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JULY 2020

ISIS Withdrew From Omar Oil Fields Amid Syrian Army Advance Towards Them


ISIS Withdrew From Omar Oil Fields Amid Syrian Army Advance Towards Them

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On Friday, ISIS fighters withdrew from the strategic Omar oil fields in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside after planting dozens of IEDs and mines inside them, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported.

The report added that ISIS withdrew after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured Dhiban village west of the Omar oil field. The SOHR also said that Russian airstrikes on ISIS positions inside the oil fields played a key role in the ISIS decision to withdrew from them.

Moreover, some Syrian pro-government activists reported that the SAA already captured the oil fields. However, these claims are not confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition sources claimed that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are also advancing towards the Omar oil fields. According to the sources, the SDF is now in only 8km from the oil fields. Due to the large size of the oil fields, the SDF might capture a part of it, even if the SAA captures the main oil facilities.

If the SAA captures the Omar oil fields, the tension between it and the SDF will likely decrease. However, there is no doubt that bad relations between the SAA and SDF will be one of the main issues in the post-ISIS era.

ISIS Withdrew From Omar Oil Fields Amid Syrian Army Advance Towards Them

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  • Behold a Pale Horse

    Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is some guy in a bedsit in Coventry. Why does South front keep quoting him?

    • dutchnational

      Because he has many contacts on the ground and his reports are often more accurate then those of the SAA?????

      Maybe ?????

      • Jakke1899

        You often said you had contacts on the Kurdish side, where are the SDF forces now concerning the Al Omar oil fields?

        • Anti_Globalista

          Nowhere. SAA advancement was to fast to convert ISIS to SDF.

          • Langaniso Mhlobo

            This is true.

          • Jordan Katz


      • Lilian Turin

        What contacts he has on the ground in Eastern Syria? I doubt he has contact within the SAA as he’s clearly not pro-Assad.

        Or maybe he has ISIS contacts?

        • RichardD

          MI6, Mossad, CIA

          • Lilian Turin

            In Eastern Syria?!? This chap lives in a 2 beds flat in London

          • RichardD

            I wonder who pays him?

        • Seamus O’Dwyer

          SOHR understands Arabic and reads all the twitter posts, its not much of a task to be fair you can even do it yourself if you use google transcript
          add that to his terrestrial powers lol

      • Bob


      • Tudor Miron


      • Alex

        You SOHR is a BS british propaganda

      • John Panelli

        Are you for the Saa or against it? Are you with the kurds or hayat Tahrir al Shame?

        • Rob

          Dutchnational is Israeli fake news propaganda.

      • Gary Sellars

        Good post, yet another reason why everyone here thinks you’re a fucking idiot.

      • Valery Grigoryev

        Gossips and rumours are not a good basis for reports.

    • John

      They are quoting SOHR but, Almasdar had news about it first, citing a Russian news outlet claimed that it had happend.

    • GroundlessAir

      He’s also selling clothes as a side job.

      • Rob

        Very funny. LOL

        • GroundlessAir

          It’s business. Used to be his main one, but he earns more being mr.SOHR now. MSM, terror-sponsoring governments and “private individuals” pay him far more.

          Kinda disgusting how some people profit from peoples misery by spreading hate, slander and pro-jihadi propaganda.

      • Valery Grigoryev

        Business diversification :)

    • Brother Ma

      And he is a ratbag anti – assadist.

    • You can call me Al

      Funded by our favourite man – George Soros. FACT.

  • Lupus

    No doubt SAA and friends will seize the fields. Awesome!

  • Xanatos

    Wait and see. Too much horse trading going on.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    SAA must cordon off the whole Omar oil field.Kurds are only people who claim oilfields in countries just for Kurds only.

  • Anti_Globalista

    Check-mate – game over. US media already lamenting loss to Assad, Iran, Russia coalition. What is left now is to slowly take Kurds back into their place, and get US out. It might take a while, but it is inevitable. Masterful play by Iran and Russia, to get US/Israel vampires out of Syria.


