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ISIS Threat Is Growing In Cenral Asia Amid Expanding US Activity In Tajikistan

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ISIS Threat Is Growing In Cenral Asia Amid Expanding US Activity In Tajikistan

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A new militant hotbed is brewing in the Central Asia.

On April 18th, Colonel-General Alexander Manilov, chairman of the Coordinating Service of the Council of Commanders of the CIS Border Troops said that approximately 10,000 militants of various terror groups were concentrated on the borders of the former Soviet countries with Afghanistan.

Almost 6,000 of those arrived in 2019 alone, military journalist Simeon Pegov, in his Telegram Channel, quoted the general as having said.

The concentration specifically is in Afghanistan’s northern provinces, namely around the Afghan-Tajik and Afghan-Turkmen borders.

General Manilov also noted that the border troops of the countries of the Central Asia almost daily engage in clashes with terrorists who control drug trafficking, which is the main source of funding for terrorist logistics in the region

He also recalled that at the end of February a special regional meeting of the heads of the border agencies of the Central Asian countries was held in Dushanbe, where the parties had developed additional measures in connection with the situation on the border with Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Tajikistan and Russia, as well as Uzbekistan moved to reinforce security cooperation in the region, as well as opening their airspace for military aircraft.

In March, Acting Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Valery Semerikov said that large numbers of ISIS militants were concentrated in Afghanistan and they are the primary reason for the threats and challenges Tajikistan is facing.

“Tensions are associated both with traditional challenges and threats emanating from the territory of Afghanistan, and with the fact that large forces of ISIS militants are concentrated on its territory, whose goals and objectives are to destabilize the situation in the Central Asian region,” the CSTO head stressed. He also said that the overall current situation in Tajikistan is normal.

Separately, 175 militants that fought in armed conflicts abroad were pardoned in Tajikistan. The amnesty was announced by the official representative of Dushanbe, at a conference on countering international terrorism, which on April 18th took place in St. Petersburg, Russia.

According to reports, Tajik militants were freed from criminal responsibility due to the fact that they voluntarily returned to their homeland and laid down their arms.

Trusting that individuals that fought on the side of terrorist organizations will simply return home and rejoin society as full-fledged members is quite optimistic.

In late March, the Russian Interior Ministry claimed that ISIS terrorist shifted their focus on Tajikistan.

According to the head of the Main Directorate for Countering Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Oleg Ilinykh, after being mostly defeated in ISIS and Syria, ISIS are organizing sleeper cells in the former CIS countries that would potentially carry out attacks around the world.

“The strategic defeat of the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq entails a shift in the interests of the” Islamic State “to the territory of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia,” he said. Large numbers of ISIS militants are planning to form a worldwide terrorist network, sleeping cells that would demonstrate the ability to carry out terrorist attacks throughout the world, Ilinykh said.

The recent shift of US attention on Tajikistan may also substantiate the claims that militants may be interested in the region.

The appointment of an expert such as the new Ambassador to Tajikistan John Mark Pommersheim, isn’t accidental.

It is most possibly a sort of “ominous” foresight of an expected crisis in Tajikistan.

“Tajikistan may soon become a new hotspot undermining regional security in the Central Asia. There are serious doubts that Washington is in any kind planning to rescue Rahmon and his inncer circle or “ordinary Tajiks”. So, the US may traditionally aim to use the expected hot point to achieve own geopolitical goals in the region: to limit influence of the global competitors and to undermine the security situation in the southern Russian borders.”


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Even if you got rid of ISIS, the US would simply create another terror army.
They created the Mujahideen, then al Qaeda and now ISIS.
As long as the US is still standing they will use terrorism to achieve their geopolitical goals.
There is only one way to stop them, but just like nobody wanted act against Hitler, nobody wants to act against the USA.
Appeasement doesn’t work.


We (the people) need to understand something. There is no such thing as the War on Terror.
The U.$. is conducting a War OF Terror. Terrorists are the U.$. foot soldiers who soften a country up before the U.$. can manufacture an excuse for Boots On The Ground.

Please use the correct terminology.

War OF Terror
War OF Terror.
The U.$. is conducting a War OF Terror.

