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JUNE 2021

ISIS Terrorists In Iraq’s Tal Afar Separate From ISIS’ Self-Proclaimed Caliphate

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ISIS Terrorists In Iraq's Tal Afar Separate From ISIS' Self-Proclaimed Caliphate


ISIS terrorists operating in the Iraqi area of Tal Afar have reportedly separated from the ISIS terrorist group and proclaimed own terrorist state, independent from the ISIS self-proclaimed caliphate.

“IS [ISIS] leadership in Tal Afar declared in a brief statement that the town has become an independent state from the caliphate and threatened strict punishment against whoever violates order,” AlSumaria News quoted own source in the province of Nineveh.

According to the report, the city is fully controlled by “Arabs and foreigners with no local leaders in the wake of the mass executions that was carried out over the past few weeks.”

The separation followed a series of reports that ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by a Russian air strike in May.

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Trustin Judeau

Unfortunately the media is doing a lot of sensationalism concerning this story


What sort of stuff?


Politics: Turkey threatened to make an aggressive move in Iraq if PMU got involved in Tel Afar (because of Turkmen there). So only Iraqi army can enter I think.


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Hi, this is another theme..but do you know something about russian aircraft targeting friendlies on east Salamiyah CS..and rumors about stoping all actiond in that region

The Farney Fontenoy

The story of islam from the very beginning, constantly fighting amongst each other for dominance, keep it up lads, it will help SAA and Iraqi army win.


It does not matter the name used by terrorists, they are terrorists and must be sent to heaven, Alah, and their 70 virgins.

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