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ISIS Terrorists Set SDF-Held Oil Well In Syria’s Deir Ezzor On Fire (Photos)

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ISIS Terrorists Set SDF-Held Oil Well In Syria’s Deir Ezzor On Fire (Photos)

File image.

On December 31, ISIS terrorist set the Da’as oil well, which is held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), on fire.

The oil well, which is being run by local investors, is located near the town of al-Huraiji in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

ISIS news agency, Amaq, shared footage showing a masked terrorist standing in front of the burning well. The terrorist, who is likely a senior commander of ISIS, vowed that the group will step up their operations against the SDF in the upcoming few days.

A source in the SDF told the North Press Agency that ISIS terrorists contacted the investors of the well days before the attack via the WhatsApp messaging app. The terrorist promised not to attack the well if they are paid a “tax” of $15,000.

The investors, who believed that the SDF will protect the well, refused to pay. However, the group and the its main backer, the US-led coalition, failed to take action.

ISIS cells in northeastern Syria use extortion as a mean to finance their operations against the SDF. Oil traffickers and local businessmen are among the preferred targets of the terrorist group.

The attack on the Da’as oil well highlights the deteriorating security situation in northeastern Syria. The SDF and the US-led coalition are not making real efforts to counter the terrorist group’s growing influence in the region, especially in Deir Ezzor.


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jens holm

People writeing here are no expert in geografi and should ahev a teacher. But that field is just east of the Khabour river and about 20 km from Eufrat.

Most people has no idea about the northern side of SEZ is.

The Americans being there mainly protect fields from making oil to Assads (and ISIS).


Two of the most profitable trades are Drugs and Weapons. You guessed it right, The US has the biggest cut from both of those.
The US is mainly in Syria to rebuild ISIS/Daesh and make sure their gay g0y doesn’t get cut in pieces in the future. Also, make thing harder for the Syrian government to rebuild the country.

The US is not there to “protect” anything besides Kurd terrorists, Zion, and the rebuilding of Daesh 2.0.
There are many reports of yanquis stealing SYRIAN oil, and using Daesh against the Syrian government. Isn’t funny how ISIS/Daesh know when Syrian troops travel? Let’s see, which countries supported ISIS in Syria and Iraq? Zion, The US, and NATO (Turkey+UK+France). The Wahhabi states also founded those groups.

Also, you haven’t improved your English at all, I’m not saying you fuking suck at it but you sure as hell can do better old man.
SEZ can’t really help Syria much, you m0ron forgot Syria is under sanctions by the US?
“Since the civil war started, Syria has been unable to trade due to international sanctions. The oil used to dominate foreign trade and accounted for 67 percent of Syrian exports before the war.”

About 2/3 of Syria’s oil fields are now under US-backed terrorist groups, the Kurds. The Kurds have no right over those lands nor do they belong there.
Kurds lived in very northern Syria some in Al-Hasakah and anything after that was Arabs land. THEY DON’T BELONG THERE, NOR DO THEY HAVE ANY RIGHT OVER SYRIAN OIL FEILDS.
But I said it before and I say it again, sooner or later we see the true faces of Kurds, they are nothing but g0y toys after all.
They better know what happened in Afghanistan is just a matter of time to happen to them.
They are useless against an army, Turkey just run them over so fast it was funny to see, just like how the Taliban just walked in and took the power.
The Syrian government will take back its homeland from satanic worshipers.


I.S.I.S. was created by J. Mc Cain, satanjahoo, MBS and simon elliot alias al bagdadi.

jens holm

Chairman Mao and his 5 wives helped him. Hey took some sandniggers and painted them.

Peter Wallace

And you wonder why people don’t take you seriously when you make the stupidest of comments like that. They are so esoteric not even the author understands them.

jens holm

Reborn Hindu worms are more clever they You.


Oh, shit on Hindus all you want old pig. I can understand you tho, I had to deal with drug and alcohol addicts like you, the worse kind of people are drug and alcohol addicts, worse than ISIS, Zion, and Wahhabi.
You don’t say stupid shit, you say some rtded things.

Chris Gr

Except that Assad is kind of okay with those Kurds but Iran, Kataib Hezbollah and Liwa Fatemiyoun hate them. ISIS was funded by Saudis mostly. US supported the Iraqi government and FSA and SDF.


Are you taking drugs with jens as well?

“Except that Assad is kind of okay with those Kurds but Iran”
What the hell were you even trying to say?
Assad is kind of okay with “those Kurds” but Iran???? what do you mean by “but Iran”. Try to be clear at least.
Are you trying to say Assad was okay to deal with Kurds but not Iran?
LMFAO, lie to me or change your story if you are going to reply back. Or I’m going to laugh at you for now on kiddo.

