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ISIS Was Planning Attacks On Families Of Russian Pilots Involved In Syria Military Operation


ISIS Was Planning Attacks On Families Of Russian Pilots Involved In Syria Military Operation

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In 2016 Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) prevented a series of attacks on families of the Russian pilots involved in the military operation in Syria, Kommersant newspaper reported on October 8. According to the report, the terrorists were also preparing terrorist attacks in two scheduled buses. The attacks were planned to be carried out in the cities of Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg.

The network preparing the attacks included 3 persons: Zakirjan Paarpiev (Uzbekistan citizen), Azamat Ishanbaev (Russian citizen) and Asma Sharipova (Russian citizen). The FSB seized from them weapons and explosives.

According to the Kommersant article, the terrorists found data about two families of the Russian pilots available online and were preparing to use them to track and kill the civilians. It should be noted that the data about Russian pilots and their families are being actively collected and released by bodies affilated with the Ukrainian intelligence and thus with the US special services.

Over the past few years, the FSB has prepared a number of attempts to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia as well as has cracked down ISIS cells operating across the country. For example, according to the data released by the authorities, from January 2018 to April 2018, the FSB prevented 6 terrorist attacks. 18 terrorist acts were prevented by the FSB in 2017.



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  • Tommy Jensen

    As these ISIS troops are paid by US money, we can nominate them as CIA/M16 agents.

  • Merijn

    Squeeze all the information out of’m Deep State Headchoppers and put them in Front of a Firing Squad…

    • Spit

      Please stop Hating.
      The People who have taken control are Patriotic.
      Please Stop Hating America, Root for us.

      • Concrete Mike

        I aint rooting for fuxking steve mnuchin!!!

      • Merijn

        I don’t hate Americans….I HATE Their Government just like I Hate my Government….they are Traitors to the Human Species..Traitors deserve to Swing in a Tree…. they have Created Headchoppers to Blame the Muslims and THEIR HEADCHOPPERS chopped the heads off of little Kids….they are nothin’… they are no Leaders… they are Cockroaches…and the thing that I blame the Americans & Europeans For is their Ignorance….their Stupidity…they still don’t give a F*ck…Beer & Boobs….And I will continue remembering them until they get ears to listen….Many folks in here at least give a damn…


      Wouldn’t be shocked if they had CIA ties.