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ISIS Terrorists Kill Or Injure 13 Soldiers In Another Ambush In Central Syria

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On January 24, ISIS cells ambushed a bus carrying soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the Homs-Deir Ezzor highway in the central region.

In an official statement, the SAA said the bus was attacked by a terrorist group that came from the southeastern area of al-Tanf, which is occupied by US forces.

“At around 1:40 PM, a bus carrying soldiers on the Deir Ezzor-Palmyra road came under fire in the al-Malha al-Shula area from the south of the road by a terrorist group that came from the al-Tanf area,” the statement reads.

According to the army’s statement, three soldiers were killed and at least ten others were wounded as a result of the ambush.

ISIS confirmed its responsibility for the attack in a statement released by its news agency, Amaq. The terrorist group claimed that 20 soldiers were injured or killed.

Last month, a similar ambush by ISIS cells on the Homs-Deir Ezzor highway, known as the M20, claimed the lives of 25 people, including civilians.

ISIS Terrorists Kill Or Injure 13 Soldiers In Another Ambush In Central Syria

Click to see full-size map. Via Google Maps

In response, Syrian government forces launched a large-scale operation to secure the highway last week. According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as of January 24 the operation is still ongoing. Russian forces allegedly provide support not only in the air, but also on the ground.

“Russian forces started today to provide ground protection for joint [government] forces, after bringing in large military reinforcement to the region, as the campaign has entered it second consecutive week,” the monitoring group said in a report. “Russian fighter jets are still providing air support for the campaign.”

ISIS cells in Syria’s central region reportedly receive support from US-backed fighters based in al-Tanf. The US-led coalition has taken no real action against the terrorist group in the area.


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Miri Nature

Isis not Israel terrorist agenda.

Bilal Abdul Kareem

Unfortunately it appears the US is ramping up it’s logistical support of ISIS. These attacks continue to ramp up and inflict mass casualties. If something isn’t done quickly, ISIS will continue getting stronger and bolder in their attacks

Jens Holm

US dont support ISIS. Assads very much and also SDF has become weaker.

When You are so clever, You should send them a mail about it.

The great mistake came and stilll continue. Assads for prestige and politics forgot KEEP and also some kind of respected local independecy for local matters by SDF

By that they wasted ressources and soldiers again and again all the way to almost Abu Kamal. They even shelled SDF away from taking” “their borderside of the Eufrat. An just in that important incident they even crossed Eufrat and SDF had not divided and partly eliminated ISIS there.

So when they crossed by a Russian bridge, the first met the well regrouped ISIS making a stiff but well done defence at the border, which the Russians could bombarde away.

Next those exhausted and not well supplied troops were stopped hard by a thing and very sharp SDF line.

Assads as well SDFs lost a lot of power there. After that we saw the problmes mainly for the SDF taking the last ISIS state land. At the other side Assads had not enough troops as well as supply and again came in devastating problems.

Normal simple thinking says, that SDF and Assads should have taken one border each and no confrontations should have been. Spreading troops like that is the most stupid number one in any handbook for warfare. DEZ was nott even liberated even parts again was connected to the rest of Assads.

Im against Assads should be runni ng anything in Syria, but if ISIS was knocked out much mopre, the next clever step for Assads then could be to neutralize or take SDFs – If USA allowed it.

Thats how 1000s of Assad soldiers has died for nothing and also has wasted for many many millions of any kind of supply.

Thats what Assads needed. ISIS lowered much more as well as having at least more troops for the infected leftover areas.


Your first 4 words: “US dont support ISIS” So where does ISIS get it’s support from, perhaps they are operating a highly profitable phosphate mine in the desert ??

John Wallace

I think it is a sand mine. They export bags of sand to Denmark and Jens is in charge of tasting the sand to grade it. That is why some of his comments are a little gritty.

Jens Holm

Thats right. We try any method to integrate muslims in Denmark. They even are digging for water, when its raining:)

John Wallace

Best time to be looking for water is when it is raining. That way they are successful but I don’t see what importing sand has got to do with integration .

Jens Holm

Ha ha too much danish jokin from here. Im sorry.

Beduins are digging deep for water, but thats not needed here becuse the rain makes we have more then enough water. We even flush our toilet with drinking water.