The Syrian government makes deals with Kurds due to Kurds/US holding Syrian oil/gas fields, you rtded fuk. Also, don’t forget SDF stop shipping SYRIAN oil to Syrians in the winter of last year. Yeah, the US owns them.
“We’ve secured the oil and, therefore, a small number of U.S. troops will remain in the area where they have the oil,” Trump said during an Oct. 23 press conference.”

I like how stupid you sound,
“ISIS was funded by Saudis mostly. US supported the Iraqi government and FSA and SDF.”

KSA, Qatar, and UAE were the biggest supporters of Daesh in Syria and Iraq. Qatar and KSA both follow Wahhabism which is a fake version of Sunni Islam. That’s why KSA and Qatar both supported Daesh – those morons think if they have a bigger population that is forced to follow their fake version of Islam it would make them seen as “true” Muslims.
If you didn’t know Wahhabism is not part of Sunni Islam.

Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi – he funded his group Al-Qaeda with KSA oil money.
Any group that follows Wahhabism is funded by KSA & Qatar you stupid ass, everyone knows that. Your point?

“US supported the Iraqi government and FSA and SDF.”
I guess you mean, the US-supported the Iraqi government and FSA and SDA against Daesh?
You are full of shit,
1. The US jump in Iraq after THE US DESTROYED IT, you know why? Because of Iran.
The PMUS of Iraq were the ones who finished off Daesh in Iraq NOT yanquis gays.
2. FSA, yeah what was their role? And care to tell us why they are taking in Ex-Daesh in their ranks.
3. SDF is nothing, they were working with Russia/Iran and Syria block before the yanquis and Zion told them they can help them to cut part of Syria for themselves. SDF after that changed side and became a US terrorist group.

There is so much more to it. You trying so hard, just to end up looking like a clown.

Chris Gr

You are saying many inconsistencies.

1) UAE now support Assad.

2) Only Qatar supports Wahhabis. Saudis have abandoned them.

3) I mean the current Iraqi government not PMU. FSA were once supported by US but not anymore.


Jens is a Dane gay Zio Jew employed by the Zio terrorist Jew scumm in Hell Aviv… please don’t waste time answering her

Chris Gr

Do you have any proof?


Thank you, I know him, I’m not new here.


Yet again Kurds don’t belong there nor do they the have people or power to control those fields.
Kurds are just like the “Afghan Army” led by the US, useless, and we saw how fast Turkey make them run away like rats.

ISIS/Daesh can do such attacks due to the US being there in the first place. The US is known for supporting terrorists around the world, they are rebuilding Daesh 2.0.
As long the Zion g0y are there ISIS grows and will be there.

jens holm

Typical infantile primitive one liner english, but You has used 5. And the one line is incorrect as well.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Lucky your LSD laced delirium level grammar is top notch Jens.
We are so lucky to have you here ..

jens holm

Thats not luck. You deserve me. Allah asked me.


Do you want to try again?
You should.

Chris Gr

SDF is 70% Syrian though.


Syrian? Yes, Kurds and Arabs in Syria are Syrian, you rtded?
Do you mean 70% are Arabs – 30% Kurds in SDF?
About that, you foolish kid, I told you once and I’m going say it again, you are clueless about Kurds.
“Protests against Kurdish rule widen in Deir Az Zor as Arabs complain of discrimination and forced conscription.” <- Kurds are racist pigs like Zion.

1. Yesn't, most of them NEED MONEY TO LIVE.
2. They are forced to join like how ISIS/Daesh made Syrian join ISIS.
2. You pull that number out of your ASS btw. We can't really know the true number, it was the same story in Afghanistan.
3. Most of the leadership of SDF is Kurdish, funny isn't when you say shit like 70% of them are Arabs.

Are you Kurd? I don't believe so, but you sure as hell think they are better than Yanuqis or Zion. They are not, they are NOT, most Kurdish groups are terrorist groups.

You seem like one of those kids… you know what, run your ugly mouth all you want, don't reply to my comments. Thank you, and fuk off.

Chris Gr

I am Greek. Lol


“Are you Kurd? I don’t believe so, but you sure as hell think they are better than Yanuqis or Zion. ”
I was right, you are not but a …
Also, I like your 2 cents reply. You just here to be laughed at, I make sure I take a note of that.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Oy gevalt, not the mossadisis oil.
Crumbling pedonazi americant empire needs that pirated oil.
Oy oy…

jens holm

Typical infantility forchildren less then 5 years old.

Cheryl Sanchez



🤣🤣 how can SDF protect them when ISIS and SDF is one and the same… exchange money, supplies, medical?

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