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ISIS Terrorists Attacked Oil Refinery In Iraqi Saladin Province

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ISIS Terrorists Attacked Oil Refinery In Iraqi Saladin Province

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ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack at an oil refinery in the province of Saladin in northern Iraq.

A Katyusha missile reportedly targeted the small Siniya refinery in Saladin province that is owned by a Chinese company. It was reopened in November 2017 after it had been damaged by ISIS.

Siniya oil refinery is situated close to Baiji refinery that used to be the largest in Iraq. It produced a third of the country’s oil output. The refinery is situated north of Baghdad, near the city of Baiji. It was heavily damaged during the war on ISIS.

“Thanks to God Almighty, the soldiers of the caliphate targeted the al-Sinia oil refinery with two Katyusha rockets, the strike was precise, praise be to God” – ISIS report reads.

ISIS Terrorists Attacked Oil Refinery In Iraqi Saladin Province

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Five employees of the company were injured as a result of the rocket attack and the oil pipeline was damaged. The fire broke out. At the moment, Iraqi emergency services are trying to prevent the fire spreading.


ISIS has significantly increased its activity in this region. Late on November 21, ISIS terrorists ambushed joint forces of Iraqi police, army and local fighters in the northern province of Saladin.

Two months ago, Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Ismaeel stressed out the importance of developing the refining sector to support the oil-based economy of the country in the face of a global oil crisis. However, the attacks on the Iraqi facilities are a major obstacle for the realization of his plan.


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Jihadi Colin

“Owned by a Chinese company”.

And totally by coincidence happened to be the refinery that ISIS just happened to attack.

Total coincidence, everybody. It is absolutely not being suggested by me that it was a directed attack to harm Chinese interests. I am not saying that at all!

Potato Man

Iraq have to TAKE back KURDISH HOLD OIL FIELDS (to pour salt in Zion/US asshole) and fuk Kurds TBH, they harm more then any good. BTW China taking shit on Australia fukers. Lijian Zhao – “Shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such acts, &call for holding them accountable.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37f487e08685594c5c589dbbf7ed22c960e3a84ef90230baf86c4ea50d20b769.png

klove and light

USA built on genocide….austrailia built on genocide…..israel built on genocide……

the pattern of satanics

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