    • Pave Way IV

      The US will never leave. Saudi’s state religion of Wahhabism is behind ALL terrorism in the Middle East and the US military knows that. The next Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/ISIS is probably already forming in Syria and Iraq under a new flag. As long as Saudi-funded mosques and madrassas exist among uneducated, poverty-stricken, disenfranchised Sunni, there will continue to be a torrent of new extremists looking for a flag and an AK-47 to kill Shia (and westerners). And there will always be profanely wealthy Saudis, Qataris and Emiratis that will covertly fund those ‘new’ terrorist groups. And the US will always use that threat as an excuse for our eternal military presence there. We just sent another 3,000 troops to our 16-year war in Afghanistan. We’ve been increasing the number of troops in Iraq. Why would the US do anything different in Syria?

      If anything, there are probably way more Sunnis in Iraq and Syria today vulnerable to the ideologies of the Saudi’s death cult. The Saudi minister ‘visiting’ Syria most certainly wants to rebuild Wahhabi-led mosques and madrassas to indoctrinate more cannon-fodder, not provide ‘little people’ Sunnis with homes, education and decent jobs.

      The US military leaders are either incredibly stupid, or they’re in on it. Dereliction of Duty or Treason, not that they will ever worry about explaining themselves in front of a military or civilian court. The law is only for little people.

      • heydad

        Your making to much sense for anyone paying attention. Please stay safe friend. Not that they care to push efforts to truly suppress the truth seekers because the masses are to deluded with extremism domestic politics that have overtaken American and western society. Maybe when the welfare runs dry due to incompetent leadership people may care again, but while you the deluded people can get their big mac and access Facebook, they don’t really care to understand.

      • Attrition47

        Wahabism is a fabrication to disguise fascist shite-baggery behind a fake muslim fig-leaf. It’s the logical counterpart of the zionist antisemites hiding behind a fake Jewish fig-leaf.

        • Ronald

          What , are you trying to say “shite-baggery” .

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Simple shite is a UK term likely close to BS, buggery not baggery.

          • Attrition47

            I am and I have. ;O)

      • Brother Ma

        This is exactly what has happened in kosovo and bosnia.saudi have built madrassas and mosques everywhere and radicalised almost all the fucks nato helped by bombing fellow christian serbs.
        Dont forget 9/11 planned and executed from kosovo by bin laden whether he was still us mossad asset or not.the evidence is already on public record.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    SAA must really bomb this ISIS which have converted them self to SDF.No oil sharing it belongs to the sovereign state to serve all the inhabitants of the country.This practise of Kurds selling oil to government’s which governed them must stop.

  • RamboDave

    Just to make sure ISIS has retreated … The SAA should start a random artillery shelling of the entire Omar Field, with “air burst” anti personnel shells. The SDF will not risk going any farther South. Any ISIS still left in the oil field will have to retreat.

  • Blas de Lezo

    Nutanyahu, Zionists, AIPAC and their treasonous Israel-first US politcians must be having a nervous breakdown.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    SDF=US/Saudi/Israel. Nothing to do with Syria and Syrians. The Syrian was an invasion by foreign powers. It never was and never will be civil war as press insists on characterizing it as such.

    • Attrition47

      It’s the MI6-SOHR.

  • Turbofan

    So thats the end of free oil for Israel

  • Ahmed Benmansour

    I really dont understand why Russian SF dont put their balls on the table by airdropring the fields like the US did for Taybah & Isba ???! Particularly if Isis withdrew from it. An airdrop of a 100 SF, barricading the fiels, mass carpet bombing around and 60% of Syria’s oil is recuperated !

    • Attrition47

      Softly softly catchee monkey.

      • Ahmed Benmansour

        US will not go softly. They airdropped their bitches in Isba & Tabiya while Russians were closer than them on the ground

        • Attrition47

          Clearly not but the Syrians and their allies net to be careful not to take on more than one enemy at once.

  • Kira Binkley

    Looks to me like al-Baghdadi and ISIS held the Omar Oil Fields until the SAA could get there. Think Crusaders and Saracens, allied together to fight the Seljuk Turks. It can happen again, different uniforms, different times.

  • Valery Grigoryev

    Good news if the truth.

  • χρηστος

    what happened they have mistaken SAA for sdf and retreated?