Sand is meant for all incomming refugees comes from the deserts and behave as the worst known beduins. Here its the fact Syrians has a much bigger group of criminals then other refughees. Only Somalis and Palestinians reach that high level. Our jail are full of them. Our women protecting center are full of Syrian women as well.

Evan Vokes

Aisha asked the non prophet how come his followers wives were the ones beaten and bruised. Nothing improved Maybe its that part where aisha says that to ward of another mans attention to your wive , she should let him suckle five times

Jens Holm

You see them as a big army, because the Assad and partly SDF losses are big.

They are not. They take what they can find by any methods and do have more support then most think.

They probatly has stored a lot of corn for bread as well as light weapons. If You know how explosives are easy to make with the correct ingidiences. Those has to be used almost at once or else they will selfdetonate.

I dont think ISIS are able to take out phosfate from rocks, but You can buy it pretending You are a farmer or a supporter is a farmer.

I have not seen a single for USA has been supporting ISIS for years and they have stopped Sadis doing it. Al Tanf was a base, which should help FSA in its southern version. But after a while there hardly was 1000 left. They divided into 500 and a part of them was evacuated to the SDF.

So what USA has are some few FSA guards in their perimeter abd the ones at the refugee camp, which insist in remaining there. Those are not fighters but just agressive defenders.

Servet Köseoğlu

US dont support ISIS!!!!…..shameless liar…how can you lie like that,how do you sleep?

John Wallace

He makes all this shit up and then thinks it must be true as he thought of it. What would we do without comments from Jens to make our day..

Jens Holm

You are raised into mind control and act as no learning sheep.

There is not even a single verified link for ISIS support from USA/Al Tanf ever since Obama stopped it by Hillary too.

ISIS got out of hand and started terror outside Syria, Iraq and ME.

Turks went on supporting ISIS until ISIS exploded a marrige party in Turkey and killed 22 guests. So Turks dont support them from that too late day.

Danes by that too has every reason not to like Erdogans as well.

Erdigan even blamed us for not controlling the medias and by that forgot parle and parlementarisme is about whats good or bad and a try to find consensus for better solutions.

You are denied that by ebing born, where You are born. I try to tell You what almost the rest of the world see, and my comment makes Your day:(

I by that repeat my own oppinion. There should be walls ariund You. One could be west of Istanbull and another one in Caucasus and only oil out and food in to fair prices.

Not a single Krone should be wasted as help for Bagdads. Let them be a Neocolonialistic part of Iran. I dont care. We have no friends, and even ISIS will sell us oil.

And we actually do something about it Ourself. We invented windpower and windpower farms and today cover more then 50% of Our electricity by that. We do continue the build out, because more cars will be on batteries. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3063b86e4c60a504d674a3e0a3a7866ac6ebb379eb5ea734e4eecff79f580d52.jpg


isis is the irregular armed force of the usa similar to what the turkish backed militias are for turkey

Jens Holm


Very good propaganda connecting USA and ISIS.

Its as if You know nothing about what ISIS was able to do in Europe and other places and we have stopped them all over, so they have no new members as well as making money almost has stopped.

That includes its almost impossible to buy anything, which can be used as weapons and infrastructure.

None should blame You for being like that in those days, but today You should and I do. There are thousens of articles about those relations and its secrets.

They all say the same. SDF by USA and YPG took Manbij, Tabqa, Raqqa and the last ISIS territory ISIS hasd in the Hajin area.

In those days it was same kind of propaganda. SDF wpuld take the oil west of Tabqa. They never could take Raqqa, they here only took deserts and ISIS lewft top fight Assad. DEZ was same thing and SDF even was bombarded by Assads even SDF was called in to take DEZ.

And it went on along Eufrat almost to Abu Kamal. ISIS hardly had weapons and ISIS member joined SDFs. The ISIS there hardly was tropps but mainly vomen and children.

Even many dead SDFs was laughed at and and not believed.

