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JUNE 2021

ISIS VBIED Attack Kills 12 LNA Fighters In Libya’s Bin Jawad

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ISIS VBIED Attack Kills 12 LNA Fighters In Libya's Bin Jawad

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On August 31, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed the a VBIED attack has killed 12 Libyan National Army (LNA) soliders at the entrance to Bin Jawad town in the An Nawfaliyah area.

Bin Jawad is located east of Sirte city, the former stronghold of ISIS in Libya. A notable number of ISIS members had withdrawn from Sirte to the desrt area south of the city.

Recently, ISIS militants resumed their activities in this area. On August 23, they attacked the al Fuqaha area at Jafara City.

Bin Jawad is an oil rich area that was liberated by the LNA from militants in March 2017. However, militants are trying to re-take control over it.

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