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ISIS Terrorists Kill Dozens During Attack On Southeastern Mali Town (Photos)

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ISIS Terrorists Kill Dozens During Attack On Southeastern Mali Town (Photos)

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On September 24, ISIS’s news agency, Amaq, released photos documenting the terrorist group’s horrific attack on the northeastern Malian area of Talataye.

Terrorists from the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS) seized Talataye town center, which is located some 150 kilometers away from the city of Gao, on September 7 after a fierce battle with the Movement for the Salvation of Azawad (MSA), an ethnic Touareg rebel group. The battle also saw clashes between the terrorists and the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (JNIM), which is also active in the area.

The exact death toll from the battle remains unknown. A local official told AFP that 45 civilians had been killed, while an MSA fighter put the civilian death toll at 30.

Amaq’s photos shows ISIS terrorists storming Talataye as well as the dead bodies of 28 people, many of whom appear to unarmed civilians.

Talataye includes several small villages with a population of several thousand. Much of area lies outside the control of the government. The ISGS, MSA, JNIM and the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), a coalition of Tuareg and Arab nationalist groups, are all known to be active in the remote area.

Following the recent withdrawal of French forces, the Malian government started to rely more on its forces, the United Nations’ mission and Russian private military contractors to counter ISGS and other terrorist groups in the country.


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What NOT in the article is that Mali President has just got rid of the Colonialist French who were doing the USA,s work –the President says -dont come back and WELCOMES Russia & its forces THATS !!! why US backed ISIS is causing trouble –

The US has taken offence as Mali is now not obeying the west ( USA ) .

The Red Army is the strongest

Well said Donnchadh.

The Red Army is the strongest

Reminder these theocrat barbarians are organized by the CIA. But the FSB also cooperates with the CIA in the case of domestic terrorists in Russia used to control drug traffic across Russia and fulfill Russian state objectives by inspiring terror. Investigate the backgrounds of the Boston bombers. Helped by both the CIA and FSB.

Peter Jennings

The people of Mali need to reach out to Russia, who seem to be the only people willing to stand up against the western proxy armies who want their NWO. The Russian people will soon be joined by the Chinese people who are next on the NWO menu. Maybe the French will help? :) LOL obviously.

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