We see the same from the Al Tanf. Even 60 kilomter from Palmyra, the ISIS or/and would take oil from the destroyed oilwells there. Very advanced to be able to do that. They should be Supertroopers to do anything like that. Its also forgotten, that taking an area might be possible, but the difficult thing is to keep.


isis gets its hamburgers weapons and drugs directly from american air drops and this is documented over many years meanwhile daesh openly sold oil to turkey until russia bombed the convoys also documented history

str0nk t0rk TSK

How else is ISIS getting endless supplies and precise logistics? They are precisely targeting military convoys in a vast desert and retreating just in time before Russian air support arrives. This indicates superior intel coming from somewhere. And with Al-Tanf conveniently sitting there, you can see where they are receiving logistical help.

Jens Holm

Maybee You forget, they also get a lot of their supply from those convoys. You should see those as attacks as robbery as well.

And I take it again. ISIS are highly professional guerilla infantery veteran soldiers. If they dont decide time, place and kind they already has scouts out for the next operation.

They have hiding all over, where they are and store the little they have. They know where they can find water in every little wadi enough for smaller groups bu not for goats and sheep.

They make themself as invisible as possible using the weather well for moving around. They know every square meter and the enemies dont. They never are like elephants in strawberries. The Assads always are like that. When they now and then make mistakes and attack too much resistance, they always split up, so Assads & Co never get all of them.

Evan Vokes

why worry, ISIS follows the Koran and Hadiths exact This is how the non prophet said to behave and his followers are to emulate his perfect life as a white supremacists, pedophile, slave trading, camel train robber and murderer. whats the problem? the koran might be a bit strange but the hadiths remove ambiguity


They can’t secure the highway until the big elephant in the room is removed,AL TANF and why would they send a bus down a road thats infested with terrorists?https://media1.giphy.com/media/JSkgN9WBPKtcuBhPup/giphy-downsized-medium.gif

Bilal Abdul Kareem

This is true, even in the statement, SAA says they came from Al-Tanf zone.

Jens Holm

I has been reading the SANA news today. Its the same for me. First I take on my seatbelt in my armchair.

Last time I almost died laughing. If there was a Nobel Price for lying, there would be many winners here :( https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e83ec677877d90ef340dfc75dcc00644b47fe425b3c3ded65118b1272604f279.jpg

Jens Holm

They could make thier many ISIS prisoners dig a tunnel for them.

SDFs has done that. They now export large quantities of oil to Israel. By that SDFs has large quantities of artillery and even small RPGs, but are still not allowed to use them by the Turks:)


Frankly, the SAA is very inept and does not even practice rudimentary convoy security. in the age of airborne surveillance even a 10 year old can do a better job. No wonder the Russians and Iranians are holding the place together and fighting the CIA terrorists, now operating from Jordan with US aircover.

Lone Ranger

Isis? Or Delta in pajamas…?

Lone Ranger

To be honest I dont think Delta or Army Rangers are that gay. SEAL on the other hand…


It’s a desert zone. Russian drones can see only in snow.

Rhodium 10

But they can see trucks with stolen petrol and bomb them in Al Bad…

John Wallace

Yes , surely they could have drones coving the convoys and then track ISIS back to where they hide. There are so many things they could be doing to reduce these attacks . If it is in the desert they must be able to track the vehicle tracks . The Germans used to do that after an SAS night raid flying over the desert to pick up and follow the tracks.

Jens Holm

ISIS dont go bact to, where they hide. They hide anywhere and are very good at it. Hidings are prepared, becuse they know they have to be gone in síxty seconds no matter what – as Mustan Elinor in some movie.

They seldom use vehicles at all. Those mainly are temporary vehicles taken from the enemy. They dont have fuel stations out there.

ISIS are not Britts. The Britts had to eliminate targets very far away and needed transportation.

But You are right too. if You have a place to operate from, You can use long distance drones as well as radars for heat and movements.

Al Tanf could be a model. If its perimeter can be defended well, You can put out people there with short distance drones and fx long distance snipers.

The Objective

Are you the one who wrote this comment? The English is very different.

Jens Holm

Im only myself. I am different, so to speak. Sometimes Im in a too hurry as well.


Probably Russia has a secret deal with USA or Israel to not aid Syrians in some regions. Allowing Isis cels in Palmyra desert for 5 years is too obvious.

Jens Holm

There are several deals. Russia never has promised Assads to take everything back to Assads. They have promised him and the Baathist to be in their seats and by that traded the good base facilities.

