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ISIS Terrorists Operating From US-held Area Captured To Aid Convoys For Syrian Civilians


ISIS Terrorists Operating From US-held Area Captured To Aid Convoys For Syrian Civilians

US-led coalition troops and US-backed militants are at Syria’s At Tanf

ISIS militants have seized two convoys with medicines and food for Syrian civilians, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on October 11.

The terrorists were operatingfrom the US-controlled areas.

Konashenkov said that about 300 ISIS members in pickups raided the Damascus-Deir Ezzor highway from the US-held area of At Tanf in southeastern Syria.

ISIS Terrorists Operating From US-held Area Captured To Aid Convoys For Syrian Civilians

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The question how about 300 ISIL[ISIS] militants using pick-up trucks who tried to block the strategically important Damascus-Deir ez-Zor [Deir Ezzor] highway, through which supplies for Syrian troops are brought and humanitarian aid for the population is delivered, penetrated into the US-controlled area in al-Tanf remains unanswered,” the general said. “We offer the American side to clarify another instance of turning a blind eye to the activities of militants operating under their very noses. It is purely for military ethics reasons that we do not publish the latest photos of the US base in al-Tanf with an abundance of pick-up trucks with heavy machine guns and recoiless guns that are not typical of the US army.”

Konashenkov added that “about 600 militants stationed at the Rukban refugee camp in the US-controlled At Tanf area have departed westward in an orderly manner in off-road vehicles” from October 2 to October 3. The convoy covered about 300 km and passed through the former Tafas border checkpoint on the Syrian-Jordanian border to the southern de-escalation zone in Syria’s Daraa province.

“In another ‘strange’ coincidence, almost simultaneously with them, two convoys with medicines and food for local population entered this de-escalation zone,” Konashenkov added.

The convoys carrying out 90 tonnes of aid entered Hajmi and Khel.  The general added that the aid was seized by militants arrived from At-Tanf. The villages of Hajmi and Khel are controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), according to Konashenkov.

“Considering such serious manpower reinforcements with US benevolence and the creation of the stock of medicines with food supplies, one should not be an expert to forecast an attempt to disrupt the peace agreement now in the southern de-escalation zone as well. We are warning that all the responsibility for the peace process sabotage will be borne by the US side,” he said.

On October 6, the Russian Defense Ministry said that US forces turned the At Tanf area into a black hole used by ISIS terrorists for raids against government forces.

The Russian state-run media outlet Sputniknews also took a comment from Director of the North America Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry Georgiy Borisenko on the situation in Syria.

Of course, we have a lot of questions about what the Americans are doing in Syria. Unlike the Russian forces, they are there in violation of international law,” Borisenko told Sputniknews. “They even establish certain zones, for example, in the al-Tanf area, where they refuse to allow the forces of the legitimate government. In fact, this is reminiscent of an attempt to divide the country, split Syria in order to create governing bodies controlled by the United States and its allies in [its] certain part.

He added that Russia “on the basis of available objective data, draws attention to the fact that in fact, the Americans and the opposition units oriented toward them are actually not fighting Daesh[ISIS] militants.”



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