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JUNE 2023

ISIS Terrorists Kill Seven More People In Central Syria

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ISIS Terrorists Kill Seven More People In Central Syria

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Seven more people were reportedly killed by ISIS terrorists while hunting for highly-prized truffles in the central region of Syria.

On March 3, the dead bodies of three civilians and a pro-government fighter were found in the areas of Wadi al-Azib and Duisin in the eastern countryside of Hama. The four were abducted by terrorists while collecting truffles a week earlier. They were all executed.

The next day, March 4, two more civilians, a brother and a sister, were killed when a landmine planted by ISIS terrorists struck their motorcycle near Duisin. The two were also hunting for truffles in the eastern Hama countryside.

Another civilian lost his life on the same day after he stumbled on an ISIS landmine while collecting truffles from a desert area in southwestern Deir Ezzor countryside.

Since the start of February, 75 people have been killed and 67 others have been wounded in central Syria as a result of attacks which were attributed to ISIS. The vast majority of the victims were either truffle hunters or security personnel protecting them.

The deadliest attack, which took place near the town of al-Sukhan in the eastern countryside of Homs on February 18, claimed the lives of 53 people.

The terrorist group has not claimed responsibility for any of the recent attacks so far, most likely because they were carried out for looting.

The recent attacks indicate that ISIS influence in central Syria is still strong. The terrorist group’s insurgency in the region could go on for years. Government forces and their allies should take measures to mount more pressure on the group as soon as possible.


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Once again, none of these ‘attacks’ can be verified. More bollocks from the basement dwelling clueless morons of SouthFront.

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