I think the USA mode might be that as long ISIS dont attack them, they dont care. Its more like that. And ISIS primary attack Assads. Maybee someone in USA is smiling …

I also see the Russians max are near Palmyra by bombing. They dont care about the deserts all the way to Bagdad. Thats realisme. Hardly any in Iraq support any help by Russia.

Its more accepting and no allowing. If I sound like the weatherrapport its true. It very much what I feel in some kind of a 7 zip file.

Sure the Russians has the same deal with Israel for many Years. As long as Israel only tax Iran and Hesbollah its accepted. They cant. They only can write big letters aboujt how they dislike Iranians and Hesbollah.

And it is exact what USA feared. There is a permanent vakuum for ISIS, they hoped to close by FSA. But FSA was a rotten apple and too smal in seize.

We do see the oposition in Dara among druses and like that is still there. But its more like dripping bip bip. But those also keep Assads and 4. divison busy.

Its a political matter to solve those things, and Assads are under erosion as well as others. My best hopes for Syria still is, that the ones, which want to kill kill each other.

In a very peculiar way the US politics are succesfull. Assads has shorter and shorter arms and legs and the brains are not changed. Lira hardly is money anymore and in Lebanon by Hesbollah as non producers as well.

A military oppion is that the mountain ridges north of Palmyra and into Sukna is very hard to bombarde with good results. A few kilometers east of Sukna there are many hideouts ion smaller mauntains as well.

There is water there for many people but not for growing much and goats and sheep.


What I’m trying to underline is Russia coyld have used that desert for testing their drones – if they had what to test, but instead they brought SU-24 soviet bombers in Palmyra. Also they could have used Nagorno war just to test something new. NATO wouldn’t miss such opportunity. But regarding Assad I do not agree, Assad was gone by now without their intervention, they took back more than they pledged to keep Latakia. Fx they took back the capital. And that is good for the civilised muslims that don’t opress women.

William D

ISIS needs to be destroyed. It is unacceptable for a superior force to allow terrorists to operate in their backyard; especially when the goals of the terrorist group conflicts with every other group on the battlefield.


It doesnt conflict with every other group. ISIS’ goals intersect in one direction perfectly with the USA/”Israel”, though for different reasons. In other words, USA/”Israel” wants what ISIS brings to the table (destabilization and chaos), but ISIS does not want what USA/”Israel” is cooking (Globohomo hegemony).

Jens Holm

Homos are the best citicens for the whole world. They work hard, they pay a lot of tax and they make no children unless they are forced to by all the Machos, which has fear for being homos themself.

Machos are like psycopats feeling satifaction punishing their victimes. To feel safe for those ki9nd of people, they are compensated by Allah even born with respect and honor. Women are not. Vomen can gain respect by insisting in deciding nothing and even more, if they by themself ask to be punished for less then nothing.

Many muslim men still are beduins in their minds. They rape women dressed as tents.

John Wallace

Where did homo come into Phoron’s comment. Nowhere so YOU obviously have a thing for homo’s. Not surprising since you are such a queer kunt.

Jens Holm


The Objective

It’s your father who raped your mother to produce the abomination that is YOU. Maybe that’s why you are a homo – worse than a dog actually.

Jens Holm

Statistics says 10% are minorities in this all over the world. We include all unless they harm others.

I see others harm minorities and more then 50% i many muslim countries. Here they even raise sell and buy women and fight each other for generations, if one of the goats has a bad tit.

We dont have much of that anymore. It makes no sense. Those minorities have not asked to be born and should have a happy life in the same poosibilities as the rest of us.

LOOK WHAST YOU JUST WROTE: No genetics says its the mother fault if a baby is abonomination. YOU MORON HAS LEARNED BY BIRTH TO EXPECT IT.

Islam says so and even worse then the chritian morons. Thats why Im sekular.

You also kind of expect Im a homo because I explain homos and protect minorities. WEe have decided things like that many years ago and UN as well.

Only the few Stoneage Macho men We still have need victims such as minorities including women to feel fine.

I dont think this site should be about that at all. It says:


I could be homos support that kind of fighting very much. After all mainly non homo machomen kill each and even from birth has learned that even they so gfar has done nothing we should honor and respect them.

Denmark is not like that. We get honor and respect from zero and a very good plus is helping and protecting each other by consensus listening to each other needs and try to fullfill as many as possible.

