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ISIS Terrorists Slaughtered Pro-Government Oil Guards In Southern Raqqa


ISIS Terrorists Slaughtered Pro-Government Oil Guards In Southern Raqqa

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Late on November 14, ISIS terrorists attacked fighters from the al-Qatirji security group, which guards government oil shipments in southern Raqqa.

According to the London-Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the terrorists managed to capture five pro-government fighters on the Ithriyah-Raqqa road. All of them were slaughtered on the spot.

“Connection has been lost with other members and reports suggest that they may have been also arrested by ISIS,” the monitoring group.

A day earlier, ISIS terrorists targeted an oil tanker guarded by al-Qatirji group in southern Raqqa with an improvised explosive device.

The al-Qatirji security group is affiliated with the al-Qatirji Company that imports oil from Syria’s northeastern region, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, to government-held areas. The company and its owners are sanctioned by the U.S.

ISIS intensified its attacks on al-Qatirji group and on Syrian government oil shipments over the last few months. The attacks started as the U.S. was working to mount more pressure on the Syrian government, which is facing a serious financial crisis.




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