Promitheas Apollonious

what I never understood is when they had them cornered and defeated they not only let them go but also send them all exactly where they would have support and transports to be exported into another location.


May be it would be easier and safer ( it can never be easy or safe when fighting; just a figure of speech) to deal with them at a terrain, where the jewish missiles, the nato &usa’s mercenaries are not so concentrated and waiting for a drop of a hair to start their war.

Promitheas Apollonious

why you always see half the picture? The IFs and the maybe come before an action is taken and the results are not known so you can only assume and conclude on hypothesis like what IF.

But the action has been taken and the results are obvious to any one whose not bias for or against and has more than a few seconds thinking span. Living in denial of fact is what bring this world at the shit state it is now. I speak with you by the way not about you as I only know you from your posts and nothing of you, in real life.

I suggest you deal with reality and learn to judge what effect globally humanity, with out bias and based on whom you like and whom you dislike. Their are no saviors that will come and save you or any one out of the goodness of their heart. This applies both to east and west. The prove of whaty I say it is based on both sides actions and the results they bring and prime example since is on SF we discussing it is syria. I will not tell you how to think just re think everything that happen in syria learn why they happen and then see the results of each ones actions, both ways and then you see that are no IFs and no maybes.

Astrid Watanabe

Bless the teachers. You are one.


well it’s conceivable that moronistan (aka usa – home of morons) transferred hard core isis-miitants from syria to tajikistan in order to start a unrest and/or rebellion in the country – anything causing harm to russia is good for good ol uncle sam. moreover, this isn’t all that far from xinjiang in china where moronistan are known to have caused unrest and/or rebellion, again in order to cause as much harm to China as possible.

that moronistan is stumbling badly from one disaster to another is clear but question is how long it will be allowed to go on before something is done – such as stopping buying us-bonds which are used to keep the wars goung or…

Rhodium 10

We have seen How Pakistan protect terrorist in kashmir and near Iran border…or Turkey protect a terrorist nest in Idlib in Syria…as well as Jordan and Israel…all of them US allies! and Sunni wahabi terrorist are just the Dirty army of the CIA to desestabilize countries!..but above all to allow US army to deploy troops inside countries under the pretex to fight terrorism!

Hasbara Hunter

Excellent Post. Thank you for sharing. Always ready to read more like that.

Hasbara Hunter


Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Aint ISIS short for Islamic State In Syria and ISIL Islamic State Iraq and Levant?

So it should be ISIT Islamic State In Tajikistan?

Gregory Casey

Call it the Pentagon Circus as it travels the world with its clowns performing acrobatic feats of magic : now you see them, now you don’t.


Or perhaps ISHIT.

Gregory Casey

Sinbad 2 nails the problem in his post below and puts in stark silhouette the extent to which America has effectively become a Rogue State armed with neither moral compass nor respect for the International Rule of Law. Forget the Rule of Law and what is coloquially described as the International Order ……. America has dumped all semblance of respect for and compliance with Treaties and Resolutions that it, itself helped to design and which it has lectured the world on throughout the past 100 years, dating from the signing of the Armistice.
America is an outlaw peddling the art of the double-cross, the art of the steal and the art of the kill with a shot to the back of the head and it is long past time that it withdrew or is forced to withdraw from any contact with the “International Order”: alternatively, it’s lapdogs need to grow a spine and expel America from bodies like the G&, the G20 and the numerous other bodeis behind which it hides its perfidious peddling of psychopathic nihilism whilst contemporaneously pointing and wagging its lewd and arthritic finger at States and Peoples that have both the misfortune and backbone to assert their own Sovereignty and their own Right to rely on the same International Order that is sought to be perforated by the psychopathic Princes of the Gulf, the dangerously bumptious BiBi, Emperor Erdogan and others of their ilk whose chattering describes a perfect arc of lunacy pointing directly at Armageddon.
Those interested in the maintenance of what little of the old International Order is left need to assemble teams of assasains dedicated to removal of both the heads of the serpents and their enablers but for now, it is race against time as the tick tock counts down to termination of the human species

Promitheas Apollonious

I like what you suggest as I also see it as the only solution.

Astrid Watanabe

You are so on the dot. it gives me goosebumps.

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