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ISIS Terrorists Stormed Major Military Base In Nigeria’s Borno (Photos)

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ISIS Terrorists Stormed Major Military Base In Nigeria’s Borno (Photos)

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On April 18, ISIS terrorists launched a large-scale attack on a major base of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) in the northeastern state of Borno.

The terrorists stormed the base, which is located in the town of Dikwa, following clashes with the NAF. Nigerian service members withdrew from the base leaving behind their equipment and weapons.

According to the Amaq news agency, ISIS fighters burned the camp as well as a pickup truck, an artillery piece and four armored vehicles. The fighters also seized three vehicles and loads of weapons.

Several photos shared by Amaq show at least two BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, a Panhard AML armored car and an OTO Melara Mod 56 105 mm howitzer.

Earlier this month, ISIS terrorists stormed a similar base near the town of Camuya in Borno. The NAF sustained heavy losses in the attack. Ten Nigerian service members were allegedly killed or wounded.

The situation in Borno is worsening, especially in the areas bordering Lake Chad. So far, the NAF efforts have failed to crop the growing influence of ISIS in the state.


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Lone Ranger

CIAisis hard at work…

Furkan Sahin

Isis is Saudi Arabia lol

Lone Ranger


Albert Pike

The favorite isis colour is black. Black like the ‘Black Hand’, or the antifa ‘Black-Bloc’. Those are all masonic affiliated troops – like the name of the egyptian goddess ISIS, which is freemasonry (ISIS unveiled, book by helena Blavatsky). The colour goes back to the ‘Black Order’ of the Illuminati:

‘“The ceremonies of admission were adopted from the Free Masons, with whom the Black Order seems to have maintained very friendly relations. The statutes of this order named Pythagoras as their first known master.” https://www.conspiracyarchive.com/2015/08/15/the-influence-of-the-illuminati-and-freemasonry-on-german-student-orders-and-vice-versa/

So the use of the name ISIS and the black colour are a marker for who those people are murdering, who their masters are. That it is Islamic is just a side line since from grade 30on all masonic degrees are ‘islamic’ or what they call islamic. The relationship to the Saudis comes from them being Dönmeh, and we know that the Illuminati and freemasonry in common was taken over by Jakob Frank with the help and money of Bauer/Meyer Amschel, the first Rothschild. And there you are with CIA the freemason state of America, the Nasi/Nazis, the B’Nai B’rith, the Frankists, the 1666 Messiah, the Windsors and Chabat Lubavitch. They tell you who they are with their name and their colour…

Assad must stay

i wonder who can tell me how daesh got into nigeria?

John Tosh

CIA, their headquarters are in Niger….

Jihadi Colin

A section of Boko Haram switched allegiance. After the fall of Mosul ISISaganda was more focused on Africa than Iraq and Syria. And if course what nobody says is that a fill snake second Scramble For Africa is going on, and ISIS is a necessary weapon in that, to justify neocolonial intervention.

Albert Pike

Africom has bases in Africa… https://theintercept.com/2020/02/27/africa-us-military-bases-africom/

Assad must stay

Very intrtesting site thank you mister albert!

rightiswrong rightiswrong

US Airforce, assisted by France and UK.

Porc Halal

Question: how is it that possible?!

Answer: because they can!

Fog of War

Incompetent Nigerian military .

Ivan Freely

Sadly, majority of African militaries are that way.

cechas vodobenikov

USA sent BLM to Nigeria….are they stealing oil or do they believe fela kuti is alive

rightiswrong rightiswrong

So just like in Iraq, the army flees and leaves loads of new weapons to be picked up by US proxy forces?

The new template for arming terrorists, set up a military base and hand over weapons to terrorists, then raise taxes for defence spending to combat the armed terrorists, what a scam. All it takes is corrupt officials, and we all know how the civil servants work, we’ve seen their handiwork at organising trains, camps and pits.

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