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ISIS Terrorists Flee to Syrian Raqqa from Iraqi City of Mosul

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Terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group urgently flee to the Syrian city of Raqqa from Iraqi Mosul. The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that Moscow will consider the situation around the operation in Mosul ‘in terms of the necessary measures’, if IS terrorists from Iraq come to Syria.

ISIS Terrorists Flee to Syrian Raqqa from Iraqi City of Mosul

Islamic State (IS) terrorists urgently leave the Iraqi city of Mosul, heading to the Syrian city of Raqqa, a representative of Shia militias said.

Reports about terrorists, fleeing in Raqqa, have began to appear after the beginning of the military operation against members of the IS terrorist group in Mosul. According to some data, leader of the IS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, also can move to the Syrian city.

According to official representative of the Hashd al-Shaabi popular mobilization forces, Yusuf al-Kulyabi, IS terrorists have been leaving Mosul already during 48 past hours. A TV host of the Al Mayadeen television channel also noted that no safe haven for terrorists remained in the Iraqi city, as the ground operation to clean up Mosul has been started in the morning of October 17.

On Tuesday, the French Foreign Ministry called on the coalition forces to focus its efforts on liberation of Raqqa from IS terrorists. However, the previous airstrike of the US Air Force killed twenty civilians in suburbs of Raqqa.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow would consider the situation around the operation in Mosul in terms of the necessary measures, if IS terrorists from Iraq come to Syria.

“Of course, we are watching this operation because we all are interested in having to defeat the so-called Islamic State. The city is surrounded not completely, as far as I know. I do not know for what reason – I hope that they [US-led coalition] just could not [do this], but did not did not want,” the Interfax news agency quoted his words.

The Russian Minister stressed that the operation of taking Mosul is extremely difficult.

“As in the case of Aleppo, it [the operation] provides airstrikes, as well as actions of the ground forces,” Lavrov explained and noted that there are many various ground forces in Mosul. He also stressed that the fact that there is a rivalry between those, who would take Mosul, using their ground troops, is of considerable importance.

The Minister also added that 5,000 soldiers of the Special Forces, which are positioned by Washington as ‘military advisors,’ are currently there.

“In general, 5,000 advisors is not a few, of course,” Lavrov pointed out.

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Normal Citizen

This is so predictable of the Terrorists and Neocons to plan and do this. Hopefully Russia is able to bomb and ambush these scum before they can serve as proxy footsoldiers to prolong a losing now pointless war in Syria.

Mahmoud Larfi

Send in the Tu-22, 95 and 160 and turn their escaping routes to lunar landscape so vehicles could hardly advance.


Yes. Cover that area where they are fleeing with drones, scouts and blast them.

Mahmoud Larfi

Absolutely… Also, it’s more than time for Russia to relocate its bombers to Hamadan airbase in Iran. Iran could as well participate with its F-14 and Su-24 ; just carpet bomb the hell whenever there’s movement in the desert between Mousoul and Syria. Sorties could be flown too from & in Syria by both Syrian and Russian air forces to finish off whatever manages to cross the border. Let’s hope T-4 airbase near Palmyra will soon be secured and rerendered operational to house attack choppers and aircraft. S-300 or S-400 deployment at T-4 would also be highly suitable to prevent any further “incident” by the coalition in Eastern Syria.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are right. The F-14 is the longest range Fighter/interceptor/light-bomber ever made. They can easily fly bombing runs deep into Syria and Iraq and return to Iran without ever needing to refuel till they return to their own bases. It is high time to put these beautiful F-14’s into action against enemies of us all.


“In general, 5,000 advisors is not a few, of course,” Lavrov pointed out. The US has an agenda in Mosul – and that seems to be to move the head-choppers to either Dier Azzore or Raqqa – either way they have to ‘avoid’ being bombed by the ‘coalition’


Raqqa.. ISIS final destination. they have nowhere else to go but die in Raqqa.

Mahmoud Larfi

Actually I see more Europe as the final destination for ISIS… It’s just a matter of time.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Mi6 truly are the masters of not only manipulated, but also on discreetly implementing others to take the blame. They manipulated the US public to fight their war for them in the First World War and the Second. Mi6 controls American Banking, American politics, and the CIA. UK has conquered everyone, and no one is even upset about it. The UK has been fighting in Iraq for 300 years non stop, and this continues till this day unabated. Only difference is, they have brought in their pet Americans to do some of their own job for them of controlling the opiate trade. Something the UK has been at the center of since long before the opiate wars hundreds of years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19Yx6XV_QTo

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