russian Iskander Missile. Russia is the number 1 expert in missile technology in the world. In fact, the US buys it’s space program missiles from Russia. Pashinyan has chosen perhaps the most foolish excuse possible.


Barak is the best

Clarence Spangle





He is already US puppet. He can’t get “closer” than that.


This moron has been a very useful internal enemy tool of the US, UK, and EU. If the Armenian people do not wake up then Armenia is done for. We have suffered so much and now suffer this traitor that is bringing Armenia down.


how often do i have to repeat armenia is a globalist tool and so are armenians


either there exists a holy armenian empire or there exists armenian global diaspora they dont have a middle plan for armenia either you are like the new jews a globalist tool or you are a wannabe nation state like the zionists and just like the jews wont have a middle way you wont have either your masters these annoying creatures are obsessed of their plans going exactly the way they put them down


the serpent is the globalist symbol it was like that since they left egypt and created the cannibal tribe aka jews in the desert over 40 years by teaching them cannibalism thievery murder and lying since childhood claiming that their creation is the champion of the opposite of all these things showing off their samaritans to hide the entire ugly truth behind it


the symbol you show off is the ruinous crucible snake the symbol of globalist tools and we know it in many forms but it always goes back to the ruinous crucible


the best times of armenia was when it was an iranian province because during those times it was atleast not part of the crucible

Hasbara Hunter

Well I happen to live in the EU….and we got exactly the same problem:

Treacherous Puppeticians that should dangle in a Tree….

Hasbara Hunter

“The Armenian people need to rise up and go to his house and put a bullet between his eyes”

Not only Armenians for that matter…Most Sheeple on this Planet don’t seem to realise that their Governments (especially the Western ones) represent Pure Evil….that’s the problem…If Sheeple wake up Today and see the Truth…ALL ELITE Parasites would be Dangling in Trees the day after tomorrow…Each Nation & its People is responsible for cleaning up its Own FILTH on top of their Pyramid….


If only Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had listened to Tommy!


The greatest weapon the Turks and the Azeris deployed against Armenia weren’t armed drones. It was Pashinyan. The Turks and Azeris can’t lose with a traitor leader like that sitting on the other side.


The greatest weapon the Turks and the Azeris deployed against Armenia weren’t armed drones. It was Pashinyan.

Yes this is true. Even I can not blame Aliyev. Pashinyan refused to find a compromise before the conflict. Because the areas surrounding Berg Karabach were populatet by Azeris. And this Azeris lived since decades as refugees in Azerbaidschan. Lavrov tried and tried too. But Pashinyan was uncompromising and provoked Azerbaidschan and even Russia like a madman. Even now he continues.

El Mashi

I think that Erdogan should start paying Pashinyan’s salary.


He’s a globalist, so criticizing Russia/Putin is his entire MO. In his mind, Armenia can’t be successful unless it becomes a western puppet.

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