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ISIS Terrorists Lost 12 Units Of Military Equipment In Desperate Attacks On Tyas Airbase


ISIS terrorists have continued desperate attacks against Syrian government forces at the Tyas Airbase and nearby points.

Since December 27, ISIS has launched 3 attacks against the Syrian army and its allies in the area, but failed to achieve any sucess.

2 battle tanks, 7 armoured vehicles and 3 vehicles equipped with machine guns belonging to the terrorist group were destroyed, according to pro-government sources.

The ISIS advance in the area is in a dead-lock. Terrorists failed to encircle the Tyas Airbase and are not able to break government defenses there.



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  • The Eye

    That is fine, they will get new ones, US made along with the daily mail.

    • VGA

      They got several tanks that the Palmyra “defenders” donated, no worries.

  • Lannister

    that happens when you fight Allepo and not IS, lost Palmyra again to IS and now celebrate 7 destroyed tanks well done

  • sagbotgamot

    Go ISIS/Daesh! Fight without ceasing. America, Saudi, Israel still have billions of dollars for your fight. don’t ever forget you are fighing for the “Islamic State” spell: Oil Cartel and the zionist NWO. Fight until the last one of you is dead.

  • aurelius

    It is a hard choice for the West: Assad mass murderers or Isis psychopaths? best is if they decimate each other.

    • Ace

      Mass murderer? Please. Get a grip.