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ISIS Terrorists Set Fake Checkpoint In Northern Iraq, Abducted 11 People

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ISIS Terrorists Set Fake Checkpoint In Northern Iraq, Abducted 11 People

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Early on August 7, ISIS terrorists abducted 11 people after setting a fake checkpoint between the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh and Erbil province in the Kurdistan Region.

In a brief statement, the Directorate General of Counter Terrorism in the Kurdistan Region said that the fake checkpoint was set by the terrorists near the village of Kandar, on a road leading to the town of Makhmur in Erbil.

Ismael Hamad, an official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Makhmur, shared more details on the incident with Kurdish media.

“A group of ISIS, consisting of six personnel, set up a checkpoint near the village of Kendal … and began to stop everyone who was passing from there … ISIS personnel first fired at a vehicle that crossed the checkpoint without stopping; As a result, 3 Kurdish locals from Makhmour district … were seriously injured,” Hamas said. “ISIS militants then kidnapped 11 citizens, some of them are residents of Makhmour, and two of them are Arab.”

The fate of the abductees is yet to be revealed. So far, ISIS has not made any statement on the daring terrorist operation.

In the last few months, ISIS stepped up its attacks along the administrative borders between Nineveh and the Kurdistan Region. Security forces are not present in the region due to disagreements between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region Government.

The terrorist group will likely continue to take advantage of the security vacuum in northern Iraq. Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region Government should coordinate to confront this dangerous threat.


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ISIS seems to have an unlimited supply of troops. How is that logically possible ?

US & EU are Zion slaves

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