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ISIS Terrorists Stormed Military Camp In Nigeria’s Borno. Casualties Reported (Photos)

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ISIS Terrorists Stormed Military Camp In Nigeria’s Borno. Casualties Reported (Photos)

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On July 2, ISIS news agency, Amaq, shared photos from a recent attack that targeted a military camp in the town of Bula Yobe in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno.

The terrorists stormed the camp on June 27 following heavy clashes with the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF). According to Amaq, eight soldiers were killed during the attack. A 4×4 vehicle was also destroyed by ISIS fighters.

One of the photos shared by Amaq shows an L-39 Albatros jet trainer of the Nigerian Air Force providing NAF troops with close air support during the attack.

ISIS Terrorists Stormed Military Camp In Nigeria’s Borno. Casualties Reported (Photos)

Click to see full-size image.

Other photos show intense clashes around the military camp, the dead bodies of some of the Nigerian soldiers killed in the attack as well as some weapons and ammunition which were seized by ISIS terrorists.

The situation in Borno appears to be getting worse. ISIS cells ambushed two Nigerian military convoys in Borno recently.

The first convoy was ambushed on a road linking the villages of Cutmbi and Bulingua on June 27. Two Nigerian service members were killed. The second convoy was ambushed on a road between the villages of Bulka and Bama on June 28. The terrorists seized five motorcycles after killed or injuring some Nigerian service members.

In a recent report summarizing its recent operations in Africa, ISIS claimed that its cells had killed 16 service members and civilians in Nigeria last June.


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With 210 million people the Nigerians cannot put together a few thousand crack troops and intel personnel to exterminate this “isis” trash?

Their Intel services are failing their military units.


Depends on the military units being prepared to die for Buhari, too. From the beginning, Nigerian military forces have always been more interested in power and money than defence. That’s why the Biafra uprising partly succeeded in the first place, the Nigerian military either went over or evaporated. It was only when it was reconstructed under Murtala Muhammad that it crushed the insurgency, and yet within a few years it was back to couping the government de jour as its primary interest. Murtala Muhammad himself couped the then regime and soon got couped and killed in turn.

Besides that, the military intelligence people would likely be from the South, since the Nigerian regimes have systematically always discriminated against the North in everything (which is why the Boko Haram uprising began in the first place; Nigerian ISIS is a splinter faction of Boko Haram). Non Northerners can’t just walk into ISIS territory and gather intelligence. Or would be permitted to infiltrate the organisation as members, come to that. While any Northerners who did might switch allegiance for real.

Besides, the Buhari regime seems more interested in oppressing Shia and stopping a neoBiafran uprising in the South than what is going on in the North, anyway.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
Liberal guy

Very true


Good information. 👍


I think that your information regarding Nigeria, the makeup of its military intelligence, and by extension its armed forces is flawed. The south of Nigeria is mostly Christian and contains its most educated and productive population. It also holds all of Nigerian oil and gas reserves.

The northern part of Nigeria is mostly Muslim with significant Christian minorities. Northerns through political expediency or due to lack of qualification gravitate to the military as a career choice. They also make up more than 60 percent of the Nigerian armed forces.

They have also used their control of the military to engineer multiple coups in Nigeria. They have also formed and headed Nigeria’s multiple governments. They are also fantastically corrupt.

Despite their hold of government in Nigeria with unfettered access to Nigeria’s carbon mineral resources, they have been unable to lift their fellow Muslims out of poverty, ignorance and destitution. It does not help that Islam as practiced in Northern Nigeria does not encourage the pursuit of education, acquisition of technical skills and self sovereignty. Instead, it encourages them to have multiple wives, father tens of children they can’t afford or educate. Instead of attending schools despite extensive availability of tuition free education for the northern Muslims, the parents of these children surrender to Muslim schools where narrow education is taught to millions of excited pupils.

At the end of the day, these graduates lack skills and can’t find suitable employment and by default become surplus people. It is these surplus people that are fueling Boko Haram terror atrocities, banditry and kidnapping.

Liberal guy

Very true

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