For a start we by that gets more freedom BUT we also are made ïnto responsible persons for what we are and do and do not. Here free education is a must and we learn as written above. We see homos just as bright as anybody else. We also have a Female Premiere MInister. She is selected because she the best. 6 of 12 policedistricts has female Leadership.

Our voman can walk free in the streets with not much clothe on. The can work with man in all companies on the top, in the middle and in the bottom. They almost always are paid the same salery as men.

By that we pay nothing in divorse. They have their own bankaccount, so we only pay for the children both has made or are adopted.

We by that dont make revolutions to make Goverment change. The new PMs by that can use exact the same chairs as the resigning ones. And why? Well the loosers can be voted in again after max 4 years if they are the best. NO SHOES.

I see many homos high ranked in politics and many other places. Older ones could be Freddy Mercury and Elton John. In tennis its same thing fx old Navratilova was the best tennisplayer.

I didnt know dogs are homos. If anything its more like they are agressive for nothing andf even protect their owners, so not even doctors with candy for them can treat the ill ones.

Here we actually remove the testicles. Dogs might be homos. Links say they are like everyone else. https://www.quora.com/Can-dogs-be-homosexual-If-yes-how-do-you-know-theyre-gay

The Objective

You write bullshit and link to Quora? The reason I blasted you is because you GENERALIZED Muslims in you insult. I know there are pretty horrible Muslims out there who can do all these things you say. I also know there are pious Muslims out there, who’d never harm a fly let alone women. I don’t like arguing with moron over religious matters. Hence, I’m not interested in any conversation with you regarding this.

Jens Holm

I dont think any allow.


Get rid of the America base or these attacks will continue.


Lel just try :D


A tactical nuke should do the job.


Just go for it, though guy


At least I am not rooting for Satan like you are doing.


Oh c’mon, I’m in the middle of a sex party with Satan, join us!

Jens Holm

Reading a lot here no one should blame You:)


you might die these days


Too late, pal. I’m already dead.

Jens Holm

Allah punish You for what Your ancisters did. Maybee they were forbidden to join Islam.


nuclear weapon use on syrian territory how sick are you

Ashok Varma

ISIS is a US proxy terrorism project, it is no coincidence that after Biden it has been rearmed and these attacks are becoming more regular and deadly in both Syria and Iraq.

Damien C

No harm to you SAA but if they came from Al Tanf then that raises a few questions

1) are you not monitoring everything that comes out of there 2) How in hells name did they get back unmolested 3) Where’s your airforce, they should have shredded their vehicles long before they got back 4) Fuck the yanks got in after them in hot pursuit

Assad must stay

SAA and russia need to surround al-tanf and destroy anything that goes into or out of it, NO DISCUSSION!

Jens Holm

So Assads should invade Iraq too. Well, why not.

John Wallace

Al Tanf is in Syria num nut, Where is the logic to suggest they invade Iraq. NONE Idiot.

Jens Holm

Whats the perimeter? The distance to trhe Iraqian border is less then 25 km, and they – as I recall it – cover about 50 kilometer. And where do they get their reinforcements and supply from?

Rhodium 10

I dont think they came from Al Tanf ..There are many post close to and never have been attacked…..the problem is the incompetent SAA. with.buses full of soldiers along a war zone where just 2 ISIS terrorist with AK can kill many of them…they cross Iraq/Syria border walking like Houttis do in Yemen to avoid airstrikes…later plant mines or use their machine guns…Just a few armored minibus or one helicopter close to them avoid these attacks…but to ask SAA to be prudent and safe is like to Ask a Tiger not to eat meat…


al tanf occupation should be sooner or later taken out by the mobilization of tribes in cooperation with saa and its allies

John Tosh

Movie Title…….The Year we Make Contact

2021……………..The Year the Nuke is used!


How do these terrorist know there are soldiers on that civil bus? Only the first time could be luck. It is one road through the dessert but still there has to be communication surveillance and logistic to move around. This is not some lone wollf cell hiding in the dessert. Al Tanf has to be liberated

Miri Nature

Isis is just Israel Terrorist agenda. Thouse are not muslims nor Christians, these are cabalistic Zion creatures against Humanity !

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