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ISIS Terrorists Stormed Military Collage In Nigeria’s Borno (Photos)

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ISIS Terrorists Stormed Military Collage In Nigeria’s Borno (Photos)

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On January 13, ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, released photos from a recent attack by the terrorist group’s wing in Western Africa, the Islamic State-West Africa Province (ISWAP), that targeted the Tukur Buratai military collage in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno.

ISWAP terrorists stormed the collage, which is located near the town of Buratai, on the morning of January 10 following brief clashes with Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) troops.

“The fighters stormed the yard of the military collage at day light and clashed with Nigerian military forces using light and heavy weapons then set fire in a number of vehicles,” a report released by Amaq reads.

According to Amaq, ten service members of the NAF were killed and many others were wounded during the clashes in Tukur Buratai military collage.

ISWAP terrorists burned two armored vehicles and five pickup trucks in the course of the attack. The terrorists also captured a 4×4 vehicle and three motorcycles. The photos released by Amaq shows a Soviet-made T-72M1 battle tank and a Turkish-made Otokar Cobra armored tactical vehicle.

The attack on Tukur Buratai military collage in Borno was, without a doubt, one of ISWAP largest operations in Nigeria this year.

Nigerian government forces have been operating nonstop against ISWAP cells in the northeastern region of the country. Nevertheless, the terrorist group continues to expand its influence there, especially in the states of Borno and Yobe.


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Lance Ripplinger

The NAF seems to be grossly disorganized and incompetent. Sounds to me like they lack any communication or intel gathering ability. The fact that a military college was attacked, and had such a clear lack of defenses is crazy. For being the largest military in their region of Africa, the NAF is a complete joke.

Sgt. Big Boys Club

The problem is that the Nigerian military is more capable than they are revealing in their fight against the terrorists. Some of them come here for officer and technical training and they are very capable. Their problem is that some of their serving soldiers are Muslims who share the same faith as the terrorists and would rather flee from battle than kill fellow Muslims. A change in present Muslim dominated political leadership will bring significant change in their fight against the French sponsored Islamic Jihadists.

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